Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1-4

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1 Part 4

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From the lush grass on the side of Guyang Road, a thin figure figure could be seen.

This person is Xia Liang.

Knowing the plot of the story, she naturally knows the specific location where Bai Yao is suffering from an ambush.

Therefore, after leaving home, the horse was whipped to go faster and she arrived earlier than Bai Yaos escorts.

After arriving there, Xia Liang checked all the perimeters around her and remembered it firmly in her mind. After careful analysis, she chose to crouch down.

Here, there is still a distance from the exact location where Bai Yao was ambushed, but it is the only way for Bai Yao to escape.

Xia Liang originally wanted to choose a more distant location, but when she thought of Xia Ran, she gave up.

Because she did not know where Xia Ran died specifically.

Since she made up her mind to save him, Xia Liang did not want to make any mistakes.

After determining the location, Xia Liang took out some things from her own package, and arranged some traps and organs in the surrounding places.

After doing all this, she was lying on the grass, quietly groaning, motionless, and in her temper, she was more patient than anyone.

She was a born hunter.

It has started.

Xia Liang felt the screaming sound from the front, because the distance was far, the original screaming sound, when passed to Xia Liangs ear, was only weak and audible.

Even at this time, she still did not move because she was waiting.

Waiting for a good time.

Because according to the plot, the time the ambush, Bai Yao first took people out of the encirclement, but in the back, suffered a more fierce interception.

This is because someone betrayed Bai Yao, someone was tipped off and Bai Yao's whereabouts were leaked, so this time there were many people who came to ambush him and they were very capable.

Because, they made up their minds: at all costs, they must kill Bai Yao.

If not, with the ability of Bai Yao, how could he be caught in such a desperate situation, not only were the accompanying escorts killed, but some had serious injuries, only to escape.

More and more clear hoofs came from the front, accompanied by the sounds of panting and constantly drew closer to Xia Liangs position.

General, the enemy behind will soon catch up. Please leave first! I will lead the rest of the people to stall them.

Bai Yao's Lieutenant, Sun Qian, anxiously shouted.

Bai Yao looked at his lieutenant with a glance, without words, but turned the horses head, and the long spear in his hand. He was actively fighting the enemy behind him.

In his world, whenever he is in a desperate situation, he will never abandon his soldiers and escape alone.

Therefore, at this moment, he chooses to turn around and attack, and active attack is the best defense.

General, the other side has a lot of people! We cant beat them! You are the god of the West China, the pillar of the West China. If you are killed, then the consequences Sun Qians roar became even heavier. Asking the general to leave.

Asking the general to leave!

All the remaining guards shouted in unison.

There is endless admiration and fanaticism, they are willing to die for Bai Yao, only hope that their general will survive.

This general will not escape! Bai Yao said sharply, All people, listen to orders, kill me!

In a low voice, with a strong solemnity, iron and blood, the fierceness of killing, it aroused the blood of the human heart.

Hey! Xia Ran heard this order, roaring, his tired body regained strength, he held a sabre in his hand, mercilessly inserting it into the enemys ranks.

With the determination to die, with the sorrow that he can never see his sister again, Xia Ran doesnt care, and doesnt defend, and puts the sabre in his hand into the horses leg!

The horse gave a miserable cry, its two legs were broken, and they fell to the ground. The enemy on the horse fell down and was killed by others.

However, at this time, Xia Ran also encountered a life and death crisis, because before he did not defend, directly leaving an opening, let the other enemy seize the opportunity, suddenly picked up the Sabre, rushing maniacally to stab his back!

Its finished! Im going to die! Xia Ran thought in his heart. It seems to be a word. I promised my sister. After I went back, I would take her to eat beancurd

However, the expected pain did not come!


A clear sound, the enemys sabre was hit by a spear.

Xia Ran suddenly opened his eyes and saw Bai Yao's long spear swept over his back and stabbed the enemy in front of him!

Thank you, general!

Xia Ran's eyes were red and excited,
Oh my God! It was just the general who saved him.

Bai Yao did not pay attention to the excitement of Xia Ran, just gave a side glance and continued killing the enemy, left Xia Ran with a resolute and handsome face.

Xia Ran grinned, his already exhausted body, immediately filled with strength, he raised his own sabre, crazily joining the queue to kill the enemy.

However, there were so many enemies, even if they were the fiercest warriors , there is also a white light with a high internal strength.

However, after all, the ants are more likely to bite the dead, and when the deep internal force is also exhausted, no amount of strength is available.

After a few moments of fighting, there were only a team of more than a dozen people, and five or six people dead.

Bai Yao took back the long spear and looked at it and had exhausted it.

Basically, there was no defensive guard, his eyes flashed, a bit of thought, and instantly changed the plan.

Everyone, retreat with all strength! Enter the Thousand Hills, spread and escape!

Bai Yao does this, so that the people of the current escort can have a chance for survival.

General! We cannot separate! After Sun Qiang understood the intention of Bai Yao, he shouted.

Obey orders! In a low voice, with unparalleled majesty.

The power of the order made Lieutenant Sun Qiang powerless to refute, but to obey.

However, Bai Yao still underestimated the extent of the madness of these murderers. They just ran a short distance, and the people behind them followed.

At this time, they have entered the field of Xia Liang.

Xia Liang looked at Xia Ran who was still alive and she was relieved.

However, she did not show up immediately, but pulled a few strings around her, her eyes bright, and she stared at the enemies behind her.

At this point, the enemy raised the sword and encouraged the morale of their people.

They have no strength! You must kill Bai Yao!

After he finished, he himself had rushed to the front, but when his horse had just rushed forward, the ground that had been so good had suddenly collapsed!

The man was violently flung out by the crooked horse and uttered a scream.

A few people rushed to the front of Xia Ran, and when they heard this, they all turned back and looked at the pits on the ground.

Is God helping them? !


Guys, am sick

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