Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1720

Chapter 1718: The Unsettled Storm Of Poseidon

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How can it be? He knew that he had completely sealed off the breath here through the core of the dragon world, how could he still be suppressed so much. The power in the dragon world is clearly unable to be mobilized!

Of course he knew that he was definitely not as good as Lan Xuanyu in terms of bloodline, so from the beginning he never thought of mobilizing the power of the dragon world to target him through the core of the dragon world. I don't let you use it, and I don't use it myself, it will work. However, he did not expect that Lan Xuanyu was just a dragon chant, but still suppressed him.

With the knife just now, although he smashed Lan Xuanyu into the air, he could clearly feel that strong resistance. At this time, the dragon chant filled his heart with shock, and at the same time he became excited instantly. Only with such a strong blood can help oneself become a true king of gods! This is a good thing!

But in the next moment, he saw a sky-blue spear.


The Heavenly Sacred Abyss Halberd and the Dragon Sword collided, and the fiery flames erupted crazily, but the blue that day was only solid. There is only one true characteristic of the Heavenly Sacred Abyss Halberd, and that is invincibility. Even the Dragon Clan Magic Knife, which is the same super-sacred weapon level, was left with a trace under this blow.

In Lan Xuanyu's eyes, sky-blue flames rose, and there was only a circle of sky-blue halo around him. His aura also began to explode crazily.

Long Yin no longer emanated from his mouth, but resonated around his body. The blood in his body had already boiled, the nine-colored dragon scales covered his whole body, and his own breath rose rapidly.

Jiang Weiqiang was even more shocked to discover that the core of the Dragon Realm in his hand began to tremble violently, as if he was about to break free from his palm.

how can that be? Why is there such a situation? Jiang Weiqiang's inner shock at this time can be imagined. Is the power of this bloodline so powerful?

But at this time, he had no retreat. Only by defeating Lan Xuanyu could he achieve his ultimate goal.

The dragon armor on his body burst out with blazing light, but the red gold Xuanyan on the dragon clan sword began to shrink rapidly, shrinking on the surface of the long sword, Jiang Weiqiang shook his body, turned into nine figures, and attacked Lan Xuanyu at the same time. At the same time, the flow of all surrounding time suddenly became faster, so that the nine figures reached around Lan Xuanyu's body almost instantly and attacked him at the same time.

"Humph!" Lan Xuanyu let out an angry hum. The dragon god's bones in the distance lit up again in an instant, and the suppression of it by the core of the dragon world was broken in an instant. And a huge nine-colored dragon-shaped figure also rose up accordingly.

Wrath of the Dragon God! This is from the inheritance of the real dragon god.

Accompanied by Lan Xuanyu's angry hum, a terrifying scene appeared.

Eight of the nine figures incarnate by Jiang Weiqiang shattered in an instant, and only one figure still attacked Lan Xuanyu.

The role of Dragon God's Wrath is somewhat similar to Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. It can instantly break all illusions and laws, as well as the power of the domain.

This is the Dragon God, one of the housekeeping skills of the strongest **** king ever.

The inheritance of the Dragon God that Lan Xuanyu has obtained in these days of quiet meditation, has learned, is the ability that truly belongs to the Dragon God, the ability to be passed down by blood, this is the inheritance of the Supreme God King!

Although he is not yet the King of Gods, with his bloodline that has been thoroughly stabilized, he has been able to display the power of the Kings in a true sense. Although the power cannot be compared with the original Dragon God, it is actually the power of the Supreme God King's inheritance. .

Heavenly Sacred Abyssal Halberd sweeps across the circle, the heavenly circle!

Jiang Weiqiang only felt that the Dragon Clan Magic Knife was dragged by a huge force and lost its goal in an instant, but Lan Xuanyu had already arrived in front of him.

The Profound Circle of the Sky was inherited from the generation of Seagod Tang San, who was also the Supreme God King, even if he was not as good as the Dragon God at his peak, he would not be too far apart. After all, he is the Lord of the God Realm and the Chief God King of the God Realm Committee. Tian Zhi Xuan Yuan was originally taught to his son by him. And this inheritance comes from the previous generation of Sea God. After Tang San's comprehension and cultivation, mighty power is better than before.

At this time, using it from Lan Xuanyu's hands, he had already obtained the profoundness of the heavenly Xuanyuan, even if Tang Wulin was here, it was just such an effect.

Lan Xuanyu did not have the Seagod Trident, but the Heavenly Sacred Abyssal Halberd in his hand was not inferior to that of the Seagod Trident. The Heavenly Sacred Abyssal Halberd in his hand was even more indestructible.

Dragon Gods Wrath also has an effect, which is to instantly suppress all dragon bloodlines. As the lord of the dragon clan, how can the Dragon Gods anger be contended by other dragon clan?

Therefore, when that angry hum appeared, Jiang Weiqiang felt that his spiritual consciousness and bloodline seemed to explode. That is unparalleled pain. And the dragon realm core in his hand disappeared instantly, disappearing without a trace, and reintegrated into the dragon realm.

The originally silent Dragon Realm had the fluctuations and changes of aura again, and the deep dragon roars shivered like a sob in the dragon god's anger.

Jiang Weiqiang's biggest mistake was choosing the wrong battlefield. If it were not in the Dragon Realm, even if Lan Xuanyu had inherited the power of the true Dragon God, it would not be possible to easily defeat him. But here is the Dragon Realm, the real home of the Dragon God! The core of the Dragon Realm was originally obtained by his ancestors because the purpose of the Dragon Realm's existence was to give birth to the inheritors of the Dragon Clan, and even the true Dragon God.

The Dragon God was divided into two, and the last inheritance left is the Dragon Realm. This can be said to be the Dragon Clan cemetery, but it can also be said to be the place of hope for the Dragon Clan in the future.

The control of the core of the dragon world will naturally be left to the existence of hope to pass on. That's why it fell into the hands of the ancestors of Jiang Weiqiang. But it's different now! The existence with the blood of the real Dragon God is back. The real Dragon God has moved in. Although he has not yet become a God King, the Dragon God at the Super God level is also a Dragon God.

This is the world belonging to the Dragon God, and everything here can be said to belong to the Dragon God. In this case, how could it be controlled by Jiang Weiqiang? Here, how could he possibly suppress the real Dragon God?

Since it is impossible, then everything is about to end.

Rings of halo bloomed from the Heavenly Sacred Abyss Halberd. Under the suppression of the Dragon Gods Wrath, Jiang Weiqiangs Chijin Xuanyan was suppressed on the body surface and could not be released. He felt the crisis and did not hesitate to do so. You must show your own body and become the Fire Dragon King.

But it's too late!

Those rings of halo quietly put on his body, each ring of halo is a mysterious circle of heaven, and when all these circles of heaven are combined together, it is the housekeeper of the sea **** Tang San. Skills, indeterminate storm!

Yes, there is no definite storm!

Ten thousand years ago, the final defeat of the Abyss Sovereign was due to an indeterminate storm left by Seagod Tang San in the Seagod's Trident, trapped him, and was eventually destroyed by the Lord of the Plane. At this moment, the indeterminate storm reappeared, and under the suppression of Dragon God's Wrath, Jiang Weiqiang had no possibility of breaking free.

Circles of halo were on him, banning everything about him, but at this time Jiang Weiqiang, who was holding a dragon sword, was already dumbfounded.

In any case, he couldn't imagine that things would develop to such an extent, that he would be suppressed in this way, and he would have been imprisoned by Lan Xuanyu without even having the opportunity to show his true strength.

Lan Xuanyu stared at him coldly, "The Dragon Race will only go to ruin under your leadership. As the leader, you can selfishly sacrifice the entire Dragon Star and sacrifice everything to achieve yourself. You are not worthy to be the leader of the Dragon Race. You have always been the leader of the Dragon Race. What did you ever give to the Dragon Realm when you asked for it from the Dragon Realm?"

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