I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 688

Chapter 686: Kill All Seeking Subscription

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The White Flame Army, on an island in the lake camp of the Great Flame Legion.

Jiang Ci shook his head lightly, a little helpless.

"I shot myself in the foot."

After the completion of the elite sequence mission, the four leaders once asked him: Do you want to make this news public? Once it is made public, the four armies will soon know, and they will respect you very much when they see you.

At that time, Jiang Ci directly refused.

In his opinion, he is going to leave Mengyuan Realm after all, and there is no need to make the four armies know all about it.

At present, those who know the identity of Jiang Ci are the four generals of the army, except for the four chiefs of the Valley of the Gods.

Because of this, the leader of Dayan didn't know the identity of Jiang Ci at all.

However, Jiang Ci saw that the other party was intent on killing, and did not keep his hands, directly using the world origin of Mengyuanjie to suppress the other party.

At this moment, the leader of Great Yan was still in shock.

"how come?"

"Could it be that he is a foreign **** general who has deliberately disguised himself as a Taoist warrior,

As long as you don't meet the general, no one else can see his disguise. Such a strong person must have such a disguise. There must be a big attempt! "

Commander Da Yan thought of this in an instant.


Jiang Ci stepped to the front of Dayan Commander and looked at him indifferently, "Why are you here? Want to kill me?"

"Who are you? A Taoist warrior, but not so strong!" Da Yan commander said stiffly.

He has already sent a message to General Bai Yan. When he wants to come, this is the White Flame Army camp. The general will be there when he talks about it.

When General Bai Yan arrives, he can naturally catch this foreign spy!

"Huh?" Jiang Ci frowned and looked at another place.

A door appeared in the void in the distance, and a figure walked out of it.

White armor, white skin, and white flames bathed all over his body. That invisible power far exceeds the eternal supreme, and he is obviously a **** of mixed origin!

After seeing this figure, Commander Da Yan was immediately overjoyed.

"General!" he shouted hastily.

"General Bai Yan." Jiang Ci also said with a smile.

"Mountain and sea." Bai Yan suddenly smiled enthusiastically and walked to Jiang Ci.

After he saw the Dayan leader who was bound on the ground, he let out a deep cry: "Dayan, why are you here?"

Da Yan commanded, stunned.

Because he thought that after General Bai Yan came, he would definitely do something with this foreign spy.

However, the two even talked and laughed with each other, like good friends.

"General." Dayan commanded anxiously. "This mountain and sea is very likely to be the spy of external life entering my Dream Realm. The general must be careful!"

Bai Yan glanced at him coldly, and Commander Da Yan was speechless.

"What should I do, and use you to teach?" Bai Yan said coldly, "How can you know the identity of Lord Shanhai?

How dare you offend Master Shanhai, and hope Master Shanhai will not be furious for this and punish you. "

The leader of Great Yan was immediately stunned.

Lord Shanhai?


He immediately understood that the status of Lord Shanhai should be very high, and it was only a sentence to kill him, the eternal great supreme.

But isn't it the four generals who have the highest status in Mengyuan Realm now?

What kind of existence can make the four generals be called adults?

Commander Da Yan thought with amazement that he should have come into contact with the core secrets this time, and he has really caused a catastrophe!

"This..." He panicked.

Then he saw that General Bai Yan and the soldier Shanhai in the distance were talking and laughing, and he could not hear the content of the conversation.

For a while, he became more panic, for fear that Lord Shanhai would kill him.


"Shanhai, I didn't expect you to come back so quickly. I just got a message from the Valley of the Kings. Before the meeting, I heard the news that my subordinates offended you." Bai Yan laughed.

"I think you should also disclose your elite sequence identity. As an elite sequence, no one dares to disrespect you."

"No." Jiang Ci shook his head, not wanting to make the world know.

With his current strength, no matter if he was in the Dream Elementary Realm or the Chaos Sea, he had no opponents anymore.

However, there is still a thousand illusion gods who will not be resolved.

If his identity is made public, then the powerhouses from the Chaos Sea will definitely know his existence.

The eternal supreme of the two sacred places of the Chaos Sea may have the means to contact the Thousand Illusory God Generals. If the other party is prepared at that time, it may cause unnecessary trouble.

"What are you going to do with him?" Bai Yan looked at the leader of Great Yan on the ground in the distance.

For Mengyuanjie, even if they are a leftover army of remnants from the army, an eternal supreme is nothing at all.

Jiang Ci wanted to kill, no one could stop it.

"Ask him first, why did you want to kill me." Jiang Ci said.

"Okay." Bai Yan nodded, and immediately transmitted a voice to ask Da Yan Commander.

After a while, Bai Yan said to Jiang again: "It's an eight-armed Daojun soldier of the Great Yan Legion. He said that you are an outside life and that you are dead. That's why Da Yan became suspicious of you and moved murderously."

Bai Yanjun didnt doubt Jiang Ci at all, because he knew that the identity of the soldier in front of him, Shan Hai, was identified by Qingyun Tower.

The Qingyun Tower was left by His Majesty the King of Gods. If Shanhai were spies, it would never be possible to leave Qingyun Tower alive.

"Eight-armed Daoist?" Jiang Ci passed a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

Juntian holy land is dominated by Juntian clan, the most distinguishing feature of this clan is the eight arms.

"Since I want to kill me, then I will kill all of your strong men in the Mengyuan Realm!"

After that, Jiang Ci didn't embarrass the Dayan leader much, and after some punishment, he let Bai Yan lead the other party away.


Half a day later, after no one paid attention to his island,

With a thought, Jiang Ci came to the quarters hall of the Great Flame Legion.

As soon as he entered the hall, the world changed suddenly, and he came into an extremely real world.


A golden light figure appeared, and respectfully saluted Jiang: "Meet Master Shanhai."

Jiang Ci nodded and looked around. There were no soldiers around. He should have entered an independent space.

"I want to check the information of all the Daojun fighters and Tianzun fighters who have joined the four armies in the last 350,000 years," he said to the golden figure again, "Also, can you simulate their breath?"

"Yes, the breath of life is the basis for confirming their identities. I have a record here." Jin Guang said.



In this huge space, they began to simulate each and every figure, with a little breath of life, all soldiers who joined the four major armies in the last 300,000 years.

At a glance, it was mighty.

"That's a lot!" Jiang Ci shook his head. Fortunately, it was only more than 300,000 years. If it was an era, it would be troublesome to find it.

"Start searching!"

With his strength, only a moment, it was selected.

"Juntian Holy Land joined the four armies, a total of 238 Dao Monarchs and 1 Tianzun."

"It's easy to kill them." Jiang Ci secretly said, he controls the world origin of Mengyuan Realm, and a single thought can annihilate all the powerhouses of Juntian Holy Land.

Moreover, the deity and the clone are annihilated together, and there is no room for resistance!

"Huh?" Jiang Ci thought of something again.


The fourth universe, the territories of the human race.

"Master." Jiang Ci's clone entered the Daoyuan Ancient Realm, found the Nine Heavens, and said what he had to do.

"What?" Jiuxiao Tianzun was shocked, "You said, you have the authority to kill all the strong men in the Mengyuan Realm of Juntian Holy Land?"

"Right." Jiang Ci nodded.

He did not disclose his experience in the Mengyuan Realm, and Nine Heavens Heavenly Sovereign did not ask.

"My plan is to kill not only the strong in Juntian Holy Land, but also those in the Fourth Universe who are right against our human race!" Jiang Ci said again.

Now that hundreds of thousands of years have passed, although the human race has occupied more than 90% of the territory of the fourth universe,

However, many Dao Monarchs and Heavenly Sovereigns who were right against the human race fled to the Chaos Sea, and it was still very difficult to completely destroy them.

These powerhouses remain hidden dangers after all.

"I want Master to do one thing..." Jiang Ci repeated his thoughts.

"You mean?" Jiuxiao Tianzun immediately understood.

"Haha, good!" Then he laughed,

"I understand what you mean, you are planning to let me spread the news outside, so that more powerful people can enter the Dream Realm, and then join the army, and you will kill it all at once?"

"Yes!" Jiang Ci nodded.

"Leave it to me." Jiuxiao Tianzun laughed, with craziness and anticipation hidden in his eyes.

Killing all enemies of the human race in one fell swoop is exciting to think about!


Soon, news spread in the Chaos Sea.

The powerful monarchs in the Mengyuan realm have obtained eternal inheritance,

Moreover, Mengyuanjies army seems to be expanding, and the conditions for selection and assessment are much lower than before.

After the news came out, the strong men of all major forces in the Chaos Sea were naturally dubious.

However, when everyone went to Mengyuanjie to try to join the army, they found that it was really simple.

For example, the Sky Feathers of the First Universe, originally from their ten Dao Monarchs, three or four of them could join the army.

Now, eight or even nine can enter!

As a result, the major forces in the Chaos Sea went crazy.

There is an eternal heritage in the army, and the assessment and selection of joining the army has also been lowered, so what are you waiting for!

In this atmosphere, more and more Chaos Sea powerhouses joined the army.

Moreover, they did see the eternal inheritance, and some people exchanged a small amount of inheritance information.

Under various stimuli, in just 10,000 years, more than 5,000 Chaos Sea powerhouses have entered the four armies of the Mengyuan Realm.


Jiang Ci was waiting silently.

All this, of course, is controlled by him.

With his status in the Mengyuan Realm, it couldn't be easier to lower the screening and assessment conditions for entering the army.

And it was only reduced in a short period of time, and the four generals had no reason to refuse.

The small amount of eternal inheritance was also taken out by him. It looked tempting, but it was only tempting.


According to his statistics, the total number of Dao Monarchs in the four Primordial Universes and the Two Holy Land Universes in the Sea of Chaos is more than 10,000.

And most of them have no hatred with the human race, and they are not within the scope of his extermination.

His current target is the powerhouses of the Juntian Holy Land and the Sky Feather Race of the First Universe, as well as the Monster Race and Ghost Race of the Fourth Universe.

Among them, the Tianyu tribe, Jiang Ci has never forgotten,

This tribe is an eternal tribe, the bloodline is inherited from the Heavenly Feather God General of the Yuan Realm,

It was the betrayal of the Heavenly Feather God General that gave the Star Realm the opportunity to sneak attack on the Yuan Realm army.

Therefore, this ethnic group is also within the scope of Jiang Ci's extermination.

And in the future, if there is a chance, he will completely cut off the blood of this eternal race.


In this way, another ten thousand years passed.

There are close to eight thousand strong people in the Chaos Sea who have entered the Dream Yuan Realm.

And more than 70% of those who are right against the human race have entered the Mengyuan realm and joined the army.

"Enough!" Jiang Ci's eyes were cold.

If you want to kill all of them without leaving one, it is definitely unrealistic. These forces will not send all the strong men to the Mengyuan Realm.

Killing 70%, the remaining three achievements are completely safe.

"Then die!"

When Jiang Ci's thoughts move, he merges with the world origin of the entire Mengyuan Realm.

At this moment, several Hunyuan God Generals in Mengyuan Realm all felt their hearts, and looked in the direction of Jiang Ci, but did not come to ask.

In their opinion, as long as Master Shanhai didn't think of destroying the entire world, they didn't need to pay much attention to it.


Jiang Ci used the origin of the world to lock in the breath of life that was filtered out by him, and he perceives the powerhouses who will be killed by him, most of them are Dao Monarchs, and a few are Heavenly Sovereigns.


Quietly, wisps of world origin invaded the bodies and souls of those strong men, killing them all!

Moreover, it is not only to destroy this body,

That mysterious power also wiped out all the bodies and clones of these strong men through the connection between the body and the clones!


Juntian Holy Land.

"Who is it! Who is it!" Jun Tian Zhizun was going crazy.

There were more than 500 Taoist masters in Juntian Holy Land, and nearly 400 of them fell in an instant!

Even if they have a lot of quasi-dao monarchs, they can add them.

However, the one-time replenishment of nearly four hundred Taoist powers, and also to cultivate to a very high level, that kind of consumption...

I am afraid that after ten more calamity eras, Juntian Holy Land will not be able to return to its peak state!


The first universe, Tianyu clan.

"No! No! Who is it?" The seventh holy lord, who is the only remaining strongman of the Tianyu clan, was stunned, and then desperate.

This time, in order to gain eternal inheritance in the Mengyuan Realm, they can be said to be out of the nest.

The group left him with only one Heavenly Sovereign and ten Dao Sovereigns, and all the others entered the Mengyuan Realm.

But just now, those strong men who entered the Mengyuan Realm all fell!

The seventh holy lord knows that the Tianyu clan is over!


At the same moment, some strong men in the coalition camp of the Fourth Universe Monster Race and Ghost Race who fled into the Chaos Sea were also desperate.

Especially the demons and ghost races, Tianzun Tianzun of Ten Thousand Demons and Tianzun Yandu of their tribes also entered the Mengyuan Realm, and they also fell just now!

Since then, the coalition camp can no longer pose any threat to the human race.


Compared with these desperate races,

At this moment, the fourth universe human race is full of joy.

Finally, the Fourth Universe has ushered in the Human Age!

They occupy the entire universe, such a huge territory, they will give birth to more and more top geniuses, more Taoists, and more heavenly lords!

At the same time, with the spread of the high-level human race, the name of Jiang Ci was once again familiar to everyone.

Because this is the creator of the peak age of the human race, and is the most well-deserved powerhouse of the human race today!

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