Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Gods Trait Transformation

This was the place where the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy revealed in EsGods inheritance would be born. Most of the organizations had not explored to this point. He travelled in the high-end spaceship that he had built, so he did not need to stop like the other forces and could penetrate deeper.

The time for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy to appear was not far off. He went earlier to camp and do a stake out.

Because of Evans, only Han Xiao could be sure that the coordinates given were correct. The other forces that obtained information on the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy also had to try their luck in the several coordinates shown in the data, which could potentially reduce his competitors.

Han Xiao chose to come out with his true body for insurance. If the competitor was not strong, his avatar could do the job, and there was no need to reveal his position.

However, right now, Han Xiao was preparing to find a place to stay as his experience had finally reached the requirement to level up to level 320. His Promotion was still the priority.

During this period, he had been rushing along the journey. With the Black Star Armys foundation, he did not need to worry about it. He just had to wait for the foreign players to arrive in the Flickering World, and they would naturally join the Black Star Army.

Right now, the population of players in the army had reached about eight million, which was far from the limit. Once the remaining players in the other Star Fields came over to the World Server, the size of the army should break through the ten million mark. It would serve as a replenishment of newcomers, and he would even have a big wave of experience flowing in.

"Once all the players gather in the World Server, the players in the army should measure up to 11.5 million. This should be the biggest player faction at the moment. The number should only be second to the three Universal Civilizations in my past life."

Not all the players had arrived in the Flickering World, but they had already attracted the attention of the various major organizations, and the situation was moving toward the familiar early stage of Version 4.0 in his previous life.

Because of his own existence, the millions of players that should have been scattered around were instead situated within the Black Star Army, which would cause some deviation in the timeline. However, Han Xiao was mentally prepared for this, and the stage of making a lot of money through the players was about to pass. The major organizations would soon come to value the abilities of the players as much as he did.

"Lets not think about this for now. Anyway, my situation is quite good. The advantage is on my side, and Im firmly seated on my benefits." Han Xiao pushed aside the thought, slowed down the spaceship, and parked in the middle of the universe.

He then exited the cabin and flew using his physical body away from the spaceship. He commanded the Apostle Weapons to guard his surroundings before opening the instrument that would isolate energy fluctuations, hiding the anomalies that would occur during his advancement.

Opening the interface, he looked at the astronomical experience numbers. Han Xiao could no longer wait.

"Ive finally saved enough to advance and complete my promotion. Its been so long since I experienced this sort of rapid levelling up."

Even as he murmured to himself, he did not hesitate, immediately pumping all the experience into upgrading. His total level, which had remained stagnant for a long time, suddenly rocketed!


[Divine Throne Mechanic] leveled up to Lv.8.

+450 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +15 END, +20 INT.

You have received 15 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

[Divine Throne Mechanic] leveled up to Lv.20.

+450 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +15 END, +20 INT.

You have received 15 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

You have reached Lv.320, triggering the Promotion Mission for Lv.320!


Han Xiao had accumulated a lot of Mission Completion Cards over the decades, and the moment he saw that the mission was a troublesome one, he immediately pulled out his mission completion card.


Lv.320 Promotion Mission completed!

Promotion succeeded!

+90 END Bonus! 1 END = 570 Health = 580 Stamina.

The LV 320 special blueprints for the Tyracles Mechanical Legacy have been unlocked!

Your Energy Level has reached Lv.21. Energy has passed 78,000.

You have gained the talent [Gods Trait TransformationMachinery] (0/?)

You have gained the talent [Gods Trait TransformationVoid] (0/?)

You have obtained 2 Gods Trait Transformation points.

You have received a [The First Sanctum] Ability Fragment.

The effects of all your Virtual Technology skills have been increased by 50%.


Han Xiaos body jolted once, and every cell in his body seemed to have become a black hole, ravenously swallowing the cosmic dark matter around it, using it to improve itself.

The upper limit of the [Divine Throne Mechanic] was Lv.60, and he could only perform his Class Advancement at level 360. His next racial species sublimation would be at level 340.

In Han Xiaos mind, level 320 should have been a normal promotion, but the notification that appeared gave his spirit a boost.

"Gods Trait Transformation?" Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

He was not completely unfamiliar with this term. In the later versions of his past life, this term constantly appeared within the Beyond Grade A circles, which was then overheard by the players. Although there was little intelligence on it, based on the hypotheses that were written on the forums, this should be an important factor to upgrade ones life level above the Beyond Grade A realm.

Furthermore, his own Machinery Deity had the term Deity within, and if one had to talk about a Godhood, then it might have something to do with the Machinery Faith and the [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus] However, he had not experienced anything to do with divinity whatsoever at this moment.

Why is it that as ones life level increases, it becomes more and more ideological? This is making me, a mechanic that only believes in materialism very awkward

"In any case, it seems like the threshold of Lv.21 Energy Rank and 78,000 Onas of Energy are needed to trigger the Gods Trait Transformation?" Han Xiao murmured to himself whilst enduring the pain that came with the advancement.

The calculation method for energy rank was quite complicated, not just a simple addition and subtraction. The larger the value, the larger the gap between every one point. For example, the energy levels of 100 to 200 and 9,900 to 10,000 were both similarly separated by a hundred points, but the difference in their actual energy values was huge. The higher ones energy was, the harder it was to increase.

When he had broken through the level 300 watershed to become a Mechanical Deity, his total energy was around 71,000.

In the next decade, he had constantly practiced new Energy Training Techniques, raising the upper limit of his energy, and he had also spent a lot of experience and potential points to improve his skills and knowledge. At the same time, he had also extracted abilities from Heber, Manison, Silver Shadow, and many others, gaining powerful talents and skills. With the [Perfect Mechanical Sense] from Nero, along with his various bonuses, his total energy finally broke through 78,000.

"The two Gods Trait Transformations are split into Machinery and Void respectively Oh, this corresponds to ones class and race. So, are these the two possible evolutionary routes, or do I need to add them both at once?"

Han Xiao glanced at the interface, where he saw a small + sign beside each of the Gods Trait Transformation talents, and the effect was labelled with a ?.

"It seems like I will only know the effect when I add points. Since the system gave me two Gods Trait Transformation points when I was promoted, lets try one in each The suffix of the skills should represent the final form of this talent, which should occur when the talent is maxed out. But the total number of points is labelled as a ?, so how many points should I add?"

Han Xiao tried adding a point to the [Gods Trait TransformationMachinery] talent, and the effect of it was displayed.


Gods Trait TransformationMachinery (1/?)

Stage One: +1,000 Machinery Affinity, +20% Ability power. Base effects of all Mechanic class abilities are slightly enhanced.


Han Xiao glanced at his skill list. With the slight enhancement to his class abilities, it meant that every skill had undergone a slight improvement for every level. The effect of strengthening all his Mechanic-related skills was not high, but it provided a comprehensive improvement.

"The bonus is acceptable, but I dont find it too powerful. Maybe its because its only at the first stage? I guess, the more points I add, the more powerful the effects unlocked." Han Xiao raised his eyebrows.

He hesitated but finally decided against adding another point to it. He added it to the [Gods Trait TransformationVoid] talent instead.


Gods Trait TransformationVoid (1/?)

Stage One: Exclusive Racial Talents are enhanced, and all Racial Talents of the Void Race Evolution route will be strengthened. You have been awarded 1,750 Attribute Points.


The total affinity bonus from [Mechanical Genius] increased from x1.25 to x1.28, and Machinery Creation Performance increased from forty percent to forty-four percent. The racial talents of his other Void abilities also showed some increase, with the cooldown times of most of them being reduced.

Han Xiao nodded. "This one is not bad."

With his Gods Trait Transformation points spent, he did not know how to obtain more. Were they only given when he promoted, or was there another way to obtain them?

If this was only given during advancement, that would mean that the sooner one reached the 78,000 benchmark the better. After all, if ones level was low, advancing would definitely be more convenient, and one could obtain more points this way. In this manner could that also refer to potential?

Han Xiao decided not to think further, opting to look at the other notifications.

What was this [The First Sanctum] fragment? He had not heard of this in his past life.

The introduction was also labelled with question marks. Han Xiao could not understand what this was, but from the name of [The First Sanctum], it seemed as though it had nothing to do with the Mechanic class. Furthermore, he only had a fragment, so he could not utilize it and could only stare at it.

"I keep having the feeling that this should be a key factor for something I should find an opportunity to ask the dynasty if theres any information in this area. Most likely, Ill have to exchange contribution points for it, just like the time when I obtained the information on the Machinery Faith."

After removing everything unrelated, Han Xiao then turned toward the [Tyracles Mechanical Legacy]. There would be new blueprints unlocked at level 320 and 360.

He glanced through it quickly, and his pupils suddenly narrowed to a point. A hint of surprise leaked out.

F*ck me, Ive hit the jackpot!

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