I Took The Player To Build A Territory In Another World Chapter 401

Chapter 395: Reward

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Altman picked up the kettle and took a sip of cold water and replied thoughtfully. He was also thinking about where to get some information. It shouldn't be spent too much, otherwise it's not worth it. However, after three days, there shouldn't be any qualified information.

The big tomb room was all stared at by the powerful medium-sized adventure group, and they should have little chance.

"That's okay. Let's fish as much as we can today, and we will withdraw if there is no suitable burial chamber tomorrow! As for the large burial chamber, it has nothing to do with us, so don't worry about it."

Da Zhuang handed the prepared meal to the dog, and the two of them gathered around the Yuanhuo to eat warmly.

Altman knew that this was Da Zhuang reminding him that he hoped that he would not be too greedy and have a sense of measure. And Altman thinks he can mix well now, just because of a bit of numbers, what can be missed, what can't be missed!

He is very self-aware, plus Da Zhuang's reminder, so he has no other ideas about the final tomb, and he doesn't even have the mood to watch the excitement.

The temperature here at the giant ruins is lower than before, and it is almost zero degrees. It is not a comfortable environment. If there weren't any signs of the tomb, who would come here to suffer if nothing happened!

"Okay, let's go back tomorrow morning."

"Okay, then after we have eaten, we will clean up and continue exploring the cemetery. We will work early and finish early. It is getting dark and fast and cold. Let's come back early to rest in the evening."

"When you say that, I don't even have the mood to be here at night. Why don't we go back overnight? Anyway, the beasts on the road are often cleaned up, so there is no danger?"

"It's cold and dark at night, don't have to hurry up."

Da Zhuang shook his head in disapproval, saying that both of them hadn't lost the work they had on hand, and all the items were put away quickly and neatly.

The two quickly finished the trivial matters, and hurried to the tomb area, went down to the medium-sized tomb on the second underground floor, and conquered the last unopened tomb that was collected.

The two of them spent the afternoon in various tombs, constantly fighting monsters and picking up treasures.

There are burial chambers that have been opened up to the surrounding area, and none of them have not been opened.

The two of them were in this dense cemetery like a chessboard, and they didn't know which one was unopened before they followed the flow of people out of the cemetery.

The sky was dark, the cold wind was blowing, and there was a sense of loneliness.

But the entrance area of the tomb on the hill, like the magma area, was roasted and hot.

"Recycling of burial goods, the best price, the safest and most secure ** business group is buying the treasures!"

"Sell pill, equipment, and repair equipment at a low price~"

"Recycled materials, all kinds of materials are recycled at a high price~"

Once Da Zhuang came out, he was a little confused by the unusual market-like environment!

"Don't stand, go quickly!"

However, Altman looked naturally dragged, leaving the crowd and walking towards the rest area. He also noticed that the two of them didn't have any contact with each other, reluctantly to lose something.

"Guzi, why do so many businessmen suddenly appear?"

"Normal, the world is booming, all for profit, the world is hustling, all for profit!"

"But this is a big tomb, and they are all in business in less than half a day?"

"What a tomb, what a long time! For the players, this is just a resource place! And it has been almost three days. They only do business here on the third day, which is already considered slow."

Altman let the big Zhuang don't make a fuss, base fuck, don't be 6!

As long as it is profitable, merchants will come in for profit. In Ultraman, the situation is more normal.

It was strong enough to understand, but it was a bit unacceptable for a while.

When he walked back to the rest area, he suddenly paused, "Dogzi, I have almost taken my medicine. Would you like to add something?"

Altman directly dragged Da Zhuang and continued walking, "Don't come here to buy, and you will add it after you go back."

"Huh? I'm afraid that something will happen on the road. Shouldn't I just return for free? Come here to add, it's safer on the road."

"The goods here are about three stories more expensive than the city. It is a normal price increase. Who will sell the goods all the way without making a difference? So if you come here to buy, you will need to spend more money. I will take care of it on the way. Yours, it's okay, don't buy pill for now."

"Yes! Forget it, then the low-level materials and rags in our bags are not dealt with? It is both important and important."

After the two of them, there were not only some treasures in their backpacks, but also a lot of broken equipment, weapons and low-level materials. Da Zhuang felt that it was a hindrance, and wanted to handle it cleanly, so he went back lightly.

"No, if the two of us deal with those things, we will be known that we have gained. We will definitely be targeted. Although it is unlikely to be robbed directly here, it is certain to be remembered by the thief! So we For the sake of safety, it is better to work harder and deal with them together after returning."

Da Zhuang heard so many risks and arguments, of course he would obey Gouzi's arrangement.

They spent one night in the safe rest area, and returned to the Olympic Village with many players the next day. There were many people on the road without any problems, and they came to the village safely.

They returned to Anle City directly through the teleportation array, and did not stay in the village.

After he returned to the city, Altman breathed a sigh of relief, took Da Zhuang to the port, found a shop he knew well, and dealt with all the spoils he didn't need this time.

"Hahaha, we went back and forth for three days, and we made so much! If luck comes, it is really unstoppable!"

Altman said triumphantly. In addition to keeping two treasures, the other trophies sold for ten red dollars; the strong one sold one red dollars; the two could say a small amount of money.

The two treasures Altman retained are: Tier 4 gloves and Tier 4 heart guards.

These two pieces are very practical equipment with good attributes, which can be processed by the refiner before he can use it.

Da Zhuang also retained three treasures, namely: Tier 4 mineral materials, Tier 4 wood, Tier 4 gems.

He didn't get the equipment that could be used, only some Tier 4 materials that he could use in the future, he didn't sell it, and he kept everything he might use later.

However, the red dollar earned from just selling the spoils is also a big profit for him, a low-level cultivator.

In the short term, his training funds are not too short.

But when he saw Ultraman's proud and arrogant energy, he couldn't help but want to take a blow.

"I heard that on the day we left the giant ruins, the *** adventure team conquered a large tomb. They harvested several Tier 5 treasures from it?"

Altman instantly felt that his luck was average, and none of their goods received an item of Tier 4 or above!

"Why don't you say that many of them died back!? They may not make more money than us inside and out!"

"Oh? Really? How did I hear that there is a large-space storage equipment in their Tier 5 treasures? Very precious!"

"Hmph, that's because I didn't want to give them ideas, otherwise, with my advanced stealing skills and stealth skills, I would definitely steal all the treasures in advance! That is to say, I was authentic, I didn't do that!"

When Da Zhuang heard this, he couldn't say anything further. He knew that his comrades did not sneak in to steal chickens because they took care of themselves.

Even if he goes in and steals the chicken, he may not be able to live like those thieves, but he still has the love.

Forget it, he won't irritate each other anymore!

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