I Took The Player To Build A Territory In Another World Chapter 399

Chapter 393: Robber

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After Altman and Da Zhuang had eaten and drank enough, Da Zhuang went to the tent to practice and rest early, while Altman went to inquire about the latest treasure news.

"Today another adventurer team entered a giant's tomb and never came out again. Later I learned that they were all dead and returned to Anle City!"

"What? Didn't even escape? Do you know what they encountered?"

"I just heard the news that they were killed by the grave guard inside! Each of the grave guards has the strength of Tier 4, the grave they entered is not big, there is only one grave guard inside, but they are still I couldn't prevent it and went back to death."

"Grave guard soldier? Tier 4 strength? Small tomb? Are there different sizes of tombs here? The number of tomb guard soldiers is different?"

"What do you think? The seven floors here are small cemeteries for the tombs of ordinary giants, two tiers of medium cemeteries for elder giants, one floor for chiefs or sacrificial cemeteries! Small cemeteries generally only have one to three tomb-guard soldiers; medium cemeteries have three to ten A grave guard; there are dozens of grave guards in a large graveyard!"

"This is the information that everyone has gathered in the past two days? It's amazing!"

"Yes, wow, because the deaths and injuries were too serious on the first day, everyone announced the news and studied and analyzed together, only to get the specific situation here, and only found that the tomb here does not have Tier 4 strength and cannot be explored. Small and medium-sized ones below Tier 4 The adventure team can barely explore!"

"Brother, do you see the strength of our ten-person squad, what kind of cemetery can you explore? Do you have any specific information about the cemetery, and help us?" The adventurer said as he handed the opponent a few low-level cemeteries. Yuanshi.

"Brother, you're really polite!" He said, quickly put away the Yuan Shi, and then whispered a few words with the other party.

The two quietly completed the PY transaction, they went their separate ways, and they did not find Ultraman who had been eavesdropping on one side.

After listening to the conversation between these two low-level players, Altman continued to wander around in secret, hearing useful things, staying to hide and eavesdrop until the night was quiet, and most of the players had rested before returning to the camp to rest.


The next day, there was a ray of morning light on the horizon.

Altman and Da Zhuang have already arranged their belongings, finished their breakfast, and are ready to start today's exploration operation.

The two walked silently, and when most of the adventurers hadn't acted, they had already moved towards the goal.

Altman has already selected a medium-sized tomb for exploration from the information collected, so the two of them have embarked on an adventure early in order to avoid the crowds.

A huge hill-like cave is arched from the ground, with an entrance on each side of the hill.

They entered from the front entrance and proceeded along the rock passage. According to the color of the passage sign, Ultraman kept going inward without distracting the view from other forks, and went down to the basement floor.

The channel is six meters high and four meters wide. It diverges horizontally and vertically to form a huge three-dimensional space of small squares. If there is no sign of the road left by the players in front of them, they may have lost their way long ago.

"The tomb-guard soldiers here are all stone puppets. I don't know if it is a mechanism, a product of elemental primal skills, or elemental life, but they are all very powerful."

Altman explained to Da Zhuang the situation of the tomb-guard soldiers here, and asked the other party to hide at that time, and then come out after he has cleaned up.

The three floors above the ground are small cemeteries, the two underground floors are medium cemeteries, and the bottom floor is a large cemetery. The place they went was the basement floor.

"These tomb guard warriors have super high physical defense and physical attack skills. Only the defense and agility are low, so they can only wander and kill. You are a second-order fighter who cannot break the opponent's defense. The speed is not as good as the opponent's defense, and the opponent is touched. It's GG right away, so you must hide."

Altman couldn't help stepping on a few words of great strength...

Da Zhuang knew about the bad temperament of his comrades for a long time, and nodded without responding. He thought in his heart that waiting for him to come up, he would discuss with each other friendly and let them know why the flowers are so popular! ! !

Really a tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by a dog!

Ultraman definitely made Da Zhuang understand the cruelty of reality!

After walking for half an hour, they finally turned their way and walked straight to one side until they stopped at a closed stone door at the top.

"Da Zhuang, you are responsible for opening the door according to the agency. There are no traps here. If you are low in strength, just hide outside. I call you to come in again."

Altman exhorted in an uneasy way. As for the Mai Tai who Shunzui, he has become a recent habit, don't care.

Dashi walked to the side of the door silently. There was a protruding slab on the wall.

He pressed it down with both hands, crunching, crunching, the door retracted from the upper and lower sides, the door was completely opened, Ultraman threw the backpack on the ground, took the weapon, and carefully entered the cemetery.

The medium-sized cemetery is divided into two front and rear rooms. The first one directly houses a statue of the dead, a stone tablet, and more than half of the tomb-protecting soldiers; the second is a sarcophagus, funerary objects and the remaining tomb-protecting soldiers.

Altman saw five tomb-guard soldiers in the first room. As soon as he entered, the three-meter-high stone sculptures came to life.

There are animal type, four-armed human type, animal head human type, human head animal body, and so on. Different types of grave guard warriors, holding their respective weapons, rushed to attack him!

According to the original plan, Ultraman went around the circle of the hall, grabbing a target and slashing hard!

He is still fortunate in his heart that the tomb guard here is indeed a Tier 4 low-level soldier, no one with a higher cultivation base, he can handle it without embarrassing in front of Da Zhuang!

He can issue ten attacks per second. If it weren't for running around in circles, the stone puppet he targeted would have been destroyed long ago.

The head and chest of the stone puppet are critical, and if they are crushed, they cannot be resurrected for a short time!

Yes, these stone puppets can be resurrected continuously, as long as they are on the ground, they can regroup again.

But the vitals are destroyed, and it takes a day for them to regroup and recover.

Even though Altman took a bit of effort, under the siege of these stupid, very slow stone puppets, he still managed to solve the battle in ten minutes.

He looked back at the door and found that the stone gate had actually been closed, which was beyond his expectation.

He quickly contacted Da Zhuang and saw the door open again.

"The door closes automatically after three minutes. I have to press it again to open it. It seems I can't get inside."

Da Zhuang took the lead to explain the situation. He was planning to go inside to take a look. Now if he goes in, the two of them will be completely sealed inside.

And this door is made of fourth-order stone, twenty centimeters thick, and they can't get through from the inside!

"That's all right, after I have cleaned all the stone puppets inside, I'll change positions with you, and then you can come in and take a look."

Altman was also not polite, just asked Da Zhuang to pay attention to guarding against other players. He regained his vitality cross-legged and continued to walk towards the inner room.

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