Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Spectate

Because of the Flickering World, countless organizations were gathering in the Shattered Star Ring. This star field was currently the liveliest place in the universe, attracting the attention of every corner of the known universe.

Tolaens battle was not kept secret, and the intelligence of this battle spread rapidly along the all-encompassing quantum network channel. In just a few hours, the entire Shattered Star Ring exploded in commotion!

The birth of every Beyond Grade A was a big event in the universe. After Black Star, the Shattered Star Ring had finally ushered in its sixth Beyond Grade A!

The news came too abruptly, and none of the organizations were prepared. Everyone started to urgently collect information about Hilas past in order to understand the new Beyond Grade A.

Before this, due to the long period she spent in cultivation, she had few records in the universe and did not receive much attention. Her most representative identity was that of the Captain of Black Star Guards, and even then, she had disappeared from her post for twenty years. Now, she had quietly stepped into the Beyond Grade A realm and returned, showcasing her strength to the entire universe and leaving a convincing record!

Tolaen, who joined the Arcane Church a few years prior, was no weakling. He had taken the initiative to earn fame but ended up as a stepping stone for the other partys rise.

To beat another Beyond Grade A newcomer meant that her immediate combat capabilities were considerable for her level, and while her promotion speed did not match up to Han Xiaos, it was still much higher compared to the average time taken to promote to the Beyond Grade A realm. This meant that she had high potential, and her achievements would not stop there.

The location of Shattered Star Ring had always been remote, and it was the bottom level in terms of Beyond Grade A standard in the major star fields. This situation had improved somewhat with the birth of Black Star, and the promotion of Hila to Beyond Grade A had improved its status once more.

However, compared to the birth of a newcomer Beyond Grade A, the major organizations were more concerned about her identity.

Her identity and statuses were both unordinary!

Intelligence reports stated that not only was she a member of the Black Star Army, she was also the disciple of Ames. She was related to two big shots and was even born on Planet Aquamarine, the same place as Black Star!

Upon seeing her birthplace, everyone was stunned.

Planet Aquamarine

Decades ago, this was still a backwater surface civilization, and it suddenly gave rise to two Beyond Grade A supers just like that!

What sort of mysteries did this planet contain, to be able to produce so many outstanding people!

This is no dogsh*t luck!

Even if they were to count all those in history, these two would probably be the only pair of Beyond Grade As that belonged to the same hometown!

Her unique status and identity were the reason all the organizations were shocked. Everyones primary concern was how this birth of a new Beyond Grade A would affect the current situation.

Given that Hilas identity as an officer of the Black Star Army, the other organizations were all aware that the Black Star Army would undergo a new round of personnel shuffling and might even split, with Hila choosing to go independent. What would Black Star do?

With this mentality, everyone was watching where this situation would lead.

On Planet Heber

"What, that Hila has stepped into the Beyond Grade A realm"

The Chief Vanguard Official Fosters jerked his head back as he dumbly looked at Jorde, who was reporting the news.

"Thats right. It was just yesterday when she defeated Tolaen of the Arcane Church. The news source has confirmed this."

Jorde smiled bitterly.

It happened too quickly, so when the news was delivered to him, Jorde got a shock as well, leaving him speechless for quite a while.

"How could this be?" Fosters muttered to himself irresolutely, his expression a mask of incredulity.

Several decades ago, the two of them had represented their respective factions in a duel but were called to a stop before they could determine a winner. He had always treated Hila as his opponent but did not expect that the person he had once again identified as an opponent would throw him far behind.

The first was Black Star, and then it was Hila. Fosters could no longer hold in his depression and began to wonder Could it be that the Black Star Army had a secret method to raise Beyond Grade As

The threshold for him to step into the Beyond Grade A realm was still far away, yet his opponents had all already crossed it. This sort of feeling was not good at all, and Fosters only felt a sense of powerlessness.

At the same time, with the Tyrants palace hall, Heber was discussing the same topic with Sorokins consciousness.

"An important officer of the Black Star Army has risen to the Beyond Grade A realm, and the greatest possibility is that they will now have an additional ally. This will cause Black Stars power and influence in the Shattered Star Ring to expand once more, which is not good for us." Sorokin had a resigned expression. He had not planned for such an unexpected scenario at all.

"Another person related to Black Star."

Heber was a little unhappy, feeling sour in his heart.

How was it that Black Star had such good luck to be able to recruit such good talents?

Im obviously also a Beyond Grade A, but why dont I have any powerful officers under me?

"I dont have enough intelligence on my hands on how to restrict Hila. I need to spend some time looking for her weaknesses. Ill send my men to work on this." Sorokin spread his hands out. "Lets wait and see."

"Suit yourself," Heber nonchalantly replied.

Among the Star Pupil Holy Race

"Another one"

After seeing the news, Psyker gritted his teeth, his seven eyeballs looking as though they were about to explode from anger.

After the incident at Planet Lighthouse, the standing of his race within the Shattered Star Ring had not been good, but now came along another Beyond Grade A ally of Black Star!

Black Star served the dynasty, so he stood on opposing sides to him. While Heber was not a friend of Black Star, his position remained the same for this matter. In addition, the other three Beyond Grade As were more or less related to Black Star. No local Beyond Grade As were on his side, and the number of enemies had increased from four to five.

F*ck your mom!

How can anyone continue to stay in this broken place

Psykers mentality was on the verge of collapse.

While the outside world was in chaos, Hila left Floating Dragon alone, heading toward the headquarters of the Black Star Army.

This time, Ames did not accompany her. She was forcibly stopped by Jenny to stay on Floating Dragon Island and complete her administrative duties.

Planet Aquamarine was quite close to the army headquarters, so she did not require much time to arrive there. Han Xiao, who had returned from the Flickering World not too long ago, was already waiting for her.

The moment she entered, Hila felt a difference in atmosphere.

Everyone in the Black Star Army knew that she had hit the Beyond Grade A realm, and everyone focused on her along the way, staring in awe and curiosity.

Her eyes did not deviate however, first going over to find Aurora. She walked straight into the officers resting room, where many of the older officers awaited her.

"Congratulations on reaching the Beyond Grade A realm."

The moment she stepped in, everyone smiled as they congratulated her.

"Thanks." Hila nodded. While she was cold by nature, she was not someone impersonal.

The atmosphere in the room was harmonious, and at this moment, a deep voice suddenly boomed, suppressing all the other voices.

"Captain, youre finally back! I really missed you!"

Hadavy stepped out from the crowd, immediately stepping forward toward Hila with a sycophantic expression.

"You missed me?" Hila looked suspicious. She did not remember her relationship with Hadavy being so good.

"Not just me. In the past twenty years, everyone in the Black Star Guards has missed you. Without your leadership, we were lost! Its been a tough journey for you, and youre probably tired, so why dont you sit down for a while? Dont tire yourself out." Hadavy appeared extremely passionate, and one could imagine a dog wagging its tail at the place where he stood.

Everyone was stunned by his performance.

I swear this isnt what you used to say

This abrupt change in expression was even better than that of the face-swap operas!

Feidin raised his brows and spoke in a joking tone. "Is that so? Why do I remember that you seemed to have said that you wanted to challenge Hila to resign from her position the moment she returned so that you could take her position as Captain? In fact, your chance is here!"

"Nonsense! I never said such words!" Hadavy put on a righteous expression. "Hila, dont listen to such rumors. Theyre trying to create a rift between us. Whenever I mentioned you during this period, when wasnt it to praise you? Dont listen to those people who are envious of our relationship!"

He got a big shock when he found out that Hila had risen to the Beyond Grade A realm, and he immediately wished he could take back all the words he had spoken in the past few years.

The other party is already a Beyond Grade A. Snatch her position? Do you think Im insane

What? You say Im a coward?


How could this be called being a coward! This is called tactical retreat!

Everyone was stunned. To lie like that without even blinking, his skin was indeed the thickest!

"Is that so? How come I dont seem to believe any of that?" Hila snorted.

As they were chatting, Aurora walked into the room and called out in joy, "Sis, youre back!"

Hila turned to look at Aurora, and her eyes immediately softened. She walked up to Aurora, sizing up her sister, before releasing a barrage of questions.

"How have you been? Have you been eating well, sleeping well"

While she knew that Han Xiao would definitely take good care of her, after the Germinal Organization was destroyed, she had not separated from Aurora. She could not help over imagining things every day, fussing over Aurora.

The sisters talked for a while before Hila reluctantly separated with Aurora for the time being. She knew that Han Xiao was still waiting in his office for her.

Upon reaching the Army Commanders office, Hila pushed the door open and saw Han Xiao seated behind his desk and smiling at her.

"Youre here." Han Xiao nodded. "Congratulations."

"Ive fulfilled my promise, not returning until Ive reached the Beyond Grade A realm." Hila nodded, sitting opposite Han Xiao.

"I knew youd achieve that. I never doubted you." Han Xiao sized up Hila, discovering that she had become more perfect as a whole.

"And I know that you would definitely believe in me."

They smiled at each other.

"I would be glad to listen to you talk about your experience, but we can put that off first. Now lets talk about formal matters." Han Xiao pointed toward the table as he stared at Hila. He slowly said, "Now that youre a Beyond Grade A, tell me, what are your future plans? Do you wish to become independent?"

"If I choose to be independent, will you support me?" Hila turned the question back.

"Were friends, so I will not force you to work for me. If you choose to be independent, Ill support you to the best I can, helping you to develop your own Beyond Grade A organization." Han Xiao knocked on the table as he smiled.

Hearing this, Hila did not immediately reply, but a hesitant look crossed her face.

The room descended into silence.

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