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  • Part Time As God Of The Heavens

  • Genres : Sci-Fi -  World Travel -  Male Protagonist -  handsome male lead -  Overpowered Protagonist -  Multiple Realms -  Magic -  Movies -  System -  Charismatic Protagonist -  Strong to stronger -  fanfiction -  Fan-Fiction -  Gate to Another World -  Harem-seeking Protagonist -  Protagonist Strong from the Start -  Lack of Common Sense
  • Status : Ongoing
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Part Time As God Of The Heavens summary:

“As a car mechanic, I drive very well, is there any problem? Don’t you?”-“Fast and Furious”“As an IRS employee, I check your CIA’s tax evasion and tax evasion problem, and then catch two rapes by the way. Isn’t this my job? Brother Tom?”-“Mission Impossible”“As a courier, it’s normal for me to run faster, right? Flash?”-“The Flash”“As a gym coach, I have more strength. Is there something wrong with it? Clark?”-“Superman”“As a staff maker, I know some little magic. Isn’t it a professional need? Dumbledore?”-“Harry Potter”“As a driver, isn’t it right that I can drive Mark’s armor? Tony?”-“Iron Man”- Description from MTL

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Part Time As God Of The Heavens Chapters

Time uploaded
: cuckoo5 months ago
: Say 18 months ago
: Cuckoo8 months ago
: Say 18 months ago
: Coo8 months ago
: Say 18 months ago
: Gu... Gu?8 months ago
: Ask for leave8 months ago
: Take a leave8 months ago
Chapter 102: Isuone year ago
Chapter 53: Fateone year ago
Chapter 38:one year ago
Chapter 26: Ethanone year ago
Chapter 5: Madmanone year ago
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