I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 689

: Season Finale

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The deity of Jiang Ci is still cultivating in the Mengyuan Realm. With the massive eternal fragments gifted by the Great Dream God King, he no longer has to worry about the experience value.

Now, he only needs to use the panel to raise the realm of the body, soul, Taoism, and mind step by step!

And once his heart energy can reach the eternal realm, he can proceed to deal with the Thousand Illusory God Generals and solve the only existence that can threaten him in the Chaos Sea.


Time is long,

When Jiang Ci entered the Mengyuan Realm for the millionth year,

Jiang Ci's other master Jiujian Zhenjun finally cultivated into a Taoist monarch.

For this reason, Jiang Ci's clone went out and celebrated for Master.


Another epoch passed, and Xuantian, the eldest brother of Jiang Ci, also cultivated into a Taoist monarch and became the second Taoist monarch on the earth.

After that, another ten million years later, the second sister Li Baibai, also became a Taoist monarch, and became the third Taoist monarch on the earth.

And the breakthrough of the two of them seemed to have opened the seal of the strong in the line of the earth, true monarchs and dao monarchs, appearing one after another.

In the next ten epochs, the fourth, fifth, and sixth Dao Monarchs... until there are more than ten Dao Monarchs, it is not over yet.

The earth line has therefore become the strongest line of the human race!


In this process, Jiang Ci never went to the Bluestone God to unlock Jiang Doudou's sleeping seal.

Because he already knew that the Thousand Illusion God would be coming towards the mountain and sea star

To be precise, it came to find a way of detachment.

According to the King of Dreams, Jiang Doudou is the key to opening the way to detachment. Once awakened, it will attract the attention of the thousand fantasy gods.

Even if the Thousand Illusion God will be suppressed by the Mengyuan Realm, maybe this strong man who is close to the **** king level has a clone in the upper realm.

In case a thousand phantom gods will use this to pass the news to other powerhouses in the star realm, then it will surely attract more star realm **** generals, even **** king-level powerhouses!

Even with Chaos Sea's overbearing rules of heaven and earth, Jiang Ci is not sure that he can deal with the **** king.

The Hunyuan God King is another level, even in the larger worlds of the heavens, it is also a peak-level existence.

It is not completely restricted by the rules of heaven and earth.

Therefore, if the Thousand Fantasy God Generals are not resolved, Jiang Ci will not open the sleeping seal of Jiang Doudou.


Three hundred and sixty million years have passed since the tenth epoch when Jiang Ci entered the Mengyuan Realm.

Mengyuanjie, a forbidden island in the lake camp of the Great Yan Legion.

It is indeed a forbidden island, because the island where Jiang Ci lives has been listed as a forbidden land. In the past 300 million years, no warrior dared to step into it.

And Jiang Ci has been in retreat for ten epochs here!

On this day, Jiang Ci finally woke up.

He opened his eyes, and an incomparably vicissitudes of ancient meaning flashed in his eyes.

"Huh, finally succeeded!"


Repair as:

Deity-Eternal Supreme (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Clone-Eternal Supreme (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Dao Fa:

Eternal Kendo (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal Knife Road (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal Five Elements (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal life (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal Space (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal time (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal destruction (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eternal Reincarnation (1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Secret method:

The Book of Mountains and Seas (eternal scroll 1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Heart Yuan Sutra (one weight 1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Eight lives (quadruple 1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Yun Mi (quadruple 1 million yuan / 1 million yuan)

Deduction: 1 yuan eternal experience value/time

Conversion: 1 yuan eternal fragment = 1 yuan eternal experience value

Eternal experience value: 84.34 million yuan


"Everything is to reach the eternal limit!" A strong confidence emerged in Jiang Ci's heart.

After three hundred and sixty million years, he finally raised the four realms of mind, Taoism, body, and soul to the realm of eternal perfection.

The self-cultivation has also reached eternal perfection, surpassing the eternal great supreme.

"With my strength, in the Mengyuan Realm, even if I don't use the origin of the world, I am sure to fight a few Hunyuan generals such as the four generals!"

Because he has reached the limit on all four routes!

The power of the heart is invisible and invisible, and no treasure can be defended. Even if the Hunyuan God can resist it, it is estimated that his strength will be greatly weakened by the power of the heart.

Dao law power, he is now all eight Dao law reaching the eternal limit, the next step is to create his own Dao law and step into the realm of Hunyuan.

Moreover, he also achieved the fusion of the eight principles to create an advanced version of the "Sword of Mountains and Seas", "The Book of Mountains and Seas",

This secret method can already be called a **** at the Hunyuan level, all-encompassing, and interpreting all the mysteries of the Eight Great Ways.

Physical strength, he has raised the "Eight Lives" in the inheritance of Yakumo to the fourth level of Consummation. The strength of the body is comparable to the eternal treasure, not to mention the strength.

Jiang Ci is confident, and relying on physical strength alone, he can severely wound an eternal great supreme with a single punch.

The power of the soul is also the "Cloud Destruction" in the inheritance of Yakumo. After the fourth level of Consummation, the power of the soul has also reached the limit of the eternal realm.

Once the primordial spirit explosive method is used, it will be a thousand-fold explosion, and even the **** general may not be able to exceed the strength of his primordial spirit.

"Nowadays, the most important thing is the strength of the heart." Jiang Ci's eyes sparkled.

The power of the heart is close to the ultimate power of detachment, and the rules of the world of Chaos Sea cannot be restricted.

With this kind of power, he can exert eternal and perfect strength in the Chaos Sea, and can suppress all enemies with a wave of his hand!

Even if the **** king of the star realm comes, he is not afraid!

Because the King of Gods was to a large extent also limited by the rules of the Chaos Sea, unable to exert a truly powerful strength.

"Then you can start!"

Jiang Ci looked in the direction of the God King Continent, and when he thought about it, he appeared on the ninth floor of the Qingyun Tower in the God King Valley.

The King of Dreams, who looks the same as Jiang Doudou, is still sitting in the courtyard space on the ninth floor.

The illusory consciousness of the bluestone **** general also stood beside him, motionless.

"Are you ready?" Big Dream God King smiled.

"You can do it at any time." Jiang Ci said to himself.

Next to him, the Bluestone God General also laughed, "It seems that I don't need to act."

"Senior Qingshi can help me protect Doudou." Jiang said.

"Relax, in the independent space of my body, even if the Thousand Illusions God General is close to the Divine King, he will not be able to find Doudou." Qingshi God General said.

"Let's start then." Jiang Ci nodded.

None of the three of them are procrastinating, and the King of Dreams directly raised his hand with a wave.


Jiang Ci disappeared directly in the Mengyuan Realm, and appeared in the endless chaotic gray fog of the Chaos Sea of the Metarealm in the next moment.

At the same time, the thousand fantasy gods who were suppressed in the original space of the Mengyuan realm were also rejected.


In the boundless ocean of chaos, the four original universes are like four continents floating in the endless chaotic fog.

There are tiny universes of Tianzun scattered all around.

Among them, there are two holy land universes, which are much larger, just like islands, and also exude a powerful aura.

And in this huge world, there are still three places that are obviously larger, that is, the three major Jedi: Liujin River, Hollow Abyss, and Ten Thousand Realms Ruins.

At this moment, on the edge of the Ten Thousand Realm Ruins covered by the energy of wind and fire, one can see the flying treasures scattered everywhere.

Although ten epochs ago, a large number of powerful men fell in the Mengyuan Realm,

But those strong men who survived did get a lot of opportunities, and even many Dao Monarchs became Tianzun strong men because of this.

Therefore, there are still many powerful forces stationed here.

Suddenly, a figure appeared outside the Ten Thousand Realm Ruins.

"Huh? That is!"

"Shanhai Daojun!"

"He disappeared for hundreds of millions of years, why did he suddenly appear?"

"Hurry up and stay away, he is now the number one master of Chaos Sea, no one can help him!"

Those strong men hurriedly stepped back and passed the news to the ethnic group, so that the strong men on their side should not be near the Ten Thousand Realms Ruins for the time being.

And Jiang Ci waited quietly outside this Wanjie Ruins, and didn't go anywhere.

The next moment, another figure appeared, and he saw a heroic young man armed with a spear and wearing a silver armor. It was a thousand illusion **** generals.

"Haha, a group of dead spirits, still want to suppress me?" The Thousand Illusions God General laughed like no one else.

"I am out of trouble. From now on, in this ruin-like Chaos Sea of the Metaverse, no one can stop me!"

"The many opportunities buried here will eventually belong to my thousand fantasy!"

"Perhaps in the future, I can use this to step into the realm of the **** king and become the **** king of thousands of illusions!"

His eyes looked around, and finally fell on Jiang Ci.

Because around here, Jiang Ci is left alone.

"Why are you not afraid of me?" Qianhuan God General said proudly.

"Why should I be afraid of you?" Jiang Ci smiled.

"Oh? It seems to have some ability." Qianhuan Shenjiang stared at Jiang Ci.

Soon, he frowned, because he found that Jiang Cis cultivation base was a bit strange.

Obviously Tianzun, but it also looks like the eternal supreme, and when you look at it, it looks like a Hunyuan God General.

Really weird!

"I ask you, do you know the mountains and sea stars?" Thousand Illusion God General asked suddenly.

He still didn't put Jiang Ci in his eyes. When asking questions like this, he thought Jiang Ci should be from a source, perhaps he knew some secrets.

"Shan Hai Xing?" Jiang Ci laughed, "My name is Jiang Ci, and I am also called Shan Hai, do you think I know?"

"You!" Qianhuan God General's expression was startled, and he could no longer remain indifferent.

Then, he released a fierce glow in his eyes, and said coldly: "The weak creatures in the lower realm, dare to play with me?"

"Catch you first!"


He directly raised his palm, and the endless chaotic gray mist around him, as if listening to his orders, condensed into a huge and incomparable palm print, pressing it towards Jiang Cigui.

Chaos gray fog, that is, chaotic energy, can only be manipulated by the strong.

Although the Thousand Illusory Gods will be limited by the Chaos Sea's heaven and earth rules, and can only exert the strength of the Heavenly Sovereign limit, they can still control the chaotic energy.

But the next moment, he was shocked.

I saw that Jiang Ci didn't make any movement, only whispered: "Scatter!"

I don't know what kind of power it was, diffused out, and directly defeated the giant chaotic palm that seemed to be able to annihilate everything.

"Impossible!" Qianhuan God will be taken aback.

In Chaos Sea, those who can display such strength can only be the powerhouse of the Hunyuan God King level!

"Nothing is impossible!" Jiang Ci smiled.

"Forbidden!" I saw him whisper again.

The power of the heart element spread out again, and the invisible and intangible power, like a big net, directly enveloped the thousand illusion gods.

"Not good!" Thousand Illusion God will not be aware of the power of the heart, but he can feel an invisible danger looming fast.


He quickly backed away.

"What kind of power is this? It's not Taoism, body, or soul? What exactly is it?"

Qian Huan Shen will retreat quickly while thinking.

But he hadn't seen this power at all, and couldn't think of an answer for a while.

"Can you escape?" Jiang Ci didn't move a step, and his heart was within the range of his attack.

"Forbidden!" He said again.

The invisible mental power suddenly increased, reaching the level of eternal perfection.


In an instant, an invisible net was directly tied to the thousand illusion **** general, and he was firmly imprisoned, and his body and soul were all imprisoned and unable to move.

"It's impossible!" Thousand Illusory God General was full of disbelief and panic.

"Who on earth are you? You are the remnant of the Metaverse? No way, the troops of the Metaverse have been transformed into remnants, and there is no possibility that there will be alive!"

Jiang Ci took a gentle step, walked up to him, and smiled: "You'll know in a while."

"The law of heart slavery."

While talking, he used the method of slavery in the "Xin Yuan Jing".

Suddenly, the invisible net composed of the power of the heart began to penetrate into the body of the thousand illusion **** generals and everywhere in the soul.

Like a brand, it is necessary to completely control the body, soul, and soul of the Thousand Illusion God General.

"No! No!" Qianhuan God will want to explode and abandon this body, but under the control of the power of the heart, he can't do it at all.

He was struggling frantically, Hun Yuan Shen general level mental state cultivation base, wanted to resist this invisible power.

"This is..." He suddenly realized something.

"This is the strength of that person, the heart! It's the strength of the heart!"

Thousands of Fantasy Gods finally remembered an extremely long-lived legend.

That was the heyday of the Metaverse, the super existence named Yuan, the unique power,

Yuan, with this, swept almost all super powers in the heavens and all realms!

But at this time, Thousand Illusion God will be useless to think of it, because he doesn't have any means to resist!

He played the ultimate strength of Tianzun at most.


The invisible mark finally penetrated into the mental world of the Thousand Illusion God General, eroding his soul.

He closed his eyes, and the last trace of despair and struggle in his eyes finally disappeared.

When Qian Huan Shen Jiang opened his eyes again and looked at Jiang Ci, only fanaticism and respect remained in his eyes.

"Qianhuan has seen the master!"

The method of the heart slave, from then on, the thousand illusion **** will be the heart slave of Jiang Ci!


Before cultivating the Heart Yuan Sutra, Jiang Ci did intend to directly kill the Thousand Illusion God Generals.

But when he knew that there was this kind of heart slavery in the Heart Yuan Sutra, he changed his mind and tried to control the thousand illusion gods.

Because he will definitely go to the upper realm in the future, if there are thousands of phantom gods, it will naturally be much more convenient.

Now that he has controlled the Thousand Illusory God Generals, Jiang Ci also knows that this existence close to the God King level does have a clone in the star realm.

In this way, he is equivalent to burying a nail in the star realm, and it will definitely be of great use in the future!

After all, there are not many powerful people like Qianhuan God General, even in the upper realm.


Since then, Jiang Ci has been invincible in the Chaos Sea of the Metaverse.

But he didn't stop, but took one step directly, spanning an unknown number of light years, and came to the outside of Juntian Holy Land.

"The Sea of Chaos will establish a new holy land universe, and Juntian holy land will no longer exist."


The invisible heart power attached to his fist, coupled with the eternal treasure-level physical power, this fist suddenly surpassed the limit of the Chaos Sea.

The endless chaotic energy rushed to Jiang's words frantically and condensed on his fist.

In the end, when this punch is completely condensed, it seems to be able to destroy everything!

Then, a fist hit the huge Juntian Holy Land universe!


Juntian Holy Land, a temple in the Great Hammer God Realm.

Ever since Mengyuanjie appeared, Juntian Supreme's fuzzy figure has never disappeared.

At this moment, his heart palpitated suddenly.

"what's happening?"

The next moment, Jun Tian Supreme opened his eyes in shock, and the fog covering the figure disappeared, revealing a figure similar to the human race.




In general, all kinds of loud noises echoed throughout the universe of Juntian Holy Land.

The sky fell, the ground fell.

Terrible cracks opened in the void, and various energies such as lightning and thunder, gray fog, flames, etc., hovered between the sky and the earth.

The Juntian Holy Land universe was collapsing, and the pieces of space fragments formed a turbulent flow and began to impact the entire universe.


The creatures that depended on Juntian Holy Land, no matter where they were, died silently with the destruction of the universe.

"Who is it! Who is it!" Jun Tian supreme roared, his anger reached its extreme.

His body has already gone to the upper realm, here is just an illusory consciousness left behind, without any strength, at most it can control the origin of the eternal universe and deter the strong in the holy land.

So now, he can only watch the collapse of his universe, powerless.

What makes Jun Tian Supreme desperate most is that now his eternal universe is destroyed, then his strength in the upper realm will also plummet.

Strength represents status, and his status in the star realm will also be greatly reduced as a result.

The enemies he has made during these long years will definitely come and kill him!

In other words, he is done!

"Who is it, cut me off Juntianhou Road!" Juntian Supreme was standing in the sacred universe gradually turning into ruins, roaring.

He didn't even see the enemy.

Finally, when the origin of the universe was about to collapse, Juntian Supreme saw it and saw the figure standing outside Juntian Holy Land.

"Jiang Ci! Shanhai Daojun! Damn you!" Jun Tian Zhizun was furious.

"Goodbye!" Jiang Ci punched again.

Juntian Holy Land, which had almost turned into ruins, was completely transformed into large and small fragments, scattered in the endless chaotic gray fog.

Juntian Holy Land, destroy!

Soon, the entire Chaos Sea was shocked.

Juntian Holy Land, standing in the chaotic sea for endless years, the first force of the chaotic sea suddenly perished!

No one knows, someone smashed Juntian Holy Land with a punch.


But then, another thing that shocked the major forces in the Chaos Sea happened.

The edge of the fourth universe, a small universe, is rapidly expanding.

One trillion light-years, two trillion light-years, three trillion light-years...10 trillion light-years, 20 trillion light-years, 30 trillion light-years...

Thirty trillion yuan has surpassed the Red Lotus Holy Land Universe!

However, the volume expansion process of this Holy Land universe is not over yet!

Forty trillion, fifty trillion...More than the original Juntian Holy Land!

Sixty trillion, seventy trillion...

Until one million billion light years!

This is the limit that the eternal holy land universe can reach!

The new holy land universe of Chaos Sea has appeared. Since it has appeared on the edge of the fourth universe, it is obvious that this is the holy land universe belonging to the human race!

Named the sacred land of mountains and seas!

However, it is not over yet.

At the edge of the fourth universe, another small universe began to expand.

It is expanding as quickly as the sacred land of mountains and seas.

Soon, it reached 40 trillion light-years, surpassing the Red Lotus Holy Land!

And the name of this holy land universe is called Zixiao Holy Land!

It is the Heavenly Venerable Zixiao...It should be said that the sacred universe of the Venerable Zixiao!


The fourth universe, the territories of the human race, the heavenly court of the Dao League.

The high-ranking humans gathered together, Jiang Ci sat at the top, and beside him was a figure in a white robe.

"During this time, my human race has had many happy events."

"Zixiao Tianzun, it's not right...Zixiao Supreme is out of trouble, and the two holy land universes are opened at the same time. It's gratifying!"

Jiuxiao Tianzun presided over the banquet, and he stood there and said loudly.

The other high-level human races, whether it is Daojun or Tianzun, all smiled.

What a happy event!

From then on, the fourth cosmic human race was the largest force in the Chaos Sea, sitting on the two sacred universes.

There are also nearly a thousand Taoists, seven heavenly beings, and two supreme beings!

With such a background, they no longer have to fear the crisis of calamity, they can enjoy eternity!

"Jiang Ci, thank you very much." Zi Xiao Zhizun thanked him with a toast.

"Master, you have done a great job to my human race, and the Purple Heaven Sword Scripture that you left behind once led my kendo practice.

Now that I have the strength to help you get out of trouble, of course I will not sit idly by. "Jiang Ci smiled.

With his current strength, naturally he cannot compete with the origin of the Fourth Universe.

However, the fourth universe was created by the King of Great Dreams in the first place,

Don't let go, isn't it a word from the King of Dreams?


After the banquet, Jiang Ci returned to the earth, stopped on the moon, looking at the blue planet.

"Earth, mountains and sea stars, detached."

He knew that one day in the future, he would definitely want to open that path, to detach himself, and to do things that no one had done before!

For Jiang Ci, there is a panel of experience points, and it is only a matter of time before he becomes the master of Hunyuan.

Because the experience value panel was brought down by the emperor Junyuan from the road of transcendence, and contained the ultimate power.

Then, Jiang Ci cut through the void with one hand and came to an independent space.

It is the independent space that the bluestone **** will open up, a world full of birds and flowers.

"You are here." Bluestone God General smiled.

"Senior Qingshi." Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

Just because the bluestone **** will guard Jiang Doudou for countless years, he deserves such respect.

Because Jiang Doudou is the key to open the way of transcendence, the aura on his body is different from other strong people.

If it weren't for the Bluestone God who would let Jiang Doudou go to sleep, I'm afraid the Thousand Illusion God will perceive Jiang Doudou's breath at the moment he descends into the Chaos Sea of the Metaverse.

"Go." Bluestone God General smiled, then disappeared.

Jiang Ci sighed for a while, and now he knew that the bluestone **** general was actually the ancestor of the Qingyuan clan.

At the beginning, the Yuanjie army set foot on the final road, leaving the Qingyuan and Tianyu tribes behind.

The Tianyu clan rebelled, and the Qingyuan clan resisted desperately, and was eventually killed by the dominance of the star realm, and the bluestone **** would be seriously injured and flee.

And that special space that can monitor the entire Chaos Sea is left by the Qingyuan Clan, and it is also the key to the Bluestone God General's ability to escape the astral masters.

Jiang Ci shook his head, walked into the flower garden, and saw Jiang Doudou who was sleeping.

Judging from the face, Jiang Doudou is exactly the same as the King of Dreams.

But obviously, the liveliness and agility of Jiang Doudou is different from the majesty and dignity of the Great Dream King.

Jiang Ci waved his hand gently, and the sleeping seal disappeared directly.

Jiang Doudou, who was like a sleeping beauty, had trembling eyelashes, then opened his eyes and saw a familiar figure.


(End of the book)

PS: I wanted to write more, but the moment Jiang Doudou opened his eyes,

Suddenly, I felt that this was the best time to end, so I just finished the book...

Calculating the time, the difference is three days, exactly one year...

One book for one year, this is something I never thought about before,

Although the ending is a bit hasty, but all that should be explained,

Some unfilled pits, such as the existence of the Douwen Continent and the abyss of the ancient gods in the outer battlefield,

Please ignore it automatically...

In addition, Jiang Ci understands the eternal time Dao, which can reverse time and space and resurrect the strong below Daojun,

Originally wanted to write some plots about the resurrection of the first master Ge Daoist and the resurrection of the Daoist Fu Rong Jianxian of the Jiu Jianxian.

Just think about it, leave some thoughts for everyone, after all, incompleteness is the most perfect.

Finally, thank you all for your company and support for a year, thank you very much! bow!

The mountain is high and the road is far, goodbye everyone!

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