Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Oscar Winner

Under the Force Field, the satellite tiles shattered Traveler’s magic shield time after time like enormous fists, slapping him around everywhere like he was a baseball.

It looked like Ames had the complete upper hand and was totally overpowering Traveler, but not only was she not relieved, she was even more cautious.

There was a reason Traveler was getting beaten this badlyfor unknown reasons, he used the Puppet Replacement Spell multiple times, decreasing his attributes, health, and energy time after time. It was like he was looking to be tortured.

At the same time, that uncomfortable evil vibe he was giving off gradually became stronger too.

“I can’t keep doing this.” Ames looked at the base far away and nodded.

The officers in the watchtower saw this action of hers, which was a hint to activate the spacetime stabilization device to cut off Traveler’s path of retreat.

Herlous instantly gave the order.

“Ambush team in position. Everyone, activate”

Before he finished, the situation suddenly changed! A purple and green energy wave as thick as flowing liquid erupted from Traveler’s body. It had suction cups and looked like the tentacles of an octopus. It also looked like a boiling and bubbling potion that kept expanding.

The energy condensed into almost solidified translucent green and purple energy tentacles. Instead of saying that Traveler released them, it was more like these energy tentacles tore Traveler’s body open and forced their way out!

Ames did not have a habit of waiting for someone to finish transforming. Without saying a word, she focused her Force Field once again.

Circular Force Fields spun around her like small tornados, quickly turning into the shape of drills. They then stopped for an instant before rocketing toward Traveler.

However, the next moment, the purple-green energy on Traveler’s body moved and covered Traveler completely, forming a coating around him. The Force Field landed on it but was shockingly not able to penetrate it, only pushing him back slightly.

“Hahaha. Useless useless useless!”

Traveler laughed maniacally like he was a different person, giving off an indescribable sense of evil from all over his body.

Tons of army soldiers felt their legs tremble just by looking at him In the interface terms, all of them had undergone a will judgment.

Ames kept attacking, but the purple-green energy around Traveler was extremely tough and blocked all her attacks. It was unknown what kind of energy this was.

At this time, Traveler suddenly held both his hands up, and a strong sense of passion appeared in his eyes.

“This powerful person here is the sacrifice I, your husband, have given to you. Answer my call, my lovely wife!”


The energy around his body suddenly bloomed and spread out like it was infinite, painting the black cosmic space purple and green.

The properties of this area changed in this instant.

“Alert! Alert! Spacetime coefficient is fluctuating drastically. The wave peak has exceeded the reality safety line!”

“Spacetime stabilization device overloading Alert! Stabilization anchor broken! Stabilization failed. Requesting more spacetime stabilization devices!”

“Analyzing event model Analysis complete. 100% match. Event: Advent of a secondary dimension!”

If the spacetime was a piece of paper, the spacetime coefficient would be the extent to which this piece of paper was folded. The more stable it was, the neater and flatter this piece of paper would be. At this moment, this piece of paper was crushed into a ball, and another piece of paper representing a secondary dimension was wrapped around it.

Secondary dimensions were dangerous yet amazing. They were all born due to various reasons. If they appeared in the main universe, they would change the spacetime properties of a certain area and turn it into the secondary dimension. Most of the time, this would be a disaster.

Han Xiao had once seen an item called the Shadow Lantern in the dynasty. Its core was the fragment of the Shadow Dimension, and it could summon the Shadow Dimension. What Traveler was doing now was similar to that.

This evil filled secondary dimension gradually expanded outside Black Star Palace. Ames and the various fleets were all inside this dimension as if they were swallowed into its stomach.

Countless energy tentacles extended and appeared out of nowhere, each one at least a hundred thousand meters long, flapping and moving around randomly. The fleets’ formations were immediately broken, and their shields were attacked continuously.

Ames frowned as she controlled her Force Field to keep shattering one tentacle after another. However, new tentacles appeared in this secondary dimension like there was no end to them. Seeing this, she had no choice but to keep aiming her Force Field at Traveler himself.


Traveler did not even dodge. He just hovered in the same place and kept waving his hand that had the purple mark on it. Following the movements of his hand, purple green energy tides appeared out of nowhere like it was infinite, easily shattering Ames’s Force Field attacks.

“I once lost to Oulou and witnessed his terrifying abilities, which motivated me to take the path of searching for secondary dimensions.” Purple and green patterns extended on Traveler’s face as he became more and more excited. He laughed like a lunatic and said, “Eventually, I found a new power! Let me introduce you. This secondary dimension is called Evil Convergence. It’s my wife! Inside its body, I can absorb an infinite amount of energy! Call Black Star out. You’re no match for me!”

“You haven’t beaten me yet.”

Ames narrowed her eyes slightly.

Traveler looked around and saw that countless fleets were rising from the Black Star Palace to deploy more spacetime stabilization anchors around.

Seeing this, he did not care and smiled coldly.

After causing such a big fuss, Black Star would definitely have to do something. He had already achieved his initial goal. All that was left was when would Black Star come.

However, he had to add more flames and give Black Star more pressure.

Having thought of that, Traveler looked at Ames and licked his lips.

“I shall chew you up into pieces first then.”

In the Emerald Star Cluster, the arrival of the Federation of Light attracted the attention of everyone present. They all stopped moving with different looks on their faces.

There were six Beyond Grade As who appeared there, while ‘Defender’ Romo, who was providing ranged support, did not come.

“One, two six Beyond Grade As.”

Hila’s heart sank. The excitement from creating a vital link that ignored distance quickly dissipated.

If all those people were there to kill her, she felt that there was no way she would survive.

Aurora’s stamina was limited; it would run out sooner or later. With so many Beyond Grade As working together, they would be able to kill her countless times over.

To her, no matter how strong her regeneration ability was, being killed was just a matter of time. Furthermore, regenerating fast did not mean that she would not be captured by the enemies.

“Sis” Aurora’s anxious call came through the mind link.

Hila felt the vital energy that kept flowing out in her body. The sharp look in her eyes gradually softened as she subconsciously turned to look at Han Xiao’s Lord’s Avatar floating in midair.

When she was surrounded earlier, she had analyzed the situation and felt that the only way to survive was to successfully link with Aurora. Hence, she had diverted her attention during the battle to keep trying to build a link with Aurora.

Whether it was her potential exploding in a time of life or death or some other unknown reason, that obstructing secondary dimension gradually stopped absorbing the vital energy. With this obstacle gone, the link between the two of them was built smoothly, and Aurora could finally share her energy with Hila through the blood and soul connection between them.

While everyone was observing the situation, the federation’s fleet moved.

A ton of unmanned spaceships and mechanical troops headed to attack the defense fleet of the planet stronghold, while the other spaceships quickly changed formation. The engineering ships came to the edge of the formation and released arc-shaped machinery that connected with each other, starting to assemble the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device.

The six Beyond Grade As of the federation quickly approached the battlefield Hila was in. Sierron crossed his four arms and looked down at Hila, Sagman, and the rest from above.

“Looks like we arrived at just the right time,” he said coldly.

Kasuyi’s doppelganger slowly flew over. “The federation is going to be involved in this too?”

“Humph, you people of the church really are useless. You still haven’t killed Hila,” Sierron said coldly.

“Since the federation is here, I suppose you have the same goal as us. Why not work together to kill Hila?” Sagman said with a deep voice. “She has just exposed that she has a similar regeneration power to Black Star. We will only have a higher chance of killing her by working together.”

Hades suddenly said, “Okay, since everyone’s goal is the same, let’s form an alliance.”

Sierron paused, thought about it for a second, and did not explain their true goal.

There were quite a number of people from the church as well; it was not a suitable time to show all his cards. Working together was the best choice.

Hearing this, Sagman and the others were overjoyed, but Hila’s heart sank.

Looks like today is the day I die.

This time, Han Xiao’s Lord’s Avatar landed beside her and stood by her side. He took out a compressed orb for a new Crimson Snake, instantly expanded it out, and helped Hila change her mechanical suit.

Hila turned and looked at him, hesitated for a moment, and said softly in their communication channel, “Black Star, if I die today, take care of my sister for me.”

“You won’t die today.” Han Xiao shook his head.

“You don’t have to comfort me. There are ten or so Beyond Grade As here This is more terrifying than what you faced back then. You won’t be able to save me even if you come in person Don’t bring your original body here. Go, don’t save me. You’ll be in danger too.”

“You won’t know till you try it,” Han Xiao replied.

Hila shook her head, paused, and said softly, “I owe you too much. You’ve been taking care of us all these years. I really appreciate you a lot.”

Han Xiao looked at her. “Why are you suddenly saying your will? It’s not like you.”

“Hehe, don’t worry, I won’t give up resisting. Even if I die, I’ll hurt my enemies as much as possible. I’ve always been chasing after your shadow, and before I die, I can finally fight alongside you. I’m already satisfied.”

Hila subconsciously reached out her hand but stopped halfway. She hesitated and changed it into a pat on Han Xiao’s Lord’s Avatar’s shoulder before softly sighing.

The next second, her face returned to her cold ice-like expression. Energy erupted from her body as she charged fearsomely toward the Beyond Grade As before her!

She just hoped that Han Xiao’s main body was not the one standing beside her now.

However, before I’m killed in a battle, I should be able to see you one last time

“Know your place.” Sagman snorted and brought his teammates to once again fight Hila.

Just as Sierron was about to bring his teammates and join the battle, they suddenly felt a sense of danger.


An extremely powerful psychic energy wave swept over them. The members of the federation were shocked as they quickly activated their defense measures but were still blown away. The attack also contained a powerful mind attack. Many of them shivered and felt an overwhelming painful headache.

This made everyone shocked. Sagman and the other four stopped as well and looked up. The attacker was their leader, Kasuyi’s doppelganger.

Aren’t we temporary allies now? Why did His Excellency Kasuyi attack the federation’s men?

Hila’s movements paused as well. She was confused too.

That’s weird. Why are they suddenly fighting each other?

Sierron got rid of the slight headache, stared at Kasuyi’s doppelganger, and yelled, “What is the meaning of this”

With hands behind his back, Kasuyi said, “The federation’s goal isn’t just to kill Hila, is it? You people want to capture her and use her as a chip to force Black Star to do something for you.”

Sierron’s expression changed. Given how certain Kasuyi was, he definitely knew about this from somewhere or someone, so there was no point faking it anymore. He did not deny it and said coldly, “How did you know that?”

“According to how you people do things, I could’ve easily guessed,” Kasuyi said calmly. “You people only came into the battle midway and even brought a Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device. Compared to killing someone, this is more like a kidnapping. The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter is still in your hands. If I’m not wrong, you want Black Star to open the seal of the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter in exchange for Hila.”

Suddenly, the psychic energy around Kasuyi’s body erupted like he was furious.

“If it was something else, it would not be a big deal. However, the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter is the church’s treasure. It definitely needs to be prioritized before Hila. Even if I must give up my mission today, I’ll stop you people from kidnapping Hila. The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter can’t be used by the federation no matter what!”

Feeling Kasuyi’s skyrocketing presence, Han Xiao was astonished.

Damn, are you an Oscar winner? How are you able to act this well?

Even if what he did now was reported to the upper echelons of the church, they would only compliment him for doing a good job.

Han Xiao suddenly thought that maybe this was not acting but his real thoughts

What a pro! This was the highest level of actingeven the actor himself believed it!

If you don’t receive the tiny gold man, it’s definitely rigged!

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