Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Shortened Lifespan Dark Clouds

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The anger in Gorutan’s eyes almost condensed into reality, and his energy fluctuations continuously rose, exuding huge pressure on their surroundings. The surrounding metal walls gradually cracked as they vibrated from the high frequency.

“Want to attack?”

Han Xiao’s eyes crackled with electricity, his whole body flickering with blue-gold electrical serpents, producing harsh popping sounds.

This stalemate continued for another ten seconds or so before Gorutan suddenly collected his energy outburst, and the pressure in the room drastically lessened.

The rage on his face quickly faded, and he coldly said, “Black Star, you really gave me quite the surprise. You’re really unyielding.”

Han Xiao crossed his arms and replied in a level tone, “We can speak more of whether I’m unyielding in the future. Right now, what do you intend to do?”

Gorutan remained expressionless, only wagging a finger toward the avatar.

“I’ll remember the matters today. We still have scores to settle.”

He turned and strode away, leaving the sanctuary and flying toward his own fleet.

“You’re really good at spitting vicious words. I really thought that you would take action just now.” Han Xiao shook his head. He walked to the door, watching as Gorutan led his fleet and vanished from sight.

This minor conflict had ended with Gorutan’s retreat, so Han Xiao withdrew his machinery, controlling the Lord’s Avatar to return to the main flagship. Hila had been waiting for him the whole time.

The moment he entered the command room, Hila came up.

“What sort of conditions did you promise him, or did you force him to retreat?”

Han Xiao shook his head. “It was nothing like that. He left on his own.”

“Gorutan had eaten such a loss. Could he even swallow his anger?” Hila was suspicious.

“At least on the surface, he has not taken a loss. He has annihilated the planet we chose and delayed our exploration speed. We have no choice but to change our target and find another planet, and you have killed some of his subordinates in return, so we should be considered even.”

“Will he take this lying down?” Hila frowned.

“Of course not. We’ve already formed a grudge with him, and he will not leave things be.”

Hila slowly spat out a breath, whispering, “I increased the conflict between us and got a new enemy for the army. I”

“Don’t blame yourself. You did what was necessary.”

Han Xiao interrupted her as he waved his hands in dismissal. “Gorutan’s challenge was a kind of test. Just like how the winds howl around the highest peaks, the number of people who wish to test us are numerous. Behind Gorutan might exist even more organizations and forces. If we are not tough and vicious to them, every organization will think that we’re easy to provoke. Furthermore, the strength between both of you is too vastly different, and he challenged you to bully you. Thus, there’s no need to feel bad since you got beaten up by him, or else the prestige of the army would have fallen.”

Hila stared at Han Xiao, her eyes shining with a weird light as she tilted her head.

“So, you don’t care if I make more enemies?”

“The part I like about you is your ferocity,” Han Xiao casually replied. “So what if Gorutan was just testing you out? Are you going to obediently accompany him to put on a show, then let him leave after patting his butt? Remember this, he actively sought us out to make enemies of us; it was not you who sought him out. If one is not vicious, they cannot stand firmly in their territory. I brought you over to the competition area not to let you be a softie but to crush through all that blocks your route.”

Right now, the status of the Black Star Army was different from before. It possessed the largest territory in the Flickering World, and it naturally had more responsibilities such as bringing benefits and prestige to the dynasty since it was holding the fort there.


“Of course.” Han Xiao smiled, patting her shoulder.

You’re an important fighter of mine, and the main thing that is needed is to have deterrence. If I don’t defend you, should I speak for the enemy instead? Wouldn’t that be ironic?

Originally, Han Xiao only wished to borrow Hila’s Esper Ability to let Gorutan suffer some losses, provoking Gorutan was out of his plan. However, while things had gotten to this point, he had no fear. Since the other party had chosen to provoke him first, getting beaten to this point was his just desserts.

Hearing Han Xiao reassure her, Hila’s expression relaxed a little. She paused before asking, “So, what did you say to him just now?”

“I just”

Han Xiao simply narrated the prior events.

Hearing this, Hila could not help but smirk, and she wondered, “You were so unyielding, but he actually did not start fighting with you, huh?”

“I’m still a pinnacle Beyond Grade A after all.” Han Xiao laughed. “Furthermore, it’s because of you that he did not make a move.”


“We have two Beyond Grade As here, so a battle wouldn’t be in his favor. Furthermore, Gorutan is not in his peak state; making a move would bring him more disadvantages than advantages.”

If it was just a normal Beyond Grade A, Gorutan might not have cared, but Hila had used [Reaper of Souls] to inflict heavy damage, which provided a strong deterrent effect. This resulted in Gorutan’s HP not being at maximum capacity. If he faced off against Black Star as well, the risk for him was a bit too high.

Han Xiao hypothesized that this should be the reason for Gorutan’s withdrawal. While Pugilists had heads of steel, they also knew how to judge the situation. In the face of an obviously unfavorable situation, it was better to retreat.

He also did not wish to force Gorutan, as a pinnacle Beyond Grade A Pugilist had a lot of burst power. He was there as an avatar, not his true form. Furthermore, with his reputation as a tank, Gorutan would definitely choose to attack Hila first, and with her [Death Immunity] skill still on cooldown, it would be more dangerous.

Both sides had their own reservations.

After a pause, Han Xiao said, “Gorutan will come at us again, so it’s important to pay attention. There’s a high chance he will target you.”

“Maybe we can take the initiative and launch an attack.” Hila’s thinking was forever that extreme.

“Launch an attack? Depends on the situation.”

Han Xiao shook his head. It was not that the idea was not possible, but he needed more assurance.

Now that the players had returned in Version 4.0, he could finally continue his rapid upgrades, and his stagnated level could finally increase once again.

Based on his current strength, it would not be so easy to deal with Gorutan. He hoped to complete one or maybe even two more advancements before resolving this matter.

Other than his plan to make Gorutan an enemy, Han Xiao had been lying low for over twenty years, letting the outside world think that he was also facing a bottleneck. But the moment he exchanges blows with another pinnacle Beyond Grade A, he would have to reveal his current strength, and that old jerk Manison would be sure to come out once more.

It is safer to first complete my advancement at level 320. This is the most important thing currently, Han Xiao thought to himself.

If he foresaw things properly, the worst-case scenario in this matter might result in a dangerous chain reaction.

He needed to be stronger to deal with it!

When the conversation ended, the Lord’s Avatar fell dormant once more, and Hila returned to her position.

Since Planet Phiri had already been reduced to dust, they had to look for a new planet to build a stronghold.

On the other side, Gorutan’s fleet was returning to their planet that served as their stronghold.

Gorutan reclined in the tall throne, holding a huge cup that fit his figure and continuously poured a special spirit down his throat.

Several of his female descendants were around him, some holding medical tools to treat his wounds, whilst others held scissors to help him trim the hair near his wounds. The rest were in charge of massaging him.

“Lord Father, is it comfortable?”

“Use more strength.”

Gorutan wiped his mouth, throwing the empty cup to the side. He looked down at the Calamity Grades standing below the dais and coldly said, “Is the casualty report out?”

“It’s already out. Please have a look.” One of the Calamity Grades walked up, passing him a communication terminal.

Opening the virtual screen, he glanced at the figures and snorted. “She actually dared to kill five of my Calamity Grades. I’ll kill that Hila sooner or later! Then there’s that Black Star b*stard. To dare be so unyielding! If not for my minor injury, I would’ve torn his avatar apart!”

Seeing Gorutan in a rage, everyone wisely kept silent.

“Don’t think that it’s because I’m afraid of Black Star. He does not have the ability to force me to make concessions. I blasted Planet Phiri apart and slowed down their progress. I have accomplished what Sorokin requested.” Gorutan coldly snorted.

He had chosen to stay away from Han Xiao’s sharp edge because of his current condition, as well as the fact that there was no need to fight Black Star alone. His original goal was just to slow them down and test out the other party’s skills.

Thus, if he wanted a better way to level the playing field, he would have to follow Sorokin’s recommendation and approach the federation and church to get rid of Hila, since they already intended to do so. He would not need to move.

Gorutan then changed the topic. “Since a batch have died, raise another batch of hybrid descendants on our home planet and bring them here.”

“Are you personally going to spread your seeds?”

Gorutan waved his hand. “Just use those from the storage.”

In his main camp, there were females responsible for bearing descendants at all times. After all, their efficiency of mating and multiplying offspring was too low, so a large amount of Beyond Grade A DNA from Gorutan was stored in a freezer to be used for reproduction. It had extremely strong vitality and adaptability, and using artificial insemination would allow them to produce offspring on a larger scale, supplemented by hormones such as oxytocin to help accelerate childbirth.

After many years of experimenting, he had accumulated a variety of hybrid combinations that would allow them to produce excellent offspring. Through mixing with different species, he could produce offspring with various racial talents, so females were hoarded in his camp to be used as a medium for offspring.

As for the origins of these females as a Beyond Grade A who sat high above, he naturally would not waste time falling in love with so many females. Some came willingly, others less so None of the people who ran the Galactic Black Market were clean people anyways.

At this moment, Gorutan coughed twice.

“Lord Father, your injuries” one of the officers muttered in a worried tone.

“Hila’s Esper Ability has a strong lethality and high-explosiveness to wound even me.” Gorutan frowned. “During the battle just now, I did not feel it, but my body is a little weird.”

As he spoke, Gorutan closed his eyes, diving into the cellular level to observe his body’s situation. Among the Super systems, the Pugilists had the greatest degree of control over their bodies.

Everyone turned silent for a while before Gorutan suddenly snapped his eyes open, abruptly standing up. The female descendants around him were all thrown back.

“Dammit, her Esper Ability can weaken the vitality of cells!”

Gorutan’s expression distorted. He almost turned mad with fury.

Even when that batch of elites had died under Hila’s hands, he had not been so mad!

The vitality of a cell was related to the number of cell divisions it could make, and this sort of property was extremely secretive, to the point that Beyond Grade As normally could not sense it. It was only now that he discovered that his lifespan had been cut!

Not merely just his lifespan, but fertility was also closely related to the vitality of his cells. With the reduction in vitality for his DNA, there would be a decline in the quality of his progeny!


In his rage, the pugilist flames erupted, strong pressure forcing all his descendants to sprawl on the ground and tremble.

“Such a devilish damaging Esper ability” The veins of Gorutan’s forehead throbbed as his hatred for Hila practically overflowed.

He did not expect that this operation would actually result in his life span being reduced.

An absolute loss!

Gorutan’s chest heaved up and down violently, and his breaths came out in gasps as he entertained the thought of rushing back to kill her.

“L-Lord Father”

At this time, his descendants started to plead with him. Seeing the situation, Gorutan could only reluctantly reduce his anger, and the raging Pugilist aura slowly calmed down.

“All of you, scram!”

Everyone rushed to get out of the room as fast as possible. They were aware that they should not be around their father when he was angry.

Only Gorutan remained in the room. He sat on his throne for a while before picking up the communicator and calling Sorokin.

After three rings, the call connected, and Sorokin showed himself on the screen, smiling as he spoke.

“Your Excellency Beast Ancestor, how’s the situation?”

Gorutan coldly glared at him for a while before finally saying, “The matter has been settled. I blasted Planet Phiri apart and have also tested Hila out. However, I lost quite a few of my descendants in the process, and I also almost got angered to death by Black Star.”

“That’s great. Your Excellency is indeed reliable. I’ll compensate you for any losses. So, what is the result of your test?”

“Hila’s Esper Ability is extremely dangerous, possessing frightening explosive power”

Gorutan relayed his discoveries in battle, pausing at the last part before continuing in a deep voice.

“Her Esper Ability also has a terrifying property. As long as it hits a life form, it will be able to reduce the cell vitality and the life span of the target. I suffered a huge loss for this discovery!”

Sorokin paused, his smile vanishing immediately. His expression also turned grave.

“Are you serious?”

“I shouldn’t have told you this and allowed the federation and church to activate their people. After they discover that they have shortened their life spans, they’ll blame you for the information lapse.” Gorutan coldly snorted.

“ I understand.” Sorokin narrowed his eyes.

“I hope that you will truthfully tell the people in the federation and the church what I’ve said. Don’t play any tricks. Or else, even if I’m a shareholder of the Limitless Financial Group, I’ll still beat you up!” Gorutan’s eyes were cold.

“Relax. I have integrity.” Sorokin solemnly nodded before cutting the call.

Gorutan threw the communicator to the side, his expression cold and his eyes gleaming with an unknown light.

By allowing the federation and the church to know that Hila’s Esper Ability had the power to reduce one’s life span, two things could happen.

One, because of fear, they would give up on targeting her.

Two, because of fear, they would not allow her to continue living.

Based on what he knew of the federation and the church, the latter had a ninety-nine percent chance of occurring.

If Hila had such strength, the universal civilizations would not allow her to grow.

In the past, Hila had belonged to the Chaotic Evil Faction, and there was no clear distinction in their powers. Furthermore, most people were reluctant to provoke such a crazy woman and dying in vain.

But the situation was different. Hila was a member of the Black Star Army. She was a stinger that belonged to someone and would only point her deadly stinger toward her enemies.

As a result, the organizations and powers opposing Black Star Army would feel an immense threat.

In terms of targeting the pinnacle combatants, Hila was like a formidable chronic poison, causing a dark cloud to form over everyone’s head. No one was willing to have their life span reduced!

Nobody was willing to have this dangerous character oppose them, let alone see her continue to grow.

Such Super High Risk Esper Abilities, whose very existence was a sin, should be killed as soon as possible!

Gorutan was certain that, as long as the news spread, most Beyond Grade As would not want to see this ability grow!

This would also help solidify the federation and the church’s intentions to kill!

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