I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 687

Chapter 685: Kill The Game For Subscription

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At the moment Jiang Ci left Qingyun Tower.

In the gray palace, the four leaders are all very excited.


"The elite sequence mission has disappeared!"

"This means that the mountain and sea have reached the top of Qingyun Tower!"

The four chiefs laughed,


The four of them came down to Qingyun at the same time and saw Jiang Ci that had just walked out.

"We are the four leaders of the Valley of the Gods. By the order of His Majesty the King, the guardian of the Valley of the Gods." The blood armour leader of the Hunyuan **** general said with a smile, "Shanhai, congratulations, successfully climbed to the top of the Qingyun Tower and became a dream The first Taoist elite sequence in the history of Yuanjie!"

"Shanhai, please come to the hall to talk." Heiwu Commander also said.

In their tone, they are all respectful,

Especially the leaders of the three eternal supreme realms, you can see the respect for Jiang Ci from the physical behavior.

Obviously, the four leaders also know that Jiang Cis current status is very different.

Although they are still Taoist fighters, because they control the origin of the world, they can be suppressed by flipping their hands.

After half a day, Jiang Ci left the Valley of Gods with the enthusiasm of the four leaders.

Looking at the vast and boundless continent of God King and the endless ocean, Jiang Ci smiled.

"When I came, it took a year, but now it only takes a moment."

He didn't need to do any concealment at all now, and immediately disappeared over the Divine King Continent with a thought.

The next moment, he appeared outside the White Flame Army barracks.

He controls the world origin of Mengyuan Realm, so he can naturally reach any place at will.

There is even one thought that can kill the creatures below the eternal supreme in this world, and can easily suppress the eternal supreme and the Hunyuan **** general.

This is also the reason why the four leaders are so respectful just now.

In the white flame army barracks, the lake station of the great flame army.

Jiang Ci leisurely fly over the lake and fly to his island.

"Look, it's mountains and seas!"

"He is Shanhai? I heard that the captain of your third team is also afraid of this recruit?"

"I remember he disappeared for 300,000 years, and thought he was dead, but he was still alive!"

On an island below , two fighters saw Jiang Ci.

The soldier Shanhai returned to camp, and the news spread quickly in the third team of the fourth brigade of the Great Yan Legion.

soon passed through the entire fourth team.

One of the red-faced eight-armed soldiers of the sixth team, when he heard the news, he stared directly.

"He is back!"

Eight arms, naturally the Dao Monarch of the Chaos Sea Juntian Holy Land.

His strength is good, after so many years of experience, he also joined the special army.

"Are you going to start the killing?" The eight-armed soldier was silent, feeling the invisible pressure.

At the same time, there is a resentment in his heart. He has been in the Mengyuan Realm for 300,000 years and has already liked it.

Here is more free than Juntian Holy Land, and even here he can find a way to become Tianzun, find a way to cultivate eternity, instead of relying on the ancestor Juntian Supreme.

But, he shoulders Juntian Supremes orders and must deal with Jiang Ci!

"Let's start." The eight-armed warrior sighed.

His deity is still in Juntian Holy Land, life and death are all controlled by the supreme, and he can only follow orders.

Soon, the eight-armed warrior flew to the core station of the Great Flame Legion.

This is a vast island with fiery red forests all over it.

In the middle of the forest, there is this majestic temple, with teams of Tianzun guards at the door.

The leader of the Great Flame Legion lives in this temple!

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All those who can serve as the commander of a special legion in the army are the eternal supreme, and they are the stronger eternal supreme. Even if the strength is not the eternal supreme, there is not much difference.


"This is where the commander is located, trespassing is forbidden!"

The guardian of Tianzun in front of the temple stopped the eight-armed warrior.

"I have something to ask for the leader!" The eight-armed warrior said hurriedly.

"Warrior!" A Tianzun guard snorted coldly: "The commander is the one you can see if you want to? Leave quickly!"

"I really have something important to see the leader." The eight-armed warrior said eagerly.

The heavenly guards glanced at each other and hesitated a little, after all, it was the soldiers of their Great Flame Legion who came to see them.

"Let him in." A cold voice sounded.

Tianzun guards no longer block.

The eight-armed warrior was relieved.

In the temple, an evil young man in a fire-red robe sits high above the hall.

"See you, the leader!" The eight-armed warrior saluted respectfully.

"What's the important thing for you?" Da Yan led the evil gaze on the eight-armed soldier, "If you can't say anything urgent, it will be dealt with by military law."

"As commander, I unintentionally discovered a big secret." The eight-armed soldier said quickly, "Shanhai, the soldier of the third squadron of the fourth squadron, sneaked in from outside forces!"

"External forces?" The leader of Great Yan suddenly broke out with a terrible killing intent.

Any life in the Mengyuan Realm has absolute loyalty to the Mengyuan Realm, but is hostile to the outside world. This is carved in the depths of the soul.

"You didn't lie to me?" Da Yan commanded.

"Never dare to deceive the leader!"

"Do you have evidence?"


The eight-armed warrior was anxious, "This is what I saw with my own eyes, this evidence..."

"You just say it casually, I'm going to check that mountain and sea?" Da Yan commander sneered, "Get out, I'll forgive you for this crime."

The eight-armed warrior gritted his teeth and said with a frantic expression: "Commander, this is definitely what I have seen with my own eyes. As long as you call the mountains and seas and perform illusions, you can know the true and false of all this!"

"Illusory?" The leader of Da Yan became impatient, "What should I do, it's not your turn to teach, get out!"

"Commander, what I said, will never be false! Letting him live is not good for my dream world!" The eight-armed warrior was a little hysterical,

"If the leader does not believe me, I am willing to prove it with death!"


The eight-armed warrior exploded directly in the temple, and his body and soul were all annihilated.

The scene of surprised the leader of Dayan.

"Blew himself up? To die for the sake of death?"

"Unexpectedly, this soldier should be so loyal, it's a pity."

In the long years, he has seen many loyal fighters, but this is the first one to die before him.

"Is there really an outside life entering my dream realm?" Dayan commanded evil eyes flickering.


After that, it disappeared out of thin air.

The next moment, he appeared over the island of Jiang Ci.

At this time, Jiang Ci was leisurely fishing by the water.

"It's really leisurely!" Da Yan Commander sneered.

"Come on? Come down!"

Suddenly, a light and fluttering voice rang in his ears.

"Huh?" Commander Da Yan was horrified.


Immediately afterwards, a force from all directions directly pressed him to fall rapidly downward, directly hitting the surface of the water.

But the water surface was extremely hard, directly smashing Dayan commander.

This made him even more shocked. He is the eternal supreme, his body and soul are extremely powerful, and he was directly suppressed by waving his hand?

And just like an ordinary life, there is no resistance.

"Could it be that this person is really an outside life?" The leader of Da Yan quickly wanted to send a message to General Bai Yan.

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