Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Snatching Manisons Treasure

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The quality of this wave of extraction was just too scary!

Han Xiao was unprepared for this and was stunned for a while before ecstasy surged in his heart.

Because both of their classes were perfectly matched, any skill or expertise could be drawn, so the thousands of blueprints Manison had would lower the possibility of him drawing anything good.

Han Xiaos original goal was to at best extract a Molding Talent, but he did not expect to draw out Manisons treasured baby!

(100 Million Mechanic Empire-Manison), a Unique Talent!

Just look at the effect! Woah, the difference in template level! And its even top notch among the templates!

This was definitely the reason behind Manisons strength!

The Unique Talents of most characters stemmed from their own experience, which also carried a strong personal touch.

Generally speaking, the talent formed after becoming strong would definitely be more powerful compared to the earlier ones, and the [100 Million Mechanic Empire) was obviously the specialty borne after Manison had been famous for a long time. Its conditions for forming were extremely harsh, and it was the summation of his lifetime of experience.

To put it in laymans terms, this talent was equivalent to the old mans inner core. It contained the essence of his life!

And right now, the old mans lifetime of work was unfortunately extracted by him

It was as though one had gone down to the river to fish, and immediately caught a protected animal in one go!

The richness of this harvest completely outstripped our Great Mechanic Hans expectation, and he was so excited that he wanted to gorge on his nutrition fluid as a reward.

I f*cking earned big this time!

Ones character indeed needs to be accumulated. Harrison has stored so many years of luck with him, and I probably wiped it all clean in one go.

Han Xiao was full of excitement.

Forgetting the (100 Million Mechanic Empire), the overall quality of this extraction was also surprisingly high, with two Molding Talent level abilities and even (Perfect Mechanical Sense).

Fortunately, he had long obtained the [Perfect Mechanical Sense) template by bullying Nero, and even if he chose it again, he would only obtain a minor upgrade to the skill. The price to performance ratio was too limited, otherwise he would have had trouble deciding.

The other options were also quite good. The Emperor Mechanics Sacred Trident was the weapon that Manison had used in the battle against him, which was a Universal Treasure stronger than the Celestial Punishment Edge. The blueprint (Punisher) was a special living weapon modification technology that was even applicable to the Beyond Grade A levels. Most likely, all the Beyond Grade As collected by Manison were transformed into advanced weaponry in this manner. [The Ancient Ones) was also a high-level talent, which Han Xiao had used before through the Character Summon Card. If he did not draw the (100 Million Mechanic Empire] talent, then this ability would have been good to solidify himself. Since the other abilities paled in comparison in front of Manisons Unique Talent, Han Xiao did not need to hesitate.

Tonight, we are all Manison!

You have received a new talent: 100 Million Mechanic Empire-Manison!

An unexplainable change occurred in his body, different from the pain experienced during the sublimation of life level. Han Xiao only felt as though he was flying, the unknown shackles binding him having been broken off.

His vision rippled, and scenes flashed quickly in front of him.

He saw the fast-forwarded process from a babys birth to when he became a teenager. Obscure books on machinery theory were being read as childrens books, casually flipped through.

He saw the first Mechanical Force of the boy being born, the first book he read, the first machine made, the first blueprint refined, the first enemy killed

As the stars shifted, countless messy and fuzzy pictures flashed by, and the person in the illusion finally turned into an old man dressed in a silver robe, with his eyes flickering with lightning. Behind him stood a mighty mechanical army, boundless and as numerous as the stars in the galaxy, occupying every inch of Han Xiaos sight.

The illusion ended there, and Han Xiao opened his eyes in revelation. This must be Old Man Manisons life story. It seems as though obtaining the Unique Talent of a person will allow me to see the general outline of said persons life But hey, that old bugger is still alive, so why does it seem like theyre celebrating his life?

The illusion was fuzzy most of the time and lacked detail. It only showcased the more important nodes of Manisons life.

Han Xiao did not receive any intelligence despite viewing the whole thing, at most only having a better outlook over Manisons life. He was a proud son of heaven, talented in many ways, and had always been the outstanding one from a young age.

The stereotypical child-next-door. Han Xiao grimaced.

The only special thing worth noting was that despite Manison being so dazzling since childhood, he seemed to have no interest in material enjoyment, nor did he have any interest in passing down his genes. All he wanted was to stay in his workshop and tinker with machinery.

This is a little similar to me. Were all craftsmen that are focused on our own crafts

Han Xiao shook his head, putting this illusion to the back of his mind before carefully scrutinizing the effects of (100 Million Mechanic Empire-Manison). While the talent was now his, the suffix of Manison had not disappeared. This would always display the origin of the skill.

One of the most exaggerated bonuses within would be the 5,000% increase in production efficiency. Most likely, the nickname of Mechanic Emperor for Manison was derived because of this, as his speed of creating machinery was frightening.

While this was awe inspiring, fifty times the production efficiency also meant fifty times the speed of money burnt!

Manison had been continuously expanding his organization all the while. Other than ambition, it was because he needed to support his own expenses. With the expenses he incurred in his own class, he spent the money he earned fast.

The biggest difference between me and Manison now is our accumulation. With this bonus, the speed at which I accumulate my foundation will increase sharply. While it will not shorten the gap, it will not allow Manison to open up the gap between us even more Han Xiao stroked his chin as he thought. Its just that my money will be spent too quickly Luckily, Im not short on cash.

The Black Star Army was at a huge scale now, with huge cash flows and terrifying profits daily. Furthermore, there was the cornucopia in the form of the Evolution Totems. His own personal finances were now full enough to have permanently crossed out the term lack of money from his dictionary.

The bonus awarded to his blueprint manufacturing and R&D was also large, which could be around the range of dozens of stacks from the (Spirit Instrument] buff. The best would be the twelve percent bonus to Gold Grade blueprints. Manisons specialty was the research and development of various Universal Treasures, and this should be affected by his expertise.

This will make things easier when I study Universal Treasures myself in the future. Han Xiao was overjoyed.

As for the buffs that would take effect when facing off against other machinery, this was the best when having a battle against other Mechanics. This was one of the reasons Manison was so powerful when facing other Mechanics.

The next time he faced off against Manison, he would also obtain the same targeted increase.

The bonus given to me by the (100 Million Mechanic Empire) is equivalent to two [Perfect Mechanical Sense) talents stacked together. The Unique Talents of the best are actually so terrifying

Han Xiao was satisfied as though he had managed to eat a full meal. The gap between him and the Mechanic Emperor was already greatly reduced now.

What I said earlier still stands. Manison is indeed a good person. Every time I argue and fight with him, I obtain such a huge gift. What sort of attitude is this? Returning grievances with virtue!

If it were not for his fear of angering the other party, he would send a pennant over to Manison, with the words "The Timely Assistance for Galaxy, Hero Manison!" It seems like I need to fight more with Manison. My ability to obtain a fortune depends on him now.

Han Xiao secretly clenched his fists.

Closing the skill interface, he looked at the other mission rewards.

Directly challenging Manison was an extremely difficult mission, and the experience awarded was even greater than the first time, giving him close to a hundred billion. His stock, which was basically used up to exchange for Awakening Points, was now filled up again.

As for the Character Summon Card awarded, it was an ability known as (Vigor Resonance). The effect reduced energy consumption as well as strengthened his attributes. When converted to Mechanical Force, it increased the coverage of Mechanical Force bonuses given. At the same time, as long as his energy value did not reach zero, his energy bonuses would always remain at the maximum. Perhaps due to him using up all his luck, the effect of the Character Summon Card was quite ordinary. With his own HP to Energy exchange, this Character Summon Card was quite useless to him.

However, Han Xiao was not discouraged. With Manisons core talent in his hands, he was already very satisfied.


After doing some statistics, Han Xiao closed the interface, thinking about the impact of his actions.

Ive changed the trend of the plotline, as the virus core was directly eliminated by me. The Intelligent Plague will no longer sweep through the universe like in my previous life, and the losses have been reduced by more than ninety-five percent. The explored universe has survived this disaster without any risk, and more people have been saved in this life. With the work Ive done, I should obtain the highest Mission Rating this time. Other than the mission reward, the three Universal Civilizations will also give me a second wave of remuneration. When the news is released, I can once again obtain a third wave of rewards from the feedback given by the galactic society.

Its a pity that this Domino Virus cannot be used to deal with the World Tree. However, since the virus was not used in my previous life, the impact should not be too huge. Actually, if the World Tree managed to crack this technology and turn it against us, that would be bad. The negative impact of this virus on us is far greater than that of the World Tree, so eliminating this variable might not be a bad thing.

The possibility of the Mechanic Emperor retaliating against me is low, since hell have to deal with the suppression from the three Universal Civilizations. Even if he really wishes to mess with me, Im now full of abilities and will not be too afraid of him.

Since weve made our contradictions clear, the Mechanic Emperor and I will definitely fight in the development union. The Beyond Grade A Mechanics are not on the side of the Mechanic Emperor, so they are equivalent to my hidden supporters. My speaking rights in the union should increase. Han Xiao calculated the pros and cons silently, discovering that his gains this time were huge, with the only disadvantage being that he had offended Manison.

In the past, it was likely that Manison had obtained the virus core, becoming the greatest beneficiary of the Intelligent Plague.

Now, it was the other way around. In this operation, the Old Man Manison became the only one that lost out.

It seems like I did him a good number this time Han Xiao scratched his head. Bah, what does it have to do with me? Its not that Im bad; youre just too sly.

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