Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 The Third Sanctum And Awakening Project

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Chapter 1145 The Third Sanctum and Awakening Project

In the Central Galaxy, the Abyss of Stars, the Shadow Realm

The planet filled with dark gaseous air was still suspended here, as though it had existed since ancient times.

Streams of light could be seen a distance away from the planet, and a fleet arrived.

The dark planet suddenly became restless, the energy flowing on its surface rumbling and setting off a wave thousands of feet tall. Like shaking off a full body of lice, shadow servants appeared from the waves, ready to launch an overwhelming attack any time.

The spaceship at the head of the fleet suddenly released a burst of black-colored soul flames, which spread rapidly and quickly swept across the dark planet. The next moment, the pitch-black planet turned quiet, and the countless shadow servants returned to the black ocean, merging into the surface of the planet and disappearing.

Oathkeeper stepped out of the spaceship, hovering in space and staring at the dark planet in front of him whilst speaking through mental fluctuations.

"The date has been brought forward. We must perform the ceremony immediately, otherwise we will not be able to keep up with the agreed date"

"But I havent completely transformed all the materials yet" "Theres no more time. If I miss the date of this appointment, even if I enter The Third Sanctum, I will not be able to bring anyone back. Theres no set cycle to this date, and I am not sure how many years it will take till the next date. We cannot miss this opportunity."

" Alright, Ill try my best."

Oathkeeper nodded before turning to the fleet and commanding, "Prepare to synthesize the final key."

As he spoke, the fleet moved. They spread out in the four cardinal directions, docking at different positions of the dark planet and forming a specific formation. The armor plates at the bottom of each spaceship shifted to reveal a circular device which let off a hazy light. These lights linked with each other to form a translucent energy cover, encapsulating the planet within.

A silvery white cannon muzzle then appeared from all of the spaceships, aimed toward the dark planet.

In the mental network built by Oathkeeper, the voices of the officers could be heard. "The 12th-level energy stabilization and compression force field has been constructed, and the target has been covered."

"Transmitter has been activated. All Primal Esper Ability Entities have been loaded and sequenced."

"Information Form template is loaded. The reconciliation process has been calibrated. The preparations are complete."

"All standby, wait for my orders," Oathkeeper solemnly said as he raised his palm.

Everyone stared at Oathkeepers palm, holding their breath. Law and Fay as well as the other officers clenched their fists, their chests rising and falling

Seeing that the mission of the Holy Accord over these years would end with the wave of this hand, everyone had some sort of fluctuations in their mood.

Looking around, Oathkeeper slightly closed his eyes, waving his hand resolutely. "Begin!" Just as he spoke, it was as though they had pressed a start button on a sophisticated instrument. All the operators present had practiced this process thousands of times without any mistakes, and they started to synthesize in strict accordance with the steps of the ceremony.

Bang, bang, bang! The silvery-white cannons shot out colorful beams of light, each beam representing a Primal Esper Ability Entity, which was submerged into the dark planet.

Thousand Shadows abilities was the base behind the synthesis. Through its own ability mechanism, it began to compress and fuse the many Primal Esper Ability Entities. The dark planet changed in an instant, the energy of different entities shuttling and flowing in the black sea on the surface of the planet, as though painting on the canvas.

Various energies of a different nature reacted fiercely, and the color of the dark planet turned brighter, gradually transforming into an incandescent ball, like a super large light bulb.

The force field covering it shuddered violently as it withstood the impact. It flickered uncertainly, trembling as though it would be disintegrated at any time. At this moment, the information form template came into play. It was as if an invisible big hand began to knead the ball of light, changing its shape and shrinking its original volume. Under everyones eyes, it slowly decreased from a huge planet to a circle not past a hundred meters in diameter. However, the energy density was untold times higher in that slowly spinning circle, so dazzling that it could hardly be seen directly. "Success!"

Seeing this scene, the members of the Holy Accord cheered.

Oathkeeper suppressed the excitement in his heart, loudly saying, "Put in the other keys and open The Third Sanctum!"

The troops acted again, taking out the keys they had gathered before and putting them into the center of this white ball through the traction field. It seemed that there was a special force present within, holding up these objects and making them rotate around the light circle.

When the last key was thrown in, the circle suddenly emitted a bright light, projecting a picture in the cosmic space not far away, like the reflection of the world in a mirror.

Within the picture, there were six vague doors of light, which were also slowly rotating. They did not look far away, but they appeared untouchable, just like a mirage, as though they were in another world.

This scene only lasted for a moment, and five of the light doors suddenly disappeared, the remaining one growing rapidly as though turning from illusory to reality. The edge of the doorway was still shaking slightly and seemed quite unstable. There was only the radiance of the door within the passage, and nothing could be seen on the other end.

"This is the portal to The Third Sanctum. According to the information handed down, the time flow inside is strange. Its not long to the agreed date, and Ive to go in early now" This thought passed Oathkeepers mind, and he took a deep breath, prepared to fly across the door of light.

At this moment, the white halo that was transformed from the dark planet suddenly trembled violently, and the black mist separated itself, turning into a face. Its mouth opened and let out an unwilling roar, which exploded in everyones mind.


The sudden changes made the passage of The Third Sanctum turn fuzzy and illusory again, as though it was about to disintegrate any time.

"Thousand Shadows!"

Oathkeeper snapped his head around, his eyes spraying raging Soul Flames that instantly hit Thousand Shadows, burning the mist into nothingness.

This blow completely killed off the remaining consciousness of Thousand Shadows, and now, it was truly dead.

"He indeed counterattacked at the last moment" Oathkeeper was not surprised and secretly sighed.

The Holy Accord initially wanted to wait until Thousand Shadows consciousness was completely swallowed up before performing the ceremony, but the agreed date was pushed forward, so they had no time to wait.

While Oathkeeper could have easily destroyed Thousand Shadows consciousness before, under normal circumstances, Thousand Shadows and its ability were one, unable to be forcibly separated. If he killed it, then even the ability itself would be wiped out, removing this Primal Esper Ability Entity forever from this world.

The synthesis ritual was able to eliminate anything superfluous to them, so Thousand Shadows had taken this chance to counterattack. It was only then that it briefly separated, giving Oathkeeper a chance to kill it.

It was just that even though Oathkeeper reduced the influence of the Thousand Shadows to the minimum, it still had a negative impact. Everyone saw that the portal to The Third Sanctum was turning unstable.

Without any delay, Oathkeeper rushed into the passage of The Third Sanctum, only leaving behind a sentence. "Before Im back, Law and Fay will be the temporary leaders. Keep a low profile until I bring the rest back."

The next moment, the passage toward The Third Sanctum collapsed, and the many keys disintegrated.

Other than the Primal Esper Ability Entities, the other keys were basically a one-time use, and what the Holy Accord had spent many years gathering all disappeared into smoke.

As Oathkeeper disappeared, the locators that he specially carried on his body all became invalid, as if they no longer existed in this world.

A little more than a month later. In an asteroid belt somewhere within the Flickering World, two figures, one black and one red, shuttled through it, fighting fiercely.

"Torrent-Getta Hadoken!"

A bright blue ray was emitted, and the asteroids that were along the rays path were instantly vaporized and annihilated, leaving behind a blank path.

The red figure teleported to avoid the attack before backhandedly fanning out a red energy wave to retaliate.

The space around them flickered as the two of them continuously exchanged blows. They were Han Xiao and Hila, who were enjoying a routine spar.

The two of them fought against each other many times, so they knew each others bottom line. Following Han Xiaos hit to Hilas abdomen with a heavy knee drop, he smashed her down so she could not stand up before landing a heavy neck chop with his palm, ending the battle.

"Cough cough cough" Hila kneeled on a small star as she grabbed her neck and coughed. She said in a muffled tone, "I lost


"Theres no need to be discouraged. Your progress is already fast enough. The Underworld is really a good thing." Han Xiao felt a little jealous.

Since acquiring the Underworld secondary dimension, Hilas growth rate also began to skyrocket. The faster the Underworld recovered, the stronger her Esper Ability would get.

Thus, in Han Xiaos recent battles with Hila, he had gone as heavy as he could. If he relaxed, Hila would complain that he was going easy on her.

"My improvement is not as fast as yours." Hila stood up, pointing at the floating device beside Han Xiao. "Your new machinery is not bad. Even I cannot eat a few shots of this thing."

"Im after all a Mechanic. Our systems are different."

Han Xiao smiled as he stowed the Getta Hadoken away.

In the past two months, he had succeeded in creating all four new Gold Grade items from the blueprints. With (100 Million Mechanic Empire-Manison), the success rate and efficiency of creating Universal Treasures had been greatly improved, which greatly saved costs.

The Evolutionary Totem could easily be mass produced, but it was difficult for the Psionic Obelisk. However, Han Xiao managed to produce a batch of finished products, which had been installed in many of the army bases, while the Mechanical Territory was only provided to his Machinery civilization.

The scope of application for the Titan Spinal Center was limited to the Mechanical Deity. Only the Getta Hadoken was the most practical. It was not only adapted to a variety of fighting environments but could also combine various tricks and utilize weapon-like combos, winning the favoritism of the Great Mechanic Han.

The attack strength of the Getta Hadoken depended on the Power Output of the energy core as well as the strength of his own input. It would have an attack enhancement effect, which would increase ones original attack power by a set percentage. Its lethality was impressive-other than concentrated firepower, the Mechanic usually did not have any other methods that could dish out high damage, and the Getta Hadoken made up for this gap to a certain extent.

Every time Han Xiao used this weapon, he could not resist shouting out the name, as though this would increase the strength further.

The two Primal Esper Ability Entities were also dealt with. The Natural Spirit Power found its host, namely Emerald Grass, the director of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute in the Logistics Department. Her abilities were extremely compatible with it, and she succeeded in adapting to the Entity. As for Frost Authority, it did not manage to find a host, so Han Xiao allowed it to remain as a Mysterious Energy Host for the time being.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Han Xiao casually said, "After a while, the joint award ceremony of the three Universal Civilizations for the Intelligent Plague will be held. Do you want to attend?"

"I didnt participate in clearing the Intelligent Plague. Why would I go?" Hila shook her head. "In fact, youre the one whos going up to receive the award. Are you prepared?".

"Theres nothing much to prepare. Isnt it just some ceremonial words? Ill make some up." "Whatever." Hila rolled her eyes. She was normally dignified and grave, almost never engaging with her subordinates in idle chatter. She would only talk more when she was with Han Xiao. "Speaking of which, it seems like the free competition zone is a little weird nowadays." "Why?"

"The fourth exploration phase is estimated to be around eighty percent complete at the moment, and the expansion of the Super Star Cluster Alliance is growing bigger, no longer just content with exploration but also starting to invade and seize the other territories of the surrounding organizations on a large scale. They not only encompass the central zone of the free competition zone and multiple resource rich planetstheyve also established a stargate transportation system, connecting multiple borders, obviously with strategic intentions."

Han Xiao did not find that weird as he replied, "Its normal. The Super Star Cluster Alliance is now in preparation. Its estimated that the three Universal Civilizations will soon have a formal conflict with them. They wish to obtain a piece of land to act freely in the Flickering World, and the three Universal Civilizations are unwilling to allow the Super Star Cluster Alliance to do so. With the excuse of free competition and anti-monopoly, the contradictions between the two parties cannot be reconciled."

"Oh theres also some strange movements of other organizations, including many non-legal Immortal organizations. It seems like theyre preparing to move as well."

"Alright, Ill pay more attention to this." Han Xiao nodded. The World Server war was imminent, with the Super Star Clusters seen in the shadows of this event.

Both of them chatted a little more before returning to their respective fleets. Hila returned to the free competition zone, while Han Xiaos destination was toward the planet where the three Universal Civilizations would hold the award ceremony, located in the Dawn Star Cluster, which was the gateway to the Flickering World.

After arriving and announcing his identity, the fleet, led by the Dynasty Guards, took the VIP channel, skipping past the other guests, and docked at the port.

As soon as Han Xiao disembarked, he saw Tarrokov waiting for him.

Both of them walked closer, reaching out for a strong handshake.

"Have you been waiting for long?"

"Not at all, Your Excellency Black Star. You came early."

"Hehe, I have a good sense of time." After a few greetings, Tarrokov lowered his voice. "Because of secrecy, I could not inform you earlier, but I can now say that the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations are attending this meeting, so you have to be prepared."

Han Xiaos brows jumped up. "You mean"

"Thats right. Theyll appear in person this time, personally giving you the award."

Han Xiao felt surprised.

I thought that I would just be here to parade around once. To think that it would be such a huge event.

It seems that the three Universal Civilizations have set their hearts on pushing up my fame!

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