Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Poaching People

After Manison withdrew, the operation to deal with the Virtual Mutiny Virus core was finally settled.

Han Xiao dismissed his Mechanical Deity, putting away the combat troops. He only left a few maintenance teams to cooperate with the three Universal Civilizations in cleaning up the battlefield.

While he and Manison had deliberately moved away from the battlefield to prevent the troops from firing in the direction of the planet, the aftermath of the battle still had a considerable impact on Planet Magnetic Cloud.

The earth seemed to have been sanded down by a file, and its skin and flesh that was filed down turned into sand and dust in the sky. From outer space, the surface was full of traces of falling objects as well as pits and ravines, of which the most conspicuous was the ravine left by Manisons trident, transforming the wilderness into a large group of rift-like valleys.

The settlements of those in the Machinery Faith were affected to a certain extent, and their protective shield was dim, but it was not wiped out. It was just that there was a violent earthquake that caused a large number of buildings to collapse, as well as sinking the surrounding terrain by one or two meters. The city shrouded in the shield suddenly became an island.

Seeing this, Han Xiao had an idea and piloted his Lords Avatar down to the settlement.

Everyone had gone over to chase and kill the virus core, and the battle had happened straight after. While they all noticed the Machinery Faith on Planet Magnetic Cloud, there was no time to contact it. Now was the best time.

Manison had warned them before that he did not wish to see any other Beyond Grade As contact the Machinery Faith, but now that he had completely disregarded Manison, Han Xiao naturally did not care about his warnings.

Han Xiao slowly descended, stopping in the air directly outside the protective shield.

The other Beyond Grade A Mechanics also swiftly approached. Han Xiao did not restrict them; he was no Mechanic Emperor.

After a few seconds, the shield opened automatically, and Han Xiao and his group landed on top of the temple in the middle of the settlement. All the priests formed a circle around them in excitement.

"Look, its a Mechanical Deity, in the flesh!"

"So many Beyond Grade A Mechanics. I really want to touch them."

"Do you think that they will allow us to take photos with them?"

Many of the priests whispered among themselves in fanaticism.

This should be heaven!

On an ordinary day, it was only the Mechanic Emperor that would contact them, and none of the other Beyond Grade As would come over, as though they had no interest in the Machinery Faith, making them feel as though these Beyond Grade As looked down on them.

The priests normally did not take the initiative to come into contact with the objects of their faith, and each individual would have their own idol of worship, so the interaction was limited. Getting to see so many living Beyond Grade A Mechanics in person made everyone happy, excited, and cautious. They wished to jump upon them but were also afraid of making their gods unhappy.

In the end, it was the Grand Priest that took the initiative to greet everyone.

"Im the Grand Priest of this Machinery Faith colony. Beyond Grade A Mechanics, I welcome you on behalf of the Machinery Faith."

Han Xiao knew how to interact with them, choosing not to say anything about the scene nor give any self-introductions. He directly glanced at the collapsed buildings in the distance, asking in a tone like a commander asking over their subordinates.

"I fought a really fierce battle with the Mechanic Emperor just now. Are you guys still alright?"

"Were fine. We all have heavy armor as protection, and the residents have already taken refuge in the flying vehicles. There were no casualties, so the loss of the city is nothing since we can always rebuild it."

Seeing Black Stars concerned attitude gave the Grand Priest a great boost to his spirits. His expression was one of joy. My idol is concerned for us!

I have no more regrets in this life!

"It would be better for you all to shift to another planet. The damage done to Planet Magnetic Cloud is quite serious, and there might be natural disasters in the future," Han Xiao said with concern.

The Grand Priest vehemently shook his head. "No, no, no, were going to stay here and pay tribute to the traces of battle that you and the Mechanic Emperor have left."

With Planet Magnetic Cloud already beaten to this state, a normal person would choose to move to another planet, but those of the Machinery Faith were not ordinary. They believed that having witnessed a fight between Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor, Planet Magnetic Cloud had become some sort of Divine Battlefield, which possessed a lot of commemorative meaning. They could not wait to pray to it every day.

What, moving? Out of the question!

"In this case, thats fine too. Since Im already here, let me help you guys." Han Xiao pointed at the air, and a virtual screen unfolded, showing a 2D map of Planet Magnetic Cloud. He said in a kind tone, "Im to blame for your residence being destroyed, so choose a location. Ill help you guys to build a new city there."

Many of the priests immediately opened their eyes wide, not daring to believe that such a superior being was actually so benevolent. "We dont dare. How could we trouble someone like you to do such a small thing?" The Grand Priest hurriedly declined the offer.

"Dont be so polite. Were considered a family. Ive always known of the existence of the Machinery Faith and heard that you guys worshipped me as a god. While you have never contacted me before, you respect me as a god, so I shall not be stingy with succor."

Han Xiao did not beat around the bush, directly using the Im a reliable backer, so just lie on my huge and assuring chest logic.

Hearing that, the Grand Priest could not help but feel a little moved. Their beliefs would not be transferred because of material interests, but they also did not find it necessary to reject their gods divine bestowal.

Everyone discussed it a bit before choosing a location for their new settlement.

Glancing at it, Han Xiao discovered that it was the rift created by the trident. He was not surprised and deliberately smiled. "Very good, this area was the spot that the Mechanic Emperors weapon landed after being deflected by me."

Hearing this, the priests present all had their curiosity dug out.

They had been watching the battle between the two Mechanical Deities and discovered that they had stopped fighting halfway. Later, they heard Kant speak on the wide area channel, saying that both of them were tied. Manison left soon after, and because everything had happened so quickly, the priests were still in a state of confusion.

"Your Excellency, why did you and His Excellency Mechanic Emperor start fighting? What happened in the end? Er if this is sensitive, then I apologize for my offense."

The Grand Priest could not help himself from inquiring about it. While he knew it was somewhat abrupt, he felt the itchy to sate his curiosity.

"Its no secret and will be made public sooner or later anyway. Theres no harm in telling you guys. Youve heard of the Virtual Mutiny Virus, right?"

"Yes, yes."

All of them nodded like chickens pecking.

"That plaything isnt any ordinary virus but rather an information systems weapon with a core controller. It has the ability to continuously evolve and upgrade itself, and it can even phase in and out between the virtual and physical world. Us Beyond Grade A Mechanics responded to the call of the three Universal Civilizations to cooperate and kill it," Han Xiao briefly explained.

The eyes of the priests were open wide in shock. Only at this time did they realize that the Virtual Mutiny Virus that plagued the Ancient Star Desert for many days was actually such powerful technology.

The Grand Priest was immersed in Han Xiaos narration, hurriedly asking, "Did you succeed?"

"We caught the virus core, but we had a conflict in handling the issue. Manison, regardless of the risk, wished to keep the core and research the technology behind it on his own. For the sake of universal peace, I took the virus core and destroyed it, angering the Mechanic Emperor. He wanted to teach me a lesson, so we had a fight. Im embarrassed to have affected you."

Han Xiao was speaking the truth, but he slightly changed the details to highlight Manisons disregard for the safety of the universe.

Kant and the others glanced at him, knowing that this was him trying to discredit the Mechanic Emperor, but no one stopped it as they were happy to see it happen.

"Then the result"

"Just as you heard, it ended in a tie. Both the Mechanic Emperor and I do not know of the outcome, and he felt that if he continued to fight, he likely would not be able to beat me, so he ran away and did not continue fighting with me."

Kant and the others once again glanced at Han Xiao before nodding along.

Not bad, keep this up. Continue to smear his name. Dont stop.

"No wonder" The Grand Priest sighed contentedly, like a reporter who had gotten his scoop.

From the start, Black Star was suppressed by the Mechanic Emperor, and the situation was only reversed after he burned his potential. However, the Machinery Faith only recognized the result. Regardless of whether Black Star had burned his potential or not, as long as his Mechanic abilities produced the desired result against his enemy, they would recognize that Black Star and Mechanic Emperor had tied. They placed the two on the same level now and could not wait to advertise it in their sect and share the gossip. At the same time, the Grand Priest felt a little regretful.

While he did not belong to the zealot faction, it hurt to hear that such powerful technology like the Virtual Mutiny Virus had been destroyed by Han Xiao.

However, he admired this feat even more. Black Star clearly had the core of the virus at his fingertips, but he cared for the common people and eliminated any opportunity for any organization to obtain this technology from the roots itself for the sake of the universe. This was an admirable act.

As for the Mechanic Emperor, he wished to study this virus in order to master the weapon. The safety of the ordinary citizens was not within his consideration. While the Grand Priest could understand the Mechanic Emperors approach, he felt that his bearings were inferior compared to Black Star. Subconsciously, the image of the Mechanic Emperor was no longer so tall and mysterious, and the image of Black Star grew much more.

Rumors could always be distorted, and it was more likely that the information revealed by these bigshots would be more reliable Many of the priests thought that way.

Han Xiao and his party thus promoted his battle record of achieving a tie and, in the process, discredited the Mechanic Emperor, allowing this group of Machinery Faith members to vigorously publicize it in their internal networks, reducing Manisons believers.

The Machinery Faith only believed in the strong, and they did not have any diehard fans. With a record as evidence, it was not difficult to poach people.

To achieve their goal, Han Xiao and the rest had a conversation with the believers, deepening their impression of them in the Machinery Faith. They then left the planet, dispelling their Lords Descent and only leaving the construction machinery to build the new settlement for the Machinery Faith.

"The Mechanic Emperor has withdrawn."

The three Universal Civilizations leaders looked at each other the moment the live broadcast screen ended.

"While there were some twists and turns, the operation was largely successful, and the threat of the virus core has also been resolved. Black Stars intelligence was correct, and he also went to great lengths for the operation to succeed. If it were not for him, we would definitely have suffered a huge loss. This achievement could be said to have turned tide, and he should be rewarded," Urranrell said.

Bader and the Pope nodded in agreement. This was a disaster that threatened the whole universe, so they let go of past grievances for the time being and reward those who had contributed.

"Furthermore, in order to destroy the Mechanic Emperors plan, Black Star had to burn his potential and fight. We should compensate him," Urranrell said again.

Bader secretly screamed out the word shameless, and he retorted, "This isnt too justified. Handing over the virus core to us would also have ruined the Mechanic Emperors scheme, but Black Star did not do this. Perhaps it is out of his consideration to maintain the order of the universe, but it could also be his distrust in us. We are not of the same mind. So, the reward is justified, but the compensation isnt."

"We cant end it like that." Urranrell shook her head. "Black Star ruined the virus core based on his own considerations. This might be a case of a wise man looking after his own hide, but he indeed cut off the source of the disaster. Through this behavior, we can finally catch a glimpse of his vague position that he chooses order above everything else. While Black Star might not be one of our direct members, but based on his position, he is consistent with our interests and should be awarded more trust."

Bader frowned without replying.

Seeing this, Urranrell solemnly continued. "In fact, we have not lost this technology even with the destruction. The monopoly of the virus technology was just to prevent leakage. With our own strengths, we can already naturally suppress the explored universe, and without this technology, were still the overlords, but there will be one less variable that can threaten the entire universe."

She made no attempt to hide the fact that she wished for Black Star to obtain more benefits. Bader looked as though he wanted to speak, but the Pope suddenly spoke. "We need to consider how to deal with the Mechanic Emperor. His current position is extremely dangerous to us, and if Black Star had not revealed the specialty of the virus core, he would have hidden it in his intelligence.

"Manisons appetite is growing larger. While he did not succeed this time, he has already revealed his ambition. We cannot tolerate him doing whatever he wants, so we have to find ways to weaken him, such as his businesses, status, his believers in the Machinery Faith, and his speaking rights in the development union. We have to choose a candidate to go against him, repeatedly stealing his resources."

"And the person youre suggesting is Black Star, huh?" Bader was a little unwilling.

"Thats right. Hes the best candidate. While he is not of our direct line, his position is worthy of our trust as he will not do anything to disrupt order. Its better to make Black Star bigger than the Mechanic Emperor, who is unscrupulous. It would be best for Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor to compete, causing a division. If Black Star can lead the Development union, that would be even better. We will not have to worry about those Beyond Grade A people creating any sort of radical collective behavior."

After they exchanged their opinions, a consensus was reached.

For Black Star, not only did they have to reward him, they also had to vigorously promote his deeds throughout the universe. This would build an image for him to compete against the resources of the Mechanic Emperor, as well as to promote the correct values that were conducive to their order.

As for the Mechanic Emperor, they had to suppress him hard, no longer allowing him to be so unrestrained.

Apart from other things, they had to first lock down that old things main body. Manison was no Black Star, so his true body was his fatal weakness.

His vision shifted from his Lords Avatar and returned to his main body.

Han Xiao slowly opened his eyes. He was still within the virtual brainwave amplifier, and the consciousness of the others did not return to their avatars there. He was the only one in this space.

"I finally solved the virus core problem."

Han Xiao opened the interface, and the special requirements that required him to destroy the virus core by hand showed a completed sign.

However, the entire (Intelligent Plague] mission was not over yet. All rewards for this mission would not be handed out until the three Universal Civilizations had eliminated all the first-generation viruses within the Ancient Star Desert.

As for the [Mechanic Emperor Manison Machinery War] mission, that could be turned in. He and Manison had fought for half a day, allowing him to reach the highest evaluation.

Since Feidin, Nero, and Ames were not around, he could only look for Harrison.

After taking a trip out to meet Harrison and giving him a good rub under the other partys confused and terrified gaze, Han Xiao clicked on the reward settlement with a satisfied look. He glanced past the experience and Character Summon Card rewards, looking directly at the skill extraction interface.

You have received: Draw one of Manisons ability (talent/skill)

Tip: Manison is a Virtual Mechanic, and your Class is completely compatible with his. You will be able to draw any of his abilities. If you draw an ability that you have, you can strengthen your ability to a certain extent.

Randomizing complete.

Please select one from the five options below as the reward:

Blueprint-Emperor Mechanics Sacred Trident Skill: A Universal Treasure Class melee weapon dedicated for the Mechanical Deitys usage. Manison has combined a lot of weapon technology to develop this fine piece of work. The specific parameters are as follows (Expand/Collapse). Minimum Manufacturing Requirements: Character Level 310, 20,000 INT, [Ultimate Mechanical Engineering Lv.5), [Endless Material Science Lv.5], [Eternal Power Source Lv.4)
Perfect Mechanical Sense Talent: x1.4 bonus coefficient to Machinery Affinity. Grade of Mechanic equipment that receive Mechanical Force bonuses are temporarily increased by 1 2 tiers (highest quality will not exceed Pink Grade), +4 to all Mechanic Skills.
Blueprint-Punisher Skill: Manisons self-developed advanced mechanical soldiers, powerful war weapons made possible through Biological Transformation and Biochemical Machinery. A living Super is needed as raw material, and the stronger the Super, the higher the performance will be after transformation. The specific parameters are as follows (Expand/Collapse).
Note: To transform a Beyond Grade A living Super into a Punisher, the minimum requirements are: Character Level 340, 32,000 INT, and possess [Endless Material Science Lv5), (Mechanical Life Tinder Lv5], [Eternal Power Source Lv5], [Virtual Creator Lv5)

The Ancient Ones Talent: A long life gives you a wealth of experience, which is precious spiritual wealth. +20% INT, +10% MYS, +2 to all Skill levels.
100 Million Mechanic Empire-Manison Talent: +15% INT, +1.2x Machinery Affinity Coefficient, +2 to all Mechanic Class Skills. In addition, +6 to (Machinery Fusion], [Emperors Gift], [Kings Mentor), [Tinder Awakening), [Apostle Life Creation], [Dimension Factory), [Apostle Evolution), (Mechanical Proliferation Growth), (Strengthened Machinery Civilization) +5,000% for machinery production efficiency and +10% 40% for the quality of mechanic artifacts produced. Furthermore, +36% in abilities relating to the research and manufacturing of ordinary blueprints, and +12% in abilities relating to the research and manufacturing for Golden blueprints.
When battling against any other machinery, you will obtain a bonus of +10% to all Attributes, -15% to damage received, and +10% to damage dealt to the other party. Your energy and stamina consumption are also reduced by 25%.

Remarks: Youre the owner of hundreds of millions of machines. You are the Mechanic Emperor!

Gulp. Han Xiao was a little dazed, swallowing unconsciously. Is the Goddess of Luck finally willing to hold onto my pants

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