Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Perfect Host And Bait

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Thankfully, the fusion process went very smoothly. When the light dissipated, Aurora finally descended to the floor. She looked like she had yet to regain focus from the state she was in earlier.


Han Xiao snapped his fingers and said, "How are you feeling?"

"Somewhat good?"

Aurora pressed on her heart and was uncertain.

"Since you were not hurt by it, youre now the host of the Holy Light Particle. Can you feel its power?"

"Are you talking about this?"

Aurora closed her eyes to sense it for a moment, before extending her hands with palms up. She shook them, and a cluster of gold light appeared. It had tiny dots like a group of fireflies.

Shes able to use it this soon? Theres usually an adjustment period after the host fuses with a Primal Esper Ability.

However, I heard that the shorter the adjustment period is, the more compatible the host is.

The Vital Energy Esper Ability and the Holy Light Particle are indeed quite compatible. Maybe some kind of chemical reaction occurred. If thats the case, I will be able to make use of the Holy Light Particle to the maximum, and my plan will be easier to execute

Han Xiao caressed his chin.

He reached out to touch the cluster of light on top of Auroras palm, but this cluster of light actually dodged aside. Finding this quite funny, Han Xiao smiled and said, "Ah Ho, I know you can share the senses of your host after the fusion and can hear me speaking. Stop hiding. Hows this host?"


The Holy Light Particle appeared and yawned like a cat in the middle of a stretch. No longer looking down on Aurora, it immediately changed its attitude.

"It feels way too good. This is the first time Ive sensed such rich life force. This is the best host Ive ever had"

"Humph, thats not what you said earlier," Aurora said unhappily.

"I was wrong. Youre the best. No one else could be nearly good enough." The Holy Light Particles light cluster circled around Aurora like a puppy.

Han Xiao curled his lips.

Tsk tsk, werent you very tough just moments ago?

Aurora practiced for a while and was soon able to fully control it. In her senses, it was like she suddenly had an extra arm. Controlling it was a piece of cake.

"Go back and practice it more. The Primal Esper Abilities all have multiple uses. With the Holy Light Particle, youll be able to protect yourself from more dangers," Han Xiao said.

Auroras job was to heal since her Esper Ability lacked destructive power. Now that she was the master of the Holy Light Particle, she would acquire many new abilities such as a stronger physique, high-speed flight, dimension traveling, punishing evil, and many others.

These abilities would increase her survivability by a huge extent, especially the ability to travel between dimensions. She would be able to escape much easier in the future if she was in danger.

However, the most important ability to Han Xiao was the ability to provide Holy Light Seeds. After he tested it, to his absolute surprise, his theory was rightAuroras Vital Energy Esper Ability could indeed replenish the energy the Holy Light Particle spent in giving out Holy Light Seeds. This meant that the new power system with the Holy Light Seed as the core could totally work.

This was extremely useful to the Black Star Army. It could both act as encouragement for the armys warriors and attract ordinary people by letting them see the hope of becoming Supers.

Han Xiao briefly explained his plan. A little shocked, Aurora said softly, "So, youre trying to spread it out"

"Something like that. However, youre the host now, so Ill have to get your permission."

Aurora wanted to say something but did not.

She had tested the ability to give out Holy Light Seeds earlier. Although her body could endure it, it would spend quite a lot of life force. If used often, she did not know if the life force she had been naturally accumulating would be enough. She might have to experience the feeling of being sucked dry every day.

After hesitating for a while, Aurora suddenly made up her mind. She closed her eyes and said firmly, "Okay. II can take it!"

"Why do you look like youve just decided to sacrifice yourself?" Han Xiao squeezed her nose and said with a smile, "Dont worry, I wont make you work for free. You can retrieve those Holy Light Seeds, which will not only make up for the life force youve lost but also help your life force grow at a rate much faster than you accumulate every day."

"Im not sure if its good to just snatch away what others worked hard for" Aurora rejected it slightly. This went against her principles.

"Hahaha" Han Xiao laughed out loud and said with the tone of a rich man, "Thats easy! Money cant solve everything, but it definitely can solve most things. I can hire a group of people to raise Holy Light Seeds specifically for you to harvest, which isnt different from any other jobs at its core. Im basically paying them for their time to create value for me. As long as the salary is good enough, itll be a totally legitimate exchange on both sides, so you dont have to feel bad about it."

"That does make sense" Although Aurora leaned toward the lawful kind side of things, she was not stubborn. After hearing Han Xiaos explanation, she did not reject it much anymore.

Snatching away the fruit of others labor without saying anything and telling others this was a job from the beginning were completely different things. Growing the Holy Light Seeds with meditation and other methods was just like any other job; the workers were no different from the other employees of the army.

Han Xiao chose Aurora to be the host not only because she might be able to use the Holy Light Seed ability to the maximum but also because he wanted Aurora to benefit from the fast growth provided by harvesting the Holy Light Seeds so that her level would increase faster.

Anyway, Auroras growth had no limits, and harvesting leeks would be countless times more efficient than naturally accumulating life force. She would basically have a group of people earning EXP for her. It had a Shadow Clone-vibe to Han Xiao.

If Aurora could step into the next level, the Black Star Army having three Beyond Grade As would really become a reality.

Han Xiao already had this thought when he came across the Underworld dimension. His goal was not for Aurora to gain a stronger healing ability but access to the functions of the Underworld. Edo Tensei could only be achieved if Aurora became a Beyond Grade A too.

Compared to her healing ability, Han Xiao was more interested in those powerful individuals sleeping in the Underworld. They would be a very strong force.

What a little genius I am Han Xiao chuckled in his mind.

The only problem was the Holy Accord organization. These people seemed especially interested in Primal Esper Abilities. If they discovered that the Holy Light Particle was in Aurora, they would most likely try to take it from her.

On the other hand, this would be quite a good bait too, he would not be able to find the Holy Accord if they decided to keep hiding. The Holy Accord might not dare to attack him, but they would definitely dare to attack the Supers under his command.

As for Auroras safety, of course, Han Xiao was not going to forget about it. He planned to give Aurora a King mechanical suit.

Not only that, he was even planning to build a few spare King suits and put the Throne on different people to ensure he could arrive at their locations anytime. He totally took the King as a teleportation device.

The King was extremely costly to build, so doing this was very luxurious. However, with the extravagantly profitable business of the Evolutionary Totems and as a shareholder of the Limitless Financial Group, he would earn an outrageous number of Enas every year. Therefore, he was not short on cash.

Han Xiao then told Aurora to go and learn to use the Holy Light Particle better and that the Holy Light Emissary plan would be carried out once she was ready.

Watching Aurora leave the room, Han Xiao could not help but think of Evans.

"Hows Evans doing?"

Phillip appeared and said, "Hes still getting to know his Esper Ability, hum"

Han Xiao turned to look at the surveillance image. Ever since he sent Evans back, he had been undergoing secret training. Since Han Xiao did not give any orders, he had yet to replicate any Esper Abilities, so he was completely powerless and was still at the lowest Grade E.

"Have you found the targets I asked you to find?" Han Xiao asked.

"Immortals with compatible abilities have been selected. This is the list, hum"

A mini bookshelf appeared beside Phillip. He searched around and picked out a deck of data. He then threw it up into the air. The flying pieces of paper turned into individual virtual screens, showing the records of different people to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao glanced at him.

Kiddo, whats with all these flashy tricks? Showing off?

While rubbing Phillips face on the table like a toy, Han Xiao quickly read through these documents.

His New EsGod Cultivation Plan followed strict rules on what Esper Abilities to absorb. In order for Evans to have a perfect growth path, he had always been looking for Esper Abilities that were suitable for Evans in the early stage. The players in these files were all Espers under two categoriesphysique enhancement types and psychological enhancement types.

Since Evans was only Grade E, absorbing two Esper Abilities was the most suitable. Physique and mind were the most basic attributes, so this was the best combination. With his help, Evans did not have to take the path of killing like EsGod did. Therefore, he would not have to worry about his combat capability in the early stages and could focus on building a strong foundation.

"These two will do."

Having picked two players with the best abilities. Han Xiao told Phillip to give them the specific missions.

At this time, a notification suddenly popped up on the interface.


[Liberate Beast Ancestors Organization] Completed!

"Oh? The team I sent a few months ago has succeeded?" Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Before he traveled to the secondary dimensions, a group of Beast Ancestor officers led by Jotina had come to join him and made a request to liberate the Beast Ancestors headquarters.

Back then, Han Xiao had given this mission to the people who were in the Shattered Star Ring base. Now that a few months had passed, the results of that had finally come. It seemed to be quite successful. There should very soon be a group of people coming to join him.

The last planet of the Beast Ancestors headquarters was covered in flames like its ground was burning. The planets defense measures were already all destroyed, and a ton of spaceship fragments floated in the planets orbit.

Black Star Army battleships hovered above the planet, sucking up a huge amount of resources and countless captives using absorption beams. Most were rescued females and clueless offspring.

In the cabin of one transport ship, captives of a variety of races cowered in tiny groups, filled with fear. Groups of Black Star warriors separated them into warriors, females, and offspring.

"Dont move! Stand still!" the captain of the transport ship commanded.

To the side, wearing a black battle suit rather similar to Hila, Mia held a bag of snacks in her hand, leaned on a mechanical spear, and scanned the big group of captives before her while occasionally putting the sugar beans into her mouth.

Beast Ancestor soldier captives were absorbed into the cabin. They seemed agitated and ready to retaliate whenever. However, when they saw Mia standing near the wall, these captives all shivered and wiped that thought from their minds.

In the battle earlier, they had seen a Calamity Grade officer stationed in the headquarters get violently chopped into pieces by Mia with their very own eyes. No one dared resist in front of her.

At this time, a commotion occurred nearby. Mia turned to look over, and to her surprise, a few rescued females were arguing with the Black Star warriors and resisting their orders.

"Who the hell are you? Do you have any idea who our partner is? How dare you do this to us!"

"Let go! Stop dragging me!"

"When Master Beast Ancestor comes back, hell crush you all!"

These people who were yelling were grouped along with the others but were still yelling and scolding, mentioning Beast Ancestors name every other sentence.

Seeing this, Mia curled her lips and shook her head.

This time, the captain beside her sighed and said, "Pitiful, arent they? These females who are imprisoned by Beast Ancestor are basically completely cut off from the outside world. To most, thats a dark life filled with nothing but despair, but there are also some twisted ones who somehow began to admire Beast Ancestor and became honored by their identity. Although rescuing these females is our mission, maybe many of them dont want to be saved. They only want to continue their old life."

Mia glanced at him and said, "Do your job. The mission is all I care about. Im not interested in these things."

Have a bucket of cold water poured on him, the captain did not carry on chatting with Mia and continued to direct his subordinates.

This time, Mias communicator rang. After she picked it up, Jotinas wild face appeared, only it was now shining with holy and motherly love.

"How are the women and young offspring? Are all of them safe?" Jotina asked immediately.

Mia smiled and replied, "Dont worry, weve rescued them all. Theyre all very touched."

"Thats great. Ill share this good news with the army commander right now!" Jotina was overjoyed. "By the way, after you return, Ill teach you some strong moves."

Before waiting for a response, Jotina had already hastily hung up the communication.

"How impatient." Mia chuckled.

Although Jotina publicly made the request to reproduce with her direct boss and appalled everyone present, after spending some time together, the army officers had realized she was really easy to befriend, being direct and decisive in everything. After a few months, she had left a good impression on many of them.

Mia was the closest to her. Both of them were muscular ladies, so they had countless shared interests.

Putting the communicator away, Mia looked at the group of people in front of her, scanned past the panicked or lost expressions, and exhaled.

"Nero, your godfather is really admirable. No wonder even Her Excellency Hila is willing to follow him"

Although Black Star eliminated Gorutan out of personal revenge, judging from the results of it, this was indeed a great deed for the entire universe. Mia admired him from the bottom of her heart.

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