I Am A Chief In A Primitive Tribe Chapter 832

Chapter 832: Domesticated Unicorn

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Sending away Dahuyou, Heilianjiang and others, Mu Feng arranged for Thunder Dragon to go to the wolf department to meet the migration.

After finishing these tasks, he arranged for someone to report to the Blue Bird Department, and invited the young "elites" from the Blue Bird Department to study in Dajiang.

Having dealt with several "high-level" members of the Blue Bird Club twice, Mu Feng has truly felt the influence of Ke Wuji in the entire Blue Bird Club.

He has a feeling of looking at him.

Mu Feng originally thought that the Blue Bird Ministry was the Koyowu, but later discovered that Ke Wou-Ki had a great influence on Koyowu in several incidents in the Blue Bird Ministry and the Dragon Ministry.

Fortunately, the old man is all about the blue bird, and it is normal to have those thoughts.

Especially in the case of Mu Feng's relatively strong performance, he retired in due course.

In Mu Feng's heart, the Blue Bird Club was actually an important step in his cultural penetration.

It's just that how long this step can be completed, he has no idea in his heart.

The two are now both big tribes. As long as they plan well and move westward together to win the Changli land boundary, the problem shouldn't be big.

Especially for this revenge of the Yan and Ma Bu, Mu Feng still needs the Blue Bird Division to pin down the Li Long Bu soldiers on the northern line.

So this time he invited people from the Blue Bird Department to come, because he had something to discuss with them.

After confirming twice with the informant, he let him leave, and then walked to the racecourse by himself.

He has been busy "purchasing goods" from the outside for a while, but forgot to see how Da Jiang's fierce beast mount is going.

The current horse farm has completely become a zoo, with all kinds of strange animal mounts inside, making him feel a lot at ease when he looks at it.

Because he hadn't paid attention to the number of mounts for a long time, he had to find the person in charge of the racecourse and asked about the situation, and his heart became more and more happy.

Now there are more fierce beast mounts in Dajiang, including 41 mammoths;

Eighty-six race dragon five-spot horses;

Twenty white horses at night;

Seven horses in a thousand miles of clouds;

Ninety-six heads of armored earth dragons;

Fifteen thorn dragons;

Forty-eight horned rhinoceros.

In addition, there are more than 300 heads of Chenghuang and Red Deer each.

As for Mu Feng's mounts, Da Lei and Xiao Lei, as well as the two unicorns sent by the Blue Bird Department are not included.

Da Lei and Xiao Lei are so rare that ordinary people can't ride them.

The unicorn is the "dowry" of the Blue Bird Department and naturally cannot be easily ridden by others.

This time he came to the racecourse to see and domesticate a unicorn as his replacement ride.

After all, if such a unicorn rides out, it must be more windy.

Moreover, the pair of unicorns stayed in the tribe since they were sent, and Mu Feng didn't care about them.

But at the time when the Blue Bird Department of Thunder made trouble, Mu Feng really saw the power of the unicorn beast.

Now he was finally free to take a good look at the two unicorns, and his heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

Frankly speaking, Mu Feng was naturally excited to see the unicorn that was only in the legend.

But it seemed that because Da Jiang had too many of these strange animal mounts, did he have the excitement of "finally seeing alive".

The two unicorn beasts are one big and the other small, and the others are not much different. They are both a pair of three-pronged horns like branches, wide mouths, yellow front teeth, and a circle of white hair around the neck, which is no different from the legend.

But the difference is that they don't have long beards floating between their noses, just the hair of an elderly bull on the very broad nose.

The four artiodactyls show that this unicorn is vegetarian-this is not the same as Mu Feng imagined.

What surprised him even more was that the four legs of this unicorn were surrounded by a large circle of thick hair, which seemed incompatible with the scales on their bodies.

He originally thought that unicorns eat meat.

But soon he corrected his opinion.

Because in the place where the two unicorns stayed alone, there was actually a piece of beast bonesit was clearly the two of them who ate it!

Thinking of Da Lei's strangeness, he was not surprised.

It seems that because of the limited ability of the Beast Trainer of the Blue Bird Department, the two unicorns are still a bit irritable, and they have been trapped in a separate stone wall after being sent to Dajiang.

The tribe responsible for feeding said that if the stone wall was not high enough and thick enough, they would not know how many times they would be knocked down.

Mu Feng was surprised, and said: "This unicorn seems to be the irritable master too!"

When the two unicorns noticed someone approaching the pen, they kept roaring inside the stone wall and ran back and forth.

"It's quite irritable!" Mu Fengxin said, "It is estimated that this unicorn beast is not easy to tame, otherwise the Blue Bird Department may not be so willing to give me two!"

But this does not stump him.

After the advanced beast taming technique was activated, he began to "houhou" communicate with the unicorn.

Of course, there were some small conflicts in the middle, but it did not affect the final result-Mu Feng rode one of the unicorns out of the gate of the horse stables!

As soon as the unicorn who regained his freedom left the gate of the pen, he ran wildly with four questions, regardless of the obstacles around him.

Mu Feng exclaimed, and hurriedly shouted loudly, so that the tribe members quickly stepped aside.

At the same time, it hurriedly communicated with Qilin using advanced animal training techniques: stop!

But Qilin turned a deaf ear, and ran straight out like Sa Huan, looking like he was running straight to the gate of the city.

"This!" Seeing that the Qilin was about to hit the clansman on the side of the road, he shouted and pressed down with both hands: "Boom!"

However, Qilin only ran at a slower speed. At the same time, he turned his head to look at Mu Feng, grinning and let out a black and dry smell, making Mu Feng dizzy.

"I'm going!" Mu Fengren shook on the Qilin's back, and one of them was unsteady and fell directly to the ground.

Fortunately, he reacted promptly, and rolled twice on the Qilin's back, and squatted directly to the ground.

Regardless of it, Qilin knocked down a few big Jiang people head-on, and ran forward without looking.

Mu Feng shook his head, and after taking a slow breath, he realized that there was nothing unusual, and he was relieved.

Then he shouted at the tribe: "Get out of the way!"

The big Jiang people scattered all together, watching the unicorn rushing around.

When Mu Feng bit his teeth, he called for Da Lei to come out, but suddenly saw the unicorn screaming, then turning and plunged into the moat of Da Jiang!

"This..." Mu Feng was surprised, without blowing his whistle subconsciously, but rushed to the moat to see what was going on.

Many tribesmen gathered together, with surprise on their faces.

Because the warchief had ordered them not to get close to the moat, saying that there was something in the river.

From time to time, they would see someone pushing down cattle and sheep in the river, and then they would be eaten cleanly by the things in the water.

Of course, occasionally someone accidentally approaches the moat, and the things in the water will not attack them.

The Lihu leader once said that the warchief had already confessed to the things in the water and would not attack the tribe.

But to be on the safe side, the enemy is still not allowed to approach the moat.

They know that the things in this water do not attack them, but attack the beasts!

Sure enough, the unicorn who had just plunged into the water hadnt just showed up, so he poked his head out of the water with a roar, and on its back was already a pottery pot-sized dragon headit was in the Manniu Department before Mu Feng. Those strange beasts in the water that I got!

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