Apocalyptic God And Demon Record Chapter 5762

Chapter 2971: Freddy's Request three Shifts

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"Those fallen angels in the Holy See treasury?"

Speaking of the fallen angels, Freddy's expression changed significantly, and even frowned: "What are you asking about those guys? They are not easy to provoke."

"I have something to do with one of the fallen angels. I suspect that he moved some hands and feet on me, so I need to know their information. It is best to go to the Vatican treasury to see them again."

Huang Chang didn't conceal his purpose, and said straightforwardly: "I think only you can help us do this. As for the price for you to help... You can bring it up, and I will try to do it."

Although relying on the power of the world tree fragments and space gems in his hand, Huang Shang can also forcibly break into the Vatican and enter the treasure house, but doing so will cause too much movement and will bring him great danger, so unless forced to do so , Otherwise he would never risk it.

What's more, since the last time he was conspired by Asgards Rainbow Bridge and was transferred to R Ben, he has become more jealous of the World Tree and Rainbow Bridge, and he is unwilling to easily entrust his life here. Above a piece of debris.

"Tsk tusk tusk, you actually have a relationship with those guys, it seems that your luck is not very good."

Hearing Huang Shangs words, Freddy was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed strangely: "Those guys are the greatest secret of the Holy See. No one knows their origins, and no one knows how strong they are. The only thing they know is that even if The Pope, and even Jehovah, cannot command and control these fallen angels."

"They can't even destroy these fallen angels!"

"The treasure house of the Holy See is not so much a treasure house, as it is a huge cage. They use all the holy objects in the treasure house, and even the power of the entire Vatican, to imprison the fallen angels... but the ridiculous thing is that no one I dont know if these so-called imprisonment are useful, whether the fallen angels are really trapped and unable to leave, or if they never thought of leaving..."

Having said this, Freddy paused, and then continued: "If you really have a way to deal with those fallen angels, maybe the Holy See will award you a medal, hahahaha."

"Even the Holy See can't destroy and control?"

Hearing Freddy's words, Huang Chang's pupils shrank slightly.

He knew that the fallen angels were very strong, but he didn't expect them to be so strong that even the entire Holy See could not do anything about it.

If Freddy's words are true, even if he can enter the vatican treasury, he may not be able to gain those fallen angels.

But if you dont solve the secret of the black stabbing sword, and dont figure out why the fallen angel hid the stabbing sword in his body, or even saved him repeatedly, this matter will always be nailed to him like a nail. In my heart, he couldn't be at peace.

So he still decided to give it a try, even if it was just to communicate with these fallen angels, there might be other gains.

As for whether the fallen angels will be disadvantageous to him, Huang Chang is not worried. After all, judging from the power and magic displayed by the black stinging sword, if the fallen angel really wants him to harm him, then he is afraid. Can't resist.

At least for now, that fallen angel should not be able to attack him.

Thinking of this, Huang Chang took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "If I want you to take me into the Holy See treasury to meet those fallen angels, what price will I pay?"

"You really want to go? Tsk tsk tsk, how nice it is to leave such a delicious soul to me, why can't you think about it so much?"

Seeing Huang Chang insisting on seeing the fallen angels, Freddy shook his head with a weird smile, and then a brilliant light flashed in his eyes, saying: "The treasure house of the Holy See is not accessible to everyone, even if it is I want to take you in is also a very dangerous thing. If you really want me to take you there, then you can do something for me..."

Having said this, Freddy grinned, his eyes gleaming with greed, excitement and cruelty: "That is to help me catch the sleep **** of Olympus [Supnos], and then let me bit by bit. Eat him, hehe, although his taste is not as delicious as yours, it is still a good meal."

"Sleep, Supnos?!"

Upon hearing Freddy's request, Huang Chang frowned.

Before, he had dealt with the sleeping **** Shupunos in the **** spring and learned about the strength of the Olympus god. But he didn't understand that even if Freddy's strength didn't require him to make a move, Shupunos might not be his opponent. If so, why did he make this request?

Thinking of this, Huang Chang also directly asked this question: "Although Supnos is strong, he may not be your opponent? Why don't you deal with him personally?"

"I think too, but since the last time I took advantage of him to escape from the **** spring and attacked him once, he has been hiding in the underworld of Olympus. I am not Hades's opponent. ."

Freddy shrugged his shoulders and said, "And this guy is the **** of sleep and controls the power of sleep. Many of my abilities are almost useless to him. As long as he doesn't want to, even I can't pull it to mine. In a dream, so it depends on you."

As a nightmare, Freddy has long coveted the sleep **** Shupunos, who masters the laws of sleep. After all, as long as he can swallow Shupunos, his ability to control dreams will become more powerful, even He can become a unique and supreme overlord in the dream world. Even if he is as strong as Hades or even Zeus, he can't be helpless in the dream world.

It's just as he said, in his current state, there is no way to get Shupnos in the Olympus Netherworld, so he can only hope in Huang Shang.

"This thing...I can't do it."

But after listening to Freddy's words, Huang Chang shook his head when he heard the words, and said, "I can't go to Olympus to die!"

He is now the Dao Men Dao Zi, one of Olympuss number one enemy, not to mention the treasures of life and death on his body. Once he goes to Olympus, or even enters Hadess underworld, wait What's behind him is the siege of the gods, which is almost the same as dying.

"In that case, wait until when you have taken Shupnos, come find me again."

"But... you better hurry up."

"As far as I know, the fallen angel statues in the Holy See treasury have become more and more active and restless recently, hahahahaha."

Seeing Huang Chang's rejection of his request, Freddy didn't force it, but smiled weirdly. Then the laughter became louder and louder, and his figure disappeared into the black mist.

After all, he still didn't have the confidence to win Huang Shang, so he didn't make a move at all and left. But just like what he said, unless Huang Shang helped him win Supnos, he would never risk taking Huang Shang into the vatican treasury.

"This bastard..."

Seeing Freddy leaving, Huang Chang's eyes sank, but he did not pursue or stop Freddy from leaving.

After all, this is the dream world and Freddys home court. Even if he has the protection of the word mantra and the power of Yi Mengjing to fight against Freddy, it is only able to protect himself. If Freddy is single-minded If he wanted to leave, he was afraid it would be difficult to keep it.

Only in this way, his three purposes for coming to Country M will almost all be defeated.

It seems that the next thing to do is to try and see if he can cooperate with Satan, and then find Constantine's mysterious house, force this guy out, and then take back luck from him.

At least it's not a trip in vain.

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