Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1-5

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1 Part 5

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Not to mention that Xia Ran and the others saw it, the enemies in the Pit were even more dumbfounded!

How did the originally strong ground suddenly collapse? !

And it's good that dead peoples horses were trapped in the pit!

Why wasnt there anything when Bai Yao and the others passed? !

Could it be that there is still a third batch of people ambushing them or is it to save Bai Yao!

Thinking of this, the atmosphere of shouting and killing suddenly stopped!

There was a hint of suspicion in the air!

The enemys troops and horses, all the hairs on their whole body stood up, looked at them with a look of vigilance, and their eyes filled with a trace of fear!

And Xia Ran and others, thinking of the possibility, but also actively looking around, eyes filled with hope in their gods, that is the instinct for survival!

However, after watching and watching, in addition to the normal wind and grass, the sound of horses snorting and kicking, everything was normal!

After a moment of silence, the man who was thrown to the ground angrily hissed.

Its just a coincidence! What are you doing?! Hurry and kill him, kill Bai Yao!

Yes! His troop shouted.

They once again climbed a horse, held a sabre, and shouted, fiercely rushing towards Bai Yao and the others!


Because there was no discovery of the reinforcement, Xia Ran and other guards were a little desperate, but they would not be stupid waiting for the enemy to kill them. When the other party started rushing towards them, several people spurred the horses and protected Bai Yao, desperately moving forward!

However, when they were a hundred meters away, they listened

Bang! Explosion!

The violent noise caused the horses front hooves to rise, their uneasy neighs, almost made Xia Ran leave them!


Then, the ground trembled fiercely, giving a sense of landslide!


The screams of horror and the cries of the horses sounded from behind!

Waiting for Bai Yao and the others to calm down their horses, stop moving and look back

Seeing the scene behind, he has always been calm and steady. In the face of this assassination, Bai Yao, who has never showed emotions on his face, also raised an eyebrow and was faintly surprised!

He saw a huge pit suddenly on the road in front of him. Its size was two feet wide. As for the depth, it could be seen.

And as for the enemy behind, half of them fell into the pit, and the remaining half, the more fortunate, because the distance was far away, were saved!

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