Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 Cultural Talen

Mechanical Catastrophe Franciscos Lords Avatar opened his arms to maintain the shield against the death energy. All the patterns on his mechanical body were glowing with psionic light, and the thruster on his back was working at full capacity, shooting out six deep blue flame trails. But he still could not stop himself from moving backward.

He turned around and saw that Red Devil Tolaen and Desolate Beast Mercer were hiding behind his shield while occasionally shooting ranged Shockwave Blasts or spells, then quickly running back behind him right after. Francisco was infuriated.

You guys are the melee warriors, yet you hide behind me?

Are you two using me as a cover?

Stop messing about!

Francisco was very annoyed.

The battle had already lasted for quite some time. The situation in the various battlefields had all changed. Black Star and Kasuyi were still having an intense battle, and mechanical soldiers continued to penetrate Kasuyis defenses to help Hila.

As Hila gained more help, she could focus more on her attacks, which led to Tolaen and Mercer acting more cautiously. Originally, the three of them had the firm upper hand, but now, the situation had shockingly started to move toward a stalemate. The main reason for that was the mechanical soldiers that Kasuyi let past. They were enhanced by Black Stars Mechanical Force, so they were quite powerful and made the battlefield very chaotic.

The fleet battlefield in outer space was not looking too good as well. The mechanical army controlled by Francisco was being attacked by Han Xiaos Virtual Intrusion, so mechanical soldiers were turning into traitors here and there, fighting their ex-teammates. This led to part of the fleet being able to provide help to Hila using ranged attacks, further diverting the energy of Mechanical Catastrophe and the other two.

Mechanical Catastrophe Francisco had to be the one dealing the damage, taking the damage, restraining the fleet, and even guarding his army on the virtual field, all at the same time

My life is so difficult. I cant even serve my sentence in peace!

Only Sagmans side could give him some comfort, as they were almost done destroying all the stargates.

When the two of them are done, theyll be able to come over and help. Then, the stalemate will be broken, and Hila will be completely overpowered, doomed to die! Francisco thought.

He knew that the Arcane Church had given Taylor a special trump card secretly that would be able to restrict Hilas movements. According to the plan, when the five of them gathered, they would use it to launch a lethal attack on Hila.

This trump card was a few one-time use magic scrolls that stored extremely powerful church special forbidden spells, fused with the powers of Divine Spells.

Among them, the strongest was [Forbidden SpellWailing Nuns Embrace]. This forbidden spell normally needed multiple people to use it together and took a long time to activate, but it could be activated instantly when stored in a magic scroll.

The Arcane Church once had a stage where their Mages were blooming, so there were many Beyond Grade A forbidden spell scrolls that got passed down. This scroll had been created by four Beyond Grade A Mages. One of them was even a peak Beyond Grade A Mage, so the strength of this spell was extremely high.

Only Taylor, Sagman, and Francisco knew about these scrolls; the rest had no idea, even Kasuyi. The Arcane Church knew Kasuyis personality very well, that he was not willing to bully a new Beyond Grade A with so many teammates. If he knew that the church planned to use this kind of one-time mass destructive weapon, it might lead to something unpredictable. Therefore, the church did not tell him about it, and their request to Kasuyi was only to stop Black Stars Lords Avatar.

As for why only Taylor, Sagman, and Francisco knew, it was because the three of them were the most trustworthy and shameless, so they would work together the best. Anyway, once they activated the scrolls, the other teammates would follow up with more attacks as well.

On the other side, Crimson Snake had already turned into combat mode and shrouded Hilas face. She swiftly moved around the battlefield, shooting out death energy while trying to hide her anxiety.

She understood her situation. Although she could last some time against the three enemies with the help of the mechanical army, she knew that this stalemate would be broken very soon. As soon as Sagman and Taylor joined the battle, she would not be able to last for sure.

If I dont do anything, itll just be a slow death.

Although Han Xiao had sent a message to her earlier saying that his main body was on the way, due to her personality, Hila did not expect to rely on others in times of despair. Instead, she would do her best to save herself.

The reinforcements have yet to arrive, my means of retreat has been cut off, and there are two other powerful enemies who will soon join the battle. In order to survive, I have to hold on while facing the attacks of five of them. Thats a desperate situation even with the help of the mechanical army and the fleet. Ill have to rely on myself one way or another. What other trump cards do I have here?

Hila remained calm and quickly thought about how to resolve this situation.

Ideas were born and filtered out one after another. Very soon, there was only one idea left in her mind.

Ill have to do my best to try this

Hila clenched her teeth.

An enormous beam penetrated the last stargate station. Debris flew everywhere, and shockwaves from the explosion made the shields of the defense fleet nearby flicker.

"The stargate stations have been destroyed, lets go!"

Sagman did not hesitate. He quickly turned into a mass of bright, golden light, which shrouded Taylor, and instantly sped up, turning into a stream of light and leaving the battlefield, heading right toward Hila.

As they knew that the spacetime stabilization device would be activated, they knew that summoning type spells would be affected too. Taylor had made preparations in advance; he had prepared a ton of summoning scrolls, which he started tearing open right after the teleportation gate appeared, forming an army of summoned creatures. Taylor himself, however, swapped from summoning style to artillery style to adapt to the environment.

He was good at summoning spells, but that did not mean he did not learn other types of spells. He was just not as good at those in comparison.

A Beyond Grade A would have multiple combat styles. This was especially true among Mages, who were known for their versatility. No matter what style they were good at usually, they could all switch to a different style when needed.

With Kasuyi holding back, a small number of mechanical soldiers were also let past, trying to stop the two of them.

However, Sagman was extremely mobile in light form. He made countless turns to avoid fighting the mechanical soldiers head-on, showing how experienced he was. Luckily, Taylor was a Beyond Grade A as well, or he would have been vomiting his guts out.

Sagmans Esper Ability was related to light energy, so his turning speed was extremely fast. He went in a huge circle to get rid of the mechanical troops and entered Hilas battlefield, floating in midair above the planet.

"You guys are finally here. Quickly, help!"

Francisco was done with his teammates and was exhilarated to see help arrive.

Sagman and Taylor exchanged looks and saw what each other meant.

Create an opportunity to use the forbidden spell scrolls!

The two of them joined the battle without saying anything.

Light energy shockwaves and magic spells were thrown out like they were free, exploding everywhere.


The sound of explosions never stopped. Mechanical soldiers were being destroyed one after another. Hila was in a dire situation once again, so much so that she had to stop all her attacks and focus on defending herself.

After the two of them joined the battle, it became completely one-sided.

At the same time, Han Xiaos Lords Avatar scanned through the difficult situation Hila was in. He then said in the chat window with Kasuyi exclusively, "Hila wont be able to fight against five of them. Stop blocking me and let me past."

"How do you want to act that out?" Kasuyi replied.

"Give me a powerful hit, throwing my Lords Avatar and part of my mechanical army over."

"The church wants me to stall you. I cant possibly throw you into that battlefield. Plus, if you join that battle, Ill have to follow too, and then, Ill have to fight Hila as well. Shell be in an even more dangerous situation." Kasuyi shook his head slightly.

The acting was one thing, but he did not want to offend the church. No matter how much he was holding back, there was no way he could make it this obvious.

"How about you use a large attack when youre in a dire situation, and that stops your teammates attacks? Just say its collateral damage."

"I have complete control over my psychic power. Theres zero chance something like that would happen."

"Then might as well let me destroy this doppelganger of yours. Thats the easiest way."

"No, not mentioning whether your Lords Avatar has the ability to defeat my doppelganger, I have to stay here to prevent accidents. That old man, Mechanic Emperor, said the federation wants to make a move. Ill have to act like Im fighting with them for Hila to keep some of them busy."

Han Xiao did not even know what to say.

Whats the courtesy of an actor? This is!

Youre so passionate about your job that even the church would be touched!

"No this, no that, what should we do then?"

"The federation might appear at any moment. When they do, Ill turn to fight them, and her situation wont be so dangerous. If Hila can still hold on for now, its best to wait for the change thats certainly going to come," Kasuyi said.

"Ill have to think about it" Han Xiao pondered.

While these two actors were going through their script together, a change suddenly happened!


Under the nonstop attacks of five enemies, Hila finally showed a flaw. Mechanical Catastrophe Francisco captured the opportunity, clapped his hands, and released an extremely condensed plasma electromagnetic field that passed through the gaps between the death energy.


Electric sparkles appeared all over Hilas body, and her movements showed even more flaws.

Sagman and Francisco then continued throwing out more powerful controlling abilities to restrain her.

"Weird. Ever since we joined the battle, shes seemed less focused"

This doubt flashed through Sagmans mind. Before he had time to think about it carefully, he yelled at Taylor in the mind communication channel, "Use the scrolls!"

"Ready long ago!"

Taylor tore open a white magical scroll with black words, the scroll then suddenly glowed extremely brightly.


As if a prison was finally opened after a thousand years, countless white magical runes shot out from the scroll like wild dragons, all landing on Hila.

The next moment, the surface of Crimson Snake was crawling with eerie pale-white runes, which had an overall shape of a seductive woman. The woman-shaped pattern slowly opened its arms and did a hugging posture.


An unknown power appeared as Hila realized that she could not move her body. She was locked in midair. The boiling energy in her body quickly calmed down, and she was completely unable to move.

Forbidden SpellWailing Nuns Embrace!

"Focus fire!"

The duration of this scroll was limited. Sagman did not dare waste any more time. He yelled in the communication channel to tell everyone to use all their attacks and throw them at Hila.

Tolaen and Mercer responded instantly. Although they did not know what happened, they would not let such a good opportunity pass.


Hilas silhouette was instantly buried by colorful energy explosions.

It looked beautiful, but it was extremely powerful as well!

Kasuyis doppelganger suddenly turned around.

"A forbidden spell scroll"

The church hid this and did not tell me about it

Seeing this, he did not want to discuss the script any longer. His psychic energy grabbed onto the mechanical army, including Han Xiaos Lords Avatar, and threw them to the battlefield Hila was in.

"Damn, what a decisive man."

Flying in midair, Han Xiao rushed toward Hilas position with the help of Kasuyis push, but he was not in a hurry.

Kasuyi did not know much about Hila and thought Hila was in danger. However, Han Xiao knew that Hila had the ability to be able to revive herself. This wave of focus fire looked powerful, but it could not kill Hila. It would only trigger her reviving ability.

However, if thats the case, Ill have to use the backup plan. Han Xiao frowned slightly.

If Hilas one-time reviving ability was not triggered, he would take more risks. Now, however, Han Xiao felt like he needed to change the plan.

However, before he arrived at the battlefield, a powerful life force energy erupted in Hilas location!


The gold life energy shot into the sky like a fountain!

The liveliness of this energy startled everyone.

Sagman and the other four suddenly realized, although they had been dealing heavy damage to Hila all this time, those injuries seemed to have recovered within seconds!

With the effect of the forbidden spell ending, Hila escaped. Crimson Snake was already worn out, showing large portions of her sky that was covered in opened wounds with visible flesh.

However, with vital energy regenerating her body, those open wounds closed in the blink of an eye, not even leaving any scars, turning back to her smooth skin.

Sagman and the others eyes widened as they were astounded.


Such a powerful regenerative ability

Why does she have this kind of power?

Also, why does this look familiar?

The next moment, everyone turned around and looked at Han Xiaos Lords Avatar with a shocked expression.

Isnt this Black Stars ability

Why does Hila have it too?

In terms of the similarities between the two of them

Could this be the people of Planet Aquamarines cultural talent

This time, Kasuyis voice appeared.

"Black Star, are you people of the Planet Aquamarine all unkillable?"

"Thats really not true. We dont have that kind of talent" Han Xiao smiled awkwardly.

If his main body was there instead of his Lords Avatar, he would probably have taken a very deep breath.

What Hila did was successfully building a vital link with Aurora. How else could so much vital energy erupt out of nowhere

Being able to obtain a new ability during battle, sis, are you a protagonist type character too?

That doesnt make sense. Youre supposed to be on the evil side.

With this vital link activated, Hila became drastically stronger. Her basic combat capability did not increase, but she basically had an extremely powerful healer with her at all times. As long as Aurora still had stamina, Hilas regeneration ability would be terrifying!

Han Xiaos heart was hurting so badly he almost wanted to report this to the officials.

I thought I was powerful enough, but I never expected you to cheat!

If Hila had this external software in his previous life Han Xiao could not even imagine what would have happened.

Sadly, before Hilas cheat finished installing in his previous life, the Germinal Organizations leader had already destroyed it.


Hilas will to fight was boiling.

Currently, Aurora was already able to fight along her side in this way, which helped her escape lethal danger. Hilas mindset was different from before; she did not reject Aurora using her abilities to help her.

Beyond Grade As needed more vital energy to regenerate, but Aurora was now a Calamity Grade as well, so she was more than able to be Hilas healer.

Hearing Hilas yelling, Sagman and the other four were hesitant as to whether they should continue fighting Hila.

Han Xiao, however, stopped in midair and did not continue approaching. Kasuyi was watching from afar as well.

Everyone stopped doing what they were doing and exchanged looks. The situation became awkward.

However, everyone suddenly felt something and looked over in that direction.


Not far from the stronghold, a Federation of Light fleet penetrated the limitations of the spacetime stabilization device and suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

At the front of the fleet, seven Beyond Grade As stood in a row, looking at everyone there.

Kasuyi looked up and said calmly, "Theyre here."

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