I Have A Trillion Protagonists Halo Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083: Really Perfect Defense Plan Third Bigger

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Su Zhan took the scroll and poured Saint Yuan.

Suddenly, a light curtain emerged.

His eyes swept across the dense text on the light curtain.

After discovering that this quest did not involve the existence of True God level, Su Zhan put it away dumbly and said: "Okay, I already know the content of the quest, now take me to my cave!"


Li Yuan hurriedly responded.

Afterwards, Su Zhan left here with a few people.

It didn't take long.

Under the leadership of a few people, Su Zhan arrived at his new cave mansion.

It covers an area of about ten miles, which is incomparable to the size of his cave mansion in the spirit world.

But the aura of heaven and earth is much stronger!

His gaze fell on the jade card floating in front of the cave mansion gate, Su Zhan's body flashed, and he came directly to the door, holding the forbidden jade card that controlled the entire cave mansion formation.


Immediately, the formation restriction outside this cave was lifted by him.

The door opened.

Holding the jade medal in hand, he walked directly into it.

After walking through the two gardens and some small courtyard rooms, Su Zhan came directly to the training ground of this cave mansion.

With a wave of the jade card in his hand, he activated the spirit gathering formation located here.


The aura of heaven and earth swarms!

Let the aura intensity of this place increase again several times!

And Su Zhan also sat down, waved, and threw out a lot of jade slips.

He got it from those guys of Tiandaozong.

I haven't looked closely before, but now I can just look through it.

"Tianyuan Sword Technique."

"Kongming Fist."

"Free Heart Sutra."


He swept through all magical powers.

Ten minutes later, Su Zhan frowned slightly.

"Unexpectedly, with such a large amount of magical powers, there are actually only three types of true gods.

Moreover, one of the true god-level exercises is still useless for me. After all, according to Senior Lin, my Qiantianyang **** true art is itself the top art of the gods!

In this way, there are only two volumes left that are really useful..."

Su Zhan's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the two volumes of secret books that he had specially selected.

The lotus grows step by step, the true god-level body and supernatural powers, containing the power of the wind attribute and the law of space attributes, every step you take, the space under your feet will bloom with a green lotus, which is extremely fast, but not suitable for long distance travel.

The vacuum big mudra, the true god-level palm technique, contains the power of the law of destruction. Combining the heaven and earth's vitality with its own divine power, the law of destruction, forming a translucent glass mudra.

Smash the vacuum with one palm!

Both of these supernatural powers, Su Zhan, had seen the head of the Heavenly Dao Sect perform.

The effect is really good.

Now that he has just broken into the Eight Tribulations, it has been difficult for him to make a major breakthrough in his cultivation level improvement in a short time. Although his palm skills are not very suitable for him, currently cultivating these two supernatural powers is the only way to achieve rapid strength growth.

With this in mind, Su Zhan collected the other scrolls and began to understand it carefully.

in fact.

According to common sense, let alone the Eight Tribulations Celestial Beings, the Nine Tribulations Demigods, it would be as difficult to ascend to the heavens if you want to cultivate the supernatural powers of the true God level!

But Su Zhan has a halo of cultivation, a halo of perception, a halo of law...

Under the superposition of many auras.

These restrictions are nothing to him!

Taking a deep breath, Su Zhan began to practice seriously.

at this time.

Outside the cave.

Li Yuan and others are sad.

"I thought that the Fourteenth Elders would deploy a good-looking and powerful brother over, but now this Senior Brother Su looks pretty, but it's too weak!"

The purple-haired woman Nie Qian held her forehead, a little depressed and said: "Fighting against the marsh monster is very dangerous. He only has eight calamities cultivation base, and it looks not as good as our previous captain.

Follow him to perform tasks, how can you rest assured! "

"Unlucky, really unlucky!"

Middle-aged man Xie Wen also sighed again and again.

"All right!"

The elder Li Yuan frowned and reprimanded: "What's the point of complaining here?

Since the fourteenth elders have been appointed, we can only listen to Fellow Su's dispatch!

As for whether this friend Su Dao is reliable...

That is not something we should worry about.

Besides, when it's really dangerous, don't you have any means to escape?

At that time, the catastrophe is imminent and fly separately, no matter who he is! "

"It had no choice but to."

The sturdy young Zhang Shan sighed, turned around and left.

When the other three saw this, they were all depressed and turned and left.


Ten days later.

Nanze City, Thirty-Nine Peaks, outside Su Zhandong Mansion, Li Yuan Nie Qian and others stood side by side, seemingly waiting for something.

Another half hour passed.

Seeing that Dong Mansion hadn't moved yet, Li Yuangang wanted to speak to Su Zhan again.

As a result, the door opened abruptly.

Su Zhan walked out of the cave and exhaled a suffocating breath.

This ten days time.

He not only succeeded in practicing lotus and vacuum mudra by step by step.

Even the Qinggang Banner and the Ziyang Bow two powerful artifacts also practiced.

It is more handy to display!

Strength has also increased!

"Friend Su, the time is up, we should set off."

Seeing Su cut out, the old man Li Yuan quickly spoke.


Su Zhan nodded, waved, and threw out a golden boat.

As soon as that small boat appeared in the sky, the golden light soared and turned into a hundred-meter-long golden boat, floating in the sky.

This was also the supreme Heavenly Path Saint Weapon Treasure that Su Zhan had received.

A special spacecraft that can travel in the air in Nanze City without being affected by restrictions.

With a little tiptoe, he grabbed the golden boat, and Su Zhan looked at Li Yuan and the others.

The latter did not hesitate and boarded one after another.

When everyone boarded the golden ship, Su Zhan directly urged the control circle on the ship, steered the spacecraft, and turned into a golden light to leave.


One day later.

It is more than 20,000 miles in the sky from Nanze City.

Su Zhan stood on the bow of the ship, his gaze fell on the mountain below which covers an area of about a hundred miles, and compared with the position on the scroll. After confirming that it was Shi Jinshan, he directly controlled the golden spacecraft towards the mountain below Fall off.

And those cultivators below, seeing this big golden ship, quickly opened the formation and let Su Zhan and others enter.

Receiving the take-off ship, Su Zhan hadn't landed yet, and a man in a black robe who had achieved nine calamities in his cultivation had already greeted him.

"Under Shi Feng, principal Shi Jinshan, are fellow Taoists the reinforcements of Nanze City this time?"

Shi Feng glanced over Su Zhan and the others, and found that there was no Nine Tribulations, he couldn't help but asked with a little disappointment.

"Well, we are the thirty-ninth team. We are here to support you."

Su Zhan nodded.

"Are there only fellow daoists?"

Shi Feng asked unwillingly.

"Yes it is."


Although he was very disappointed in his heart, Shi Feng still smiled on the surface and said, "All fellow daoists, please follow me."

After speaking, Shi Feng tapped his toes and brought Su Zhan and others to a hall in Shijin Mountain.

When he came to the main hall, he didn't say a word, and with his two fingers, he swiped in the space in front to form a golden rune.

Then, he waved his hand.

That talisman smashed into a talisman array above the hall.

next moment.

The light of that talisman array was shining, casting light and shadow.

After a few seconds, the light converged.

A large terrain area composed of light and shadow appeared in front of Su Zhan and the others.

In this area, there are mountains, rivers, and even some peculiar yellow monsters hiding in the deep forest.

"Look at everyone, this place is Shijinshan."

Shi Feng pointed to a very obvious mountain in this area, and then pointed to the mountains to the southwest of the mountain: "This is the Black Forest Mountain Range, less than three thousand miles away from Shijin Mountain, and marsh monsters have always been entrenched.

However, the marsh demon had been hiding there honestly before, and there was no change.

Recently, we have discovered that the number of marsh monsters in the Black Forest Mountains has greatly increased.

Even, it can be confirmed with certainty that in the Black Forest Mountains, there is an extra Nine Tribulations Heavenly Demon King!

In other words, the Nine Tribulations Sky Demon King in the Black Forest Mountains has already reached three!

Moreover, just a few days ago, the marsh monsters in the Black Forest Mountains already had signs of expanding to our Shijin Mountain!

Fellow Taoists, our Shi Jinshan has limited strength, so we need the best plan to defend. What do you think? "

As Shi Feng's voice fell.

Li Yuan and others also expressed their opinions.

"I think we should shrink all the forces outside Shijinshan and gather them together. Only in this way can we better defend against possible dangers!"

"Zhang Shan, what you said is wrong. If it is true as you said, we are at best a tortoise shell. We are besieged and we will lose sooner or later!

As far as I can see, the power should be dispersed, arranged around Shijin Mountain, and set up a large array.

In this way, no matter where the marsh demon attacks, we have other powers to attack them from the side and even the rear! "

"What Elder Li said is, but considering that the marsh monsters are proficient in the earth element magical powers, we need to discuss the location and array layout we choose."


Voices sounded one after another.

Hearing the opinions of Li Yuan and others, Shi Feng did not show any joy.

He had thought about all these ideas a long time ago, but each one felt that it was not completely safe.

I thought that the reinforcements could provide a better solution, but now it seems that it is nothing more than that-eh?

It seems that there is still one person who hasn't expressed an opinion?

Thinking like this in his heart, Shi Feng's eyes fell on a pensive Su Zhan, and his heart moved, "Father Su, you haven't spoken, is there any special method?"

"I do have a particularly robust plan!

Can make Shijinshan never be threatened! "

Su Zhan nodded and said.


Shi Feng's eyes lit up slightly: "What is the plan?

You Dao Su, come and listen! "

When other people heard this, they all looked at Su Zhan in a little surprise.

Could it be that.

This Captain Su, is actually a wise and scheming general?

When everyone was looking forward to seeing it, Su Zhan also spoke with some pride: "Friend Shi, Friends Li, your methods sound reliable.

But in fact, they are all too cumbersome.

Too dangerous, too unstable!

My method is very simple!

Since the threat Shijin Mountain is facing is the marsh monsters in the Black Forest Mountains, let's take the lead and rush to the Black Forest Mountains to kill all the marsh monsters!

In this way, the threat is gone?

Kill the threat in the cradle to ensure that you will not be in any danger!

This is the real sound and perfect defense plan! "

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