Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Im Going To Beat You Up. What Are You Going To Do About It?

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The Flickering Worlds Dawn Star Cluster was an area completely controlled by the army. It was also the first station after entering the Flickering World. As the fleets of countless organizations swarmed in, this Star Cluster became countless times more boisterous, gradually turning this place into part of the galactic society.

There was profit to be found everywhere in the Flickering World at this time; all of the Star Clusters had demands that were not met. The outside organizations mainly had to choose where to set foot.

The transit stations at the entrances of the Star Field contained huge profits. Many organizations and galactic residents scattered and headed right toward the transit stations as soon as they entered the Star Field, while more organizations went other ways to the further Star Clusters to look for opportunities.

Among which, the Modo Civilization was one of the organizations that headed to the further Star Clusters. Their goal was to develop the territories of the third and the fourth phase.

The reasoning was simplethe further the Star Clusters were, the less they had been developed, which meant that not only would there be more holes to fill in the various industries, but the dynastys control would also not be as strong compared to the earlier Star Clusters. And this was extremely important to Super Star Cluster civilizations.

The Super Star Cluster civilizations knew very well that the dynasty would definitely not let them develop comfortably. Therefore, almost all the Super Star Cluster civilizations gave up on the first and second phase territories.

Even an ordinary person could see that the few Star Clusters that were about to be explored in the fourth phase would become crucial stages of competition for the external organizations.

Inside the main ships command room, a tall man stood before the command post, looking up at the star map. His face gave off a cold and tough vibe, and his expression was solemn.

He was Roddick, Senior General of the Modo Civilization, currently the commander of the Expedition Fleet.

Expedition Fleet was the name of this fleet, a new fleet the Modo Civilization had built just for the Flickering World. They had gathered a large number of elites, among whom Roddick stood above all and took on the responsibility of commanding this crucial fleet. Clearly, the upper echelons of the Modo Civilization had high hopes for him.

A member of the Modo Race who was wearing a government official uniform asked, "Commander, how long till we cross the first and second phase areas?"

This man was a senior officer of the Modo Civilization. His name was Lagos as translated into the universal language. He was given the position of the inspector of the Expedition Fleet, responsible for monitoring Roddick.

Lagos did not have much power in his hands, so he could not interfere with Roddick under normal circumstances. His main job was to report the situation to the upper echelons, as well as contact the temporary stronghold the Modo Civilization had built in the Shattered Star Ring. He also managed the resources and manpower.

Hearing the inspectors question, Roddick stared at the Star Cluster and replied without turning his head. "The time spent in the first and second phases was the longest. The Crimson Dynasty and their allies had already built full sets of long distance portals long ago. Travelling was very convenient, so it should only take about seventeen days to arrive at the third phase territory. Most of the time will be spent on the area between the stargates."

Then, Roddick squinted and added, "Actually, the quickest route is through Garu. The Black Star Armys territory is connected in one line by the stargates, so the transportation there is even easier. But, as you know, the risk of that is too high, so we have no choice but to take a detour."

"Well, I can only say thats karma," Lagos said with resignation.

The Modo Civilization knew very well that they had already insulted the dynasty because of what happened with the Kunde Race, so they knew clearly that the dynasty would target them in the Flickering World.

The best route toward the further Star Clusters was through the Black Star Armys territory, but Roddick did not dare go close to the Garu Star Cluster, so they could only take another route that was not as popular and convenient.

Lagos shook his head and said, "The dynasty might send people to attack us. Stay vigilant."

"I know. The military equipped us with such a strong defensive force because of exactly that. There are plenty of armed fleets and high Grade Supers. The Expedition Fleets size is sufficient to even participate in a galactic war."

"Hmm, youre right But the dynasty will definitely not send their official army to attack us in the Flickering World. Even if someone does come for us, itll definitely be the dynastys ally," Lagos said.

Roddick frowned. "Usual enemies are not a problem, but a Beyond Grade A would be very difficult to deal with."

"Dont have to worry about that. The upper echelons have already made private agreements with some Beyond Grade As to provide us with help." Lagos smiled with confidence.

"Who are they?"

Roddick, however, was not surprised. Super Star Cluster civilizations making short-term deals with Beyond Grade As was nothing new. This was also a form of business for some Beyond Grade As.

Given how important the Flickering World was, it was impossible for the Super Star Cluster civilization to not make any preparations. They all brought out tons of resources to hire top-tier combatants, which led to some Beyond Grade As earning quite the fortune. Many of them also accepted jobs from multiple civilizations at the same time.

"Those Galactic Black Market people with Beast Ancestor and Secret Master in the lead, as well as some neutral Beyond Grade As Oh, some of the Beyond Grade As of the federation and the church have also made deals with us privately Hehe, they were probably given orders by their leaders to use us to attract the dynastys attention." Lagos could not help but sneer.

The federation and the churchs intentions were as clear as day, but the Super Star Cluster civilizations did not mind being used, as they would benefit from it temporarily as well.

"Even though we have allies, thatll only help us when we pass through the first and second phase territories. Im worried the dynasty might attack before that," Roddick said with a deep voice. "After all, most of the organizations are taking the Black Star Armys route. There arent many allies who are taking a detour like us."

"One of the hired Beyond Grade As is coming behind us just to protect us. The upper echelons convinced him to make a detour."


"The Blackhole Edges neutral Beyond Grade A, Garoze, nicknamed Leader of Colossuses."

"That Summoner? Ive heard about him."

Roddick operated the star map for a while, marking the location of Garozes fleet, which was not far behind the Expedition Fleet.

This made him feel less worried.

"This way, we wont have to worry about someone attacking us," Roddick said coldly. "With our armed forces, as long as the dynasty dares to send someone here, theyll see that they might not be the stronger side."

At this time, a communication request came. It was from one of the Three Kings of the Modo Civilization.

The two of them immediately straightened their backs and put on serious expressions. They then accepted the communication request, and people appeared on the virtual screen.

The two of them saluted. "Your Excellencies."

"Whats the situation now?" one of the Three Kings asked.

As leaders of the civilization, asking about the situation this soon after the Expedition Fleet entered the Flickering World seemed too impatient, but the Flickering World was way too significant to the Super Star Cluster civilizations. This was an opportunity to completely overthrow the situation they were stuck in; no amount of attention seemed too much.

Furthermore, they had angered the dynasty not too long ago. Now that their forces entered the dynastys territory, the Three Kings were even more on edge.

"Were still on the way," Roddick answered formally.

"Have you encountered any problems?"

"Everything is normal."

"Hmm, no matter what happens, focus on protecting the logistics team," the leader of the Modo Race said.

The armed fleet existed to protect the logistics team, which carried all kinds of necessary resources and devices to develop a Star Field. The armed spaceships could be depleted, but it would be extremely problematic if something happened to these important resources. Although they would still be able to resupply from their temporary stronghold in the Shattered Star Ring, it would tremendously slow down the speed of the development.

All the forces in the Flickering World were competitors. Every second wasted meant profit lost, which would then affect the Modo Civilizations strategy.

Roddick nodded before speaking with a serious tone. "Your Excellencies Three Kings, dont worry, I wont let our enemies"


Before his sentence even ended, the entire main ship trembled. The crew in the command room fell to the ground!

Roddick staggered, too. He grabbed the table to regain his balance.

"Whats going on" He was shocked and furious.

"Commander, many unknown ships are approaching at a high speed and have attacked us."

The radar showed that fleets appeared from every direction, surrounded them, and fired at them.

Furthermore, the alarm also mentioned that the opponent had deployed a large number of Space Stabilization Anchors in the area. This meant that they had charged right into a trap, and their hyperdrive was completely stopped, which was what caused the trembling. Even the stabilizing device inside the spaceship could not fully resolve the shock from suddenly stopping at such a high speed.

"Were still some distance away from the next stargate. Is this an ambush?" Lagos was stunned.

They were just discussing the fact that there might be enemies, and speaking of the devil

"Whats the enemys identity?" Roddick questioned.

"II dont know. The spaceships theyre using are general models. There are no symbols on these ships, so we dont know which organization these belong to," the observer said with a nervous tone.

The communication from the Three Kings had not ended yet. They all saw this and frowned.

The leader of the Modo Civilization said with a deep voice and a grave expression, "Roddick, Ill leave this to you. You must defeat the enemy."

"Understood." Roddick had a decisive look on his face. He immediately started to command the fleet and gave out orders one after another.

The Expedition Fleet responded quickly. It shrank its formation to protect the logistics team while firing back. Neither fleet was huge. In fact, the Modo Civilizations fleet was a little larger.

Roddick showcased his excellent commanding talent, and the Modo Civilization firmly stood their ground.

Although they were ambushed, Roddick did not choose to break away but remained in place.

His confidence came from both the fact that his armed fleet was stronger and the Beyond Grade A Garoze who was not far behind. As long as Garoze arrived at the battlefield, he would be able to fight back using the strength of a Beyond Grade A.

Roddicks style was tough and unbending; he was one to always take revenge. He was furious about being interrupted out of nowhere while speaking with the Three Kings. Compared to escaping, he would rather defeat the enemies.

"Ill let Garoze join the battle immediately." Lagos hastily took out his communicator to call for backup.

"Okay, do it quickly." Roddick sneered. "No matter who they are, theyre not leaving easily."

At the same time, Garozes fleet, which was not far away, noticed the situation as well.

"Someone really attacked them? I thought they were paranoid."

Inside the command room, Garoze murmured to himself.

This was not his first time accepting a job from a Super Star Cluster civilization. As a neutral Beyond Grade A with no background, this was a key source of income for him. He had also accepted jobs from seven other organizations to protect their fleets.

Everyone knew that due to the competition in the Flickering World, this place would very soon become a heaven for mercenaries. Even many Beyond Grade As had joined in.

"Your Excellency Garoze, what do we do? Should we go over and help?" his assistant asked.

Garoze nodded. He was hired, so he had to do his duty.

However, just as he was about to make the order, the sound of a communicator ringing suddenly appeared in the room.

Beep beep beep!

Garoze looked down and was surprised.

It was his private communicator!

Who would call at this time?

As he took out the communicator to take a look, Garozes pupils constricted.

The caller was shockingly Black Star!

The two of them did not have much interaction in the past, they had only met during the Meeting Of The Gods and exchanged their private numbers.

I wonder why he is calling me

Suppressing the doubts in his mind, Garoze walked to the side, picked up the communication, and asked carefully, "Your Excellency Black Star, what is it?"

"I have one thing I need your help with." Han Xiaos voice came out of the communicator.

"Please do tell."

"I need you to do nothing."

"Do nothing? What do you mea"

Initially, Garoze did not understand, but then, it suddenly occurred to him.

"The fleet that attacked the Modo Civilization, its"

Han Xiao interrupted him and asked calmly, "Can you do that?"

Garoze was extremely troubled. With the Black Star Armys interference, this matter was no longer simple. The Modo Civilization would most likely be devastated, and from the depths of his heart, he did not want to take part in this.

However, he was right beside the battlefield. If he did not take action, his reputation would definitely be tainted.

Garoze looked a little troubled. "Your Excellency Black Star, Ive already accepted the job from the Modo Civilization. If I dont do anything"

With an expressionless face, Han Xiao coldly said, "If you dont want trouble, back away. This is not something you can interfere with."

Then, he hung up without waiting for Garozes reply.

In my territory, you listen to me! Han Xiao did not even bother with bullsh*ting with the Modo Civilization. Im going to beat you up, thats all!

What, youre not happy? Sure, dont come to the Flickering World then!

The army was now the biggest organization in the Flickering World after operating there for so long. If he did not act like a menace, who had the right to

Garozes face became stiff as he was secretly shocked. In his mind, Black Star was a very friendly person who made friends everywhere he went. He did not expect Black Stars tone to be this firm.

Looks like this is more serious than I thought. If I interfere, it probably wont turn out well for me.

Also, if I ignore Black Stars threat, wont I follow the steps of that seven-eyed dude?

Garoze trembled uncontrollably.

The assistant came over and said, "Your Excellency, Lagos is already hurrying us. Are you going to give the order?"

Garoze hesitated for a few seconds before suddenly waving his hand. "Dont help, just watch from here."

The assistant was stunned, but seeing how firm Garoze was, he could only tell the fleet to standby at the edge of the battlefield.

"Sigh. This is a big loss." Garoze smiled bitterly in his mind.

He was just an ordinary Beyond Grade A. There was no way he could mess with someone like Black Star. Be it in terms of his strength or organization, he was far inferior.

It was shameful to be forced away by just a few words. Garoze had his pride too, and he did not want to be a coward.

But, facing Black Star, how could he not back down?

After having been a Beyond Grade A for so many years and still not having improved much, Garoze knew long ago that he could not mess with the peak Beyond Grade As. He was just a neutral Beyond Grade A without any background. If Black Star wanted to kill him, there would be nothing holding him back at all!

Furthermore, during the Meeting of the Gods not long ago, Black Star had taken on the task of maintaining communication between all the Beyond Grade As. He had to give Han Xiao face even just because of this.

As time passed, the Expedition Fleet and the ambush fleet fought intensely.

In the main ships command room, after Roddick gave a few orders and finally had a little bit of time, he immediately turned around and yelled at Lagos.

"Whats going on with Garoze? Why isnt he here yet"

Lagos was covered in sweat. "They just stopped there. Ive already hurried them many times, but they refuse to join the battle no matter what. II dont know why either!"

Seeing their reinforcements back away right before them, he was stupefied and utterly confused.

"Outsiders are not reliable at all!" Roddick was furious. He slammed the table and said, "Were not going to wait for him! All units, listen. Change the strategy and charge toward the enemys formation!"

However, before the order was sent out, a sudden change occurred!

Unrest suddenly erupted in the logistics fleet that was protected behind multiple layers of armed fleets.

The logistics spaceships suddenly pushed away the armed spaceships in all directions, instantly causing chaos on their side!

"Whats happening"

Roddicks expression changed drastically.

"R-report. The operating artificial intelligences of these logistics spaceships were infiltrated and have gone out of control. Weve lost contact with the crew!"

Like he had just awoken from a dream, Roddick clenched his teeth filled with rage and squeezed out the words from between his teeth.

"God damn it, its a Beyond Grade A Virtual Mechanic!"

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