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Chapter 1057 A Vip

Han Xiao did not use his Mechanical Deity but his main body to fight in melee range instead. Once his [ChargeEndless Potential] was off cooldown, he would back away and farm the distance traveled for the next powerful attack.

Despite trying to stop him, Gorutan was still held back by the formidable mechanical army.

Without the restriction of the spacetime stabilization anchors, Han Xiaos soldiers continuously swarmed out from his secondary dimensional army box and Dimension Factory. Currently, the mechanical armys main task was to restrain and damage the enemies.

The combat capability of a peak Beyond Grade A Pugilist was exceptional, so Gorutan did not have too hard a time being surrounded. Nonetheless, he was quite troubled by the mechanical army. Not to mention the fact that there was someone on the side who came charging at him every once in a while.

In the chaotic encirclement, everywhere Gorutan went, tons and tons of mechanical soldiers were destroyed.

Feeling the pain of his muscles healing from the wounds suffered earlier, Gorutan was irritated.

Originally, closing the distance was the best strategy for a Pugilist when fighting a Mechanic, but in this situation, he did not even want Han Xiao to get close to him. The [ChargeEndless Potential] was way too annoying for him. It caused him to be unable to control the tempo of the battle.

Every time he saw Han Xiao lurking around on the side, Gorutan would uncontrollably yell in his mind, Dont come any closer!

On the other side, despite having a slight advantage, Han Xiaos situation was not too optimistic.

A Pugilists way of fighting was not flashy; it was pure and direct. However, when they reached the peak Beyond Grade A level, this pureness would transform and make their body indestructible.

"My tankiness is at the top among Mechanics, which is mainly thanks to my strong regenerative ability. Nonetheless, I cant underestimate the regenerative ability of a peak Beyond Grade A Pugilist. Plus, his health is even higher than mine."

Pugilists had a ton of talents that gave them Endurance. Their own class gave them more bonuses as well. At the peak Beyond Grade A level, no class could compete with Pugilists in terms of sheer health. Even Han Xiao and Milizaus were no exception. Furthermore, peak Beyond Grade A Pugilists might also have overpowered regenerative abilities like his. They were the true official tank warriors.

Before this, Sierron had to fight while running, and he was burdened by his teammates. This was Han Xiaos first time fighting a peak Beyond Grade A Pugilist toe to toe. Even though he was at his peak, defeating Gorutan as easily as defeating normal Beyond Grade A Pugilists was absolutely impossible.

The two of them fought intensely, while far away, Beast Ancestors fleet was hesitating.

"Father is fighting. Should we help?"

Inside the bridge of the command ship, the crews eyes all focused on one of the Calamity Grade officers.

This person was one of the direct offspring of Gorutan, the captain of this fleet. His name was Byram.

"Thats a battle of Beyond Grade As. Its not suitable for us to interfere, I think," Byram said hesitantly.

"Black Star is here for revenge. Its not a one-on-one spar. The battle is looking tough for father. We shouldnt just watch him get beaten up," another Calamity Grade officer said.

"But we wont be of much use in battles like this. Just the aftershocks of their battle will cost us huge losses." Byram frowned.

"We would at least be of some help. Every little helps. Father might need us."

Byram turned to look at him. As he expected, he saw burning passion in this persons eyes.

Naturally, not all of Gorutans children agreed with his way of raising his offspring, and their faction was not completely united. Although Gorutan was their father, they had many different mothers, which led to the internal structure of the faction being unstable.

The stand Gorutans children had could be classified into three types. Byram was neutral; all he did was follow the rules and orders. He called Gorutan father, but he did not have much, if any, sense of belonging to the faction. The officer who kept persuading him to interfere with the battle was one of the loyal ones.

While Byram thought about what to do, a huge fleet arrived from afar. Their exterior armor had the symbol of Beast Ancestor. This was the fleet that had come from the stronghold to back up Beast Ancestor after realizing that something was wrong.

"Finally." Byram was relieved.

The two sides quickly gathered, and the various officers met.

Since the reinforcements had already arrived, Byram could no longer just watch on the side. He shook his head and said, "Now, we have enough strength to interfere with this battle. Our goal wont be to destroy the mechanical troops, just hold back some of them to reduce the pressure on father. Lets go."

The fleet split up and gradually approached the battlefield.

Han Xiao noticed this as well. He glanced at the fleet and frowned.

During the exploration era, Beyond Grade As getting killed by fleets was nothing new. Even though Beyond Grade As were extremely strong, they could not completely ignore large fleets. If Beast Ancestors troops stepped into this battle, it would indeed cause some trouble for him.

Although he was a Virtual Mechanic, he still had to gradually hack the enemies, which meant that his focus would be diverted. At the same time, he would also have to send some of his mechanical armies to fight the fleet, so Gorutan would immediately face much less pressure. It would not be a problem if it was just an ordinary enemy, but Gorutan was the same Grade as him, so any tiny change in the situation would be enlarged and made use of.

Most of the fleet from Black Stars stronghold was still cleaning the battlefield, and Han Xiao had given an order for them to send part of the fleet there to back him up when he left to go to Gorutan. However, Silver Shadow was too fast; the others were left behind and were still on their way.

Suddenly, magic energy appeared out of nowhere.


As Beast Ancestors fleet was about to interfere, an enormous teleportation gate suddenly appeared, followed by a stream of battleships with the dynastys symbol, stopping Beast Ancestors fleet in its path.

"The dynastys people are finally here." Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Although the dynasty could not make it to rescue Hila, they ended up being useful now. Better late than never.

Very soon, the reinforcements of the dynasty had all arrived. Ravenlaude was the last to fly out of the teleportation gate. He swung his staff and deactivated this huge teleportation spell.

Having seen the situation, Kant smiled.

"Looks like weve arrived just in time."

This accident was a surprise for Han Xiao but a shock to the Beast Ancestors subordinates.

"Stop immediately!"

Numerous Beyond Grade A energy sources appeared on the radar of the spaceships. Byram was horrified and quickly told his fleet to stop, not daring to continue advancing. The fleet stopped against the dynastys fleet. He became hesitant again.

Kant and the others did not care about Beast Ancestors fleet. They all turned to look at the battlefield. Seeing the strength Han Xiao was displaying, they were all appalled.

"Black Star during his explosive state is on a much higher level compared to his usual state," Kohler said with a sigh. "Sadly, the price of such power is too huge."

Kant contacted Han Xiao, smiled, and asked, "How is it? Do you need help?"

"Not letting him escape will do," Han Xiao replied very soon.

This was a private matter, as well as a rare opportunity for him to build a reputation, so Han Xiao planned to fight Gorutan alone. Since the dynastys allies had arrived, they could prevent others from interfering and create an undisturbed one-on-one battle, as well as prevent Gorutan from escaping.

"Since you dont need us to interfere, we will respect your wishes."

Kant had no problem with this decision. Following Han Xiaos request, he ordered the fleet to split up and form an encirclement.

Seeing that he was surrounded by enemies, Gorutans expression turned gravehe knew there was no backing away now.

Did he regret it a little bit.

However, he did not dwell on it. What was done was done; he was not going to think about the what ifs.

There was no point in overthinking anything. Gorutan just continued to launch even more powerful attacks, using all his strength without holding back.

"Let me see all youve got, Black Star!"

At the same time, Byrams fleet on the side did not dare attack the dynastys fleet. They could only watch while the dynasty set up the encirclement right under their noses and do nothing as their boss got beaten up and surrounded.

Seeing the dynastys stand on this matter, the various officers including Byram all felt uneasy. They had a feeling that the person they depended on might collapse.

"Father has nowhere to run. The dynasty has made up their mind on capturing him."

"We cant watch father get captured by the dynasty!"

"But how can we help? There are many dynasty Beyond Grade As here. Us going in is just suicide."

"Is there even a way to solve this situation? Who can help us? Can the protectors of the Galactic Black Market help?"

"Impossible. Theyre definitely not looking to interfere in something this big."

As a protector of the Galactic Black Market, Gorutan had to rely on himself, and now he was alone. In situations like this, there was not going to be anyone like the Beyond Grade A allies of the three Universal Civilizations appearing to help him.

The same thought hit all of them, including Byram, simultaneously.

Were done for

Having realized this possibility, some of the officers and the crew started to have other thoughts.

Other than the loyal ones and the neutral ones, the rest were the rebels Some of the offspring of Beast Ancestor hated their identity and their father Gorutan. They felt that they were offspring on paper but actually just slaves. They had always been following the Beast Ancestors orders on the surface but would be more than glad to see Beast Ancestor killed in their hearts.

Seeing that Gorutan was now facing the revenge of such a powerful enemy, these people were overjoyed. The ambition in their hearts kept expanding.

A teleportation gate suddenly appeared in a rural area of the Flickering World, and Traveler stepped out from it.

"Ive finally got out." Traveler heaved a sigh of relief. He was quite wounded.

He had flown for a very long time till he finally got out of the range of the Black Stars fleets stabilization anchor. On the way, he had been chased by Ames and Hila and was heavily wounded. Luckily, in the end, he escaped Black Stars territory through teleportation.

Traveler took out his communicator and contacted the person in charge of the Super Star Cluster alliance.

"The developments of the situation have deviated from the plan. Hila somehow returned to the Black Star Palace. Our plan has failed."

"We expected that. Black Star burned his potential in exchange for astonishing strength. Not only did he force the troops of the federation and the church to retreat, he even captured many Beyond Grade As. This message has yet to spread to the outside world; only high-level organizations know about it now. Your Excellency Traveler, its fine as long as youre okay."

"I see" Traveler shook his head. As he retrieved the Evil Convergence, the evil vibe he gave disappeared, and he became easy to look past again. "Ive already offended the Black Star Army, so Im going to make a trip to the secondary dimension and wont be appearing in the main universe for a very long time. Dont call me to do things for now."

"Understood. Since we could not start another conflict between the three Universal Civilizations, we wont step foot in things like this for the time being and will slowly gather our strength for the next big move."

"Humph. Black Star doesnt know my identity yet. Hell just be unhappy about me at most. You guys wont be affected. As long as I disappear, hell stop caring. By the way, Sorokin thought I was hired, so he might notice something. That guy is suspicious. Pay more attention to him."


Traveler said a few words before hanging up and sighed.

I wonder how many years Ill have to spend hiding in the secondary dimension this time

He silently looked at this universe one last time before casting a spell and stepping into the secondary dimension, disappearing without a trace.

Time passed quickly.

The two people fought for a very long time, and before a large audience, the situation finally came to an end.

Tons of mechanical troops were damaged and became many Grades lower. Three Apostle Weapons were completely scrapped, and four Apostle Weapons were unable to fight for the time being. The Mechanical Deity got shattered once, and Silver Shadows health fell below the danger line After paying a huge price, Han Xiao was finally able to push Gorutan to his limits.

Although peak Beyond Grade A Pugilists recovered energy very quickly, they did not have close to infinite energy like Kasuyi.

Looking over the battlefield, it was filled with machinery debris. The Dimension Factory was still tirelessly recycling it all.

In the middle of the battlefield, Gorutan was covered in wounds that were healing much slower than before and still spraying blood. His face was filled with exhaustion.

"Youve lost. Anything you want to say?"

Han Xiao faced him, opened the helmet of the mechanical suit, and stared at him.

Although part of this was thanks to the fact that he was in an explosive state, this was still the first time he had defeated a peak Beyond Grade A alone.

"Ahem a loss is a loss. Theres nothing to say." Gorutan grinned, showing his teeth that were dyed red with blood. "What, you thought I would beg for mercy?"

"Theres always a price to pay when messing with someone. Since you decided to do that, you should have thought of the possibility of this happening.

"Humph, no need to say such nonsense to me. I knew what I was in for. At least I forced you to burn your potential. Your growth limit is now forever reduced, and you will never recover from it."

Han Xiao shook his head but was laughing in his mind.

Even if he explained it, Gorutan would not believe it. Plus, he was not planning to explain it to anyone.

He paused, changed the topic, and slowly said, "You provoked me back then. If youd taken a step back, today would not have happened. Compared to the life span you lost, youre going to lose much more now."

"If I did, that wouldnt be me," Gorutan said with a deep voice. "If I cant do whatever I want, whats the point of becoming so strong?"

Some chased after strength itself, while some chased after what came with it. Every Beyond Grade A was the former. They only became the latter afterward.

Not only Beyond Grade As, this was also the same for all Supers.

"No matter what, I shall have your body with a smile." Han Xiao raised his hand and pressed on Gorutans chest.

"Humph, take it then. Dont ever let me find the chance to turn the tables."

Gorutan stood with a straight back, unafraid.

Begging for mercy was the act of a loser, but he was mentally prepared long ago. Even with this loss, he still remained graceful.

The next moment, this expression was fixed, and the spraying blood stopped moving.

Beast Ancestor Gorutan was sealed in Spacetime Amber!

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