Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Players Not Causing Trouble Have No Soul

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Chapter 1138 Players Not Causing Trouble Have No Soul


A sudden change occurred. With a loud shout, the audience platforms erupted into chaos. About one fifth of the players suddenly moved. Silhouettes rose into the sky and headed right toward Han Xiao on the stage. They were all heroic players who had answered the call.

Like a taut string suddenly snapping, the rest of the players became excited about what was going to happen.

In the crowd, Winter Wolfs eyes sparkled. He quickly ordered in the channel, "The chance is here! Lets go!"

The next moment, several hundred players suddenly moved again and were about to attack the audience platform around them.

Winter Wolf flew up from his seat. Layers of frost condensed on his skin as he dashed right toward the celebrity seats.

Excitement appeared on Winter Wolfs face as the reflection of many celebrities shocked faces entered his sights. Without hesitation, he raised his hand and was about to activate his Esper Ability and release an ice storm to turn these celebrities into ice sculptures.

At the same time, the heroes who were rushing toward the main stage also noticed this group of people who were using this opportunity to attack the innocents. Shock and rage appeared on their faces.

This was not in their plan at all, and subconsciously, some people were about to turn around and stop Winter Wolf and the others guild spies from hurting the innocents.

All these changes happened in an instant. As chaos was about to erupt, a bright electric light blasted in the middle of the venue!


Countless bolts of Mechanical Force lightning shot out like a spider net. The mechanical soldiers that were hiding in the various audience platforms activated instantly and pounced at the players who were causing trouble around them.

These mechanical soldiers were all Restrainer Modified that could disassemble into advanced restraining suits and capture the target alive. Now that they had received Mechanical Force bonuses from Han Xiao, their attributes completely exceeded the players who were Grade B at best.


Black silhouettes crisscrossed everywhere, and electrical sparks flickered. All the players who were rushing toward Han Xiao from all over the place were suddenly controlled by the Restrainers electromagnetic chains and the restraining devices, unable to move like birds without wings. Fly Free and the rest of the contestants who were on the main stage were instantly blown away by the exploding energy, falling down at the edge of the stage. The group of them were just about to climb up and continue to charge when Han Xiao softly flipped his hand over. A powerful energy shockwave pressed onto them and slammed them all flat on the ground. The next moment, the metal floor turned into robes made of nanoparticles under the effect of Han Xiaos Mechanical Force, tying Fly Free and the others up tightly.

Before the guests had time to react, the sudden danger was resolved by Han Xiao, who was prepared.

Whew, fortunately, Im prepared.

Han Xiao secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The players were not even at the Calamity Grade, so they were no different from ordinary people to him. They would not be able to cause any threat to him with numbers, but if they were to attack others, the ordinary spectators would definitely be hurt.

Even if he could react quickly, he could not ensure there were no casualties. However, since he was prepared and the players did not know, he was able to restrain all the players the moment they started to move, and no guest was hurt.

This operation was caused by Fly Free leading the momentum; that was all. These people were no different from a group of brutes with no proper unity and plan. Furthermore, most of the participants only took part on impulse, which was a common occurrence among the players. Plus, the time to prepare was too short, so there was no way they would be able to come up with a detailed plan.

The entire operation felt like a suicide mission.

"His responses are way too quick!" Winter Wolf could only feel a flash before his eyes, and he was captured without being able to resist at all. He was shocked.

He struggled to turn around and take a look and saw that all his friends had been captured by mechanical soldiers and restrained, unable to move.

Sh*t, not even one person died Still, what we did was enough to anger the army and reduce its trust in all the players, which will in turn make the players in this faction receive fewer benefits

Winter Wolf was a little regretful that his plan had failed to reach the optimal results, but judging from their goal, this was not a total failure.

These changes happened quickly, and the danger was resolved even quicker. The guests present and the spectators from the various Star Fields were stunned for quite a while before realizing what had happened.

Wait a minute, did we just slip past the gate of death?

"What just happened?"

"Looks like the Black Star Armys men started a rebellion?"

"They said Black Star isnt Black Star. Why do I have no idea what that means?"

"That startled me. To think it wasnt a performance!"

As the guests finally realized what had happened, they became surprised. It had all happened too quick; they did not even sense danger arriving, and it was already resolved. They did not feel scared at all, only surprised and confused.

All the people started discussing the incident while staring at Han Xiao with confusion.

Many army officers quickly came to Han Xiao and stood around him, staring at those players with extremely hostile looks.

Hila stepped forward, her face filled with murderous intent as she yelled, "Arrest all of these rebels. Escort them away and interrogate them thoroughly. I want to know who ordered them to do this!"

"Hey, dont get all tensed up. I still have some questions I want to ask them. Plus, I think the guests would like an explanation too."

Han Xiao pulled Hila back and signaled for the officers to step back.

Feeling the confused and curious looks of the people around, he calmly raised his finger. Nanoparticle robes then separated from the metal ground and slowly flew to before Han Xiao, holding Fly Free and the others.

Deliberately showing a somewhat confused expression, Han Xiao curiously asked, "What did you mean by what you just said? Why would you think Im the Mechanic Emperor in disguise?"

Fly Free was quite frustrated. The sudden act of so many people had absolutely no impact, and they were instantly wiped out. They had become prisoners of the Mechanic Emperor.

However, at least he yelled what he wanted to say to the entire universe, so his goal was achieved. What was left in his heart was only self-sacrificial emotions, so he yelled, "Mechanic Emperor! No matter how good your disguise is, I know youre fake!"

"Do you have any evidence?" Han Xiao raised his brows.

Only players could see the Character Summon Card screenshot, so this evidence would not work on NPCs. Furthermore, that particular Character Summon Card had already been used to prove what they said, so this reason was not convincing at all.

Fly Free had guessed he would face this question long ago, and he knew he would not be able to convince anyone but the players. He was prepared to insult the Mechanic Emperor, so he shouted, "Your vibe!"

"Huh?" Even Han Xiao was stunned for a moment.

"Humph, our Black Star army commander is a man of justice and honor. Just looking at him will make people uncontrollably admire him. But you, Mechanic Emperor, you ignored the safety of the universe for your own sake, attempting to keep the source of the Intelligent Plague for yourself! Your despicable vibe has exposed you!"

"The Mechanic Emperor is despicable?" Han Xiao deliberately raised his tone.

"Very despicable!" Fly Free was not afraid at all. "Who is Black Star? He rose in just a few decades and can already fight you on par. You call yourself an Ancient One? All the years youve spent alive have gone down the toilet! Compared to our army commander you are nothing!" Quite many Beyond Grade As touched their nose awkwardly Why does it feel like were being insulted too? Han Xiaos face twitched. He had to do everything he could not to laugh.


Thats right, buddy, keep going!

"So this is the reason for your mutiny?"

"Its not a mutiny! Dont even think about twisting our motive! Weve fought and bled for the army; were inseparable from the army! Only Black Star has the right to lead us. If anyone else attempts to put their hands on it, well definitely retaliate! Even if you kill me today, Ill still continue yelling these words in my grave-never compromise!"

Fly Free said it with so much emotion that even Han Xiao was almost touched.

The infectious words made quite a number of senior players blood boil. The emotions from many versions rushed to their heads. They were fearless, as they would not die anyway, and they started shouting. "This is the Black Star Army! F*ck off, Mechanic Emperor!"

"Black Star will shine forever!"

"Captain is the best!" "Immortals will never be slaves!"

The voices echoed in the venue. The faith inside these words moved many viewers.

So, is this what its like in the armed forces? How beautiful.

On the other hand, the Beyond Grade As were all at a loss.

From their perspective, this was beyond ridiculous.

At this time, Kant suddenly said, "Actually, I can somewhat understand the mindset of these Immortals"

The others turned to him with expressions of disbelief.

Kant coughed and said, "Ive recruited some Immortals. Most of the time, theyre quite normal, but sometimes, theyll show signs of being mentally challenged and do things I cannot understand at all" "Such as?"

" There was one guy who asked me directly to turn into a naked female human. I accidentally killed him three times."

Kasuyi agreed. "I have some Immortals under my command too. Even I cant understand whats in their heads. Someone actually tried to steal my undergarments. Do you believe that?"

"I recall hearing a theory. Experts say that the Immortal Races undying trait caused their minds to undergo synchronized mutation, which makes them have intermittent manic episodes, delusions, logic disorders, and other mental disorders."

"Oh, then it makes sense"

Suspecting that their boss was fake just because the vibe was not right? What kind of normal person would ever do that?

However, when it was the Immortals who did something like this, the people would instantly accept it. It seemed that no matter what outrageously weird things the Immortals did, the others would not think of it as abnormal.

As soon as the topic was brought up, many Beyond Grade As who also had Immortals under their command started chattering. Very soon, they came to the pleasant agreement that the Immortals had mental issues, and they really respected Black Star for being able to effectively manage the Immortals, who were so unpredictable.

Secret Master snorted and said, "What are you all talking about? This clearly was directed by Black Star to deliberately embarrass the Mechanic Emperor. My eyes have seen through it all."

"Its a shame the Mechanic Emperor isnt here. His expression would be a sight to behold." Milizaus chuckled.

They then imagined what it would look like and giggled with glee.

While they were chatting, Han Xiao had many exchanges with Fly Free, insulting the Mechanic Emperor from head to toe in all styles.

"Come, kill me." Fly Free looked heroic.

Seeing that it was about enough, Han Xiao said, "Although for some reason you are so sure that Im the Mechanic Emperor in disguise, you really are mistaken The Mechanic Emperor isnt capable of disguising as me. Hes far from it."

Hearing this, Kant laughed and said, "Wouldnt we know if hes Black Star or not? You guys are too young and nave. At least get some solid evidence before you act."

We do have solid evidence but only we can see it.

Seeing the reactions of Han Xiao and the other Beyond Grade As, Fly Free and the others started to get shaken. They started to doubt themselves. Those who did not fully believe in the theory that this Black Star was fake started agreeing The effects of Character Summon Cards would not be fake, so the possibility of another theory was higher-Black Star had learnt the Mechanic Emperors ability somehow.

Seeing that they were pondering and hesitating, Han Xiao waved and said, "Escort them away for now. Ill have a proper talk with them after the closing ceremony ends."

He did not do anything to them for the time being. Dealing with these people was the armys internal affair, so it was not suitable to handle it there.

The Restrainers took all the players who caused problems out of the venue. After Sylvia came up to calm everyones emotions down, the Black Star Cup closing ceremony continued. However, most peoples attention was no longer on the ceremony but on this tiny incident.

The closing ceremony was initially just a standard affair, but then it immediately sparked more conversations, attracting more attention. Han Xiaos goal of using Fly Free and the others was achieved.

There were no other twists and turns to the closing ceremony till it ended. Everything that happened there was broadcast to the entire universe through the media groups.

The actions of Fly Free caused a new meme to be born in the galaxy-Pointing at Black Star to insult the Mechanic Emperor.

After the stream ended, Manisons expressionless face was reflected on the now dark screen.

His eyes were narrowed, and a tint of irritation flashed past his pupils. Mistaken? As if I believe you! This is clearly a show you directed!

I knew you did not invite me for nothing. It was just a plot to embarrass me in public.

Manison clenched his fists.

Black Star, youre too much!

One day, Im surely going to cut you up and turn you into a Felon!

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