I Can Absorb Spiritual Contamination Chapter 227

Vol 2 Chapter 208: Grumpy Old Man Online

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The two guards pushed the door open, and Xie Yao walked in half a step behind the captain.

It was the first time that he met his immediate top boss, the director of the Western District Public Security Management Office, and the nominal top administrator of the entire Xicheng, Fei Zhi.

"The four heavenly kings in the southeast, northwest and northwest?" Xie Yao joked in his heart, and then as soon as he entered the door, he saw the huge Mediterranean Sea shining with lights, which was extremely dazzling, and the sense of existence was even stronger than his fat body itself.

Fortunately, he was extremely determined, did not show the slightest weird expression, and always maintained a three-point respect and seven-point serious smile.

"Director, he is Xie Yao, this is his information." Tang Wenbo took the initiative to step up, put a copy of the information on his desk, and then walked beside him with a serious black face, his hands dropped at the same time, his actions were meticulous.

Pity can be seen from the sky, if Xie Yao didn't know that the captain was already dark, he would definitely think that he had offended him somewhere and would be secretly wearing small shoes.

Fei Zhi was wearing a black police uniform, with medals showing his identity and status pasted on his shoulders. He had almost no eyebrows, but his eyes were piercing, as if he could see through everything at a glance.

Xie Yao didn't hesitate, and made a polite salute: "The third group of the West District Public Security Bureau specially dispatched Xie Yao, come here to report!"

A short sentence is enough to express the basic position and identity.

Tang Wenbo's eyes were very satisfied.

Yes, very energetic!

Fei Zhi was more kind, and said in a gentle manner: "Don't be nervous, relax, just like your own home, do you know why you are called?"

Xie Yao calmly said: "I know, in recognition of my contribution to public security."

Fei Zhi caressed his palms and smiled: "I admire people who are not pretentious. You are very good! You have successfully cultivated Yuanli for ten years. You have a good talent. And I heard that you are still a potion teacher of the three highs, which is even more important. It's the icing on the cake, great!"

Xie Yao said modestly: "The director is too acclaimed."

"It's not an exaggeration. In our federal public security management system, we need a motivated and hardworking young man like you!

"Come on, this is your second-class merit medal! Work hard in the future, Lord City Lord will not treat you badly!"

Fei Zhi said, walked out, patted Xie Yao's shoulder, and put on his left shoulder a medal the size of a well-made fingernail, which was obviously inlaid with gold.


Xie Yao looked up at him, and for a moment he didn't know how to answer the conversation.

Thanks to the adults for cultivation, the younger ones must be loyal and serve the adults? This is not in line with this era.

So, in the final analysis, why do we have to make such villainous remarks?

A guy like this kind of greed and vain attempt to use the state machine for his own use, can he really make an upright guy like the captain willing to do things for him?

Xie Yao was full of doubts.

At this moment, he saw the muscles on the chubby man's face trembling, and blinked at him playfully, "Why, don't you think that my rhetoric is too utilitarian, and it makes you feel a little unacceptable, as if it violates you." Is it the original wish to save the people? Ha ha, Xiao Tang has told me that you are an excellent young man with a true heart of justice."

Xie Yao:...

Damn it!

Are you serious?

When this kind of girl does cute and **** actions, putting it on this fat guy is a mental attack!

Because of the golden egg, Xie Yao, who has always been extremely resistant to mental pollution, felt for the first time that someone had defeated himself on a spiritual level.

It's terrible!

Fei Zhi waved his hand, made two cups of tea for Xie Yao and Tang Wenbo, and said, "Sit, sit all, you dont have to be cautious with me. Thank you, I understand your concerns, but they are not more worrying. The policy set by the city lord himself, since you are willing to take the initiative, you don't mind if you want to come forward. As long as you stick to your heart and uphold justice, you can get more resources, which is a matter of benefit and no harm.

Xie Yao respectfully accepted the tea, did not drink it, and mused and said, "What the director said is reasonable."

Fei Zhi smiled and shook his head: "I know you are not convinced."

Xie Yao smiled dryly: "..."

Nonsense, I really think you are right!

Fei Zhizila patted Xie Yao's shoulders, and whispered in a low voice: "Although our city lord is a bit more radical, he is a person who does practical things after all. It is also a good thing for the people of the city, isn't it."

Xie Yao suddenly realized: "Although he is subjectively selfish, but objectively he did something unselfish?"

The room was quiet for a moment.

Tang Wenbo's hands trembled while drinking tea, his eyes solidified, and a huge wave of horror was set off in his heart, and his mood couldn't calm down for a while.

However, Fei Zhi's eyes were stunned, and he laughed and said, "Well, well, you deserve to be a literati, and you speak beautifully!"

Xie Yao showed a kind smile.

That's right, a scholar who can lift three thousand catties with one hand is talking about it!

Well, this Fei Zhi dare to say this kind of influence on his official career. It seems that he completely treats Tang Wenbo as a super confidant. Aiwu and Wu are also exceptionally supportive to me who is valued by the captain, hehe...

Xie Yao was sipping tea, his mind turned quickly, calculating the situation.

The fat guy and the captain seem to have a relationship between superiors and subordinates, but in fact, he is almost the same as the big brother. Now the captain is a real qi hidden master, at the same level as him, and he can be a real brother...

Haha, it seems that with such two big bosses covering my future, my future is relatively stable, and the West District Public Security Bureau is indeed more suitable for my development.

In addition, there is also the relationship between the principal, a C-rank pinnacle potion warlock, who can't give him a lot of points for this face?

Xie Yao figured out the reason, and looking at Fei Zhi's very close and unreasonable attitude, he was completely able to accept it, and he was not afraid that he would turn his face and put on his little shoes afterwards.

We also have a backstage!

The three chatted freely for a while, Fei Zhi cared about the living conditions of the investigator Xie Yao and expressed condolences to his family members;

Investigator Xie Yao expressed his gratitude to his boss for his concern. Everything in his home is intact and he must work well for the police station and the federal government and pledge his allegiance to death.

The two sides negotiated happily and the working relationship was advancing by leaps and bounds. Tang Wenbo, who was a wooden man by the side, looked at this warm scene and nodded repeatedly.

Finally, after expressing his determination again, Xie Yao retired with the approving eyes of the director and the company of the captain.

Close the door, Xie Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

Tang Wenbo gave a rare smile: "Why, I feel very pressured because of the high expectations given by the superiors?"

Xie Yao shook his head: "It's not counted, I just think that something is really right."

"What?" Tang Wenbo was curious.

"It's gold that always shines. A good person can't hide it anyway, oh~ distress~" Xie Yao said in a frustrated mood.


Good guy, get cheap and sell well!

Xie Yao suddenly said: "Of course, I know very well that if I am not an in-service teacher of the three highs, without Zhang Qiren's relationship, and not having the strength to condense the mood, then even if I have merit in protecting the people in Guangxia Street, West District, I am afraid I will not May get such a reward, don't you think, Captain?"

"Well, its understandable that your background and strength influence others judgments of you. Even if its me, its impossible to have too much right to speak before the anger. But its actually more fair. Otherwise, if everyone is treated the same, then Who still has the motivation to make progress?" Tang Wenbo reassured, remembering something, and added: "With the second-class merit medal, you can enter and exit the level 2 weapon storage. You can go to get some equipment when you have time. Of course, each The monthly ration is limited."

Xie Yao's eyes suddenly lit up: "Thank you, Captain!"

"Don't thank me, this is just a system." Tang Wenbo said.

"makes sense."

Xie Yao took two steps, and suddenly remembered something: "Isnt I talking about it? Its so easy. Is the picket team's ability too weak? I was so pretentious. The plants are all soldiers, too nervous?"

Regarding the placement of a person in the picket team as a dark child, only Tang Wenbo, Li Qisheng, and Cheng Lin know about it, but only Xie Yao himself who really knows who this dark child is, and who was already angry and easy to see through at the time The captain of Jian Biluo's identity.

Therefore, Xie Yao only mentioned it in front of the captain.

Tang Wenbo shook his head: "It's not too much. At present, the City Defense Department has frequent frictions with the City Lord's Mansion, and you don't want to see Fei Zhi he is very relaxed now, but in fact... I remember telling you, C-level personnel , The treatment is different, do you know how it is different?"

Xie Yao said: "I don't guess."

"..." Tang Wenbo, who was more difficult to talk about, was choked for a while, without care, pointing to the door: "He didn't dare to go out of this door."

"?" Xie Yao was surprised, "So serious? What will happen when it comes out?"

Tang Wenbo said: "Dead!"

"Oh, it seems that the road ahead is not so bright." Xie Yao sighed, "The boss is so unbelievable, but because of being interviewed, he can't even control his life? Is there any C-level boss? Dignity."

Tang Wenbo hesitated and sighed, "It's a bit pitiful."

As soon as the voice fell, the door suddenly turned into a fan!

Fei Zhi, a wide, fat fat man who can be so fat and not greasy and disgusting, appeared in front of him instantly, angrily: "I'm not deaf!"

Xie Yao and Tang Wenbo didn't speak at the same time. The former suddenly pointed to the ground and said, "Director, you are qualified."

"so what?"

Fei Zhi glared and scolded to the sky: "Wen, is it possible that you really want to kill me!"

As soon as the voice fell, a thunder light hovered directly outside the window.

Even in the morning when the sun is violent, this thunder light is still very dazzling, making people almost unable to open their eyes, as if it was even more intense than the sun.

Xie Yao hid directly behind the captain, squinted his eyes, and realized that with his current eyesight, he couldn't see through the existence of the other party at all. He could only see a pure lightning man who seemed to be composed entirely of thunder and lightning.

"A C-rank Thunder Beast Warlock? No, it should be the Daughter of the Storm! C-rank potion, the Daughter of the Storm!"

Damn, it's so dazzling.

Xie Yao was very excited and could watch a C-level battle up close.

Fei Zhi and Lei Guangren looked at each other for a while.

The Lei Guangren made a cold voice without emotion: "Fei Zhi, the three-day period has not arrived, you have crossed the boundary."

Fei Zhidan pointed her at her: "So what? Go out and ask, who is Lao Tzu afraid of in the entire Yuanzhou region?"

The Leiguang woman was silent.

The next moment, her figure disappeared, and only her voice echoed in the air: "Within three moves, either I will kill you or you will kill me."

Then Xie Yao found that his eyes were darkened.

The sun is gone.

Before my own eyes, a dark cloud that could not see the edge shrouded here, covering the sky and the sun, thunderclouds rolling, and torrential rain raging.

Tang Wenbo's body was straight, his robe was hunting, and his whole body was tight, as if he was facing an enemy.

Xie Yao understood.


This is the domain of this C-rank warlock!

This is not really covering the entire sky, but because it is shrouded in the realm and cannot see the outside world.

It is not the first time that Xie Yao has been shrouded in a realm. Lu Jia knows the semi-finished realm, the principal's realm like a dreamy empty flower, and the realm that Liu Zhi has descended from the underworld.

The storm in front of me is almost the same as the principal and Liu Zhi. This woman is nine out of ten, and she is also a C-level pinnacle!

"Stay back." Tang Wenbo said coldly, his aura spread, pushing away the storm within one foot of his body.

Xie Yao is as obedient as a little chicken.

This kind of power can only be resisted by turning on the King Kong magical power. Based on the 3 seconds provided by Xu Qing, the aspiration that I have accumulated now, at best, can resist for 30 seconds and it will be finished.

Don't dare to make jokes about your own life.

Director, you have such a grumpy temper, you can be really strong...

Xie Yao hoped to look over.

Fei Zhi's fat body was not shaken in the storm. He didn't even move a trace of his clothes, and sneered: "That's it?"

Fuck, this fat guy is so handsome!

Although he has small eyes and pale eyebrows, and his looks can be called an unjust case, this does not prevent him from being handsome.

"Among the four directors, Fei Zhi, the director of the Western District, is a pure martial artist. The other three are warlocks. At first glance, it is truly extraordinary. Facing the C-level field, he has not changed his face! No! , He can even mock!"

Xie Yao couldn't help giving a thumbs up, in awe.

Amazing! Old fee!

As a martial artist, you are not afraid of the power of a warlock, and you should be the same as a man!


The wind and thunder suddenly appeared, gathered at a singularity, and then scattered on the earth.

Zizi! Zizi!

Xie Yao found that all the lines started to emit sparks, and it seemed that he couldn't bear the high pressure.

Countless electrical appliances began to melt, the glass turned into tiny particles, and the ground became viscous. It seems that under high pressure, the substance itself disintegrated, changing the microscopic structure.

In the field of warlocks, UU reading www.uukanshu.com does not seem to be a direct attack, but acting on the environment and on this space, so that the internal form is not stable!

For a little warlock whose potion ability can resist D grade, but the rating is still at E grade, it is a bit super-class, the principle is incomprehensible, but it is shocking enough.

"It's not brute force, it's not violence, it's the principle! This is the warlock C-level combat method..." Xie Yao's eyes gleamed.

If it weren't for Tang Wenbo's protection, Xie Yao had no doubt that his flesh and blood would begin to disintegrate under this kind of high pressure, and of course he ruled out the use of diamond magic power to resist.

It is estimated to be dead if used.

It's only thirty seconds, which is not enough to watch.

Clamp him to death with a pinch of his legs!

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