Re : Child Again. Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Invitation.

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The next day, 7:35 am in the morning.

The sun had just started to rise up the sky. The rays of light coming from it gives a gentle and warm feeling to anyone, everyone it reached.

" Good morning teacher Jennifer. "

" Good morning teacher Jennifer. "

" Good morning teacher Jennifer. "


The students greets their teacher as they entered their classroom.

" Good morning too. Just stay inside while we are waiting for your other classmates to arrive. " replied their teacher.

" Okay teacher Jennifer. "

" Good. " Jennifer nodded, very satisfied on how obedient her students are.

" Good morning teacher Jennifer. "

" Good morning t-....Oh, Leon. Good morning. Did you tell your mother about what I told you yesterday? Where is she? " asked Jennifer after seeing that it was Leon who arrived.

" Yes teacher Jennifer. Mom told me that she will meet you in the afternoon. " replied Leon as he walked towards his chair and put down his bag. He then looked at the chair beside him but Carla isn't there yet so he just sat down and sneakily took out the Brick Game from his storage ring.

" Leon. Good morning. "

" Good morning Leon. "

Right after he took his seat, Leon heard someone calling him from behind. He turned around and saw that it was Mark and Marlo walking towards him.

" Good morning too Mark, Marlo. " greeted Leon back.

Jennifer seemed to still has something to tell Leon but stopped herself after seeing the two kids approaching him. She decided that she will just tell it to Leon's mother later in the afternoon.

" What's that in your hand, Leon? Is that... a phone? " Marlo curiously asked after seeing the device on Leon's hand.

Mark was also the same. " No, Marlo. I think that's a Gameboy because it's similar to the one I have in our house. It's just that, this one was longer and slimmer. "

" Gameboy? My father told me that he will buy me one of that if my grades in school are good. But I don't like it. I want to learn magic more. "

Leon can't help but smile at the two kids' convo. And this Marlo seemed to have been really affected by his short magic performance last time. He's still talking about being a magician even now.

" This is not a Gameboy Mark, but an Electronic Brick Game. It's the cheaper version of Gameboy. " replied Leon.

Mark and Marlo nodded their heads indicating that they understand and was about to say something when suddenly...

" Leon! "

A cute and very pleasant voice came from the classroom's entrance. The three of them turned their heads and saw Carla, hurriedly walking towards them.

" Good morning, Leon. " She said after arriving beside Leon. Carla then put down her bag first before looking at the other two boys that was talking to Leon and also greets them. " You too Mark and Marlo, good morning. "

"" Good morning Carla. "" replied the two boys.

" Good morning, Carla. You came quite late today, did something happened? " asked Leon. It's quite unusual for Carla to arrived at school like this when there's less than a few minutes left before the class will start.

" That's right, Leon. Mommy was so-.. "

" Okay students, return your seat now. We will start our class now. " Jennifer announced.

" Teacher Jennifer is here. "

" We will go first Leon, Carla. See you later. "

Mark and Marlo excused themselves as they returned to their seats.

" I will tell it to you later, Leon. "

" Okay. "

Carla and Leon also did the same and the class finally began.

Teacher Jennifer once again discussed about the alphabet and the letters while also playing the ABC song from time to time. She's doing all of these so her students will become familiar with the letters as soon as possible. That way, they can proceed to learning numbers.

In Jennifer's estimate, it will probably take two more weeks for her students to learn how to fully recognize and write all of the letters in the alphabet. Aside from Leon of course.


During their breaktime, Leon and Carla happily ate their food together.

" You mean, there was a man came to your house this morning which made auntie Pauline very angry? "

" That's right, Leon. I don't know what that uncle told my mommy but, mommy really looked very angry and didn't let the uncle enter our house. Maybe because that uncle was a bad guy? " Carla handed some biscuits to Leon and added, " Here Leon. "

Leon received the biscuits and also handed a sandwich to Carla before saying, " You're right. Perhaps that man is really a bad guy, just like the ugly toad that took little Carla away. "

" Mn. Ahh! That's right Leon. You have to tell me what happened next in your story. What happened to little Carla and her mommy Pauline. "

Hearing that, Leon wanted to slap himself for being so talkative. ' Why did I even said that? ' he asked himself.

" I'll tell you that next time, Carla. We don't have enough time right now. "

" Eh? But.... but you promised me, Leon. You.. we even pinky swear. "

" I know. But break time will be over soon so we don't have enough time. Why not tomorrow? There's no class tomorrow right? You can ome to our house. "

" Your house? Your house?! I like that, Leon. But... I have to tell mommy first. "

" Sure. I'll help you talk to aunt Pauline later. For now, let's eat. Is that okay? "

" Alright! Thank you Leon. "

After that, the two of them continue eating their food and soon, the class once again resumed.

Teacher Jennifer asked her students to go in front one by one and sing the ABC song but with their limited time left, only less than half of her students managed to do so before the class ended.


On the wooden bench outside the classroom, Leon and Carla sat down together while playing with the Brick Game Christina had given to him.

" Aah. Game Over again. This game is so hard, Leon. My fingers hurts a little now. " complained Carla after playing the game.

" It's because this was your first time playing this game, Carla. "

" Mn. I know. " she nodded her head cutely. " Leon, do you think mommy will agree to let me go to your house tomorrow? "

" Hmm.. I also don't know. But I think she will because your mommy and my mom seemed to get along quite well too, aren't they? "

" That's right. I hope mommy will agree so I can also see where you lived, Leon. And also, play there and hear the rest of the story. * giggles *. "

The two of them then continued playing with the Brick Game device while waiting for their parents to picked them up.

Time passed by just like that.

In Christina and Pauline's side..

The two of them are now walking towards Leon and Carla's classroom. They'd just finished talking with Leon's teacher.

" What do you think about it, Pauline? Should I let Leon study there next year? " asked Christina, unsure on what to do.

" I don't know, sister Christy. I'm also shocked when I heard what you told me earlier. It's just so shocking. But why didn't you tell them about that? "

" I don't want to pressure my son. I'm sure he has his reason for not telling me how he learned how to write on his own and he seemed to be hiding many more things from me. I can feel it. "

" Hmm? If that's the case, then why did you tell me about it, sister Christy? " asked Pauline curiously. Her words brought a smile on Christina's face.

" Silly girl. It's because I know you cared for my son too. And for my son's sake, I'm willing to asked for anyone's advice to make sure that I'll make the right choice. "

* giggles *

" You really love your son a lot, sister Christy. "

" Of course. He's the only one I have aside from his father that was always away from us most of the time. Besides, it's not like you're any different from me. * giggles *. How is it? Will you give that man another chance, Pauline? "

" Eh? Him? No way! I'd rather spend the rest of my life alone with my daughter than to be with him again. Please don't bring that topic again, sister Christy. "

* giggles *

" Okay fine. I won't say it anymore. We have to hurry because our children might have been hungry already. " said Christina as she reminded Pauline about their children still waiting for them.

" Aah! That's right. The biscuits we left them will not be enough for sure. Let's go sister Christy. "


" See? You're becoming better and better now, Carla. You almost made a score similar to mine. "

" Really? What number did I got, Leon? How should I read this? 1..3...6..5? And yours are 7823 right? "

" That's right, Carla. Your score was One thousand three hundred sixty five and mine was Seven thousand eight hundred twenty three. It's quite near. " explained Leon as he tried to boost this girl's self esteem because her mood was a bit low after the back to back Game Overs she just suffered making her a bit sad.

" Thousand? How many is one thousand Leon? "

" There's Ten one hundred in one thousand, Carla. "

" That many? Then.. then how many thirty are there in one thousand Leon? I only know how to count up to thirty three right now. "

" Let's see... there are approximately thirty three 'thirties' in one thousand. "

" That many?! Wow. Leon, you.. you count fast. How did you do that? " asked Carla while having an amazed expression in her face.

Leon just shrugged his shoulders and said, " Division. You'll learn about it in the future. Or perhaps, I'll just teach you if I have time. "

" Really Leon? I want that. Please teach me division. "

" Sure. But you need to learn how to count up to one hundred first before I teach you that, okay? "

" Okay! No pro-.... Mommy! Auntie! " Carla wasn't able to finish her words when she saw both her mother and her aunt Christina coming towards them.

" We're back. Are you two hungry now? "

" I'm sorry for letting you wait here for a long time kids. "

said both Pauline and Carla before asking, " Let's go home? "

" Wait auntie Pauline. Me and Carla wanted to tell you something. " said Leon after a bit of hesitation.

" Tell me something? What do you want to tell me, Leon? "

" It's... it's like this auntie Pauline. I... I want to invite Carla to come to our house tomorrow. Is that...okay? "

Hearing his words, Christina and Pauline was a bit surprised and looked at each other.

" What do you think, sister Christy? " asked Pauline while looking at Christina beside her.

Christina simply smiled and answered, " Of course there's no problem. You and Carla can come to our house anytime. "

" Hmm... Okay then. But I still need to open the canteen tomorrow so I can't go with Carla. "

" That's fine. I'll take care of them. After all, Carla is also my daughter, right? " Christina smiled at Pauline meaningfully.

Hearing her sister Christy's words, Pauline smiled wryly and said, " Fine. I'll just send Carla to your place tomorrow, sister Christy. Please take care of her for me. "

" Yeheey! Thank you mommy! I love you! " Carla quickly became very happy after hearing her mother agreed to let her go to Leon's house tomorrow. She immediately gave her mother a hug after that.

" * giggles *. So you really like to go huh? Mommy is now jealous. My Carla didn't want to be with her mommy anymore. " Pauline pretended to be sad.

" Eh? That... that's not it mommy. I.. I love mommy so much. I always want to be with mommy. " said Carla in a panic tone.

* giggles *

* giggles *

* giggles *

Leon, Pauline and Christina laughed at her after seeing Carla panicking. After that, the four of them went home.


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