I Just Want To Draw Comics Quietly Chapter 942

: Chapter 933

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In fact, this animation of Giant is like this. If you watch the first season of it, you will think that the first season of this animation is too amazing! When you watch the second season of it, you will feel that the first season feels a bit watery compared to the second season, and then when you watch the third season, you see Alvin leading the investigative corps towards the gorilla giant, Li Wei A wave of rage slashed the monkeys, Almins body was scorched to create a chance for Allen to win. In the end of the white night, Almin and Alvins choice of life and death was the peak literary play, and then the last group of people went to see the sea together. The scene where Alan pointed at the sea...

You will know what a **** is!

What is a model of the ultimate combination of commerciality, artistry, work connotation, and other elements!

The Fullmetal Alchemist was also appointed after it was over, but the giant, 99% of its fans, believe that it will definitely not lose the steelmaking... as long as it can be normal. The ending! It is really amazing in the early stage. It is like the college entrance examination. You have full scores in several other subjects. All kinds of competitions are national gold medals. There are only English partial subjects. However, as long as the English score can pass, there are nearly 700 points. There is a problem with the previous Tsinghua University and Peking University. ?

As long as the ending is normal and the ending is stretched a little bit, it is not enough to pull the giant from the altar, but the situation of the giant is like the examinee going up to beat the invigilator during the English test and beat the candidate in the same examination room. Pause............the whole audience exploded, and then the exam results of the year were cancelled......This is the end of the giant! Its ending took only one sentence, ruining all the plots of the super **** in the early stage of this work!

Isayama Chuang's head is really funny, he has a hundred ways to make giants gods, even in the penultimate episode of the manga, most fans believe that the giants can come to a successful conclusion!

It is not required that the ending of the giant be as shocking and touching as the white night in the third season of the animation, watching the sea, as long as the logic can be self-contained, the giant will be a god...

It's a pity that the logic of the last words of the giant comic is self-consistent, but the plots that touched all fans in the early stage of the giant became the clown, the entire giant, all the sacrifices, all directed and performed by Allen!

Chu Yu carefully studied the entire Giant Manga. If it is not necessary, he would basically not change the plot of these works at will. This is his minimum respect for the original author of Parallel World, but the more he reads it, the more he feels that the ending of the Giant Manga is too outrageous! When I watched the ending comic for the first time, Chu Yu felt, oh...Is it over? But it's really plain!

After reading it, I kept feeling that something was wrong. I went to see it a second time, and it seemed a bit bad, then the third time, the fourth time...

If you compare the outcome of the giant to 100 points, Naruto may be very bad, Death may have 30 points, and the demon tail is at twenty-five...........as long as you contact the giant to make everything. Look at the ending, it's so bad!

I can only say that...no matter which world it is, there really is no perfect person!

Even if it is Jianshan Chuang!

Originally, Chu Yu was still hesitating, whether to do that, cut down on the plot of the giant's animation version in this world...After all, he is self-contained, even if the original giant's comic ending is produced at that time, He can bear the abuse of thousands of fans, but now... after the sixth season of the giant's second season, he hesitated!

He can bear the insults of giant fans, but it doesn't matter... But what about fans?

After the animation of the sixth episode of the second season of the giant was broadcast, the praise rating of the giant once soared, and the popularity of the work was the same!

The whole network score not only increased from 9.8 to 9.9!

Chu Yu opened his Weibo backstage the next day...

Can you imagine him seeing more than 100,000 private messages from his fans backstage!

There are no sunspots, no levers, all of them are praised by fans.........

Let him cheer, let him work hard, let him create the work of Giant, if the update speed of two episodes a week affects the quality of the plot, then one episode a week, or even two weeks... If you are sick, it is allowed. Ask for leave, you can also ask for leave to find inspiration when the plot is stuck.........

I just hope that Chu Yu and him don't mess with giants!

Although almost all fans believe that the early stage plot of the giant is so fascinating, how can it be unfinished? That kind of thing is ninety-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine percent impossible...

But it is the possibility of this one-hundred-thousand-one percent that caused many giant fans to send such private messages to Chu Yu!


To be honest, Chu Yu doesnt care about being scolded by others. After all, he is quite heartless, but when you know that a work with tens of millions of fans will eventually be unfinished, and that group of fans still trust Chu Yu so much. When the author is in name..........

This is not something that Chu Yu is afraid of being scolded, but Chu Yu...does he really have the courage to let the light in the hearts of these tens of millions of giant fans go out?

It's as if Ultraman finally joined the monster camp and didn't protect the earth, so that the light in the hearts of thousands of children was extinguished. Is it true that his heart made the giant comic ending disgusting everyone?

"I really like the giant animation. I hope that Teacher Shui Xin will let Allen get real freedom and lead the people inside the wall to get real freedom, and then, together with Armin and Mikasa, complete the dream of watching the sea as a child!"

Seeing this fan comment, Chu Yu also remembered the time when he was still an anime fan. Probably, like this fan, he treated these god-like, and the authors who portrayed the plot of the work... ......

"It made me sick!" Chu Yu sighed.

Anyway, this is not the first time I have done this kind of thing. In order not to obliterate the myth of Rurouni Kenshin Remembrance in the hearts of fans, I did not make this chapter of Rurouni Kenshin, let Kenshin and Xun meet, and destroy the hearts of Longguo fans. Li Jianxin and Xuedaiba's love!

Nor did Fujiwara Takumi get involved in endless racing, and even retired with a broken leg. He only let the plot of the initial D stay in Akina Mountain without portraying the subsequent plot...........

That being the case........... Let the story of the giant stay watching the sea!

What Marais article, what Sashas death, what Jia Bibai, the soldiers disability, Han Jis death...

Make them all non-existent..........

Maybe the giants work ends in the place where you look at the sea, and it ends in the most magical place of Alvins death, which will hurt fans... But their injuries are regrettable. Such a divine work destined to last forever does not give a clear ending to the entanglement between Paradi Island and the world in the work!

But if the real ending of this work is released, Chu Yu feels that the damage suffered by fans should be a hundred times higher, and true fans should increase crit effects on this basis!

"Forgive me, stupid Ou...fans!" Chu Yu sighed rather in the second grade!

"I am the one who has carried everything for you. I have brought the touch and joy in these works to the world, and the disgusting people in the works, I alone bear the burden..."

Thinking about it this way, Chu Yu felt a little great!

Just come back to my senses...........

He was at the table, Zhao Qinyin and Su Lu, the two raised their bowls, and even Zhao Qinyin's chopsticks were still in his mouth and his mouth was slightly opened. The two looked dumb.

"What's the matter with you? Looking at me like this, is the meal too delicious? Is it the order of takeaway, the chef in the store is called Xingping Chuangzhen?" Chu Yu looked at the two with foolish eyes, but at the end of the words, They looked at these two people with weird eyes!

Su Lu and Zhao Qinyin immediately felt insulted.

Obviously this second-degree man was talking to himself while he was eating, and his expression was sublime or intoxicated even when he was excited, especially the last narcissistic expression, which is only so creepy, and this guy still uses it. Look at them with this look?

"Obviously, you are like a patient with sperm, and you still say us?" Su Lu immediately shot back.

"Xingping Chuangzhen, who is that?" Zhao Qinyin asked in confusion.

"A certain famous chef in Tokyo! No. Yaowang! Specializing in medicated food!" Chu Yu lowered his head to eat.

Although Chu Yus current savings in world points are not enough for him to exchange his works, such as Medicine King is particularly prominent in the systems information about parallel world works. There are many fans, and works that are only rated at a grade. Chu Yu is out of his own viewing needs. , And occasionally will spend extravagantly in exchange to appreciate.

Of course, he didn't plan to release this work, otherwise in terms of his position in the animation industry...........

Regardless of whether it is his deity or Zhao Qinyin, the fans probably won't be able to accept it in any capacity to release it!

Simply ruining the three views of fans!

My favorite teacher Shui Xin (Zhao Qinyin) is actually someone who can create such works?

What a shame!

Of course, if it is released, it may also create a genre of explosive clothing in the animation industry by the way!

"That's it, I can try his cooking next time if I have a chance!"

Although Zhao Qinyin and Su Lu didn't understand them very well, they nodded their heads. Chu Yu's attention has been successfully changed!

But the system, Chu Yu returned to Japan Island for more than half a month, and there is one thing to be decided!

It is about what I promised to the industry that next year, whether it is my deity or Zhao Qinyin, they will make animated films and release them, which is regarded as a fan's expectation.

But in fact, this thing is really not a good choice, Zhao Qinyin's only animated film Spirited Away, is actually a work of Wang Zhan's level!

Occupy the box office champion of the parallel world Japan Island animation film industry for more than ten years!

In fact, it is difficult for Chu Yu to come up with a work that can surpass Spirited Away!

You have to say that in the parallel world, in the field of animation films, there are actually several that can surpass Spirited Away at the box office, but they are basically the pile of 3d animation movies in the United States, but they have surpassed Spirited Away at the global box office, and even The commercial value has also surpassed Spirited Away by a lot, but what do you say about Toy Story, Frozen, etc. put it in the Dragon Kingdom................Chu Yu doesn't believe it either!

How can Nenghuo be in a parallel world? These works are not popular in China. It may be ambiguous to say that they are not popular, but at least, compared with other Japanese animation popularity, it is much worse! ?

Dragon Kingdom and Parallel World Huaguo are actually very similar in many places, at least in terms of fan tastes, the overlap is very high!

In the parallel world, many elements of Japanese island works coincide with the tastes of Chinese people. After all, peoples culture is copied from the ancient times of China, and it recognizes itself, so Japanese animation can be popular in China. After all, the culture is the same, so the works have A sense of substitution, and the American Avengers Superman, a few people go to watch anime, watching movies are used for special effects!

Those works will not be produced and released unless Chu Yu breaks through the western animation market in the future, otherwise he will not consider it at this stage! There is a high probability of jumping on the street in Longguo!

So Chu Yu has been entangled in what works to exchange to surpass Spirited Away!

But after thinking about it for a month, I was helpless to find that Hayao Miyazakis own pinnacle works like the Castle in the Sky, Howls Moving Castle, and Nausicaa are up to the standard. After perfect marketing in the Dragon Kingdom, there may be a chance to be able to Chihiros box office record has launched an impact, and the possibility is not very large, the other... forget it!

If the ghost animation is produced, it will make this work as popular in the Dragon Kingdom as on the island of Japan in the Parallel World, and then there is a way to learn, and make a theater version of the movie to reproduce the box office trend in the Parallel World, and wait for the proportion of the population to reach the dragon. Country... Maybe it is possible!

As for your name, Chu Yu feels hopeless!

After all, in China in the parallel world, your name is only a few hundred million at the box office!

Although Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin are both famous on the plane of the Dragon Kingdom, they add a huge bonus to your name, and he has sufficient funds. It is impossible to publicize anything like your name is in the parallel world. How to spend money is to try the water to see if you can make money, so the publicity is seriously insufficient!

But Chu Yu also felt that even with so many conditional bonuses of her own, the possibility of making your name and surpassing Spirited Away's 8 billion box office in the Dragon Kingdom is still small!

Unless your name meets a god-level schedule like Li Huanying, which itself is a Spring Festival stall and the masses have huge spending power, but throughout the year, few companies dared to make movies. As a result, in such a hugely outrageous hot schedule, masterpieces Only Detective Tang 3, and Detective Tang 3 has problems with its own reputation..........Otherwise, Li Huanying will be replaced the year before it was released, let alone fighting the Wandering Earth for No. 1 in the box office, can he ever be a bear haunt? It's all problems!

So after thinking about it for so long, Chu Yu was also inspired by the giant ending, and decided to let the giant produce until the end of watching the sea plot. His mentality changed and he was inspired!

Hayao Miyazaki has never produced a work that surpasses Spirited Away in his entire life. Is he anxious here?

The animated film works in the system may not be as good as Spirited Away, but they are also excellent works...........why always consider those things at the box office? These works are very worthy of appearing in this world, and they are shining, and the box office is used to consider their value. In fact, Chu Yu is narrow-minded, and it is too much affected by the world's academic thinking!

After careful consideration, Chu Yu felt relieved.

"By the way, Zhao Qinyin, tell you something!"

"What?" Zhao Qinyin sipped her food and drank milk with a tangled expression. After all, she didn't like milk at all!

"Hasn't Naruto's pre-drama script finished?"


"Next, let's take care of what we said, about the animation movie script!"

"Huh? You finally created it?" Zhao Qinyin and Su Lu looked at him curiously.

"Yeah!" Chu Yu drank lipstick tea.

"What's the name? What type?"

"Preliminary conception, there are three works! The work to be published under your name Zhao Qinyin is "Hearing the Waves" and "Your Name", and the work published in my ontology is "City in the Sky"!"

In fact, let Zhao Qinyin continue to publish in Parallel World fans. In Miyazaki Hayao's works, the Castle in the Sky, which is very close to the evaluation of Spirited Away, is the most suitable!

But in that case, it would be difficult for Chu Yu to create a balance between his own deity and Zhao Qinyin in the animation industry!

So let the city in the sky publish your own deity, and let Zhao Qinyin publish your name and hear the waves!

Although your name has a mediocre performance in China in the parallel world~wuxiaworld.online~, Chu Yu believes that with Zhao Qinyins reputation in this world comparable to super first-line stars, sufficient publicity funds and more sophisticated production, it Definitely, the results of the parallel world are not limited to the hundreds of millions of box office inland.

Moreover, in this world, Japan Island also has sufficient consumer power. At least Chu Yu thinks that the box office performance of Japan Island alone is super parallel to your name in the world, and there is no big problem... After all, the two worlds are compared. Before the release of your name, the reputation gap between Makoto Shinkai and Zhao Qinyin on the worlds Japanese island, the production costs, publicity funds, and the worlds difference, its unreasonable that your name exploded like this in the parallel world Japan Island, and it stretched across the worlds Japanese island. ..........

Comprehensive inland.........Chu Yu feels that even if your reputation is not as good as Spirited Away, it will not lower Zhao Qinyin's evaluation, status and standard in the film industry!

As for the additional production, hearing the sound of waves is Chu Yu's personal hobby!

He likes this work!


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