Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Flaming Will

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Admire you My ass!

Although Han Xiao wanted to say that, he reckoned that it would be no fun offending Bennett. He still wished to extract some benefits out of Bennett.

Be serious, be serious.

Han Xian made a dry cough. “I heard of your stories, and I have always wanted to meet you.”

Bennett gave a friendly smile and waved his hands. “Don’t mention the things in the past. What did you want to speak to me about? It can’t be for a signature, right?”

Han Xiao’s eyes twitched.Alright, enough showing off

After regulating his breath, Han Xiao gave a stern expression and said, “I heard you are the strongest human on this planet”

Bennett’s eyes flashed. He was too familiar with such an introduction. Perhaps it was another person that wanted to challenge him to a fight.

The war created power beings that emerged from the flames and bloodshed of the battles. Bennett took pride in his amazing battle record. Over the years, many strong individuals had wanted to challenge him. Bennett was too tired of the meaningless fights and his continuous victories from the easy battles. He appeared this time merely to protect his old friend, Wang Yuan. He never planned to reveal his true identity to his enemiesthe traitors of the organizationelse his enemies would not even dare lay their fingers on him. Precisely because of the fact that the traitors of the organization felt that the defense around Wang Yuan was weak, it allowed the baiting operation to proceed.

Bennett shook his head. If Han Xiao really wanted to fight him, he would definitely not agree to it since Han Xiao’s current strength was worthless in his eyes.

Yet contrary to his expectations, Han Xiao said, “I want to learn some combat techniques from you.”

“Interesting, you are the first person who has wanted to learn from me.” Bennett contemplated for a moment before shaking his head. “You are a sniper. It’s impossible for you to learn my combat tactics.”

As expected, Bennett used the same tactic again! It was Bennett’s standard line when he wanted to reject someone. As long as the pre-requisites were not met, the same line was thrown out to be used in rejections. It was always the same line.

“You are a mechanic, its impossible for you to learn my techniques.”

“You are a pugilist, it’s impossible for you to learn”

“You are a superhuman, it’s impossible for you to learn”

By merely changing the noun of the sentence, large numbers of players were rejected. Han Xiao was not going to fall for this same trick. Bennett was a hidden General Skills trainer, and gifts were required for him to actually teach the skills to a player. Previously, there were players that came with gifts with the intention of just currying-favor with Bennett. They did not expect themselves to actually pick up a skill or two from just handing gifts to Bennett.

Different gifts linked to different skills.

The two items that Han Xiao had requested from the Rothschild family were meant to be presented to Bennett as gifts.

Han Xiao chatted with Bennett to ensure that Bennett actually recognized him.

Bennett caught up to Wang Yuan, who was waiting for him not far ahead. Wang Yuan asked curiously, “What did he want from you?”

“He recognizes me and wants to learn some combat techniques from me.”

“What a strange dude.” Wang Yuan stroked his beard and said, “He has got some skill. He is a new assassin that just joined the organization’s Blood Pact Society. He has a mysterious background and is codenamed ‘Mr. Black’. He is definitely a character we should pull to our side. After this mission, I will ask Xena to increase his level to Dark.”

The mercenary troops were tidying up the rooms of the mansion. Chen Li went to look for Han Xiao and handed him a chain of room keys.

Han Xiao did not accept the keys immediately. He stared at Chen Li weirdly and stuttered, “Don’t tell me these are the keys to your room”

“ I don’t have such an inclination,” Chen Li said as the veins on his forehead bulged.

“You sound like I like such kind of things.”

Chen Li coughed drily and explained, “These are the keys to the best rooms of the mansion, and I reserved one for you.”

It was only then that Han Xiao came to his sense. He received the keys and understood what was going on. “Who else are those singles rooms meant for?”

“They are allocated to Volcano, Moonlight, Hunter, and a few other commanders of the various mercenary groups.”

The names that Han Xiao mentioned were all the stronger fighters and leaders of the guards around the mansion.

Being allocated a single room was a privilege of the stronger individuals. The remaining ordinary troops and assassins could only squeeze into bigger rooms or sleep in the main hall.

In the fight the previous night, Han Xiao had replaced the Hornet brothers, who were killed in action. He was the core of all the snipers and was the backbone of the defense. His outstanding performance gained the respect of the fellow mercenary troops, which was also why Chen Li went over to pass him the keys. As long as one had the power and capability, one would be bestowed with special privileges.

Han Xiao gladly accepted Chen Li’s offer. Han Xiao’s room was on the second floor, and it had a balcony.

When he reached the corridor on the second level, Han Xiao saw the rest of the powerful figures. They looked at one another and nodded as a form of friendly gesture. Hunt left a deep impression in Han Xiao’s eyes. Hunter was a firearms expert from the Mechanic lineage. His weapons were a pair of very powerful hand-held cannons. It was said that the hand-held cannons did not have any recoil when fired.

Since Bennett is here and the mission has to be carried out, as long as I can get close to Bennett and in turn come into contact with the main server at the hideout, I will be able to gain the favor of the Dark Web Organization and access its huge network of intelligence. The gains from the move will be so great.

Being on good terms with the main character of the planet could bring so many benefits.

Han Xiao used his fingers to scratch the stubble on his chin. His eyes lit up like a shrewd thief.

Over the next two days, the enemies carried out raids each night, as if they were a bunch of crazy monsters that could not have enough of night attacks. They extended their devilish clutches toward the manor.

Han Xiao took over the role of the Hornet brothers and was in charge of holding the ground. He used his strong sniping abilities to control the situation. While his great accuracy was one thing, what was more impressive was his astute acumen in battles.

Having previously fought in the inter-planetary wars of the galaxy, where the scale and density of the firepower was just too overwhelming, this battle was like a leisurely stroll. The two were not on the same level, and their differences were just too great.

In the madness and mess of inter-planetary wars, a minor mistake could lead to planes crashing and deaths. Every small mistake was infinitely escalated. Therefore, Han Xiao developed his acumen and instinct to search for opportunities through the slim cracks of the intense situations. That was the mark of a true master. Although Han Xiao was not humble at all, rather shameless even, he was no doubt a true master.

It was a piece of cake for him to handle battles of such a small scale that adopted low-tech equipment. His shots could always hit the targets at the right spots.

With the help of Han Xiao, there were great reductions in the casualties faced by the mercenary troops. It was shockingly amazing. Previously, the Hornet brothers had been more focused on killing the enemies, and they could hardly help the rest in the firefights. However, Mr. Black employed an all-around sniping style, which enabled him to execute the enemies and also take time to carry out defensive actions. It was like a one-man show that handled that entire southeastern and northeastern battlefronts.

Reliable and stable were the perceptions that the troops had about Han Xiao. Han Xiao’s fire support allowed them to have easier fights.

A sniper who could control the entire situation of the battle was of indescribable threat. It was natural for the enemies to concentrate their firepower on Han Xiao. However, Han Xiao managed to neutralize the threat with the mobility provided by his hover-boots. Also, the low-level health strengthening module provided him with the ability to withstand attacks made by the enemy. He had almost double the HP that normal mechanics at his level would have.

Even super-humans and pugilists that exceeded LV 40 might not have more HP than him. Therefore, it was not necessary for Han Xiao to fear the enemy’s attacks like the other snipers. It was also the first time that the troops saw a sniper that dared face the direct fire of the machine guns of the enemies and take on the enemy up-front. That changed the troops’ initial perception that a sniper only dealt out attacks silently, away from the enemies’ attention.

In those two days, Han Xiao became more respected in the eyes of the troops.

Deaths were bound to happen in a battle, and new troops and assassins arrived to replace those that were killed in action. That was to ensure that new blood was being injected and a robust fighting force was constantly present.

Golden Fox was one of the ‘new blood’. She was a Dark-level assassin. Once she entered the manor, there was someone to receive her.

Golden Fox was a tall, pretty lady. She looked good and carried a sniper rifle on her back. She asked in a serious tone, “How is the situation?”

The mercenary leading the way took a glance at the perky ass of the Golden Fox. From the look in his eyes, one could tell he was aroused.

The Golden Fox had long gotten used to the perverted stares of men, so she simply ignored that mercenary’s action.

“The situation is looking good. Although the enemies are attacking more frequently, our defenses are very strong and tight. Also, all the ammunition and logistical supplies are replenished daily. Plus, there are new troops joining the force. The southeastern and northeastern sectors are managed by Mr. Black, so nothing will go wrong.”

The trooper laughed.

“Mr. Black?” The Golden Fox was very sure that she had not heard of such a codename. She asked curiously, “Who is Mr. Black?”

“Mr. Black is a Scorpion-level assassin. His sniping skills are unbelievably amazing.”

“Only Scorpion-level?” Golden Fox felt uneasy. She locked her brows. She did not trust the ability of Han Xiao and said in a confused tone, “Isn’t it too brash and unwise to let a Scorpion-level assassin to be in charge of the battle?”

After she finished that sentence, Golden Fox realized that the mercenary leading the way was no longer friendly or attracted toward her. His eyes turned cold. He pointed in the direction ahead and asked Golden Fox to go to the place by herself. The man then turned around and walked away.

Golden Fox was astonished. She had only questioned the ability of Mr. Black; was it necessary for the trooper to make such a big reaction? Was Mr. Black really that reputable?

That night, when the enemies approached, Golden Fox finally saw Mr. Black’s performance and his ability to control the situation of the battle. She was shocked. It was as if Mr. Black possessed the legendary Eagle eye and could see every corner of the battlefield. There were almost no missed shots. Even if some of the shots did not injure or kill the enemy, they played other vital roles such as to limit the enemies or to support the allies.

Golden Fox realized that she had nothing to do on the battlefield. All the work was already settled by Mr. Black. The work of Mr. Black impressed the Golden Fox more than the total number of enemies he killed. As sniper, the Golden Fox realized how much work Mr. Black was actually doing.

Mr. Black took all the work away from the other snipers. One Mr. Black could replace a team of snipers.

She finally understood why the mercenary troops let a Scorpion-level assassin take charge of battlefield.

That is the surely the strongest sniper I have seen!

You defeated a wave of attackers. (3/5)

After seeing the enemies retreat, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

It is the third wave of enemies, and the attacks are becoming stronger. However, there are also more guards in the manor. With me around, as long as there are no strong individuals in the subsequent attacks, the mission is likely to be completed. However, what is the requirement to obtain the hidden reward?

Han Xiao had zero clues about the hidden reward.

The next morning, Chen Li called out to Han Xiao through the communication device.

“Mr. Black, someone from the Rothschild family is looking for you.”

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao immediately shot up from his bed and raced to the gates of the mansion. He received the items from the delivery man or rather, the courier from the Rothschild family. The two items were the Silver Defender Leader’s Saber and the Lock HOC Sniper Rifle.

The two items dated back to a few decades ago. They were no longer in production, and the countries that manufactured the items no longer existed. The two items were considered antiques. Bennett was an avid collector of antique weapons, and these items were the necessary pre-requisites to learn the new skills.

There was a total of more than ten items that could activate the learning of new skills. The types of gifts were different; therefore, they led to different skills. However, the total quantity of these items was limited, and it meant that the number of players that could learn skills from Bennett was also limited. The hidden instructors usually transferred skills to their disciples in such a manner.

For instance, there were only about a hundred of such sabers left, and with the saber, one could master a very powerful attacking ability known as [Flaming Will]. In the late stage of Version 1.0, the price of the saber was inflated to millions of dollars, and Han Xiao was able to obtain it by sacrificing some of his relationship points with the Rothschild familyit was a pretty good deal.

Han Xiao longed to master the ability of [Flaming Will], something he had failed to do in his past life.

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