Im The King Chapter 1527

: One Thousand Five Hundred And Nineteen: One Under Heaven

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In the sixth year of the founding of the Han Dynasty, the imperial emperor led hundreds of thousands of troops to invade Qin in three ways. In less than three months, he captured the capital of Qin Xianyang, and Qin Emperor Lu Chao committed suicide. The chaos has been for hundreds of years. The seven kingdoms contend for the heaviest, counting from the day Gaoyuan raised his troops, after eighteen years, the Great Han Empire created by Gaoyuan flattened the seven countries and unified the world.

In the summer of the sixth year of the Han Dynasty, Gao Yuan led his troops to return to the capital Jicheng, that is, he returned his military power, retreated to the harem, and no longer involved in political affairs and military affairs. The Han Empire formed a state of separation of powers in which the Chief Minister of the Political Affairs Hall was in power, the Great Council was the highest authority, the army was subordinate to the Great Council, and the judiciary was completely independent. The emperor has completely become a symbol of the empire, and will only appear in the public on important festivals and sacrifices.

The Han empire, which calmed the world, began a long and arduous construction of internal affairs. It was easy to conquer the world, but difficult to build the world. It was difficult for the people to live a better life. An unprecedentedly huge empire with a rapidly increasing population after the war. The different levels of economic development have caused confusion among the ministers in the political affairs hall.

The Great Council is still clamoring, fighting, and arguing, seemingly chaotic, but the empire is still moving forward steadily. Although the emperor is lofty and does not care about political affairs, the governors of the political affairs hall often encounter difficulties. When the matter was resolved, he went to the palace and begged the emperor to solve the problem. Only at this time would Gao Yuan appear in the big council to mediate the contradictions of all parties and balance the interests of all parties. Gao Yuan's unparalleled influence in the Han Empire can make all difficult to reconcile contradictions finally resolved into intangibles, and it can also make the unshakable enemies shake hands.

The Han State prefecture, which got rich first, paired up with the poor and backward remote areas to help each other, especially for the former Qin territory, which was the hardest hit, and the central government also strengthened its support, which enabled the rapid economic development of these places. The common people have basically solved the problem of hungry in a short period of time, with the development of time. The insurgents headed by the lurking Gou Yi in the Qin State were finally exhausted and embarrassed on all sides. Desperate to surrender to the government, Gou Yi was arrested to Jicheng, where he was tried by the Supreme Court and sentenced to 20 years in prison. On the day of the trial, in addition to Gouyi's old opponents, there was also a special person who was going to ask Tanghe to bring him to Han. Now his nephew has become an official of the garrison of Dahan Jicheng, in the trial court. My uncle and nephew hugged each other and cried. The nephew's fortune also made Gou Yi ashamed. When he walked out of the court, he knelt towards the Dahan Palace and knocked his head three times.

In the eighth year of the Great Han Dynasty, the whole country unified the currency system, and the last area of the former Qin Kingdom where gold and silver were used for communication also formally abolished direct gold and silver transactions.

In the ninth year of the Great Han Dynasty, the script was unified across the country, and the fonts uniformly issued by the Han Dynasty Propaganda Department became the nationally accepted scripts, and other scripts were abolished.

Dahan was led by Gao Yuan for ten years. The political affairs hall, headed by the Great Council, was formally passed the first constitution of the Han Dynasty that had been in existence for ten years. Issued to the world. In the constitution, the constitutional monarchy of the Han Empire was established. The emperor is the symbol of the empire, the political affairs hall is the country's highest governing body, the grand assembly is the country's highest legislative body, and the *Yuan is the country's highest judicial body.

In the tenth year of the Great Han Dynasty, the Great Han Empire started the first general election after the constitution was promulgated. After the reunification, the fifty-six counties re-delimited the administrative divisions according to the level of economic development and population size. Six hundred and sixty-eight congressmen were elected.

In the eleventh year of the Great Han Dynasty, the term of the second Chief Minister Yan Shenghao expired. Yan Shenghao announced that he would run for the next Chief Minister because of his age. Yan Shenghao, the second minister in power, retired contentedly with the reputation of dominating the world, and announced his retirement the next day. Pile of pleasure went straight to the shore of Dayan Lake. The election of the chief minister of the Han Dynasty only needs to be jointly nominated by ten congressmen. But this time, only Wu Qi, Fang Shu and Tian Yuanyuan announced their candidacy. The three parties fought fiercely. In the end, the first one was defeated. The incoming Tian Yuanyuan turned to Wu Qi, making Wu Qi the veteran minister in charge defeated Fang Shu and became the chief minister in charge. Fang Shu retreated and became the Speaker of the Great Council.

Wu Qi, an ambitious man, made great achievements during his first tenure and focused on domestic people's livelihood. He did an excellent job in developing the domestic economy. The domestic economy developed rapidly and the national living standards were rapidly improved. At the end of the first term, Wu Qi defeated Fang Shu again by absolute advantage and was elected. But in his second term, he encountered a great setback.

The domestic economy has reached a bottleneck. Domestic currency has surged, and a large amount of goods produced have nowhere to be sold. Wu Qi, who focuses on domestic development, has ignored overseas expansion, and the continuous reduction of military expenses on the grounds of non-war has also caused the two branches of the armed forces. In the eighteenth year of the Han Dynasty, Wu Qi was voted in a no-confidence motion initiated by the Great Council. More than two-thirds of the Great Council approved Wu Qi's resignation, but Wu Qi resigned.

Fang Shu took over halfway, but the stall handed over to him was not so easy to solve. This year, Fang Shu was less than forty years old. It was just when he was young and vigorous. After taking over as Chief Minister, he immediately passed the Overseas Colonization Act. The two major fleets of the Han Dynasty, which had been idle for nearly ten years, once again attacked across the sea. At the end of the eighteenth, Li Quan led his troops to set foot on the African continent again. In the nineteenth year, Yang Qingyi led another fleet to discover the United States. The Han army set foot on these two continents and found another sales market for the domestic goods of the Han Dynasty. Countless merchant ships once again formed a mighty ship. The team is heading for distant overseas.

In the midst of the disturbances in this film, the emperor of the Great Han Kingdom is Gao Yuan, but has been immersed in the Dahan Royal Academy of Sciences that he personally created, leading a group of madmen, studying the great invention that the emperor claims will change the world. .

Regarding the emperors defiance, Zhengshitang welcomed the emperors incomparable welcome, because as the founding emperor Gao Yuan, although it does not ask political affairs, the Constitution also established that the emperor had no right to intervene in political affairs. To regain all power, keep those big parliamentarians even dare not to put a fart. The generals of the army would applaud and welcome them happily. In the years when Wu Qi was in power, it was a common occurrence for generals in the army to cry outside the palace. Of course, the end result was not that the emperor came out to meet them, but the fierce Yang Dasha holding a stick. , Come out and beat these guys to the bottom.

The emperor's attitude is obvious. But no one can guarantee that the emperor will always be like this. There is one thing that allows the emperor to concentrate on it, which is naturally the best, so for the funding of the Royal Academy of Sciences. Zhengshitang has always been very generous, as long as you speak. Appropriate immediately and never delay until the next day. Even if the big bosses who need the political affairs hall are frugal and take less wages, they have nothing to say.

What is Gao Yuan doing?

He led a group of people studying the steam engine.

From farming civilization to industrial society, this thing is an absolute weapon.

In the twenty-fifth year of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, the experimental site of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

The roar of the rumble machine resounded throughout the Academy of Sciences, and inside the enclosed factory building, a huge machine was roaring. And he has been working uninterrupted for a day and a night, and the great emperor of the Han Empire, His Majesty Gao Yuan, also watched for a day and a night in the building of the Academy of Sciences, occasionally taking a nap, and when he woke up, he immediately cared whether the machine was still there. roar.

"Your Majesty, we succeeded." A mechanic in charge of this research burst into tears, kneeling and crying in front of Gao Yuan for ten years. They spent ten years together, since the emperor Gao Yuan put forward this idea, ten years. The Academy of Sciences has been working tirelessly on this research. Out of their fanatical trust in the emperor, they have never raised any doubts about this project. After ten years and spent countless amounts of money, today, he finally succeeded in continuous operation without appearing. Any questions.

Over the past ten years, he has been more fanatical and lofty than these technicians, but at this time he is surprisingly calm.

He walked to the window of the building and held the window lattice with his hand. Looking at the billowing smoke from the chimney of the enclosed factory building not far away, he whispered softly: "A great era has begun."

Yes it is. A great era, the invention of the steam engine. It will not only bring about a revolution in the relations of production, but will also bring about a huge change in social relations.

Dahan has been in power for 30 years, and Gao Yuan has been in power for 30 years. In the past 30 years, Dahan has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially after the invention of the steamer machine. In just five years, Dahan's drastic changes have exceeded the previous hundreds of years. Machine tools appeared in the factory, and machines were replacing labor. The roar brought huge productivity. A large number of workers began to lose their jobs. In order to transform domestic contradictions, Dahan accelerated the pace of expansion outside Han Dynasty. This year, Li Quan led his fleet. , Set foot on the land of Europa. Equipped with the latest rifles produced by machines, the soldiers of the Han army captured the city-states without much effort.

However, Emperor Gao Yuan did not know why he suggested that Zhengshitang should not include these overseas colonies under the official rule of Han. However, Zhengshitang rejected the emperor Gao Yuans suggestion. Fang Shu quoted Emperor Gao Yuans previous words to let the sun Wherever it is raised, the Yellow Dragon Banner of Han is planted.

The political affairs hall, which did not listen to the emperors advice, soon suffered a great deal. The Han army that drove straight into Europe suffered a terrible failure in Europa. The modern army also became more dependent on logistics. The consequences of going deep into the land were being killed After cutting off the back road and cutting off logistics, thousands of soldiers fought for Europa.

When the news came, there was a nationwide uproar, and Fang Shu, the Chief Minister of the Political Affairs Hall, took the blame and resigned. After the return of Admiral Li Quan, he also went to the wild.

After the new chief executive minister came to power, the navy once again organized a larger fleet, led by another member of Admiral Yang Qingyi, and embarked on the journey again. This time, Yang Qingyis flagship was replaced by the first production of Dahan. A warship powered by a steam engine, but this time, the new minister in power accepted the emperor's suggestion. On Yang Qing's wave of the ship, in addition to guns, there were diplomatic personnel carrying agreements.

In the year that Europa was defeated, Emperor Gao Yuan was 60 years old. He announced his retirement and his son Gao Zhiyuan took over as the emperor.

The Emperor Gao Yuan of the Han Dynasty has been creating pioneering works that no one can imagine in his life. He retired at the age of 60 and made another pioneer. The consequence of this is that the Great Council has formally decided that 60 is the legal age for retirement.

In the second year of Gao Yuans retirement, Xinqin, bordering the Han Empire, could no longer withstand the silent invasion from neighboring countries. With the invention of the train, the railroad tracks from Dahan were paved to the capital of Xinqin, Xinqin. Finally bowed his head, Wang Jian, who was in his twilight years, dragged his wounded body, rode the train straight to Jicheng, and reached an agreement with Gao Zhiyuan, the second emperor of the Han Dynasty, to ensure the status of the new Qin king and ensure the maximum degree of internal affairs of the new Qin Dynasty. Under the condition of independence, Xinqin will defend national defense. Diplomacy and other powers are handed over to the Han Empire, and Xinqin will become the federal state of the Han Empire.

The two countries are united into one, and the whole world rejoices. Especially the New Qin, this country since the beginning of its founding. He brought a thick shadow of the Great Kingdom of Han. Although Wang Jian had tried his best to remove this shadow during his decades of ruling career, he had little effect. Finally, after he found that he was unable to reverse the trend, he raised it. With both hands surrendered, this also made the people of Xinqin extremely excited, because the two countries merged into one. It also means that they will become citizens of the Han Empire, and they will also enjoy the rights of citizens of the Han Empire. Although it will take a long time for them to fight for it, since the first step has been taken, the second step will be Is it too far?

In the winter of the fiftieth year of the Great Han, the white snow covered the entire Jicheng with a silver suit. The capital, which should have been noisy, fell silent on this day for no other reason. Dahan Daily and Jicheng Evening News, which were published in the early morning, coincidentally published a blockbuster news on the front page.

The founder of the Han Dynasty, the first emperor Gao Yuan is critically ill. This year, Gao Yuan was eighty years old.

Lying in the thick bedding, Gao Yuan opened some dim eyes and looked at his sons, daughters and grandchildren who were kneeling in front of him, but his faces were filled with contented smiles. His partner and lovers are here. In the past few years, he has left him one by one.

"I'm leaving, I'm going to find your mother!" Gao Yuan said with a smile. Ye Jinger and He Lanyan passed in front of him. The figures of Ning Xin and three of them are smiling. The figure was floating in the air, beckoning to him.

Under the bed, there were waves of sobbing.

Outside the bedroom, what anxiously awaits are the ruling and military leaders of the Great Han Empire State Council. The new generation is replaced by the old. The current high-level people of the Han Empire are no longer the old people who followed Gaoyuan to fight the world. These years, Gaoyuan The old ministries have basically left, and even the strongest Yang Dasha died of illness last year.

Except for the current emperor Gao Zhiyuan, the other children and grandchildren kowtoed towards Gaoyuan one by one and left the bedroom, while the ruling and military leaders of the Zhengshitang were called in.

"Your Majesty!" Everyone knelt down.

Gao Yuan raised his first finger: "First, the government of the Han Empire will never change."

"Chen complies with the order!" the chief executive officer said loudly.

"Second, the army will never be allowed to do politics."

"Chen Zunzhi!"

The two military heads of the land and water kowtow to lead the orders.

"Third!" Gao Yuan lowered his hand and looked at them with a smile: "I am Gao Yuan, I was not a person in this world, but I created a great career in this world. After my death, my body was cremated and half of it was left. Here, with my dead wife, half of them boarded a warship to go to the sea and tossed in the wind. I hope that the sky will be alive and can take me back to the original world and see my hometown in the last life."

The people in the room were all petrified. They really didn't understand what Gao Yuan was saying, but Gao Yuan's order was clear. The body was cremated, half was buried with the three wives, half went to the sea, and died with the wind.

There was heavy snow in the sky, and countless people began to gather in the direction of the palace. There were more and more people, and they had to start to diverge. Before the palace, before the parliament building, all the places that could be filled with people were full of people. Everyone was watching. The same place, the royal palace of the Han Empire. Although it is not the highest authority of the Han Empire, the most respected people of the Han Empire live there.

The heavy snow plunged the palace into a haze. They could not see the outline of the palace, but they still watched hard. When the first bell rang, everyone's spirits suddenly became tense. The bell kept ringing, and some people knelt down. Then, more and more people knelt down on the ground. After the bell was struck, all the people knelt down facing the palace where they could almost hear the bell.

The founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, lofty and humorous.

With the electric wave spreading to every corner of Dahan, every newspaper was sold out in the shortest possible time. The newspaper not only carried the news of Emperor Gao's departure from the world, but also carried the last of Gao Yuan. Last words, except for the last one, slightly modified. No matter whether Gao Zhiyuan or the ministers were still ministers, they couldnt understand the meaning of Gao Yuans last clause. They could only modify the last clause to read that the emperor wanted his ashes to fly away with the wind and fall to every corner of the big man, protecting him forever. The tranquility of the big man.

The whole big man fell into grief, even in those places that were conquered by the big man, although the unification war killed thousands of people, the living people enjoyed the happiness that Gaoyuan brought them for generations.

Ten days later, with the sound of the train whistle, the train escorting half of the ashes from Gaoyuan headed towards Cangzhou. There were no hundreds of people kneeling beside the road on both sides of the railroad tracks~wuxiaworld.online~, and the incense cases continued.

Dozens of the latest naval steam engine warships of the Han Navy have ushered in the ashes of the lofty.

After half a day of sailing, the gloomy weather suddenly became cloudless with the unexpected breeze, and a round of scorching sun leaped high into the sky.

Gao Zhiyuan stood at the bow of the tall ship, stretched out his trembling hands, took his father's bones, and lifted it high. The wind passed by, and the ashes died with the wind.

Cannons on dozens of warships fired salutes at the same time.

In the sky, there are clouds coming from the horizon with the wind, flying to the top of the warship. The clouds are constantly changing, and they slowly form a large group of human figures in the air. The voices and smiles seem to be as high as the sky, and the clouds move with the wind. , Seems to be waving goodbye to everyone. Such a strange sight stunned all those who went out to sea. After a moment of stagnation, the long live sound of the mountains and the tsunami resounded on the sea, and everyone knelt on the deck.

The wisps of breeze came, and the cloud phases gradually dissipated, and the sky was still blue.

I'm home! (To be continued.)

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