My Super Black Technology Empire Chapter 698

Chapter 676:

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At the same time, in Western Europe, monsters have begun to launch large-scale attacks against the newly rebuilt country. Monsters emerged from the strait and dealt a devastating blow to their cities.

Foreign masters on the verge of life and death, watching this live broadcast of Datang Technology through a broken screen, turned out to be the first time that they regretted that they were not born in China.

No matter how strong their military strength is and how strong the quality of their soldiers is, they are tantamount to being a man-armed vehicle in the face of alien monsters that suddenly launch a large-scale attack on humans.

In the distance, their town army was still resisting stubbornly, but they were retreating steadily.

Although the damage of the thermal weapon is sufficient, the opponent is too flexible, and at the same time, the attack methods are endless. Even the regular army is tired of coping.

The monsters created by the Tabby Stars, in this piece of land that is not protected by Datang Technology, can be described as a slaughter.

Kuiguo, one of the old powers in the past, was once the largest overseas colony owner, and at the same time a country in the forefront of the modern developed countries, it was caught in a bitter battle.

Countless people ran away frantically, and after a short run, they were killed by the surging humanoid creatures. They did not know where they were dragged, and there were no bones left.

This is a purgatory, a slaughter of humans.

"Da da da da!"

A chariot slowly traversed the crowded road. In front of the chariot were countless people who were escaping for their lives. The barrel of the chariot was red, but the monsters chasing at the rear continued unabated.

"Report, this is the Tyrannosaurus squad! We were attacked on Neil Avenue, request support, request support!"

The correspondent of the chariot yelled into the microphone, but there was no response from the other party.

Under this sudden large-scale attack, the communication system has already been paralyzed, and it is unknown whether the command headquarters still exists.

Under such circumstances, it can only be an extravagant hope that someone can respond.

"Fak! These **** guys are getting more and more!"

The replenishment comrades who were covering around the chariot, the rifles in their hands kept pouring out of flames, shouting curses.

They have run out of bullets. Because the monster suddenly launched an attack, they have no time to make any response. The ability to maintain a complete system and resist painlessly is the best they can do. Up.

This is not a world of novels or movies. With a boom, countless soldiers can be organized, all with sufficient ammunition and supplies, to fight the enemy vigorously in a full state.

This is reality.

Their infantry vehicles were not even filled with fuel, and their artillery shells were only a few bases. If they couldn't wait for reinforcements, they would die in this place.

The people in front are the people who are fleeing, and they are the last line of defense on the people's back. If they fall, the people in front will become fat sheep to be slaughtered.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The barrel of the chariot was pouring out of flames, and a large number of shells poured toward the humanoid creatures.

Those humanoid creatures have no effective resistance to human thermal weapons. A single bullet can easily tear them apart and kill them.

However, the problem is that there are simply too many of them, and they will move flexibly along the street walls.

One hundred humanoid creatures, they can deal with it with ease.

But one thousand, ten thousand, densely packed humanoid creatures like ants, crawling around the houses around the street like spiders, will jump down and take people's lives at any time.

Faced with such a situation, their mobile infantry squad could not do anything at all.


An extremely agile humanoid creature jumped from the house, and at the same time the spike in his hand pierced a soldier's chest with precision.

The soldiers could only angrily take the fellow who had taken the life of their comrades-in-arms, poured their anger with their rifles, and then waited quietly for death.

There is no second way to choose.


In the crowd ahead, a huge tentacle suddenly burst from the ground, and at the same time countless spikes erupted from the tentacle.

Like a rainstorm composed of long spears, both the reinforced concrete and the steel plate of the infantry vehicle were pierced.


This sudden emergence of tentacles, and the numerous sharp spikes that erupted, took at least the lives of more than 300 people who had fled.

The infantry chariot protecting the people in the rear did not expect this to happen. Seven sharp spikes directly pierced the infantry chariot itself, which is not too thick armor.

"Bang! Bang..."

The gun barrel that had been pouring flaming tongues in the turret stopped, and the infantry squad of the "infantry coordination" was the last one left, and the legs were firmly nailed to the ground by spikes and could not move.

The teammates who were still fighting side by side with them just now were all nailed to the ground by those spikes. There were several comrades who kept firing, but they were caught by a few long spikes. Passed through the body, firmly nailed to the ground, maintaining the same appearance as before.

The one surviving one can only look desperately at the approaching humanoid creatures. They dont have hands. Their hands are replaced by sharp spikes. Dont look at this thing as if it doesnt hurt. It can easily hit. Wear the steel plate of the chariot.

If you fall into the hands of the other party, there is no possibility of survival at all.

"Sheet...you ugly aliens."

"Boom! Boom!"

The surviving soldier rang all the grenades and died with the enemy.

"Bang! Bang!"

In the chariot, the commander who was pierced by a spike in his arm took out a pistol with his other hand and ended his life.

At this point, these people have all been reduced to lambs to be slaughtered.

A figure suddenly appeared from the tentacles exploded on the ground just now, and at the same time jumped down from high in the sky.

This is obviously not a human being, but the combat life created by the Tabby Stars based on the advantages of other races, and the life created by the Tabby Stars is constantly becoming stronger.


The man was wearing a black sweater and his black hat covered his entire face. With his bare hands, he hit the ground with a punch from high in the air.

Jumping from a height of more than ten meters, his body did not show any obvious damage, and it seemed that he could withstand the damage of falling from a high altitude.


Shocking noises rang from the ground.

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