Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Silver Shadow Uber

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Evil Convergence had appeared outside Black Star Palace, gradually changing the properties of the space around while continuously expanding.

Within the affected area, the defense fleet continuously fired at the countless tentacles around, destroying one after another, only for more to appear again like they were endless.

According to some studies that supported the energy conservation theory of all energy in the universe, the conservation of energy operated between multiple dimensions. In many tests in galactic civilizations, there would be examples of energy suddenly disappearing or appearing out of nowhere, and most of those were caused by the energy shift between the main universe and other dimensions.

There were many ways a secondary dimension could be projected into the main universe. The method that Traveler used treated the secondary dimension like a bucket of water, and he opened a hole at the bottom of it to let the water inside flow into the main universe, causing corrosion.

Traveler did not put much effort into it; he only opened a hole. The rest came naturally from the secondary dimension itself and exceeded the capabilities of individual power. Therefore, this was extremely difficult to stop, and the fleet at Black Star Palace would not be able to solve this problem very soon.

In the middle of the battlefield, Ames was fighting intensely with Traveler. Powerful Force Fields clashed with the energy of Evil Convergence time after time, creating enormous aftershocks.

The Force Field Esper Ability was good with defense and controlling. Together with her Void Talents, despite Traveler having the upper hand, he could not penetrate Ames’ defenses. However, Ames was not happy about it at all.

The Evil Convergence is his territory. He has infinite energy here and can make me use my energy without fear. Dragging the battle out isn’t beneficial for me, Ames analyzed. She had to admit that Traveler was quite strong. He would be among the upper-middle tier even in the three Universal Civilizations.

Although she had also become stronger in the past twenty years, she was still not strong enough to fight someone this powerful alone.

“Your resistance is futile; your defeat is just a matter of time.” With increased corrosion of the Evil Convergence, Traveler’s aura became more and more evil.

Ames ignored him and focused on controlling the force field to deal with the purple-green energy tentacles everywhere.

In Black Star Palace’s watchtower, the various officers had serious looks on their faces. With the defense measures of Black Star Palace, they were not worried about the damage the Traveler might cause. What they were worried about was how Ames did not look like she was in a good situation. They kept commanding more fleets to join the battle to provide support.

Silver Shadow had a poker face but was very tempted deep down. Although the Black Star Army’s officers did not ask him for help, seeing that Ames was at a disadvantage, he felt that it was time for him to put on a show.

At this moment, a few spaceships with the Black Star Army’s symbol appeared from afar and approached.

“Have these transport ships steer away from the battlefield and return from another direction,” Herlous said.

These returning spaceships had been marked as transport ships long ago. Everyone’s attention was focused on the battlefield at the moment and did not bother with the transport ships. They only glanced at them and went back to watching the battle between Ames and Traveler.

However, the next moment, an alarm rang on the radar!

“Alert! Alert! Beyond Grade A energy source detected!”


The various officers present were shocked. They quickly looked at the radar and realized that the energy source was in the transport ships.

“Another enem”

They were instantly nervous.

However, before they could respond, what happened next stunned all the officers.


The familiar death energy gushed out from the transport ship like a tsunami. Hila stepped on the tide and quickly approached Black Star Palace.

“Deputy Army Commander Hila!”


They were stunned, and Aurora was even stupefied.

Aren’t you at the frontlines? How did you suddenly appear here?

If not because of the mind link, Aurora might have thought that this Hila was a fake.

However, the most stunned person was Traveler. When he saw this, the maddened laugh he had on his face stiffened instantly.

What the hell, why is Hila here

His mission was to divert Black Star’s attention and help those who were attacking Hila to restrain Black Star But since Hila was there, what were those people attacking? Air?

What am I even trying to restrain here

He could not figure out what was going on at all, so in the end, he blamed it all on Sorokin

What a scam! Giving me false information!

Since Hila had appeared there, there was no point continuing the mission. He did not want to continue fighting the Black Star Army.

Traveler decisively gave up on attacking Ames and instantly fled. Of course, Ames was not going to let him leave easily. Her focus shifted from defense to attack instantly.

Hila glared at Traveler but did not instantly join the battle.

She remembered Han Xiao’s words and quickly entered the watchtower. She had no time to talk to the confused officers and headed right to Silver Shadow.

“Wear this mechanical suit. Black Star wants to see you.”

“Huh?” Silver Shadow was at a loss.

“No time to explain, get in.”

Hila deactivated the King, and it automatically attached itself onto Silver Shadow.

The next moment, Silver Shadow disappeared without a trace.

After this was completed, Hila finally had the time to take a deep breath.

The officers around approached her immediately.

“Why are you here? Where’s His Excellency Black Star?” Hadavy asked.

When this matter was brought up, Hila felt a pain in her heart, and her expression sank.

The impression she gave to the army officers had always been cold, proud, and powerful. Therefore, when she looked this hurt, the officers were all shocked and started guessing with a pessimistic mindset.

Did something horrible happen to their commander

“Sis” Aurora noticed Hila’s sorrowful emotions and held her hand with a worried look on her face.

“I owe him too much.” Hila closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as if she was talking to herself. “How can I ever pay you back for what you’ve done for me?”

At this time, Han Xiao led Silver Shadow away from the wrecked frontline stronghold. The players and the other warriors would take care of cleaning up the battlefield. He wanted to make some trouble for Gorutan while the effects of the Character Summon Cards still lasted.

Hila was attacked, and the information had come from Gorutan. Although, given how unique Hila’s ability was, she would have experienced this sooner or later, this did not mean that Han Xiao would let Gorutan off easy.

On the way to Gorutan’s territory, Han Xiao gave Silver Shadow his request

“You want to use my body?”

Silver Shadow’s face was filled with dismay.

He could not understand the King’s effects, nor did he dare ask. He was originally confused as to why he had been summoned there by Black Star. Now, when he heard what Han Xiao said, he panicked completely.

So, this is the kind of person you really are, Black Star! My body is what you wanted!

“That’s what I meant, but I feel like you’ve misunderstood something,” Han Xiao said with resignation. “I just want you to help me. Treat it as a deal to use the Evolution Cube.”

“You startled me. I thought you wanted to capture me and make me a special weapon like the Mechanic Emperor does.” Silver Shadow was relieved.

“Oh, that’s not entirely wrong.” Han Xiao coughed, changed the topic, and said seriously, “Your body has a hidden characteristic. When you awaken it, you can turn yourself into a special Universal Treasure. This is exactly what I need you to do, to transform and help me.”

“How do you know that?” Silver Shadow was curious. Even he did not know about that himself, so how did someone else know more about his own body than him?

“Remember the first time we met? When we sparred, I controlled your body and did a detailed scan. Back then, I noticed that there’s a secret hidden in your body. You might have undergone some kind of mutation when turning into a Beyond Grade A.” Han Xiao started to use his talent for deception without breaking a sweat.

The truth was, he had poked Silver Shadow long ago and seen his attributes, which already had the ability to become a Universal Treasure inside.

However, normal people did not have the interface, so they could not know all their own abilities like the players, and Silver Shadow was one such example. He did not know that he had such an ability.

In a situation like this, as long as he guided him to make him notice this hidden ability, he might be able to use it straight away.

“Alright then, what should I do?” Silver Shadow barely accepted this explanation.

“Try to sense while thinking about it?”

Han Xiao did not have an exact method. In the past, Silver Shadow did not think about anything related to this at all, but now that he made him realize that, he might be able to awaken this ability instantly.

Doubtful, Silver Shadow held on to the thought of transforming into a Universal Treasure and controlled his body to slowly change shape.

His silver body quickly turned into a pile of liquid metal that constantly changed shape as he looked for the right feeling.

After some time, the pile of liquid metal suddenly gave off a strange energy. Silver Shadow actively crawled up Han Xiao’s body. The silver liquid metal shrouded Han Xiao’s entire body and turned him into a silver man.

“I really do have this ability!” Silver Shadow was shocked by himself.

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled. He looked at the notification on the interface and smiled with satisfaction.

“Didn’t I tell you? You did have hidden potential.”

The interface was showing that Silver Shadow had already turned into Universal Treasure grade equipment and he was wearing it, which allowed him to share Silver Shadow’s incredible defense and speed, while at the same time giving him quite a few new abilities.

Furthermore, wearing Silver Shadow felt very comfortable, like sitting inside a luxurious car.

On the other side, experiencing this new feeling, Silver Shadow made a decision.

He had to become closer to Black Star. This guy easily saw his potential, which he did not even see himself. If he could get Black Star to help him explore the mysteries of his body, his growth would definitely be much quicker.

Having found his hidden potential, Silver Shadow was very content. He did not mind lending his body to Han Xiao and letting him control it as he wanted.

The two of them practiced for a while. Han Xiao gradually familiarized himself with the controls of this luxurious car, and he loved it.

“Let’s go!”

Then, he dashed right forward.


Silver Shadow’s speed up ability erupted. Han Xiao speed increased as if it had no limits as he turned into a silver meteor and disappeared into cosmic space.

Somewhere in the Star Cluster, a teleportation gate formed in the cosmic space and spat out three people.

“Hu, we’ve finally escaped.”

Sagman’s tense body finally relaxed. He looked toward the battlefield with a complicated expression.

Black Star’s explosive strength was really scary. If I ran only a little slower, I would have been captured

They could not help but be glad that Black Star had chased after the federation instead of them.

He turned around and exchanged looks with Taylor and Mercer. The three of them had the same thought.

That was close to being captured a second time.

“His Excellency Kasuyi is so wise. He turned around to help Black Star deal with the federation, which not only restrained Black Star but also caused more damage to the federation. Although the mission failed, His Excellency Kasuyi definitely made a huge contribution,” Taylor said.

Every time they thought of how tragic the result was for the federation, the three of them felt joy in their hearts and more respect for Kasuyi’s wise decision.

“But Tolaen has been captured by Black Star too, which is a problem.” Sagman shook his head.

“Hehe, that’s nothing. He’ll just suffer a little. When he’s released, we’ll have something else to talk about.”

“Haha, you’re right.”

Although they had lost a teammate, the three of them did not mind it too much. The atmosphere was lively and uplifting.

However, on the federation’s side, it was the complete opposite.

After the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device brought the federation’s fleet back to their territory, the upper echelon who was waiting at the location to receive Hila was stunned to see the state of the returning team.

“Six Beyond Grade As left, but only two of you returned”

Hearing the outraged question from the upper echelon, Sierron was extremely ashamed.

If he had fought Black Star head-on without considering the consequences, he was certain that he could have matched up to Black Star even in that state. Sadly, Pugilists were like sharp blades. All their strength was condensed in their bodies, so protecting his teammates was something he really was not good at.

Thinking of the fact that so many Beyond Grade A teammates had been lost under his lead, Sierron was trembling with rage.

This is beyond embarrassing!

Manison will surely laugh about this!

The upper echelons will definitely feel that my ability to lead a team is much weaker than Manison’s, so they will have to rely more on him

And that *sshole Kasuyi. If not for him, the federation would not have suffered this much of a loss.

Sierron clenched his teeth.

Kasuyi, just you wait. Manison will certainly come for you!

Near a certain stargate station in the Emerald Star Cluster, a fleet was fighting a mechanical army. The most conspicuous thing on the battlefield was a silhouette that was covered in dark brown Pugilist flames. It was ‘Beast Ancestor’ Gorutan.

His opponents were more than a dozen Apostle Weapons of the Mechanic Emperor that had various appearances and were quite powerful. When working together, they were able to stall Gorutan.

Ever since Gorutan came to rescue his fleet, the two sides had been embroiled in a bitter fight.

“Mechanic Emperor, there’s no point trying to stop me!” Gorutan said while fighting with the Apostle Weapons. “Black Star’s frontline stronghold was attacked. Hila might already be dead. Even if you don’t let me destroy the target stations, the dynasty’s reinforcements won’t make it in time. Hila’s death is certain.”

At this point, he still did not know what had happened, and his impression of the situation there remained at when Sorokin told him Hila was in a dire situation.

Destroying the surrounding stargate stations felt unnecessary to him. He still did not think Hila would have any chance of getting through this disaster.

Manison did not respond at all. The Apostle Weapon simply did their job and fought Gorutan.

Seeing that Manison did not respond, Gorutan was even more irritated. “Are you going to let my men go or not”

Again, Manison did not respond.

“You really don’t know when to give up, do you? Just wait, the news of Hila being killed will get here very quickly. By then, you’ll know that everything you’re doing now is meaningless.” Gorutan was extremely annoyed.

Manison still did not respond, but he quietly blocked all information sent to Gorutan from the outside world using his virtual technology.

It was not that no one had told Gorutan what happened, but he could not receive any messages from the outside world!

The abilities of a Virtual Mechanic were extremely difficult to notice, so Gorutan had no idea at all. He was still submerged in the joy of having successfully gotten revenge.

Manison ignoring Gorutan made him clench his teeth. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly had a feeling. He looked into the distance with a confused expression.

A silver meteor entered his sights at an unbelievable speed and quickly approached!

A strange sense of danger appeared in Gorutan’s mind.

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