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  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Sci-Fi -  Mature -  Mecha -  Seinen
  • Status : Ongoing
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Hot The Legendary Mechanic summary:

What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love? What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched! What will happen when our protagonists two realities coincide? Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past lifes knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel. __________________________________ You’re reading Chinese web Novel “The Legendary Mechanic” on BOXNOVEL . Thanks! Status in COO: 10 Volumes / 769+ Chapters (Ongoing)

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Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1383 Deal2 months ago
Chapter 1124 Spy7 months ago
Chapter 1034 Duel8 months ago
Chapter 1004 Face8 months ago
Chapter 940 Chaos8 months ago
Chapter 898 Impac8 months ago
Chapter 853 Repor8 months ago
Chapter 806 Clue8 months ago
Chapter 801 Spar8 months ago
Chapter 796 Plan8 months ago
Chapter 795 Goal8 months ago
Chapter 759 Born8 months ago
Chapter 701 Fangs8 months ago
Chapter 570 Siege8 months ago
Chapter 524 Hila8 months ago
Chapter 489 Anur8 months ago
Chapter 482 Trap8 months ago
Chapter 479 Blink8 months ago
Chapter 463 Pet 28 months ago
Chapter 462 Pet 18 months ago
Chapter 423 Debut8 months ago
Chapter 361 Spar8 months ago
Chapter 308 Deal8 months ago
Chapter 240 Shock8 months ago
Chapter 193 Tease8 months ago
Chapter 183 Drugs8 months ago
Chapter 174 Viper8 months ago
Chapter 141 Duel8 months ago
Chapter 93 Ambush8 months ago
Chapter 75 Hacker8 months ago
Chapter 52 Gains8 months ago
Chapter 17 Kill8 months ago
Chapter 7 Panic8 months ago
Chapter 1 Rebirth8 months ago
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