Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 New System From The Holy Light Particle

Han Xiao and Ames landed on a shallow land beside a river, the soil was made of colorful sand and felt just like a normal beach.

Ames squatted down, picked up a sand particle, and curiously observed this irregular-shaped solid subject. She then used a tiny bit of force on it. This sand particle cracked open and turned into fog-like light dust, slowly rising up.

Looking up, the sky was covered by a large sea of clouds, all formed by gaseous light particles. It was dreamy. There were light particles ascending from all places occasionally, and once a certain density was reached, this sea of clouds would turn into rain and pour the light dust onto the ground, forming new terrains. This process had constantly been repeating itself.

“It’s beautiful,” Ames complimented.

Han Xiao came to the river and lifted up a pond of liquid light particles. Looking at the gold-like liquid flowing through his fingers, he could not help but say, “This place is heavily light polluted.”

“ Did you have to break the atmosphere like that?” Ames said with resignation.

“Come on, I’m just telling the truth.”

Han Xiao’s lips curled up. He summoned a few industrial mining devices and said casually, “This place is very unique and has high research value. I’m going to bring some materials back for experiments.”

As he was speaking, he recorded the coordinates of this secondary dimension in the database so that he could come again. After some pondering, he decided to call this secondary dimension ‘Nation of Light’.

After Han Xiao was done with all that, he then deployed some space stabilization anchors to prevent the Holy Light Particle from escaping. He patted the Mysterious Energy Host and said, “Okay, it’s time to force the Holy Light Particle out.”

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy had been looking forward to this for a long time. As soon as he received the order, he instantly released waves of red energy into the ground without hesitation, forming an enormous expanding spider net.

When Han Xiao silently counted to 221, Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy finally reacted and said with an evil tone, “I’ve found it. It’s sleeping as expected. Watch me wake it up!”

As soon as the sentence ended, Han Xiao and Ames felt the ground under them tremble.

The next moment, the entire space started trembling, mountains and all.


Before the two of them could start to observe the surroundings, an enormous light fountain gushed out from under the ground, turning into a holy-looking mass of gold light. At its core was a blindingly bright sphere, as if there was another sun in the sky.

At this time, a red stream of Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was inside this white gold sphere of light. Like cold water poured into boiling oil, it triggered extremely violent reactions.

With the appearance of this mass of light, a furious and irritated energy impact expanded instantly.

“Mosanil! You attacked me again in my sleep! I’m definitely going to kill you today!”

“Narusus, doesn’t my energy taste good? Did you miss it?” The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy chuckled.

Hearing this, Han Xiao’s mouth twitched.

From this exchange, it sounded like this was not the first time

Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy turned to look at Han Xiao and said with a smile, “This is the Holy Light Particle you guys talked about. It’s in a bad mood after waking up. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Primal Esper Ability Entities were all ancient and had their own names. ‘Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy’ and ‘Holy Light Particle’ were just the names the outside world assigned to them.

The Holy Light Particle hastily approached and finally realized the others. Seeing the Mysterious Energy Host, its rage vanished, switching right to joy.

“Hmm? You’ve been made into a puppet again? Hahaha, karma! You deserved it!”

“Don’t be too happy. You’re next.” Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy smiled coldly.

The Holy Light Particle looked at Han Xiao and Ames. He then said with a displeased tone, “Humph, you’re low as always, helping the enemies obtain my body, hoping to drag me down The two of you kids from the main universe, I don’t care how he tricked you, but I’m not interested in playing with you. Get the hell back to the main universe and stop bothering me.”

Han Xiao did not mind. He took out a tin shaped device, tilted his head, and said, “Are you going to come in yourself, or do you want me to help you?”

Hearing this, the Holy Light Particle instantly became much brighter, giving off a tsunami-like energy shockwave as if it was giving its all. The entire space trembled slightly. With an over the top confident tone, he said, “I’m no weakling like Mosanil Are you prepared to face the consequences of trying to catch me”

Thirty seconds later

“Stop stop stop, it hurts. I admit my defeat.”

The Holy Light Particle had shrunk countless times and was contained in the tin like a pool of gold liquid. The containment device was buzzing with an electromagnetic field.

Han Xiao shook the device and made the Holy Light Particle stagger a few times.

“That’s it?” Ames was speechless.

She had thought that the Holy Light Particle was very strong and was already prepared to fight. To her absolute surprise, after one slap from Han Xiao, the Holy Light Particle was already done for. It was way too weak.

Han Xiao, of course, was not surprised. In the face of a peak Beyond Grade A, Primal Esper Ability Entities would not be able to do much. He only found the fact that the Holy Light Particle was so confident strange.

Seeing his old friend get beaten up, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was now the one gloating. He moved beside the containment device and chuckled. “Welcome, with you as my company, I won’t be lonely anymore.”

“Mosanil! I’ll murder you sooner or later!” The Holy Light Particle was in despair.

Han Xiao tapped on the glass of the containment device and interrupted them. “You’ll have plenty of time to communicate in the future. Answer my question first. What abilities do you have?”

The Holy Light Particle said with rage, “I’m telling you, I won’t give in as easily as Mosanil. Even if you torture me, I won’t”

Thirty seconds later

The Holy Light Particle obediently lay at the bottom of the containment device, shivering while explaining his abilities.

“My most basic abilities are physique enhancement, superspeed flight, and dimension crossing. I can also give others the power of holy light. I have the ability to attack as well. My host can use me to punish evil. There are two criteria for judging what or who’s evil. One is the belief of my host, and the other is the target’s own conscience and understanding of their crimes. The more severe the crime, the stronger the power of the punishment will be Also, I can purify filth, helping the target to get rid of related negative states, as well as heal to a certain extent”

The Holy Light Particle poured everything out.

As Han Xiao nodded and listened, he also complained about the Holy Light Particle in his mind. From just his name, he thought this guy would be pure and virtuous, only to realize he changed his attitude instantly after he got beaten up. He was just as shameless as Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy. Was it because they had lived too long?

In terms of punishing evil and purifying filth, the abilities of the Holy Light Particle did indeed match its ‘holy’ style. However, the criteria were quite emotionally dependent. Its strength would only be maximized when its host was a person of justice with strong beliefs.

Compared to all that, what Han Xiao cared more about was its ability to gift others the power of holy light. After some questioning, he was pleasantly surprised.

Holy light itself was considered a type of multi-dimensional energy. It was not rare and could be used by both high-level Mechanics and Mages. It had mind energy characteristics. However, although holy light was not rare, it was not something ordinary people could use.

The Holy Light Particle, however, could gift any intelligent species ‘Holy Light Seed’. As long as the target trained hard, fertilized the seed with beliefs and determination to make it blossom, the target would have control of holy light energy, which could be further enhanced. This meant that the Holy Light Particle could provide an extra class with growth potential, allowing ordinary people to have power from nothing, and Supers could obtain this ability.

However, since the requirement was that one had to obtain ‘Holy Light Seed’ and the gifted energy could be retrieved by Holy Light Particle, it had limited uses and was not included in the five Super classes. It was more like a subclass.

From the Holy Light Particle, Han Xiao came to know that back when the Holy Light Particle had a host, it used a method to enhance its host’s strengthit retrieved the matured Holy Light Seed from others. This was equivalent to taking the fruits of hard work from others and making all of their hard work its own.

After hearing its experience, the way Han Xiao looked at the Holy Light Particle became much friendlier.

Not bad, didn’t expect you to be in the leek industry too.

Han Xiao believed in ‘seeing is believing’, so he told the unwilling Holy Light Particle to use this ability on him. A stream of warm gold energy flowed into his body, and a notification popped up on the interface.


You have received ability [Holy Light Seed].

[Holy Light Seed]: Passive ability. This is the base of the power of holy light. It has to be nurtured by belief. After maturing, you can awaken subclass [Holy Light Emissary]. Belief Value required 0/5000. (Belief Value can be increased through meditating, mind training, punishing criminals, and so on.)


I see This ability has a very high strategic value. If the energy given out isn’t retrieved, I can turn many ordinary people who don’t have the talent to become Supers into holy light warriors. This way, the fundamental combat capability of the army will increase tremendously.

This was a surprise. Maybe he could even sell this to the players. It seemed to have quite a high potential.

However, Evans did not display this ability in his previous life, so it probably had some limits.

After some questioning, Han Xiao got the answer.

As expected, every Holy Light Seed was a tiny bit of core essence granted by the Holy Light Particle, and its core energy recovered at a very slow speed. If he used too much, he would be heavily damaged together with its host.

“I seem to have a way to make its energy recover quickly” Han Xiao pondered.

He had some ideas, but this was not the time to test them, so he kept the containment device.

Han Xiao also told the Holy Light Particle to take back the Holy Light Seed in him. He only asked for it to test it; he did not need this subclass himself.

According to his original thoughts, he wanted to also make a host for the Holy Light Particle. However, the way he looked at it now, that might not be the best choice.

Han Xiao looked at the interface. [The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy’s Arch Enemy] was already shown as complete.

He received 2.4 billion EXP and two Character Summon Cards. As expected, they were from the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy and Holy Light Particle. The abilities were not too rare; they were the ability to suck the energy out of a planet’s core and Holy Flame Judgement. Although the two of them were already in his hands, these two Character Summon Cards were better than nothing.

What Han Xiao was more concerned about was the newly activated milestone mission [Primal Esper Ability Collector].


[Primal Esper Ability Collector (Unactivated)]: Activation requirementHave at least 4 Primal Esper Ability Entities. Current progress 2/4.

Effects: When you fight Espers, all your attributes will increase slightly. 12% 20% damage reduction from Espers.

Reward: [The Third Sanctum] Ability Fragment * 1


Han Xiao was stunned.

The Third Sanctum? What on earth is this? I seem to remember that I also have the Ability Fragment of the First Sanctum? Could these be connected?

This question had been troubling him for quite some time, but he had not found any clues.

He suppressed the curiosity in his heart and looked at the effects of the milestone. It was targeted at Espers and was quite useful.

The mission requirement is to have four Primal Esper Ability Entities, which means I will need two more. That is quite difficult, mainly because they’re hard to find. I’ll just try my best

As he had expected, dealing with the Holy Light Particle was a piece of cake. Once business was done, Han Xiao went sightseeing with Ames in the Nation of Light for a while, and when he had collected enough sample material, the two of them left this secondary dimension and headed for the next stopLand of Dead Silence.

As lights flickered, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy brought Han Xiao and Ames to the Land of Dead Silence following the coordinates from Kirkmond.

After seeing the environment there, Han Xiao could not help but exclaim, “Wow, this place really does look quite scary.”

This secondary dimension had only dark colors, the spatial wall had countless holes. Violent chaotic space streams continuously invaded and raged. The sky was filled with infinite space storms flickering in dark blue and purple. Below them was a black desolate desert. Many places were devoured by chaotic space streams and turned into the void. This land was torn into separated broken islands.

Having felt something, Han Xiao took out the revive token he had been wearing and realized it was heating upit reacted to this place as expected.

“This means that the Land of Dead Silence really is connected to Hila”

Han Xiao released his senses and searched the entire secondary dimension, only to find nothing special.

Just as Kirkmond said, this secondary dimension was close to dying. There was nothing there.

This time, Ames shook her head and said, “Looks like Hila will have to come here personally to notice something.”

Han Xiao nodded in agreement. Hila’s ability probably had some resonance with the Land of Dead Silence and might be able to activate some unique event. Although he was stronger, he clearly did not meet the requirements.

“At least we investigated the place for her, so it’ll be easier for her to come next time.” Han Xiao recorded the coordinates of this dimension in the database.

Just as the two of them were about to leave, a powerful life energy source suddenly appeared out of nowhere and entered the range of their senses.

The two of them looked over and saw a silhouette covered in wounds falling out of a chaotic space stream, coincidentally into the space wall hole of the Land of Dead Silence.

Ames blinked and wondered, “Hmm? This person looks somewhat familiar”

At the same time

“Your Excellencies, the radar has locked onto the target!”

Inside the spaceship command room, Law and Fay quickly looked at the map.

“This isn’t the same person we met earlier, right?”

“No, he’s in another secondary dimension. This is the second peak Beyond Grade A signal detected.”

After making sure they were not mistaken, Law instantly ordered, “Okay, lock onto the new target and advance at full speed!”

In Evil Convergence

God only knew what violent treatment the space wall received. Like a balloon, it expanded and cracked from within, causing this secondary dimension to lose all its defenses. The green evil energy everywhere that was full of life earlier looked like it had lost all energy as it was blown away by the chaotic space stream together with all the bodies here, disappearing without a trace.

This special secondary dimension that gave birth to lives had now turned into a wreckage with only silence and death. It was quickly dying.

Clotti shattered the head of the last Beyond Grade A, turned up to look at the space storm raging around him, and frowned. He was not satisfied with his performance.

“It’s been too long since I’ve fought. I’ve really gotten rusty and accidentally used too much strength. He managed to escape with the chaotic space stream.”

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