Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928 Alchemy Celestial Level Powerhouses Shocked

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The Alchemy Celestial Hall was the place where the top few heavyweights of the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion discussed matters.

Only master level alchemists who possessed the alchemy celestial designation had the qualifications to enter this place.

Alchemy Celestial Pavilions alchemists were divided into a total of six levels. They were respectively copper, silver, gold, darkviolet, blackscale, as well as the highest level alchemy celestial.

Those possessing alchemy celestial title, each one was a peak Six-star Alchemy God.

Furthermore, their strength far surpassed those in the same rank!

The Alchemy Celestial Pavilion had a total of 15 alchemy celestial alchemists. There were seven who resided in the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion permanently.

The other eight were all leviathans of a region, possessing tremendous rallying power.

And these seven were the Alchemy Celestial Pavilions administrators.

At this time, three alchemy celestial alchemists were currently in the great hall, sitting opposite facing each other.

In the middle, a white-robed old man asked, "About this Ye Yuan, how do you all view it?"

That gray-robed old man on the left opened his mouth and said, "Roughly 100 alchemy battles, this child refined more than 20 vast spirit divine pills, over 60 void spirit divine pills. There were only less than 10 purple spirit pills! This kind of strength is simply unheard of!"

That middle-aged man in green clothing on the right nodded and said, "This childs strength is unfathomable! Its just that the difficulty of the medicinal pills refined at the silver arena mostly isnt high. As for just how powerful his strength is, we still need to make more observations."

The white-robed old man nodded and said, "Indeed so! But in my view, his strength is most likely already sufficient to enter blackscale!"

The other two nodded their heads in succession, clearly not having objections about this.

Normally speaking, the vast majority of those who reached darkviolet alchemist were Six-star Alchemy Gods.

Except, the Alchemy Celestial Pavilions grouping of alchemists was not according to cultivation realms, it only relied on battle achievements.

Among gold level, there were also some Six-star Alchemy Gods. But they did not reach darkviolet strength.

Instead, it was some peak Five-star Alchemy Gods whose strength surpassed all others, overpowering Six-star Alchemy Gods instead.

Normally speaking, Six-star Alchemy Gods should be stronger than Five-star Alchemy Gods. It was just that this sort of thing was not absolute.

Such as, a Five-star Alchemy God could refine a divine-grade divine pill, but the Six-star Alchemy God could not.

In contrast, it was clear that the Five-star Alchemy God had more potential.

Once they broke through to Six-star, their strength would be much stronger than those ordinary Six-star Alchemy Gods.

People who fought alchemy battles in the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion and were able to reach peak gold level, each one was a strong competitor among the strong rivals, their strength could not be underestimated.

The white-robed old man saying so clearly felt that with Ye Yuans strength; even if the opponents were middle-rank Six-star Alchemy Gods, they would also not be his match.

The three people were currently discussing when another old man entered the hall.

The old man said unwillingly, "Chen Yu, sending someone to call me over so anxiously, what happened? Dont you know that this old man is very busy lately?"

The white-robed old man Chen Yu said,"Heh,Chen Chang you old thing, youre busy! These few days, a great event happened in the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion!"

The old man who came in was none other than precisely Master Chen Chang who fought for the Earth Qilin with Ye Yuan at the Hundred Herb Gathering.

Chen Yu recounted Ye Yuans matters, Chen Changs expression became solemn.

"Hang on, youre saying that hes called Ye Yuan?"

Chen Chang suddenly felt that Ye Yuan this name was very familiar as if he heard it somewhere before.

Chen Yu nodded and said, "Thats right. Speaking of which, this kid is really a freak! Only a thousand over years old and his Alchemy Dao strength is actually so horrifying!"

Chen Changs entire body trembled, finally recalling this scene, His face was full of shock as he muttered, "Impossible! This is impossible! How can it possibly be him?"

Chen Yu asked curiously, "Why? Have you heard of him before?"

Chen Chang waved his hand and said, "Shouldnt be the same person! Forget it, Ill go and make sure first!"

Finished talking, his figure moved, leaving the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion.

Gold arena, bustling sounds were roaring, cheering sounds rising one after another.

In a short few days, Ye Yuan already obtained 20 straight wins, taking down quite a few of the gold level heavyweights.

It was also because of this that Ye Yuan gathered a loyal crowd of fans.

On the ring, Ye Yuan was unmoving like a mountain, steady like a giant mountain; no one was able to shake his position at all.

The one exchanging blows with him was a top five powerhouse among the gold alchemy celestial alchemists.

But in front of Ye Yuan, he was like an elementary school student.

In reality, ever since everyone knew Ye Yuans strength, the old arenas powerhouses fell over each other in a bid to exchange blows with Ye Yuan.

They naturally did not do it in order to win but to learn a little something from Ye Yuan.

Exchanging blows with such a powerhouse could not be randomly encountered.

And Ye Yuans arena matches also completely evolved to a teaching field already.

Under Ye Yuans deliberate guidance, those gold alchemy celestial alchemists who had some comprehension ability had varying degrees of comprehension toward Alchemy Dao.

This was a valuable fortune to them.

The fierce fighting on the stage was currently ongoing when several figures walked into the gold alchemy battle arena.

"You guys, look, i-isnt that Master Chen Chang?"

"Theres also Master Chen Yu! A few years back when he preached on Dao, I was fortunate enough to have listened to his teachings!"

"Goodness gracious, truly remarkable! Master Ye Yuan already attracted the attention of alchemy celestial level powerhouses!"

There was a commotion in the crowd, several big shots showing together, this was a grand event that had never happened before.

These people at the gold arena, any one of them that randomly went out would be a powerhouse whose fame shook a region.

But in front of alchemy celestial powerhouses, they were completely not worth mentioning.

Those were the truly powerful existences.

Chen Chang walked into the venue. Seeing that young figure on the stage, his entire body could not help trembling, gaze fixed on that figure.

"Whats wrong, Brother Chen?" Chen Yu asked curiously.

Chen Changs brain was somewhat out of sorts like it exploded.

"This medicinal pill was refined by me," Ye Yuans words were still reverberating in his ears.

At that time, Chen Chang felt that Ye Yuan was just deliberately lying in order to become famous.

This lie was too lacking in skill.

How could a Five-star Alchemy God possibly refine a divine-grade Exquisite Jade Heart Recovery Pill?

This sort of lie, even a child would not believe it, right?

But now, looking at Ye Yuans refinement that lifted something heavy as if it were light, the natural and smooth technique, it was just like the air of a master!

Ye Yuan could even refine a vast spirit divine pill, then refining a divine-grade level nine medicinal pill was also not impossible!

Could it be that the Exquisite Jade Heart Recovery Pill was really refined by him?

"Its really him!" Chen Chang sucked in a deep breath and said in shock.

Chen Yu was somewhat curious as he said, "What in the world did this kid do, to make you so surprised?"

Chen Chang briefly recounted the events that day. The few big shots were all extremely shocked.

"Youre saying that a divine-grade Exquisite Jade Heart Recovery Pill, he only used two hours plus and refined it? This How is this possible?" Chen Yu said with a disbelieving look.

Chen Chang shook his head and said, "Its also not necessarily refined by him. It might really have been refined by his familys senior. After all, level five and six medicinal pills completely cant be compared to level nine medicinal pills. Its just that I didnt expect that his Alchemy Dao strength is actually so strong! Just where did this boy pop out from?"

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