Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Stuarts Peace Prize

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Chapter 1126 Stuarts Peace Prize

The three Universal Civilizations official announcement quickly spread across all the Star Fields and resolved the panic and unease of the galactic society brought by the Intelligent Plague. Although most civilizations and races were displeased with how the three Universal Civilizations did some things, they still had strong trust in the three Universal Civilizations when it came to matters that involved the safety of the entire explored universe. They could always make people feel assured.

Before the impact of the announcement was gone, the three Universal Civilizations officially opened up the Ancient Star Desert in less than a month, connecting this Star Field with the galactic society once again. The first-generation Virtual Mutiny Virus was mostly wiped out. The three Universal Civilizations installed special firewalls in various Star Fields. Without the virus core, these viruses could no longer cause a problem. They would completely disappear with time, so the threat was already defused.

Word from the Ancient Star Desert got out along with it, revealing many more details than in the three Universal Civilizations announcement. The passion and interest of the galactic residents rose once again.

Han Xiao paid attention to the public opinion of the galactic society on the way back. It was almost all compliments of the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Mechanics with him at the top of it, mixed with criticism of Mechanic Emperor Manison and complaints about the order of the area.

During the Intelligent Plague, the various Star Fields were not peaceful. Most problems were caused by local rebellious forces attempting to incite panic but were all stopped by merciless methods. As for those mercenaries who tried to smuggle the virus out of the Ancient Star Desert, most of them entered the prisons of the three Universal Civilizations, while the rest all became wanted criminals.

Public opinion was going in an excellent direction. There were not many negative opinions, or the negative opinions were censored

Like sharks that smelled blood, the galactic media groups of the various areas swarmed to the Ancient Star Desert and visited the various planets, digging for more detailed information about what happened during the pandemic. In a short time, they produced a large number of themed shows to compete for attention, which was approved by the three Universal Civilizations behind the curtains.

Their power came from obedience. The three Universal Civilizations had just done something great and heroicthis was the time the medias compliments and discussions were needed so that their positions as the rulers would be firmer and receive more recognition. The Black Star Army fleet carrying Han Xiao and the others had only arrived at the Shattered Star Ring through the dynastys military stargates when the dynasty sent someone to contact Han Xiao right away.

"An award ceremony?"

Han Xiao heard this from the dynastys exploration marshal, Tarrokov.

"Thats right. Led by the three Universal Civilizations, the explored universe has once again defused a universal disaster. This will undoubtedly be written in the history books. As for the heroes who aided in defusing the disaster, well be hosting a large-scale award ceremony to emphasize what theyve done and reward them. Of course, youre on the invitation list." Han Xiao was not unfamiliar with this. Although he felt this was a rather formal event, he knew that events like this had to be held.

"Okay, where will the award ceremony be held? When? Im not going to have to make a trip to the Central Galaxy, am I? Ive only just returned to my headquarters."

"The three Universal Civilizations will be hosting the award ceremony together, so to keep up with the times and make it more convenient for all the Beyond Grade As to attend, its been decided that itll be held in the new Star Field, the Flickering World. The date is in three months, so theres plenty of time."

"Convenient, indeed." Han Xiao nodded. Suddenly, he kept his voice down and asked with a mysterious tone, "Tell me, have you guys finished preparing to target the Super Star Cluster Alliance? When are you guys going to do it?"

"I dont think this is a suitable time to talk about that" Tarrokov coughed. He also kept his voice down and said, "Anyway, the three Universal Civilizations will only consider redistributing the Super Star Cluster Alliances territories after the fourth phase of the free competition zones exploration finishes, not taking them back but sharing them with free organizations and other civilizations Maybe an excuse similar to the New Star Field Anti-Monopolization Exploration Regulations will be made as the reason."

Pot calling the kettle black Han Xiao curled his lips. This was what happened in his previous life, so he was not surprised. "Speaking of which, before you opened up the Ancient Star Desert, did you guys do anything to the Super Star Cluster civilizations there?"

"We really didnt this time, and you understand why However, although we did not make an attempt on them, we left a lot of eyes and ears behind, closely monitoring the whereabouts of the military and resources of civilizations like the Star Arc Civilization, all to prepare for the conflict that might occur soon," Tarrokov explained.

"Tsk, evil," Han Xiao joked.

"Youre one to talk." Tarrokov rolled his eyes. "Dont think I dont know. I heard quite a lot of rumors from the intelligence department that you left quite a lot of things in the Ancient Star Deserts black market." "You and I both." Han Xiao did not mind.

The two of them were already old friends who had known each other for many years. They joked around for a while and prepared to end the communication.

This time, Tarrokov suddenly thought of something and said, "If you have the time, you can go and watch this show. My colleagues in the public opinion management department seem to have sent some of your information over."

After the call ended, Han Xiao received a link from Tarrokov.

An episode of a political talk show appeared on the virtual screen. It seemed quite recent. This was a show similar to Rudens Show, but it was more authentic and official. It was called Focus Talk, targeted at people with higher positions in society.

This episode was about the Intelligent Plague. It analyzed the impact the Intelligent Plague had on the Ancient Star Desert. Han Xiao fast-forwarded for a while and finally saw his name.

A well-dressed Godoran was speaking fluently on the show. The subtitles below said this was an advanced researcher of galactic society, a scholar.

" Before Black Star left Planet Aquamarine, the Godoran Civilization had already heard of him. With our very own eyes, we saw this powerful neighbor, the Black Star Army, rise step by step. We even fought alongside them. The Black Star Army has gotten past the growing stage, and its not difficult to notice theyre trying hard to take on more responsibility in society from the recent Black Star Cup, the Holy Light Emissary project, and the Intelligent Plague.

"Although Black Star is a universe-level warlord, his principles are different from the others. Currently, he controls a large number of resources, and instead of simply keeping all of them to himself, he seems more passionate about using these resources to maintain and improve the environment of the universe. The other Beyond Grade A warlords make us feel afraid and fearful, but toward Black Star, we mostly feel admiration and reverence. He gives us a completely different image, reducing the instinctive fear the galactic residents have toward those strongest individuals in the universe. Perhaps this is this source of his extraordinary affinity"

While Han Xiao was enjoying his compliments, the images changed, and his deeds flashed past the screen one after another, accompanied by a serious narrator summarizing the events. It sounded quite like an official news segment.

Very soon, the recent events were brought up. This show was able to get their hands on the exclusive first-hand video footage of the confrontation on Planet Magnetic Cloud and played it to the entire universe.

So, this was the promotional material the dynasty sent.

The video captured him fighting Manison in a third-person view. He heard himself saying that sentence again, and it got a close-up.

" This universe has an end no matter how enormous it is, but ambition has no limits."

Han Xiao stared at the screen and smirked.

He had to admit that at this instant, he looked very handsome in the video.

The dynasty probably sent this video out because they felt that this scene was beneficial to improving his public image.

The next moment, the narration ended, and the scene changed to a grand office. The interviewer changed into someone very famous too. The subtitles showed that this person was the president of the Stuarts Committee.

Kraber Peterhius, a tenured professor of the Federation of Lights Advanced Supreme Science and Technology Institute, principal of the Truth Academy, winner of Stars and Hellers Eye medals There were so many titles that the subtitles had to keep rolling down to display all of them.

The Stuarts Committee was not some little organization but had an extremely long history and superior position. Its founder was the founder of the Energy Rank theory, Professor Stuarts Ona, traditionally known as the Father of Supers.

In his late years, he founded an award under his name. It was used to reward professionals who had made a huge achievement in various areas. The committee was the organization that managed and assessed the award. It was similar to the Nobel Prize in Han Xiaos past life, but this was even more impressive and had been going on for thousands of years.

Every year, the three Universal Civilizations and the advanced civilizations would provide sponsorships. The Stuarts Award maintained absolutely neutral. The assessment of their award was affected by any political or economic factors. The award was given out once every three years. It could not really be considered the most anticipated event, but it was very prestigious. Kraber stroked his neatly combed gray braided beard, smiled at the camera, and said, "Black Star is an extremely powerful individual, as well as a respectable scientist. Not mentioning his capabilities, I also respect his philosophy. Im a scientist, too, and I know very well of the overflowing desire and curiosity we scientists have about the unknown. No one knows better than me how much perseverance it takes to personally destroy unknown technology. I admire Black Star, and I believe he deserves to be the first shared Special Safety Consultant of the three Universal Civilizations more than anyone.

"I can let you guys know a little bit of information from behind the curtains. The Stuarts Committee has already received a lot of members nominations for Black Stars Peace Prize. As a nominee of this years Stuarts Peace Prize, Black Star has received a lot of support. From my personal perspective, I have high hopes for him. Hes made a huge contribution to the universe."

Kraber did not hide his admiration for Han Xiao at all. At the end of the interview, he made a brief summary.

"In the future, when we look back and study this history, we might see the choice Black Star made today as the turning point of this era. He might have affected the path of the entire world."

Han Xiao let out a deep breath.

He had heard of the Stuarts Award, but something so high class, of course, had nothing to do with the players in his previous life.

If I win the Stuarts Peace Prize of this year, itll probably be another Universe Legendary Point. The dynasty really isnt holding back on promoting me.

Han Xiao chuckled in his mind. He was very satisfied with how the three Universal Civilizations promoted him.

With so many honors gifted to him, they could be seen as a defensive aura that could deflect damage. If anyone attacked him, that person would certainly become a public enemy and lose a lot of reputation. Even if the federation and the church wanted to do something to him again, they would have to first dirty his image, otherwise even they would have to think twice about if the reputation drop was worth it.

Beep beep At this time, he received a communication request.

Han Xiao looked at it, and to his surprise, it was a call from Ames.

As he picked it up, the projection of the beautiful Ames, who was wearing a black dress, appeared before him. Her arms were crossed, and her lips were slightly lifted.

"I saw the video. You copied me."

"Haha, just suddenly thought of it."

"Looks like you paid attention to what I said." Ames narrowed her eyes with overflowing happiness in them. Clearly, she was in a very good mood.

"I remember most of the things you said." "You really are getting better at talking" Ames then chuckled softly and said, "Im not doing anything at home. Have time to visit me?"

"Missed me?"

"Are you coming or not?" Ames slightly raised her brows.

"Youve already invited me. How can I possibly not go? Wait for me to arrange my schedule. Its on the way too."

"Hmm, Ill wait for you at home."

Ames stepped forward and raised her hand to touch Han Xiaos cheeks. Sadly, it was just a projection. She then smiled and ended the communication as her projection disappeared.

Han Xiao touched his face and shook his head with a smile.

"Its not good to go empty-handed. I should take some gifts"

It just so happened that the three Universal Civilizations had opened up more resources to him, so he could acquire an Esper Ultimate Knowledge and give it to Ames.

He could then give it to Hila afterward too, killing two birds with one stone.

Also, he had something he had to ask Aesop too. Maybe that knowledgeable old man knew something about the Sanctum, Holy Accord, Oathkeeper, or Manison.

Furthermore, Han Xiao had a feeling.

He felt that if he went to see Ames now, he might receive something surprising.

While thinking of that, Han Xiao looked outside the window, and Harrison just happened to walk by.

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