I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Chapter 1199

Chapter 1194: Mother Qin Is Looking For An Abuser To Protect The Calf

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Chapter 1194 Mother Qin is looking for abusive eldest brother to protect the calf

"Geer, I'm fine."

Lao Qin's weak voice came from behind, interrupting Pei Yunge's question.

Obviously Qin Lao did not want to let Pei Yunge know.

But Mrs. Qin's face was faintly distorted, she couldn't help but laughed coldly, "What are you talking about? You don't know what good deeds you have done?"

The atmosphere froze for a while.

Who would think, Pei Yunge suddenly licked her lower lip, chuckled lightly, and said slowly, "That's too much."


Mother Qin's face turned green.

After , she gritted her teeth and sneered, unable to suppress her anger, "Is it because of you, I booked a hotel for more than a month, but no one dared to rent it to me!"

She didn't want Qin Youjiao to lose the pomp, but she didn't expect such a thing to happen.

And besides the Huo family, who else has this ability?

"Bei Yunge, is it so comfortable for others to trip in the back? I can't think of hooking up with men at a young age."

Mother Qin sarcastically said every word.

Pei Yunge probably guessed it too, maybe Huo Shidu did it.

Although it was a bit unexpected, it seemed to resemble Huo Shidu's temperament.

"Qin Ting, don't you take your wife away?" Old man Qin was already dark, holding his chest and pointing at them, "You want to sever ties with the Qin family, don't you? Cut it now, don't roll back in this life !!!"

"Grandpa, don't be angry first."

Pei Yunge moved his eyebrows and rubbed his temples for Father Qin. After the private doctor arrived and took someone to diagnose, he slowly looked at Mother Qin.

"What do you want to do when you find Grandpa?" Pei Yunge asked.

Qin's mother squinted her eyes, she was obviously her biological mother and daughter, but she seemed to be the most unwelcome enemy, "Let you sever the relationship between you and the Huo family."

At this time, Mother Qin raised her chin, "I am also your mother after all, so I can't care about you."

Qin Youjiao told Mother Qin about this method.

Ask Pei Yunge to intercede with Huo Shidu, but Pei Yunge may not follow suit. But Father Qin cares about fame, and will never make the relationship between his granddaughter and a man unclear.

Pei Yunge rarely encounters this kind of special response to people, she sneered, "Why, lack of people to burn paper money for you?"

This is a changed way to satirize Mrs. Qin's death after death.

The old man is not there, she doesn't even bother to perfuse.

Father Qin's face sank, as if to blame her for talking to her mother like this.

Mother Qin was angry, but she rushed forward too, raising her hand to slap Pei Yunge!

But Pei Yunge snapped Qins wrist, and the look in Qins eyes was no different from watching a dead person. He didnt have much patience.

"You..." Mother Qin was afraid of the people in front of her for the first time, and felt the hostility in Pei Yunge's eyes.

Pei Yunge directly throws people away.

Mother Qin fell to the ground in an embarrassing manner.

"Bae Yunge?!"

When Father Qin saw this, he immediately raised Mother Qin with a nervous expression, and asked Pei Yunge angrily, "You do this, dont you think youre very ignorant of this behavior..."

"Nothing? No education?"

Pei Yunge asked in good spirits slowly.

Father Qin was choked.

It wasn't until there was a burst of applause outside that Father Qin reacted and saw Qin Luyan walking outside.

Junya's face was calm and unwavering, but her dark pupils were deep and frightening.

He walked in and stopped in front of Pei Yunge.

"Why, father is planning to say that Ge'er has no education?"

Qin Luyan's voice was calm, but it was filled with cold sarcasm.

(End of this chapter)

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