Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Picking Up The Old Profession

Another was that Han Xiaos edge of knowing the star map well was taking effect. Within the territories he had chosen, there were a ton of transport hubs and strategic points, which had been the most prosperous locations in his previous life. Now, they had the same importance as in his previous life. These financial groups who invested in the Black Star Army were also starting to get their returns. Han Xiao promised to give some of the businesses in his territory to these investors to manage; now, there were countless financial groups operating in the armys territory, quickly filling up the businesses.

More than half of the outside organizations chose to take the Black Star Armys route. Han Xiao, of course, would not provide free services. A huge number of spaceships were entering the Garu Star Cluster every single day, and the profit from that was exploding.

Countless streams of light escaped from the entrance stargate, turning into blurry silver rainbows that lingered in space.

This time, spaceships with the Black Star symbol flew out from the stargate one after another, following the crowd and slowly moving forward.

"So, this is the entrance of the Black Star Armys territory."

There were plenty of army players on every one of these ships. They were all squeezing in front of the porthole and looking outside with curiosity.

When Planet Black Gate entered their sights, compared to the deserted image the players had of it, the Planet Black Gate now could not be more boisterous. Countless spaceships landed on and took off from it, so the traffic flow was very dense. The surface of the planet was filled with buildings. The countless lights shrouded the planet like a curtain made of jewels.

On its side, a silver stream of light extended in the cosmic space all the way to the end of their sights. This was made up of the flame trail of the countless spaceships entering the border. These spaceships passed through in hyperdrive like meteors, and as it was too frequent, these trails did not dissipate for a very long time. It was like someone used a silver pen to draw a line that could not be erased along the entire stargate route. It had almost become the guide for the route.

"Planet Black Gate, belongs to the Black Star Army, a large border entrance transit station landmark of the Garu Star Cluster." Maple Moon read the data shown on the communicator.

"Its so boisterous. Its completely the opposite of how it was last version," Frenzied Sword commented.

He could only feel how dreamy the change was after arriving at the armys territory.

Frenzied Sword was the earliest player to follow Black Star. He experienced every single step of Black Stars rise. It was hard for him to imagine how his own faction really grew to this point and have such vast territories.

Just the size of the territories was equivalent to ten Star System civilizations, which could even match up with some Star Cluster civilizations. It was stunning.

In his eyes, Black Star became even more dependable.

While he was still deep in thought, Maple Moon said, "The Flickering World is the world server, weve arrived earlier than the players of the other Star Fields, so this time advantage is very crucial. Do you have any plans?"

"Dont worry, the guild will be going to the army to register as a subsidiary organization. We will then follow the guild to do things. We should be going to the fourth exploration phases area to grab the opportunities before others," Frenzied Sword said.

"I didnt expect the army to announce such a revolutionary system. This is almost as if hes letting the guilds split from the army. This will completely change the way we play the game Of course, its a good thing for us, but from Black Stars perspective, I have no idea what hes thinking. Why is he willing to give up power?" Maple Moon mumbled. Even though it had already been a few days, she was still surprised.

"This means my speculation in the past was correct, of course. As the Grade of us players increases, the influence we have on the universe will increase too. Seems like this version will be the turning point of that." Frenzied Sword had a smug look on his face.

Originally, many players were lost about how to make full use of their advantages in the Flickering World. However, the new system Han Xiao announced not long ago immediately showed all the army players a clear path.

The Team Merit Point system was almost specially made to aid in the growth of guilds. Almost every known Chinese guild decided to register as an official organization in the army. At the same time, this had also created a trend of creating guilds. Just during the time they travelled there, countless army players had already called up their friends to create guilds. Han Xiaos plan was proven to be very effective.

The fleet flew for some days before arriving at the Black Star Palace. This was the first time the players had seen this new main base built during the version update. Its magnificence amazed many players.

This group of players who arrived first came to the most outside base and gathered in a hall. Phillip had summoned them here to have them be inspected.

After just a short wait, two people walked in. The players all looked over and were excited to see who they were.

It was the Army Commander, Han Xiao, and the second Beyond Grade A of the army, Hila.

"Wow, Hila has become even more beautiful."

"The face! The body! The aura! Please let me die here!"

"Save the nonsense, its no use."

"Ah, how I miss the feeling of being killed by Hila. Maybe this is what love is."

"No, this is being a pervert."

"Woman? Boring, strong men like Black Star can make you hard to breathe."

A big group of players rushed toward them with their desire to farm favorability written all over their faces. Hila was surrounded by even more people than Han Xiao.

Han Xiao complained about sexism in his mind. Before Hila started to slaughter everyone out of impatience, he repelled everyone away, saying with a deep voice, "Silence. I have serious matters to announce."

The players gradually quieted down and looked at Han Xiao with curiosity in their eyes.

Han Xiao cleared his throat and slowly said, "Currently, the Flickering World is open to the outside world. With the outside forces entering, the exploration of the new Star Field has entered a new stage. The peace that once existed is no more. In the future, countless conflicts will erupt surrounding the resources in the new Star Field. And we, the Black Star Army, have to adapt to this change.

"I believe everyone already knows that the army announced a new system recently. This is the first step of the change. Youre all from my home planet and my comrades who grew alongside the army. The term Immortals has a very important meaning to the army. Youve all made a lot of contributions. Therefore, Ive decided to give you more independence, and I hope you can make full use of your talents to achieve great things."

As soon as his sentence ended, shock appeared on many players as they exchanged looks. They were very surprised.

This seemed to be the first time Black Star had called them Immortals.

Before this, although they were working for the Black Star Army, they did not feel like they were very important. Although the outside world called them Immortals, their Army Commander did not seem to have said anything about this in any public occasions and had always been treating them like the normal members.

In Version 1.0, the Germinal Organization had studied the players, and similar situations still existed. All the players knew the fact that they were immortal might pique the NPCs interest, but to most people, this was just a way to improve the sense of realism. They did not pay too much attention to it.

Now, however, having suddenly heard what Black Star said, the players present all had a strange feeling as if something they had ignored for a very long time had resurfaced againthe fact that they were really special. In their eyes, Han Xiaos image became more alive.

Other than this strange feeling, the players were also glad to hear their faction leader Black Star personally saying they were important to the army. Many people were very motivated and felt a subtle sense of achievement and belonging.

Han Xiao looked around and saw the expression on everyones faces. He suddenly smiled and said, "You dont have to be shocked. Although both Hila and I are Beyond Grade As now, youre all my people from the same mother planet. In this cold universe, were on the same side. Therefore, you dont have to be too cautious in front of me. I have high hopes for you. Remember, the Black Star Army will always have your back."

Everyone was thrilled to hear this.

From the same mother planet thats right, how could we forget that? We and Black Star have this bond!

Seeing Han Xiaos attitude, everyone felt that Han Xiao had become more friendly.

Inside the crowd, Maple Moon quietly poked Frenzied Swords waist and softly said, "Why do I feel like Black Star seems to have changed?"

"Changed? Haha, youre wrong. Hes not changed at all!" Frenzied Sword was filled with excitement. "This is the Han Xiao in my mind, not that cold and beyond-reach important Black Star!"

His voice was so loud that many professional players around looked over.

"Hes right. How long has it been since Black Star has had close contact with us?" Second Prince murmured.

"With Black Star becoming stronger and stronger, it has been very difficult for the others to come in touch with him. To think that hes still as friendly and down to earth as he was in Version 1.0. Looks like he really sees us as one of his own." Sleepy Winter smiled.

Many people were discussing this quietly, while Bun-Hit-Dog focused on recording this moment with joy on his face.

Han Xiao very discreetly glanced at him shortly and nodded in his mind.

In the previous versions, with the rapid increase in his position, the opportunities for the players to come in contact with him had constantly decreased. After two versions, his image had already become cold and beyond reach.

However, in Version 4.0, as the players would become much more useful, Han Xiao decided to be more down to earth and close the distance between him and the players. This would strengthen the players emotional attachment to him, which was a key factor in influencing the players other than profit.

After all, he was a player himself in his previous life. How could he not know what the players liked?

Seeing the players were filled with joy, Han Xiao coughed and spoke again, finally getting to the point.

"The competition in the Flickering World has become very intense. I will be deploying some fleets toward the fourth exploration phases area to compete with the external forces. You can choose to participate. As long as any member of a registered subsidiary organization participates, the organization will receive more Team Merit Points depending on the number of members participating and will be allowed to build strongholds on the planets in the armys territory. At the same time, they will all enjoy a thirty-percent discount in the military supplies store for all items."

As soon as he stopped speaking, a faction mission popped up on the interfaces of the players. Many players eyes instantly brightened.

Not only would there be a massive scale faction main storyline mission but also thirty percent off in the faction store. They would even be allowed to build official guild strongholds in the armys territory

Black Star really is the same old Black Stara walking bag of profit!

Seeing that everyone was excited, Han Xiao called an end to the meeting. The players scattered almost immediately and headed right to the military supplies store to shop. They still had the money they saved from the last version, most players had a lot to spend, their purchasing power was ample.

The thirty percent off was a promotion method to encourage the players to spend. Although the players were focusing on leveling up, with such a big discount, they would definitely be influenced. This was to harvest the players experience.

Han Xiao had stockpiled Mission Completion Cards for twenty years. He was now LV 307, so he would be able to go through his Promotion as long as he reached LV 320.

The few Star Clusters in the fourth exploration phase would be where the competition would be the most intense, as well as the main stage of the conflict in the World Server between the players. This move also served to encourage the players to secure their advantages before going to the fourth exploration phase area, helping the army players keep their lead so as to avoid them being bullied by the foreign players working together.

Allowing these guilds that had registered as official organizations to build guild strongholds was also a profit bundle.

With their homes in my territory, the cost of them leaving my faction will be even higher.

All ploys and tricks, Im such a bad man

Han Xiao shook his head and chuckled.

He led Hila out of the hall, and the two of them walked in the army while chatting. This time, Hila suddenly said, "Black Star, I plan to go to the fourth exploration phase area too, to take part in the armys exploration in the front line."

"Are your hands getting itchy?" Han Xiao glanced at her.

"Hmm. Im not you. You can remote control your avatar while being at home. I want to fight with more Beyond Grade As, and now is a good opportunity." Hila nodded.

After reaching Beyond Grade A, her motivation did not disappear at all. Knowing that the difference between herself and Han Xiao was still vast, she wanted to become stronger.

Shattered Star Ring was not suitable for sparring. Now that they had reached the Flickering World, it was a good opportunity to improve herself.

"Alright, you shall take the position as the commander of the fleet. Just a reminder, dozens of Beyond Grade As will be fighting in the fourth phase areas. For a very long time in the future, that will probably be the most dangerous place in the entire universe. If you meet anyone you cant deal with, tell me. My avatar will be following the fleet at all times," Han Xiao said.

All these Beyond Grade As were not there to sightsee; they were all there to fight for the profits in the new Star Field. Without Han Xiaos restraint in the Flickering World, these people would have fought all the time. Not just Hila, Han Xiao planned to let his avatar be stationed there for a long term as well.

After splitting up with Hila, Han Xiao walked to his room and opened the player forums, browsing the movements of the players in the various Star Fields and enjoying the nonsense of the idiotic comments and posts.

While he browsed the posts and relaxed, a new post was suddenly pinned.

Han Xiao looked at it and his eyes sparkled. It was the first episode of Galaxy Times since the new version!

"After more than half a month, its finally here, huh?"

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