Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Encounter

To come across a clue right after they entered the secondary dimension, this could only be attributed to luck. Most likely, it was Ames [Caretaker of the Stars] Luck Glow that shone down on them. Could it be that the Goddess of Luck had changed her sexual orientation?

Speaking of which, since the act of rubbing Feidin for luck was called Touching the Willy, what then should he term the act of rubbing Ames?

Should he just go with Coiling Dragon[1]?

Since his luck was good enough to run into the clues that Hila was searching for, Han Xiao had no reason to let it go. He pressed on. "Do you remember which secondary dimension that was?"

Kirkmond thought for a while before he nodded. "I have a faint impression. That secondary dimension seems to be pretty well known as well and was famous for a period of time. It was once blocked off by a certain type of power but occasionally emitted strong vitality that could actually stimulate the potential of various life forms. Later, the blockade lifted by itself, but when the curious secondary dimension life forms went over, they discovered that nothing was within it, and the entire space even lacked the energy to maintain itself. It slowly declined and shrank, and in recent years, its been close to collapse. It may disappear at any time."

Hearing that, Han Xiao was excited.

Most secondary dimensions did not exist forever but would collapse and disappear over time, just like leaves withering and fruits rotting. The secondary dimension world was disorderly and chaotic, which would constantly give rise to new secondary dimensions. Most of them were like bubbles, small and short lived, and only a few could exist stably for a long period of time.

Advanced civilizations and mages could also create artificial secondary dimensions. However, the form of such artificial secondary dimensions was different from the naturally occurring hyper-stable plane of the void dimension.

As for the blockage of such secondary dimensions, there were several possibilities. The most likely would be that the secondary dimension was a creation of some powerful life form. In which case, it would make sense to seal it from the outside world to prevent intruders.

"If this secondary dimension was the subsidiary space of a Beyond Grade A, then the reason for its decline should be the death of the Beyond Grade A creator, causing the space to lose its energy supply, gradually shrinking and collapsing," Han Xiao guessed.

"Im not clear on that." Kirkmond threw the revive token back to Han Xiao. "I call it the Land of Dead Silence. If you wish to go, I can send you the coordinates."

"If you could. I have some interest in that place." Han Xiao smiled.

Kirkmond casually squeezed at the void energy, burning the information of the Land of Dead Silence within before throwing it to Han Xiao. He added, "The space wall of that secondary dimension is riddled with holes, and countless space storms surge within. Be careful, the space might collapse and disappear at any time, and if you are swept away by that turbulent space, you might end up lost in the endless layers of the secondary dimensions."

Han Xiao received the energy clump and read through the information before standing up. "Noted. Well make a move now."

This was an unexpected harvest of the trip. He had planned to take a gander after he was done with his business to help Hila search for what she wanted.

"Then, Ill wait for you to return so we can start the war." Kirkmond nodded back.

Having reached an agreement for the war employment, Han Xiao did not delay and once again summoned the Mysterious Energy Host.

"Lets go. Lead the way. Well find your old friend."

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy got the instruction and performed another dimensional shuttle, taking Han Xiao and Ames with him.

Meanwhile, Law and Fay were slowly patrolling a vast white space within one of the secondary dimension layers.

On the bridge of the flagship, a star map of the secondary dimension was suspended in the air, but its appearance was very different from the detailed 3D map the main universe had. It looked like a model of countless bubbles piled up together, and at first glance, it looked like a bunch of grapes. Every bubble represented a secondary dimension that was recorded.

Because new secondary dimensions were constantly being born, the terrain of the secondary dimension changed every moment. This map was only used as a reference, and the anchor point coordinates of the different layers were used as guiding markers.

Law and Fay stood next to the secondary dimension world model, silently observing. At this moment, a red dot suddenly lit up inside one of the bubbles, and a circle of red ripples appeared within the model.

"Cross-probing radar has discovered a target, marked as pinnacle Beyond Grade A level!"

"Our target is separated by thirteen secondary dimensions The route simulation is complete. Expected to encounter our target after eight jumps."

"Your Excellencies, awaiting your command."

Hearing the reports from the subordinates, Law hummed in agreement before commanding, "Lock the anchor point, start the dimensional jump!"

Once the command was issued, these warships immediately activated the secondary dimension engine, turning into streams of light as they accelerated wildly. The shuttle device loaded on the battleships began to operate, oscillating at the space walls with a special frequency.

The moment the battleships speed reached its peak, a space wall shaped like a honeycomb appeared in front of it. A crack was quickly created, and the other end was a scene of the next dimension.

The spaceships flew straight in, and everyone heard a crisp pop sound, as though the shock outside caused the air within the spaceships to react.

Their vision blurred, and the next moment, they had arrived in another secondary dimension. In just a few seconds, the crack within the space wall closed and disappeared without a trace.

This was the conventional way of shuttling between secondary dimensions. The scenes of the secondary dimensions changed rapidly outside the porthole as the fleet jumped many times in succession before finally coming to a halt.

Such rapid shuttling brought a heavy load to the spacecraft, and at this time, the spaceships were all shrouded in violent space energy, distorting their very environment as though the engines were overheated.

On the star map, the fleet showed that they were finally on the same secondary dimension as the red dot, and the target was rapidly drawing closer.

Seeing this, Law quickly came to the front porthole, looking in the direction of the red dot. "Prepare to engage. Ready the Dimensional Exile Bullet."

As both of them stared out of the window, finally, a figure appeared and flew closer.

Just as he was about to initiate the attack, Law took a close look at the person and immediately changed his command.

"Wait, dont fire! This person doesnt look like Black Star. His aura is different from the one in our records."

Clotti was wearing a mechanical suit, covering his facial features, but he did not hide the energy fluctuations coming from his body.

The Energy Attribute of an Esper and a Mechanic were worlds apart, so at close range, Law discovered the significant difference in energy fluctuations.

Sensing the group in front of him, Clotti slowed down before coming to a stop in front of the fleet. He opened the wide area communication channel as he coldly spoke.

"Who are you guys? Why are you stopping me?"

"Were just a secondary dimension exploration team. Were not blocking you but rather happened to come across you." Law sent a reply back.

Observing the space energy distortion caused by the rapid jumps around the fleet, Clotti knew immediately that this group was lying, but he did not expose them. "Which organization does your exploration team belong to?"

"Were from a small civil organization and have come over to collect some specialties here. Seeing that youre shuttling through the secondary dimension alone, you must be a famous pinnacle Beyond Grade A. I wonder if we can have the honor of knowing your name," Law humbly said.

"Im just an ordinary Beyond Grade A," Clotti blandly replied.

Law cursed in his heart.

F*ck you!

To think that a pinnacle Beyond Grade A like you is trying to pretend to be weak!

Law and Fay felt a headache coming. Both of them were Beyond Grade As, and if not for the fact that the detection radar was able to tell them their opponents combat power, they would not be so humble.

This cross-plane life form detection radar was a device dedicated to the secondary dimensions, but its accuracy was quite lacking. The search conditions were already harsh enough, but both of them did not expect themselves to have such bad luck to run into another pinnacle Beyond Grade A.

The two of them were still unaware of Clottis identity and did not wish to cause any problems.

"Your Excellency Beyond Grade A, if we accidentally offended you. We express our apologies. If theres nothing else, well take our leave first."

He did not even wait for Clotti to reply, immediately steering the fleet to turn around and move away.

Looking back, the duo discovered that Clotti did not chase them but rather stayed there and watched them leave.

"It seems like hes not planning to attack us." Law sighed.

"Most likely, hes not interested in us." Fay was secretly relieved.

"Lets get out of here." Law turned back to instruct the crew, "Mark this target, and dont bump into him again on accident. Reset the cross-plane detector, and search for another pinnacle Beyond Grade A signal."

The two of them were not interested in Clottis identity at all. In the secondary dimensions, there were many crouching tigers and hidden dragons. The two of them were not there to cause trouble. Everything was done for their mission.

Clotti watched the fleet fly away without chasing them.

The secondary dimensions hid a lot of organizations that operated in secret, avoiding the rule of the three Universal Civilizations. They were a group of rats in the eyes of the three Universal Civilizations.

In Clottis eyes, it was likely that this group was one of these hidden organizations. They had pursued the wrong target and ended up bumping into him instead.

The goal of his trip was Traveler, and since these guys knew how to back off, he could not be bothered to pick on them.

Glancing one last time at the direction the fleet departed, Clotti chose another direction away from them to travel, continuously shuttling.

Before long, Clotti stepped into his destination, the secondary dimension of Evil Convergence.

Looking around, the area seemed to be filled with a corrosive purplish-green energy. It moved lazily in waves, like the folds on a stomach wall. Bubbles of purple green gas occasionally popped out like flooding stomach juices, and it gave off the impression of being in the stomach of some weird creature.

From one of the inner walls of the Evil Convergence dimension then popped out a males upper body, covered with purplish green mucus. This person was Traveler.

His skin was pale, and he exuded an evil and crazed temperament, as though he had entered a manic mode that prevented him from being rational.

The lower half of Travelers body, which was still engulfed, continuously emitted energy rings that could be seen with the naked eye. The rings travelled through the purplish-green inner walls and were absorbed by the Evil Convergence dimension.

Clotti frowned. With his insight, it was not difficult to see that Traveler was spreading the essence of his own genes. He was technically having sex with this secondary dimension that almost seemed alive.

"Dark Lord Clotti, what a rare guest Im not sure why youre looking for me. Are you here to join the party? I certainly dont mind." Traveler laughed hoarsely.

Clotti remained stoic, indifferently replying, "You took part in the campaign to encircle and suppress the allies of the dynasty, committing a crime. Im here today as your arbiter."

"So, youre here to kill me?" The corners of Travelers mouth hooked upward in an eerie smile.

At this moment, from the inner walls of the Evil Convergence dimension emerged countless figures, forming an endless army.

The majority of them were dangerous characters from various dimensions. Among them, there were three figures exuding the aura of a Beyond Grade A, obviously helpers called forth by Traveler.

After divining that he would come across a formidable enemy, Traveler had used his contacts in the secondary dimension to set up an ambush.

"This is the Dark Lord of the main universe?" At this moment, one of the assisting Beyond Grade As stepped out with his arms folded and casually spoke. "Doesnt seem to be much, if hes that careless."

The other Beyond Grade A looked toward Traveler and solemnly said, "Remember our agreement. This time, well only help you drive out your enemy and not kill the Dark Lord. Otherwise, the Crimson Dynasty will pursue us."

Hearing this, Clotti realized that the three Beyond Grade As were powerhouses he had never seen before, and everything became clear at once.

It was impossible for the three Universal Civilizations to monitor the birth of every single Beyond Grade A; there would definitely be some who were unwilling to be recorded. As long as they kept concealing their identity and strength, not creating organizations or making a name for themselves, the three Universal Civilizations would not be able to discover their existence.

Quite a few of them also hid within the secondary dimension, never appearing in the main universe.

Some were neutrals that were worried about being persecuted, and there were also secret combatants belonging to other advanced civilizations, such as the Super Star Cluster Alliance. After the Tragedy of the Pinnacles, the Super Star Cluster Civilizations did not dare show their Beyond Grade As on the surface. Thus, their allies would all be sent into the secondary dimension to hide, preventing their existence from being discovered by the three Universal Civilizations.

At this moment, Traveler opened his arms wide, looking at Clotti as he laughed crazily.

"Hahaha, Dark Lord, you have immense combat strength in the main universe, but this is my home field. Can you even kill me?"

Clottis expression remained calm, but his eyes glowed with a dark light.

He lightly lifted his arms, and dark energy gathered. He slowly said, "Since thats the case, Ill have to smash you apart with your home field."

Following the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, Han Xiao and Ames shuttled through various secondary dimensions one by one, seeing all kinds of bizarre sights. After a long time, they finally stopped moving.

"Were here. This is the nest of the Holy Light Particle," the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy excitedly said.

Han Xiao wandered around and saw that this was a dazzling world, with boundless land, mountains, forests, and rivers. But all of it was made out of materialized light, shiny and colorful.

The towering mountain peaks looked like blocks of shining giant gems, and the river was flowing with something resembling liquid light. Everything in this world was pure and flawless, just like a fairy tale.

"Its rather pretty. This is the first time Ive come across such a secondary dimension." Ames could not help but rub her eyes in helplessness. "But its a little piercing to the eyes."

"It is indeed." Han Xiao smirked before asking, "How do we find it?"

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy laughed. "Haha, its either sleeping or doesnt want to be seen. Leave it to me. Its very sensitive to my energy. So long as it senses me, it will become mad, so I can release my aura and arouse its natural reaction to take the initiative to come over.

Hearing this, Han Xiao could not help but glance at the Mysterious Energy Host in a weird manner.

Whats with this tone? It sounds like youve trained it like a pet

[1] The author wrote the actual characters for Coiling Dragon (the novel) inside, so I translated as such. Not sure if theres supposed to be a sexual connotation to it but Coiling Dragon could also mean someone whose talent was hidden, ie Ames since Han Xiao never discovered that she was so lucky.

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