I Dont Want To Be Popular Chapter 1200

Chapter 1153: Pure And Cute

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Chapter 1165 Pure and lovely

In the villa suite.

Chen Chuan and Xue Ting, who put on JK casual clothes, stood on the balcony on the second floor, enjoying the sudden rainy scenery of West Lake one after the other.

The rain was very fast, and the rain poured into the balcony, which wetted the place where Xue Ting was standing barefoot.

As time goes by, the area of water stains under her feet is getting bigger and bigger.

"Huh..." Xue Ting clutched the railing, letting the rain crackle and hit her pink face.

"Brother...Brother, in a moment...Lets go, go, and pick up the car, okay?" Xue Ting gasped.

"Aren't you just letting you mention it yourself?" Chen Chuan patted her white waist and said.

"For these two days, I have been going to work all the time... I don't have time to go."

"Well, I will take you there later."

"Brother, can I return that car?" Xue Ting turned her head back, blinking her big eyes and asked.

"What's wrong? No driver's license?"

"No." Xue Ting bit her lip, "I, I, want money."

Chen Chuan stopped and looked at her.

Xue Ting immediately said: "Brother, don't get me wrong, I'm not greedy for money, I, I need money urgently."

Chen Chuan pulled away and left, went back to the bedroom to take out the cigarette, and took the [Wish Detector] by the way and put it on.

Xue Ting said anxiously: "Why aren't you here? I didn't say anything wrong, right? Come and continue."

Focused, Chen Chuan saw the girls wish in front of him:

Wish 1. Return GLE, exchange it for money, and treat mom.

Wish 2. Work hard to make money and buy a nest of your own.

Wish 3. Find a good husband who loves you, husband and teach your son, wholeheartedly, filial piety to your parents.

Wish 4. Self-discipline, resist temptation, and refrain from cheating.

Seeing these four items, Chen Chuan took a look at todays 5 million [consumer money], basically not spending much.

The girl opposite, put her hands down, walked over, lowered her head and asked, "Are you not upset? You gave me such an expensive car, but I want to return it for money. Am I pretty uncountable?"


Chen Chuan beckoned and asked her to sit over. When she sat down on her lap, Chen Chuan hugged her around her arms.

In Hangzhou in September, the average temperature during the day is 29 degrees, but the sudden light rain caused the temperature to drop sharply.

The two unclothed people hugged on the balcony.

A breeze blew, Xue Tings white skin was covered with fine goose bumps, and the rain coming in from the balcony wetted her hair, making her thick and beautiful hair stick to her face. The rain dripped down her pointed chin before her.

"Have you really never been in love?" Chen Chuan asked.

"Yes, you asked me the day you checked in, and I just said it." Xue Ting said with a serious expression, "You don't believe me?"

"It's not that I don't believe it, it's just..." Chen Chuan remembered that at noon yesterday, she drove her on the West Lake Highway in a newly bought MC20.

Xue Ting said: "You are my first man. It was the first time in the car yesterday. It hurts. Remember when I asked you to be gentle?"

"Remember is to remember..."

"You must ask, why didn't you see the red." Xue Ting said, "Because I don't know myself, I went back to check, that's the case. Maybe I accidentally got it when I was riding a bicycle. I like it. Cycling, I have participated in the Hangzhou Bay Area Bicycle Open before."

"Is there still such a situation?" Chen Chuan said.

"Yes. I really participated. I will show you the photos of the event."

Xue Ting broke free from Chen Chuan's arms and walked into the bedroom to get her mobile phone.

Looking at her snow-white skin and beautiful buttocks, Chen Chuan got interested again and stood up to follow.

"Hey, my phone is at the end of the bed." Xue Ting bent over and stood at the end of the bed, searching for the phone in the pile of clothes she took off.

Chen Chuan walked behind her.

"Where did the mobile phone go, it's clearly placed here...ah..."

Bending down, Xue Ting suddenly let out a cry of pain.

The rain is getting worse and worse, and the thick raindrops wash the delicate stamens on the branches.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the rain gradually ceased.

Xue Ting showered herself in the bathroom, gently soothing her injured body. After washing, wipe the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the bathroom with a towel, and wipe the tears on the corners of his eyes by the way, it is painful. God knows what she experienced in the last two hours.

Chen Chuan put on his clothes and went out first, asking the waiter to drive the car to the villa.

Standing under the eaves of the villa, come with an afterthought, and think well. I just carried my sister on the second floor of the villa for a conquest. My body and mind are very relaxed. The girl is really jerky and tight, just like a novice driver on the road. However, the look of a little clumsy at a loss, also just seemed pure and cute.

A 21-year-old girl is at a mature age, just like a flower in bud, with a rosy luster and fragrance inside and out.

A few minutes later.

The door of the villa opened, Xue Ting, who put on clothes and only a little lipstick, walked out quickly and took Chen Chuan's arm sensibly.

Chen Chuan opened the umbrella and took her into the car.

After getting in the car, Xue Ting said, "I just thought about it again. I shouldn't have said that I want to change the car into money. Let's go and pick up the car."

Chen Chuan didnt answer right away. He took out his mobile phone and called the private bank on Shixiang Road, Hangzhou, China Merchants Bank, asking for 4.5 million gold. He is a major client of China Merchants Bank's private bank, his treatment is top VIP level, and his service is naturally meticulous.

Because the Auto City is also on that road, Chen Chuan bought gold from a private bank on that road.

Then start the car and drive over there.

"Why do you want money, is there any difficulty?" Chen Chuan asked.

Although using the [Wish Detector] to see that this girls mother is sick and needs money, Chen Chuan still asks.

Xue Ting looked out the window and kept gently gentle her belly with her hands.

"What's wrong?" Chen Chuan asked concerned.

"What's the matter with you... You are going to kill someone~wuxiaworld.online~ Xue Ting hummed with her pink mouth.

Chen Chuan reached in and helped her gently rub.

Xue Ting immediately grasped the invading claws, and said, "Hey, why, drive well."

"Help you rub it."

"No need, I'll do it myself, you can concentrate on driving. Oh, it's red light..." Xue Ting gently placed her hand on the claw, twisted her body, and hummed softly, "Don't touch it, touch it again. Just... the green light!"

Chen Chuan said: "You haven't answered yet, what do you want the money for? Buy a house? Give your brother a down payment?"

"Dizzy, I don't have a brother, I only have a sister." Xue Ting said, "I don't want to tell you about my family. When I'm with you, I'll stay with you, just want to make you happy."

"Well, then I don't ask why."

Chen Chuan continued to drive. When passing by the private bank of China Merchants Bank, he parked, then got off the car and went upstairs. He paid 4.5 million yuan and withdrew 4.5 million gold bars.

According to the current gold price, I bought 10,000 grams and 20 kg. Thirty-three 300-gram pieces and one 100-gram piece are packed in a small silver suitcase.

(End of this chapter)

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