I Come From The Game World Chapter 1297

Vol 3 Chapter 1297: Cooperation

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"Although the Ten Thousand Monster Array is extremely powerful, the relationship between monsters and beasts is not the same. After all, monsters come from various spirits. There may be connections between them, but their life habits are not the same, so there will be contradictions. No race lives in it. All you need to do is to instigate a part of it, and destroy the others." The old man heard that Shen Dong was about to go in. Although he was helpless, he had to help them. After all, for him to come in. It is said that these people can still live if they die, but for him, they can't. This is also the reason why the strong people live here for too long.

After all, the old man is not a local person, and may be able to survive after death, but the loss is too great.

This is why the old man did not reject the other party's words.

"Thank you senior," Shen Dong said directly.

"Don't thank me, I also think about this girl, this time, I can help you, only these, other, I need to look at you, and I also felt that most of the monsters in it alone are fighting. But yours, but they are attacking in groups, maybe you are no opponents. If you want to win, the only way to do this is to calculate. Only in this way can you have a ray of life.

And there are two absolutely powerful existences inside. These two demon ancestors, one is the Hydra. He is a separate existence, but seems to control the existence of a large number of snake tribes. Therefore, it is best not to provoke the snake tribe. Even if you provoke, don't reveal your information and identity.

The other clan is a separate guy named Dragon Turtle Beast. The blood of this Dragon Turtle Beast comes from some ancient dragon clan. So, he is powerful, but he is a demon cultivator, so these are just his appearance. He really Strong because he is a strong monk. And the stones you need are in the hands of these two guys. Both of them belong to the existence beyond this area. Therefore, it is still very difficult for you to defeat them. The place is dangerous. It is best to calculate it. Don't head-on. Say everything here and do it for yourself. "The other party said directly, turned and left.

Only a few people from Shen Dong remained, looking at the giant in front of them, and preparing to start searching.

They also understand that the dangers encountered today are not simple.

In an instant, they began to prepare.

The sky gradually began to exude a feeling of howling, and this sound made the four people frowned.

Obviously, this sound is too weird.

In the next second, Shen Dong discovered that several huge eagles appeared in the sky. The eagles had some strange hair on their bodies, and they looked even more piercing and energetic.

And the most important thing is that these guys are all four or five meters tall, and they are not small in the sky. At least there is no problem in being able to let people sit on and fly.

And once the powerful wings are unfolded, they are at least eight meters in length.

It can be said that it makes people look very shocked.

"What is this?"

"The Eagle Clan seems to have these ancient bloodlines, so they are so huge, they seem to have discovered us." Lian'er said directly, and the words were full of worry.

"Leave it to me." Before Shen Dong spoke, Number Zero said directly. In an instant, he directly stepped forward, then instantly activated the jetpack, flew directly, and in an instant, he came to the eagle's side. For a second, Zeros hand was like a mark. For an instant, an ancient text with an extinction character, for an instant, there was a direct impact on all the existence in front of him.

In the next second, countless eagles stopped their movements completely as if their lives were lost, and started to fall from high above like a falling flame.

And when they fell, the speed was very fast, especially their bodies, they actually began to decay, and in a blink of an eye, when they fell on the ground, they had already turned into light ashes, leaving only one person with number zero, and the eyes filled with them. dull.

"Is this the destructive power?" Shen Dong asked curiously.

"This should be the destruction technique realized by Sister Zero. Obviously, this is from the Dao Ze in the Gouyu, and the power of the **** of destruction. It's gone, and the main thing is to absorb the elements from the monster race. .

Those elements may not be of much use to other creatures, but for us, they are essential to enhance power. "Lian'er explained directly, and the words were full of plainness.

This also made Shen Dong suddenly realize that it seemed that the things he was looking for these days were of no small use to them.

"It's good to be useful to you, but Lian'er, what power have you awakened." Shen Dong said directly, turning his words, and said curiously.

"I don't know, because I don't have a physical body, I only feel that my soul is solidified, but I don't feel the others. It seems that I need to restore my physical body to fully understand it." Lian'er said helplessly.

Her body is completely wiped out in ashes, no longer exists, even her soul, it is also the zero gathering desperately, this kind of power also depends on the power of the two gouyu jade and the help of the chaotic monument to be able to be resurrected. In this case alone, after all, Lian'er was already dead.

So, replying now is a miracle.

"Then we have to speed up." Shen Dong said directly, at this time zero has also returned, looking around, a little dissatisfied came over.

"what happened!"

"The energy of these guys is too low, not as powerful as the guys I first encountered. This makes me a little puzzled. After all, the monsters in this ten thousand monster formation are the same as those outside, how can they be so low."

"Sister Zero, this is the reason for the hierarchical division. The guys outside are because they have found their own place, washed their hands with the energy in that area, and accumulated it over time.

But here, the monsters are rampant, and if they want to gather so much energy, only the top and powerful monsters can gather.

Perhaps the energy of the Hydra, or the energy of the dragon turtle, as the predecessor said, can be satisfied. Lian'er said directly, her words full of explanations.

"That's it, I said how energy is not enough. Then what should we do next." Zero said with a little frustration, thinking that this formation force could gain more power, but now it is the bamboo basket that makes her fight for nothing. A little frustrated.

"Go to the wolf clan, there seems to be our help among the wolf clan." Shen Dong said directly, ready to speak.

"You want to help the wolf clan." Zero said curiously, his words full of doubts.

After all, in his cognition, the wolf clan was born cunning.

"It just happens to have this thing that can increase the strength of the wolf clan. At the beginning I met a Kui wood wolf, and their brother and sister were hunted down, and then the brother left and the sister stayed.

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