The Song Of Swords Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Slice

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-2 months later-

Jia Yuan and his father had been able to scrape by, but the Zhao family had come by several more time to rob them of whatever money they earned. The Zhao family was truly becoming more and more daring, and the rest of the village yearned for a chance to retaliate.

Alas, they were too weak.

Each time the Zhao family robbed a villager, they increased their own power by purchasing weapons and pills for themselves.

The villagers of Fire Hill Village were truly trapped - they didn't have the strength to fight against the Zhao family, but if they didn't they would only fall behind and suffer even more.

At this time, Jia Yuan was practicing his swordplay about fifty meters from the old shack.

Despite having practiced for two months while consuming the soul cultivation pills provided by the ghostly elder, Jia Yuan had been unable to progress to the 2nd level of Absorption. To be fair, it usually took a cultivator of high talent at least a year to reach the 2nd level of Absorption after acquiring a Song, but Jia Yuan had the help of a large supply of soul and body cultivation pills.

Yet, frustratingly, he could feel that he was stuck at the peak of the 1st level of Absorption. By his own calculations, his soul was more than strong enough, and his body should have been comparable to even the peak of the 3rd level!

Jia Yuan felt desperate. He wasn't strong enough to defend himself and his father from the Zhao family, and they were running out of fire shards.

Sighing in frustration, Jia Yuan returned to the shack. There, his father was sitting at the center table, gazing wistfully at the broken congee pot. He noticed Jia Yuan entering, and called out to him.

"Jia Yuan, I have an errand for you to run. I need you to visit RockFire City and purchase a pot, along with some rice for us to eat I'd hoped to be able to make do with the pot, but it's really just too hard to cook anything with the hole leaking all of the heat.

"Here's fifty fire shards to buy the pot and rice with we won't have many left after this purchase, so see if you can get a cheaper pot. Rice should be around three fire shards a pound, so don't get scammed!"


"If you leave now, you should be able to get to the other side of the forest before nightfall. If you wait until morning, it'll be another night without hot congee. Go, go."


Jia Yuan promptly left the shack, grabbed his wooden sword, and ran in the direction of the forest.

What his father had said was true. If he ran quickly he should be able to exit the forest before nighttime. As for if he was caught in the forest during night time well, Jia Yuan didn't want to think about it. It would be better if he just focused on running.

After three hours or so of running, the sun was about to set, and Jia Yuan panted as he exited the other side of the forest.

'If I remember correctly, I'll see another village in another few minutes or so'

As Jia Yuan had surmised, after 9 minutes of running, he did indeed see another village. However, several of the buildings were on fire, and he could see more than a hundred people fighting, as well as hear the sound of their weapons clashing.

Even as this all came into view, he noticed several women and children running towards him, away from the fighting.

'A bandit attack?'

Jia Yuan's blood boiled as he charged forward.

As he neared the village, Jia Yuan's nostrils filled with the smell of smoke and blood. Clearly, the fighting had resulted in quite some bloodshed already. Even before he reached the edge of the village, however, he noticed about ten bandits chasing a group of children who all looked to be younger than ten years old.

"You bastards!" Jia Yuan screamed as he charged toward the bandits.

When he came within five meters of the bandits, he dug his back foot into the ground, and sent out an explosion of force to dash towards the bandits. At the same time, he drew his wooden sword. This was the sword unsheathing method, which Jia Yuan had developed as an efficient way to begin his "Dance".

As the dash propelled him toward and through the ten bandits, he agilely contorted his body to weave his way through the bandits without being hit with their weapons, and sliced through all ten of them with a single strike of his sword.

A few in the area noticed that not only had Jia Yuan's dash propelled him extremely far, toward the limits of the human capability, but when he had propelled himself using his back food, a fiery blaze had exploded out from under said foot, adding to the force of the dash. In addition, his sword strike was not only fast and forceful, but his sword had been surrounded by a thick fiery aura.

Such was the power of a Song.

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