Quick Transmigration: Help The Male Leads Are All Broken Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450: Extra 3

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Su Tang looked at the two identical guys in front of him, and his thoughts fell into confusion again.

Isn't it said that there are eight good soul fragments, are there more? That's not right. If she accidentally blocked her memory and had a little problem, who was missing, then Su Mo would not know?

And if this is the case, what is this?

She originally sympathized with the male protagonist in the small world, because from the beginning to the end, he had been stubbornly planted in it, and she left like a scumbag, leaving him alone to remember.

But if all of this is a routine set by the main system, then this fellow is not worthy of sympathy, on the contrary, she has been routinely set from beginning to end!

Su Tang's complexion got worse and worse, until the last two guys stopped fighting, and they all looked at her in unison.

Su Mo has always been nervous, but this time the main system is no longer at ease. There is no performance element, but as nervous as Su Mo, no, it should be said that it is more nervous than him.

"Tangtang, what's wrong with you?"

Su Tang twitched the corners of her mouth, but in the end she said nothing but strode forward instead.

She came to the two of them, because the two looked the same, the breath was the same, and even the blood was the same, so seriously speaking, no one can tell apart from them, but now these are not problems.

"Is it fun?" She opened her lips lightly, her face slightly cold, and Su Mo was stunned.

"Tangtang, what's wrong?"

Because Su Mo cared about her, he didn't realize what the mermaid around him was. He was too scared. Xiaojiao's wife has been like a glue with him in the past few years. He hasn't lived such a fairy life, why suddenly he has become cold.

As soon as he was in a hurry, he immediately reached out to catch her.

Compared with his eagerness, the other one seemed a bit guilty.

When Su Tang sees this, he can be sure who is the main system.

She sneered, and while blocking Su Mo, she asked, "Go ahead."

This obviously means being lenient in frankness and strict in resistance.

Su Mo is in the mist, but it seems that Xiaojiao's wife's move in front of him should be a clear distinction between the two.

He should have been happy, but before he had time to be happy, his expression instantly solidified after listening to the following words.

This is not right!

Do you know my little wife and that garbage?

This thought caused Su Mo's face to change suddenly. He looked at the atmosphere between the two and felt that his head was green for no apparent reason. Maybe, besides him, the little girl had attacked other so-called darkened male protagonists?

As soon as this thought came out, Su Mo's expression was completely gloomy.

He knows what the little girl needs to do when doing the task, so he also got his little wife?

Su Mo's face became darker and heavier, and his eyes were stained a little scarlet. He stared at the man who looked like himself, his eyes were cold and crazy, like hell.

Murderous aura spread, but Su Tang was indifferent, instead staring straight at the guy in front of him.

"Does he know?"

The dialogue between the two is like playing a mute, Su Mo can't understand, but Su Tang has almost reached a conclusion.

Regardless of the appearance of her male protagonist being very cruel on the surface, but she is actually stupid and cute. This is not the present time, and she still grinning at "self", it is a crazy act of killing myself.

She calmed down the almost irritable guy behind her a little bit. As for the main system, the vest was off, so he didn't need to continue.

He removed Su Mo's appearance and recovered his state, but his appearance was still extraordinary, even standing next to Su Mo, his body shape and appearance were comparable.

With this face, Su Tang frowned firmly.

There must be something wrong, she doesn't recognize this face!

"Did you move something?"

If it is really one of Su Mos soul fragments, either, this fragment has always been the main system and has never appeared in front of her, or he has appeared, but has blocked the memory, but a soul fragment may be difficult to make To, but if the main system is annexed, everything is possible.

The reason why she dared to make such a bold guess was because she understood Su Mo's madness, so even if it was just one of his soul fragments, the degree of madness was no less than that of the deity.

To be honest, the fact that the main system was Su Mo was something she had never expected. Even now, she felt that this matter was very mysterious, and she wanted to pull her own system over and ask for clarity.

However, System 38 didn't wait for her to pull it, and he already ran over.

"Main system, main system, I heard you are looking for me~~"

Su Tang was almost getting goose bumps when he heard this flattering little voice.

She didn't even know that her dog still had two faces. This artificial voice and the feeling of wavy lines made her tremble.

The system came over for a reason. Otherwise, it wouldn't dare to disturb the main system, but it didn't expect that it just came in and saw a very scary side.

At that moment, it felt in a daze that its idol, the main system, had been shattered.

"What...what's wrong?"

At the beginning, the system was worried that Su Tang and Su Mo would come to find the difference, but when the main system called, it felt that the problem was not big, and it should just be a routine inquiry. After all, the tasks performed by its cubs were also very good.

But now this picture...

It swallowed, and silently retracted a paw that had stepped in from the door.

The appearance of the main system can be changed at any time, so even if the main system in front of you is extremely unfamiliar, the system does not feel that there is a problem.

But now, it was caught by Su Tang.

"Come on, Gouzi, ask you a question."

Su Tang's voice was overcast, and the system shook his body and the chrysanthemum tightened, even the voice stuttered.

"Cub, cub? What's the matter?"

Su Tang pointed to the main system on the side and smiled: "Tell me, do you know him?"

This question asks, as the main system of the system bureau, who would not know his boss.

"Of course I do." The system finished speaking in a low voice, and then asked: "What's wrong?"

Su Tang squinted, "Then do you know his identity?"

The problem is getting more and more strange, the system is puzzled, "Of course I know his identity, he is the main system."

However, as the system's voice fell, the one over there finally spoke.

Instead of waiting for the little girl to guess slowly, it's better to make it clear.

"Re-introduction, my name is Feng Ye."

As the word "Feng Ye" was opened, many things seemed to be unblocked. Su Tang had some forgotten pictures in his mind, even Su Mo's side.

"I closed your memories and senses." Feng Ye sighed. When he knew the existence of the main system, he knew that if he didn't get rid of it, they might still be restrained by others, but the main system was extremely powerful. I'm not even sure if I can retreat completely.

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