Re : Child Again. Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Women's intuition.

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" Your teacher? Why would your teacher want to talk to me Leon? Did something happened at your school? " Christina asked confusedly as she continue collecting the utensils and also cleaning the table at the same time.

Leon put his hand under the table and took out the Brick Game device from his storage ring. He switch it on. " I also don't know, mom. Teacher Jennifer just suddenly said that to me. That she wanted me to let you know she wanted to meet you tomorrow in the afternoon. "

Christina paused. She put down the dishes on the side of the table and sat down on the chair in front of Leon. " Is that so? Then can you tell me what you did in school today, Leon? "

" What I do in school today? Sure mom. It's like this... "

Leon then began telling his mother what happened, what he and Carla did this morning. He told her everything, even the things they did during their break time.

Listening to her son, Christina can't help but laughed from time to time. But even after Leon was done telling her what happened today, she still can't find any reason why Leon's teacher would want to talk to her. She also asked Leon if his teacher also did called other students' parents but Leon answered 'no' so Christina thought/believes that it's definitely because of Leon. ' What could it be? ' she thought.

Leon was also thinking deep at this moment. ' Stupid stupid stupid! Who told you to be such a show off? ' he thought to himself.

It's not like Leon wanted to show off. It's just that, he still isn't used to being a 5 years old kid. Most of the time, he still think of him as a 20 years old young man so being able to read, write, counts or even Calculus was normal for him.

But Leon knows that he must tell his mother about the reason why his teacher wanted to talk to her so it won't be awkward tomorrow. But the question is... how?

Leon fell silent for awhile as he also fell into a deep thought like his mother. And after awhile, he looked at his mother and said, " Mom, I think teacher Jennifer wanted to talk to you about how I already know how to write."


Christina's body trembled slightly after hearing that. She lifted her head to look at her son and saw a hint of hesitation on his face.

" I'm sorry Leon, but mom didn't hear you clearly. Can you repeat what you just said? "

" Mn. I think teacher Jennifer wanted to talk to you about how I already know how to write. "


" You... Leon you... you know how to write?! " asked Christina in a very surprised tone.

This is simply too shocking for her because she knew that she never thought Leon how to write yet, so how could he possibly learned how to do it? She looked at Leon and saw him nodded his head indicating that it's all true.

Christina tried her best to calm herself. She took a few deep breaths. " How? How did you learn how to write and when? Why didn't you tell me about this? "

" I... Im sorry for hiding it to you mom. I... I want to surprise you. " said Leon. He knows that the best way to solve this problem now was to lie. Although he's feeling bad for lying to his mother, he still did it. He can't just tell her that he returned to his 5 year old self so he knows how to write, can he?

" Surprise me? Why would you want to surprise me? " asked Christina in a confused tone.

Instead of answering her question, Leon got up and started running towards his room.

" Where are you going Leon? I'm still talking to you. " said Christina. She thought that Leon was trying to ran away from her.

" Wait for me mom, I just need to get something. " Leon replied back before entering the room. In not even a minute, he came out of the room carrying a folded bond paper in his hand as he returned to his seat and handed it to his mother.

" It's.... it's because of this mom. I did my best to learn how to write myself because I wanted to give you this. "

Despite her confusion, Christina still received the folded bond paper. She then unfolded it and saw lots of words written in it. She took another glance at Leon and saw him just looking at her shyly as if he's embarrassed of something. This made her even more confused and also curious at what's possibly written on the paper so she started reading it.

As she do so, tears started to unknowingly flow from her eyes. Not because of sadness or grief but because she was so touched. She stared at the paper and held it carefully as if it was the most precious treasure to her. After awhile, Christina once again turned at Leon and asked, " Did... did you made this for me, Leon? "

" Yes mom. Remember last month? I saw on TV that children are giving their mother something like that and their mother became very happy. I also wanted to do the same but... but I don't know how to write yet at that time. I wanted to asked you to teach me so I ca-. "

" Leon, did you made this letter yourself? " asked Christina interrupting Leon.

Leon became confused why his mother did that but he still answered, " Yes mom. I made that letter myself. "

Hearing his reply, Christina stood up and went beside Leon before hugging him.

" I don't know what's stopping you from telling me the truth so I won't ask you anymore but, please don't lie to me, your mom okay? I hope this will be the last time. " she said while still hugging her son.

Leon became stunned instantly. He didn't expect this scene at all. He never expected her mother to be so sharp to even noticed that he was lying to her because he already succeeded before when he showed her the drawings and also how he learned how to count.

" You... you can tell mom? I... how? "

" Silly boy. Of course I can tell. If I can't even do that, then how can I still call myself as your mother? "

" But mom, I really made that letter. I wrote it myself. "

" I know you wrote it and I believe you. But I also know that you are not telling me the truth about how did you learn to write and when. "


Leon was stunned once again. ' This.. is this the so called women's institution or every mother just know their children that well? ' he thought.

" Mom. I... I'm sorry. " Leon finally said apologetically. This was the only words that he can say at this moment. No matter what, he'll never tell anyone even his mother that he was a returner. Never.

" Shhh. You don't have to apologize, Leon. Just promise me that this would be the last time you'll lie to me okay? If ever there are some things that's hard for you to say, then just tell mom that you can't and mom won't force you to tell it to me. But please don't lie to me okay? Leon? " said Christina as she gently caresses his back.

* sob *

Leon's body trembled. Tears also started to flow from his eyes.

Yes! He's crying at this moment. Leon, a 20 years old soul was crying like a child in his mother's embrace!

" I... I'm sorry mom. * sob *. I.. promise I will never lie to you again. I... I'm sorry but I can't tell you the truth. I'm sorry. " Tears continue flowing from his eyes as he hugged her mother as tight as he can. Leon can only continue to apologize.

" There there. " she comforted her son.

" I told you that you don't have to apologize anymore. Your promise is more than enough so you better not break it in any circumstances okay, Leon? "

" Mn. Okay mom. I'll never lie to you again. Thank you. "

" Good. Besides, I'm happy to know that my son is very smart. *giggles* I'm sure your father will also be very happy when I tell him about this tomorrow. Also, thank you for this letter you gave me, Leon. That's so sweet of you. " said Christina as she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and used it to wiped away the tears on Leon's face.

" Stop crying now, okay? You go and take your bath first before you sleep. I have to wash these dishes first. " said Christina. She also didn't ask anymore question to Leon despite her curiosity because she didn't want to make it more difficult for him.

Leon didn't let go of her mother immediately and just continue hugging her for a few more minutes before nodding his head and finally let go.

Leon immediately turned around and run towards the bathroom as fast as he can.

" Thank you mom! You're the best! " he shouted before closing the door.

" * Giggles * What a cute child. He already knows how to get embarrassed despite his young age. Did he got that from me? No, he definitely got that from his father. "

Christina murmured as she stared at the bathroom's door for awhile before continuing what she's doing earlier.


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