Quick Transmigration: Help The Male Leads Are All Broken Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451: Extra Four

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The memory and sensory bans can naturally be unblocked, and Ye can be played for fun, noisy, but I also know that if I dont have this memory, I will be a stranger in the eyes of Su Tang, and strangers will not have any advantages. When Mo refused to merge again, he would become a lonely old man. What kind of master system, how master, he was not interested in these things.

He looked at Su Tang nervously, of course he knew what life he had with the little girl after the remaining eight soul fragments were integrated. At first, the little girl lost her memory. He also thought about whether to take the person away alone, but he knew his "self", that he would never allow this kind of thing to happen, and the situation at that time was not counted between him and the main system. Solve it completely. When he solves the small tail of the main system, Su Tang and the other one will get better again, and it will be delayed if one comes and goes.

Feng Ye did so much, and of course he would not give Su Tang his hand, but now, Su Mo looked at him disgustingly.

All the memories are unblocked, and Su Mo never expected that his soul fragments could produce so many moths, self-sealing? Sure enough, he and his little wife are husband and wife, and they even do the same thing like self-seal.

"Tangtang, I don't know anything about what he did. Like you, I don't have any impression of this fragment at all."

At the critical moment, Su Mo, like a gecko, broke his tail directly and abandoned his car to keep his handsome.

Feng Ye was completely stupid, the memories of the two parties had been shared, and it was said that he was not far from fusion, but at this time he was abandoned by himself!


Su Mo was very shameless, even if he knew that it was one of his own clones, he would not give face at all.

"What do you, you, me, and what you did to seal Ye have anything to do with Su Mo?"

Feng Ye's temple jumped fiercely. Yes. At that time, the fragments were all independent individuals. Not only did he never think about fusion, but he wanted to die, but when fighting the main system, he gradually discovered that he was the so-called rival of love. , Is actually myself.

He couldn't accept it for a while, how could he be the same person with those obtrusive things? Even, he once suspected that it was a trap set by the main system, until later, they merged by themselves.

Feng Ye spoke with difficulty, but in the end it was just a few words that vaguely explained his battle with the main system. No one except Su Mo knew what happened at that time.

At the critical moment, even oneself cannot be trusted.

Su Mo took a look at him, and actually found a corner position and sat down, with a non-interfering expression, leaving Feng Ye alone with the Tangtang that made him angry.

The angry Tangtang is not only unsweetened, but it is fried at a little bit. Su Mo feels that the avatar must deal with the things that are caused by the avatar. Of course, he will not go to the muddy water. Otherwise, Tangtang will be angry after a while. Separate with him, where does he go to reason?

As for Feng Ye, there are so many soul fragments, one more is not more, one less is not a lot.

At this moment, Feng Ye felt as if he had been abandoned for a glance, only the system, his eyes shining.

"You really replaced the main system?"

"Wow, from today, you are my idol!"

The surprise sound of the system almost spit out Su Tang.

She vaguely remembered that her own dogs used to treat their main system as the main god. Now that the **** has fallen, its rebellion is too fast!

"Gouzi, didn't you say that the main system is your god? Your **** has fallen, are you so happy?"

"My **** has not fallen." The system's eyes lit up, excited and excited: "My **** is always here."

Why does this sound so awkward!

So for her dog, the main **** is just a code name, and everyone has the opportunity to get there, but as long as who gets to this position, then the other party is the supreme being?

Su Tang's mouth twitched slightly, but his own system had excitedly volunteered to Feng Ye, "The new Lord God, can you allow me to be your dog's leg? I'm very smart and well-behaved?"

Su Tang didn't look at her face, but in the process of turning her eyes away, she found that the system actually wagged its tail!

Such a small short tail actually shook quite fast.

The original subtle atmosphere disappeared under the excitement of the system, even Su Tang had forgotten that he was still alive before.

However, as the memory recovers, even if she is angry, it is actually not unforgivable anger. She is mad at the other party, but after the madness, she feels distressed.

This guy, since he embarked on this road, may have never thought of coming back, even the seal is to protect them.

Who can not love such a person?

Su Tang sighed. They are all her own male protagonists, so how can they distinguish between high and low?

Feng Ye looked at her tremblingly. Seeing that the little girl's face had lost her initial anger, she was immediately overjoyed.

"Tangtang, I'm sorry." He took the opportunity to apologize, and then said: "I won't be anymore. I just want to ensure your safety, so that afterwards, I see you are so good with him, and I am jealous."

When the word jealous came out, Su Tang couldn't laugh or cry.

"Why are you jealous, isn't that yourself?"

This is really crazy, even eating your own jealousy!

Feng Ye said, "Its different. At the time, we couldnt wait for the other to die. Even after they merged, I was left alone in the system space. I was still jealous. Its just that I chose the road myself. I just regret why I The movements are so slow, and in the end it is for you to come to me instead of me to find you."

The grievances Feng Ye said were obviously the most powerful ghosts and kings, but now they have become weak, helpless and pitiful.

Su Mo watched his performance quietly, and then silently snorted.

They were all his own clones. He didn't know what the idea of the fight was. It was nothing more than watching the little girl eat soft or hard. At this time, if you feel aggrieved a little, say something soft, the little girl will get confused.

In the corner, a rabbit was added soon.

The excitement before the system changed, he sighed like a middle-aged uncle, "This time, you shouldn't have any more moths, right?"

Su Mo glanced at it, "Your acting skills are good."

The system used to be afraid of male protagonists, but now how can it regard Feng Ye as an idol. It just doesnt want to regenerate the sidelines. There are so many mischievous things that it cant help them to toss again at this age. At this time, the main system is gone. , Lets make trouble again, I'm afraid the system space will be exhausted.

As for the main system, the weak eat the strong, the worship is worship, but it has fallen, and you can only show sympathy for it, but more emotions and things do not exist.

"thank you."

Su Mo and the system are rarely so harmonious. On the other hand, Su Tang has already forgiven Feng Ye, and even retorted.

"No, don't cry, I forgive you. Really, if you don't cry, I will forgive everything."

In order to coax his daughter-in-law, even the crying scene was on, Su Mo almost couldn't hold it, rushed to fuse the fragments

It's a system, it's rare to ridicule, "Your acting skills are also good."

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