Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Special Consultant

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Han Xiao left the virtual brainwave amplifier, returning to the command center. As the spaceship landed and Han Xiao stepped out from the hatch, he immediately saw Sidreun and the other inspectors waiting for him on the platform.

Sidreun took two steps forward before bowing slightly. His attitude showed a lot more reverence than before.

"Your Excellency Black Star, the three heads are waiting online for you."

Han Xiaos actions in destroying the virus core had won him over.

"Alright, Ill head over now." Han Xiao smiled as he nodded. He was not surprised and had long expected the three Universal Civilizations to approach him.

He swept the area with a glance, realizing that the other Beyond Grade A avatars were not present. "The others?"

"They have yet to descend at the moment, but all their missions have been completed, so we are enough to wrap up the backend." With the virus core eradicated, the Virtual Mutiny Virus was thus stopped at the first generation. With the three sets of antivirus kits, the three Universal Civilizations original plan to cleanse the virus could now continue. Since the next step did not require the Beyond Grade As, their missions could be said to have been completed.

The Mechanic Emperor was even more unlikely to come back, or else it would be awkward if they saw each other, not knowing if they should fight.

Han Xiao followed the trio to a remote conference room on the top floor of the headquarters. Walking into the room, he glanced to see three huge virtual screens standing in front of them. They were the remote projections of Urranrell, Bader, and the Pope.

Sidreun and the others nodded to show their respect before retreating and closing the door. Only Han Xiao was left in the room.

Urranrell was the first to speak.

"Black Star, youve achieved a great merit this time, pinpointing the real danger of the Intelligent Plague for us. Without your intel, countless people would have been killed and injured in this disaster. Were grateful for you for your contribution on behalf of the universe."

"Maintaining the order of society is everyones responsibility," Han Xiao replied perfunctorily as he looked at the three of them. This was still the first time he had spoken to all three heads of the Universal Civilizations. He had practically reached the very forefront of Galaxy, as few had such an honor in the universe, with those receiving this treatment being the most dazzling great people of each age. Speaking of which, he was only familiar with Urranrell and had not had much contact with either Bader or the Pope.

The three of them took turns to speak, praising Han Xiao for his contribution but did not say much about his act of destroying the virus core.

After listening to their praise, Han Xiao then finally heard the Pope move onto the main topic.

"For such an achievement, we will definitely not be stingy with the reward".

Han Xiao secretly rolled his eyes. He knew that the three leaders had definitely reached a consensus before speaking to him.

Not out of his expectations, the three of them coincided with each other, introducing the reward. Among them, resources and policy support counted for the majority. The federation and the church expressed their willingness to help the Black Star Army in the Star Fields outside the Shattered Star Ring and the Flickering World, allowing them to expand their businesses and sphere of influence.

The development of the Black Star Army in the other Star Fields had been relatively difficult, as their hands could not stretch too far at the moment. With the joint support of the three Universal Civilizations, the development would be much smoother.

Han Xiao understood the meaning behind this

it was to allow him to catch up with the Mechanic Emperors organizations, allowing the two of them to better compete with each other. At the same time, this support would mean that the three Universal Civilizations were sharing their own interests with him, so as to deepen their relationship and avoid any conflict with him like what happened between them and Manison.

Furthermore, the three Universal Civilizations promised to open a portion of the Universal Treasure blueprint library to Han Xiao, which would allow him to purchase a portion of the Gold Grade blueprints using money and his Contribution Points.

Originally, most of these blueprints were not for sale. However, during his conflict against the Mechanic Emperor, the three Universal Civilizations saw the gap in strength between the two parties, so they were willing to provide some benefits to aid Black Star in reducing the gap. Generally speaking, such privileges were only awarded to those of their direct line. These treatments could be regarded as a manifestation of their trust in Han Xiao.

Of course, support still had its limits, and they would not give everything away for free.

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled, and he was unexpectedly surprised.

If this was the case, other than his own research and Awakening Point methods, he now had a new channel to purchase Universal Treasures. Because of his (Spirit Instrument] skills, there were additional benefits to this reward for him, and in his opinion, this was better compared to those business support they would provide him.

At this moment, Urranrell slowly said, "Weve also jointly decided to hire you as a Special Safety Consultant for the Federation of Light, the Crimson Dynasty, and the Arcane Church."

Han Xiao was stunned.

A Special Safety Consultant for the three Universal Civilizations?

This was new to him.

If that was the case, then he would also form a relationship with both the federation and the church, turning from an ally of the dynasty into a cross-faction character.

It seemed like there was no Beyond Grade A who had been given such an honor before in history. He might be the first and likely only one.

After thinking about it, Han Xiao could guess the intentions of the three Universal Civilizations.

Firstly, they wanted to build his momentum, and the second reason was that the other two wished to earn money through investing in him just like advertising sponsors. Black Star would carry a part of their labels with him. The third intention would be for the development union, which would mean that the three Universal Civilizations were currently adjusting their attitudes toward the Beyond Grade A development union.

Why does this feel like in the martial arts novels that I read in my previous life, about how the court would secretly support one of their own in order to become the Master of the Martial Community, thus allowing them to control the pugilists? Im becoming more and more like a villain, Han Xiao grumbled in his heart.

While he thought this way, he did not refuse the position of the Special Safety Consultant and politely nodded.

"Im honored to be offered this position."

For the Mechanic Emperor to engage in rebellion, it was not just because of the methods employed against them but also contained his own selfish will. Han Xiao did not have that idea; for him, there was more than one way to protect the Beyond Grade As. In his opinion, no one could truly be alone in the universe. The right way was to seek cooperation amid their struggles.

Furthermore, the three Universal Civilizations would be the main force in dealing with the World Tree Civilization. What he wanted was to make their cooperative relationship equal, not to backstab the three Universal Civilizations.

The majority of people in the Beyond Grade A Association also thought the same way. His position as a Special Security Consultant for the three Universal Civilizations would now act as a halo, which could attract members with the same idea. This would further separate him from Manison.

Thinking of this, Han Xiao once again had a fresh perspective.

Why does it feel like were Professor X and Magneto?

While he had become a Special Consultant, his roots were still as a pillar of the dynasty, and his relationship with the other two civilizations was a lot more superficial.

"These are the general rewards. Black Star, do you have any specific needs?" Han Xiao thought for a while before saying, "I hope that I can purchase the Ultimate Knowledges of other systems and be able to pass it on to others."

The moment he spoke, the eyes of the trio changed, and silence fell.

This was a sensitive issue and one that the Development Union had been negotiating with the three Universal Civilizations.

The issue of lifting the monopoly on Knowledge.

There were so many Beyond Grade As, and if they gathered together, they would definitely be able to gather all the Ultimate Knowledges of every Class. The key lay in their right to disseminate the knowledge, as the three Universal Civilizations prohibited any sort of private teaching

Now, Han Xiao wished for them to release their grips on this issue, which was in line with the requests of the Beyond Grade As. However, it would harm the interest of the three Universal Civilizations. Seeing their expressions, Han Xiao said, "Hila is still serving as my Deputy Army Commander. I have to help her gather knowledge of her Esper System, and there are also people with extraordinary potential under me that I hope can master some Ultimate Knowledge to improve their combat power."

The three of them exchanged glances, and after being silent for a long time, Urranrell finally spoke.

"You may exchange three Ultimate Knowledges for Hila, but you are only limited to passing one Ultimate Knowledge per person for others. At the same time, you have to submit a list for filing and limit the number of people who are able to learn this."

The three Universal Civilizations finally made some concessions on this issue, but this was only limited to Black Star himself, while others did not have this treatment.

After the various deals were negotiated, the three Universal Civilizations leaders went offline, and Han Xiao left the meeting room, stopping by to greet Sidreun before returning to his territory.

Just as he walked into his exclusive office area, he saw Harrison nervously standing at the door, waiting for him. Han Xiao did not stop, however, instead walking on.

Harrison immediately rushed up, stammering, "Your Your Excellency Black Star, I have something to ask" "Speak."

"I would like to ask, what are we going to do after the Intelligent Plague is over?"

Hearing this, Han Xiao turned to glance at him, only to see Harrisons expression of anxiety. He immediately knew what was on the latters mind.

"What, are you afraid youll go back behind bars?"

"Yes, thats right." Harrison appeared a little frazzled. While he had followed Han Xiao for a few months, he was still guilty. This charge had not been lifted, so he was afraid he would have to continue sitting behind bars and had come to ask Han Xiao for help.

"Relax, youve made a great contribution this time, and I wont leave you in the lurch." Han Xiao patted his shoulder.

Harrison was flattered, but at the same time, he was a little dazed.

I made a great contribution?

Why didnt I hear anything about it? "Then What will happen to me in the future?"

"I will ask the three Universal Civilizations to withdraw the charges against you and restore the freedom of you and your companions, but you can no longer be scavengers."

"Thank you very much!" Harrison had an expression of gratitude.

It was nice to regain his freedom. It did not matter if he could not be a scavenger. After unearthing the Virtual Mutiny Virus, Harrison was already traumatized and planned to go back and inherit his family fortune.

"Dont rejoice too early. Im not saving you for nothing. Youll need to continue your current job scope and do exploration under the funding and surveillance of the Black Star Army."

"This" Harrison hesitated. "Not willing?" Han Xiao stared at him. "Then I hope youll get used to your prison life as soon as possible."

"No, no, no!" Harrison immediately grabbed Han Xiao and helplessly replied, "We can do it."

Black Star was their last hope, so he had no other choice. Besides, obtaining financial aid from a behemoth such as the Black Star Army would mean that they did not have to worry about everything like before.

Han Xiao hummed in agreement, but he was smiling in his heart.

Want to go back and inherit the family business? Dream on!

Once you enter my leek field, dont even think of running away. Just work hard for me!

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