Quick Transmigration: Help The Male Leads Are All Broken Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452: Extra Five

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Su Mo's heart is stubborn, although he is all himself, but you can't be so shameless, you haven't merged yet, just shaking his head and tails at his wife, when he is dead?

Su Mo's heart is stubborn, although he is all himself, but you can't be so shameless, you haven't merged yet, just shaking his head and tails at his wife, when he is dead?

Feng Ye stayed in the space for as long as he thought about Su Tang, and now he finally held his wife home, his happy mouth couldn't close.


Su Tang, "Hmm."

"daughter in law."

Su Tang, "Hmm."


Su Tang, "...um!"

Feng Ye wanted to continue to say something, but Su Tang couldn't listen anymore. She stood on tiptoe, sealed her lips with her lips, and told him with practical actions, don't talk, kiss me!

At the moment when his lips touched, Feng Ye's pupils shrank sharply, but Su Mo could not sit still.

Although the soul fragment is one of his clones, he always has a feeling of auspicious clouds floating green on his head. Who can sit still?

He stood up quickly, just about to go up and judge, but the result was not even close, he took two steps angrily, and was repulsed by a strong air current, he backed a few steps, his face was full of disbelief.

He was hit by himself?

Are you still green?

My wife is still indifferent!

Su Mo's whole person is not well, he is in a trance, and even the system shows sympathetic eyes.

This couple is really poisonous, they can play Shura Field by themselves if they are fused, forget it, they have eaten dog food for tens of thousands of years, but they don't want to continue.

"I am leaving."

It spoke at will, but in this situation, I am afraid that neither of these two guys heard it.

Obviously it is a movie of three people. The system didn't even have a name back then. Now that it has finally gotten rid of this predicament, it is natural to go to Happy.

On the other side, Su Mo gritted his teeth and looked at the two of them, ignoring his presence, and his angry face was distorted.

Did they think he was dead?

"You guys, separate me!"

Su Mo was anxious, but the two guys were indifferent. They were both indifferent, so they just played a big one, come on, soul fragments, he is a man with eight soul fragments at the same time, who is afraid of whom? !

Su Tang didn't expect that she was just comforting Feng Ye. After all, she and Su Mo had been relying on him for the stable days of the past few years. As a result, a certain fool could still be jealous of myself.

You **** jealous are jealous, what do you do with soul fragments? !

Su Tang inexplicably thought of the fear of being dominated by eight fragments some time ago, so scared to turn around and ran away, scared, this time it was not eight, it was nine!

What a damn!

Su Tang ran fast, but Su Mo was also fast. Especially now, before he came, Mo Qinglan took the initiative to close the door, and Mo Shen took the initiative to close the windows. Whats more terrifying is that Xiao Jue was actually making the bed. There was a little dragon man Ye Xiu, who did not want to be human, and turned into a beast.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. If they succeeded today, she wouldn't be able to get out of this door today!

"Blue sky and white sun, what are you doing?"

Su Tang smiled and said, "Tang Tang also said, Qingtian Bairi, of course, is here to do exercise."

Su Tang said, "...No, it's not long since I was full. At this time, exercise will cause indigestion."

They are all gods at the level of old monsters, and even three-year-old children don't believe in indigestion.

Su Mo is not in a hurry. It's really about this time, but he is slow and very leisurely.

It was Feng Ye, because it became a complete fusion, and for a while, he was a little dazed, and then he suddenly said: "Yeah, you guys used to play very well before." After that, he even asked Su Tang what type he likes. He is different from other types, he can become a supernatural body, a very fresh and different experience.

"Tangtang, you've seen human beasts. Well, maybe, let's try a supernatural body?"

Su Tang:? ? ?

Thank you, no need, she is not interested, let alone want it!

The black male protagonist is indeed a top-notch guy in every aspect. No, when Su Tang watched them undress in front of her, she didn't forget to show her figure during the period, which scared her and turned around and ran away.

But the main system room is big, but Su Mo, its not right. It should be said that Feng Ye had moved a bit long ago. No one except him could get in or out. This made her angry, and in the end she picked up on the desk. The Jade Pei, casually aimed at a person and smashed it severely.

"Fuck, you guy with your head full of yellow waste!"

The jade pendant was taken casually, Su Tang didn't know what it was, and then an angry scene appeared, and one of the fragments that was standing there just now suddenly lit up with golden light.

Su Tang was taken aback, "This is... to become a Buddha?"

It is impossible to become a Buddha. In the end, Feng Ye reluctantly explained: "The main system here opens the key to the passage of each world. Yupei recognizes the Lord, and you are my wife, so I opened it."

While speaking, a golden light flashed, and one of the fragments disappeared.

Su Tang was taken aback again, "Why is this suddenly gone."

Feng Ye, "I went to the small world mission, but the problem is not big." After he finished, he smiled and looked at Su Tang, then stretched out his hand, very gentlemanly said: "My Tangtang, would you like to travel the small world with me? ?"

If it hadn't been for the disheveled clothes, Su Tang would really believe in his gentleman's behavior, but it was his husband, who was a little slapstick, which was called emotion. Now that he lost a soul fragment, he would naturally find it back.

"Feng Ye, how many tasks do you still have to do?"

Feng Ye just wanted to speak, but Su Mo stopped doing it. He always felt that he was out of favor. It was obviously himself, but Xiaojiao's wife was full of Feng Ye's ghost, so he took advantage of the chat and forced Fusion of this last fragment.

Feng Ye shook in front of Su Tang, and then a phantom appeared on his body, and finally completely integrated into Su Mo's body.

With the fusion of the last fragments, he should be the real him at this time, but who would have thought that an accident happened and another fragment was lost.

Su Mo pulled up the little girl's hand, merged this fragment, and understood all the system processes.

He said: "There have always been tasks, and there will be new tasks after completing this batch, but now, I have a good idea."

Su Tang:?

"Some tasks with a high degree of difficulty have not yet been completed. Tangtang, don't you find your life boring lately? How about we solve these problems together?

If it was the former Su Tang, of course she would not, she was fed up with the feeling of being restricted by the system, but now it is different. Although it is a task, no one dares to control her, let her fly completely, let alone with Su Mo, this That's a task, this is a honeymoon.

"Okay! Let's go!"

Xiaojiao's wife's eyes were bright, and Su Mo followed with a smile. He took out the five-star difficulty mission notebook, and finally pointed to the first small world: "Our first stop, the blackened white moonlight of the overbearing president."

It is blackened and white moonlight, and it is quite sensational.

Su Tang became more interested, pulling Su Mo into the world.

A new journey begins again.

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