Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 The Choice Of The Era

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Chapter 1114 The Choice of the Era

At the same time, what was happening on Planet Magnetic Cloud was being broadcast live to the Central Galaxy through a military coded channel. The leaders of the three Universal Civilizations were monitoring events in real-time. Seeing this, the three of them were all silent.

Bader took a deep breath and slowly said, "Manison Weve given him too much freedom. We can put up with other things, but this time, he crossed the line."

The churchs pope said, "He always ignores our warnings, provoking our authority time after time, and now even wants to acquire a strategic intimidation weapon. He says hes fighting for a form of insurance for the Beyond Grade As, but hes just trying to make us fear him so he can be on the same level as us. Hell definitely also use this to threaten us for more things in the future. The possibility of all that happening has to be eliminated at the roots."

"I seem to recall that Black Star has a similar ability to the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device. If he works with Manison and takes the virus core, hell be able to teleport out immediately" Bader turned to look at Urranrell, who was silent, and said with a more serious tone, "As long as he leaves the scene with the virus core, well assume that the Virtual Mutiny Virus has already been obtained by Black Star So, Your Excellency Dynasty Ruler, what are you planning to do?"

Urranrell stayed silent for a while before saying, "Now isnt a good time for a cleansing. The Flickering World is in development, and the Super Star Cluster Civilizations are a threat. If we force Black Star and Mechanic Emperor to turn on us, they might go to the Super Star Cluster Civilizations with the Virtual Mutiny Virus in their hands. Thats going to be a real threat, so we should try our best for things not to come to that." "Thats right. With the Super Star Cluster Civilizations, now indeed isnt a good time to have a cleansing However, our compromise and tolerance should have a limit, and we cant step behind that line," Bader said with a deep voice.

The churchs pope said with a grave tone, "Maybe having a trump card to protect their safety is a sensible demand of the Beyond Grade As, but we cant ignore how much of a threat this is to our rule. I know that if Black Star or the Mechanic Emperor acquire the virus technology, well still be able to maintain a peaceful relationship with them as long as we dont push them too hard, and things wont end up in the worst scenario. However, it will still be a hidden threat. Can we close our eyes and act like all this never happened just because it wont show its dangers for the time being? We did not get to where we are today by having illusional hopes in others!"

Urranrell frowned and shouted, "Do you have any idea what youre talking about? Youre talking about a war that will involve all the advanced civilizations in the entire universe, a cleansing that will last for decades or even a century. Do you not know the consequences of that? Do you want to go back to the exploration


"It wont come to that. Were already the absolute rulers. No one can stand above us. Maybe this will be the most chaotic time since the start of the Galaxy Calendar, but it will make sure all our obstacles are cleared. Its better than watching our enemies grow so powerful that we cant get rid of them" The popes tone was calm.

"What about the threat of the Super Star Cluster Civilizations?"

"If the Super Star Cluster Civilizations want to use the Virtual Mutiny Virus technology, well announce this to the entire universe. Itll be the best reason to start a war with them. The Super Star Cluster Civilizations have ignored the safety of the universe and attempted to use such a dangerous weapon; to maintain order, we have no choice but to wipe them out. This will be an opportunity to shatter all the Super Star Cluster Civilizations. Although both sides will end up suffering, nothing else will be able to shake our position afterward After our enemies are eliminated, well have more than enough time to deal with internal matters."

Urranrell bit on her lips and squeezed out the words from between her teeth. "Stability above


The church pope was unconvinced. "Our bottom line doesnt allow provocations."

The atmosphere became tense. Disagreements were common in such meetings.

Seeing the two of them argue, Bader looked left and right with a strange expression.

The always aggressive Crimson Dynasty shockingly spoke about stability today, while the usually cheeky Arcane Church suddenly became a war fanatic?

Bader was at a loss.

He suppressed his shock, coughed, and said, "Thats very decisive of you, Pope. Since the Dynasty Ruler doesnt agree with the more aggressive approach, maybe we can do it another way. Lets say the Mechanic Emperor and Black Star succeed, we can temporarily compromise with them on the terms of them having to deal with the Super Star Cluster Civilizations. When theyre both wounded, we can come in and clean the two sides." "Too assumptive." The church pope shook his head. "If the Mechanic Emperor and Black Star acquire the technology, they definitely know the risks theyll take by eliminating one of their potential customers. Otherwise, the leverage they have will lose its biggest threat."

"Things are still not clear yet," Urranrell said with a heavy frown. "Black Star has yet to agree to work with the Mechanic Emperor. Hes a smart person. I believe he will make a choice thats beneficial for the peace of the universe."

The church pope coldly said, "But what if? The federation once trusted the Mechanic Emperor too much as an ally, which led to him pushing the boundaries and gradually getting out of our control. With such an example, is the dynasty still planning to continue to protect Black Star for the sake of not offending him? A choice has to be made between the big picture and allies; unending fawning will only make the other party think youre weak."

Hearing this, Urranrell closed her eyes, only opening them again after a while. Her eyes were emotionless when they opened again.

"By then, Ill have my measures."

"Such as?"

"Thats not for you to worry, Your Excellency!"

On the other hand, the confrontation was still underway on Planet Magnetic Cloud. As soon as Manison said that, everyone present was startled. They did not think Manison would be willing to pass the virus core to someone else.

Han Xiao was shocked too. He was just mocking Manison and testing him. He did not think Manison would really agree to it. Hearing this, Han Xiao hesitated and did not respond instantly. He started to think quickly in his mind.

Manison wants to work with me, not only to shift the target to me but also because of the teleportation ability of the King suit. Of all the people here, Im the only one who can leave this place with the virus core easily. Old Man Manison is strong, sure, but even he isnt very confident in fleeing from here, which is why he has chosen me

Han Xiao pondered. This body was a Lords Avatar that did not have the King. Nonetheless, he could summon a spare one from the Dimension Factory, so it was not an issue. Manison is killing two birds with one stone. If I agree and leave with the virus core, Ill instantly become the target of everyone, while Manison wont have to fight for a way out after throwing the hot potato to me. Instead, he got himself out of the equation, and Ill face the most pressure from the three Universal Civilizations.

If I break my promise after acquiring the technology, not only will I have to endure the pressure alone, but Ill also have to suffer the consequences of breaking my promise. Not speaking of offending Manison, my name among the Beyond Grade As will plummet for sure. Therefore, hes certain that Ill need an ally, so he knows hell most likely still get his hands on the technology, and hes willing to gamble on it

Han Xiao clenched his teeth in his mind.

Hes playing these dirty tricks again! The two of them did not chat privately but openly. Manisons intentions were clear; he wanted to shift the target of the conflict, and everyone understood that. However, some people still panicked. Seeing that Han Xiao was about to be convinced, the dynastys inspector yelled loudly, "Black Star! You have to think carefully about what youre doing!"

He had to panic. Although the spacetime was stabilized, Black Star was the only one who could just teleport out.

Although the two of them could run but could not hide, if the three Universal Civilizations could not retrieve the virus core on the spot, it would cause tons of problems afterward.

The Beyond Grade A Mechanics changed their positions and stood apart from Manison and Han Xiao.

This time, Manison raised the contained virus core, stared at Han Xiao, and said, "Black Star, Ive always had high hopes for you. You should know that this will become the amulet for the Beyond Grade As. We have the same philosophy. Leave with it. Our future is in your hands."

"Bullsh*t. Although youre the association president, you still dont have the right to make this kind of decision on behalf of all the Beyond Grade As. No one needs you to plan the future for them." Kant turned to Han Xiao and said, "Black Star, dont get tricked by him. Not only will possessing the virus core not give us insurance, but it will bring us a disaster."

Han Xiao hesitated.

His philosophy was not the same as the Mechanic Emperors. He wanted to interfere with the Calamity of the Supers so that the explored universe could preserve more strength to deal with the World Tree Civilization in the future.

Manison wanted to make the Beyond Grade As stronger, making everyone in this Grade his shield. Another goal of him attempting to acquire the Domino Virus technology was most likely to make the other Beyond Grade As more united around him and see him as their leader.

In Han Xiaos previous life, Manison most likely was the one who got the Domino Virus. However, he did not use it during the World Tree Civilization war. His ambitions showed from that-since he still did not expose his trump card even when the explored universe was threatened by an outside enemy, he clearly wanted to use it on the three Universal Civilizations.

Han Xiao looked around and saw the expression on everyones face.

Is the Domino Virus really an amulet? Who knows? It might be a death invitation.

How can the three Universal Civilizations possibly be willing to be restricted by someone? If I threaten them with this as leverage, I wont receive compromises but, more likely, the three Universal Civilizations resolve to eliminate their enemies no matter the cost.

Most of the time, the three Universal Civilizations would think about the big picture, but this did not mean that they would compromise without limits. Strategic weapons would only achieve a balance of power when the power of the two sides was on the same level in the first place. However, if one sides power overwhelmed the other, it was tough to imagine they would allow an outsider to use a weapon that could threaten them to demand things. If he obtained the Domino Virus technology, he would be able to cause huge damage to the entire universe if he wanted to and make the galactic society go back multiple generations. He might feel this meant that the three Universal Civilizations would have no choice but to choose to tolerate and compromise with him However, this would be the exact source of the three Universal Civilizations resolve to eliminate him.

Even if he did not think of causing trouble, people could change, and the three Universal Civilizations would not be willing to take that risk.

From Han Xiaos perspective, the three Universal Civilizations allowing them to possess the Domino Virus technology did not seem like a big deal. After all, as long as everyone held back, it seemed like no one would suffer any losses. It looked like a small issue not worth all the trouble.

However, this was only his mind playing tricks on him, telling him he might get lucky. In truth, the three Universal Civilizations had lines that could not be crossed. They could tolerate others being greedy, but they would never allow anyone to threaten their positions as the absolute rulers.

In this situation, if he ignored their warnings and took the virus core away, no matter what he said afterward, the three Universal Civilizations would still assume he was thinking of overthrowing their rule.

If things really turned ugly, Han Xiao did not think the other Beyond Grade As would be standing on his side. He knew very well that everyone had their own plans. His call only got so many responses before because it suited their interests. However, no one was ready to turn on the three Universal Civilizations. By then, there would definitely be more people who would choose not to be involved than people who chose to take this path to the end.

By that time, he and the Mechanic Emperor might be seen as the cancer of society. Most of the time, the majority represented the society they were in.

Also, the impact of things turning completely ugly would show in all areas. The Black Star Armys territory in the Flickering World would be retrieved; the civilizations would no longer provide any resource channels; the civilian financial groups would terminate their partnerships; the armys funds and accounts would be frozen, and the army would not be able to purchase any resources; countless army soldiers would quit and leave; the armys business would shrink dramatically The three Universal Civilizations would only have to make a simple announcement for all this to happen. All the benefits he was enjoying from the advanced civilizations would be gone forever.

Everyone was a member of the galactic civilization. There would certainly be extremely few people who would be willing to fight against the three Universal Civilizations on the Black Star Armys side.

After all, most people were just ordinary people. No one could blame them for putting themselves first.

Han Xiaos eyes flickered. He stopped joking around and said with a deep voice, "Youre putting me in the gamble."

"Im thinking about the big picture." Manisons tone was calm.

Han Xiao stayed silent for a while before suddenly moving.


Void energy erupted and shrouded this area. Everyone there felt like they were in a swap and could not move freely.

Void Prison!

Due to the spacetime stabilization device, the strength, duration, and range of this ability all decreased drastically, but it was still barely enough.

In this area, only Han Xiaos movements were unrestricted. He flew past the encirclement around and instantly came before Manison, grabbed onto the virus core and immediately moved aside.

"Black Star!"

As Void Prison ended, everyone came and surrounded Han Xiao this time.

Everyones eyes landed on him with all kinds of complicated emotions such as anger, worry, anxiety, and many more.

Outside the crowd, Manison looked at Han Xiao and said, "Looks like youve figured it out. Youre a smart man. Dont disappoint me."

"Black Star, dont do anything stupid." Sidreun and the inspectors were shocked.

Han Xiao did not respond to anyone. He looked at the virus core in his hands carefully, softly rubbed the container, and made sure it was the real thing.

With so many Beyond Grade As around, the possibility of it being swapped without getting noticed was nonexistent.

With the virus core in his hands, he felt as if he was not holding onto a physical object but the fate of countless people in this universe.

The direction of the era and the path it would take might be all decided by his one decision.

This time, Han Xiao looked up at the nervous eyes of everyone and slowly said, "Before taking the bet, one has to see the risks first. Sorry, I might have made a not so right decision. Its just that I suddenly recall something a woman once said to me

"She said this universe has an end no matter how enormous it is, but ambition has no limits."

Right after he said that, under the shocking look of everyone, Han Xiaos Mechanical Force erupted and flowed into the container.

The Mechanical Force was mixed with a virtual soul attack. It completely wiped both the virus cores physical body and soul.


He shattered the metal shell with his fingers. The empty container turned into pieces and fell to the ground.

At this moment, it was like everything froze.

Everyone watching, including the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations who were watching the broadcast, were all completely astonished.

Everyone had a lot of guesses in their minds, but not a single person had thought of what just happened.

Black Star destroyed the virus core?

Hes mad! Why did he do that?

Even if you dont want it, you didnt have to destroy it!

A bright light suddenly appeared in Manisons eyes, and a terrifying energy flowed in his body like a tsunami.

His deep voice echoed around word by word.

"What! The! Hell! Have! You! Done!"

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