Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 Crushed

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Chapter 1168 Crushed!

The Felons sudden attack completely took Manison by surprise. He subconsciously thought that the Felon malfunctioned, so he instantly tried to give it a new order again.

However, the order got absolutely no response at all. This Felon also did not chase after him but stood still instead, letting go of its hand and allowing Han Xiao to break free.

"What have you done?" Manison was filled with rage and could no longer maintain his cool.

Everything had pros and cons. While the Felons consciousness became virtual, immune to mental abilities, and followed all his orders, it also meant that someone could take over them through virtual methods. However, this was exactly why Manison had set up extremely intricate virtual firewalls inside the Felons brains. If Black Star used Virtual Intrusion, there was no way the firewall would not react to it, and he could not have possibly done it so fast!

Logically, Black Stars Virtual Technology could not even break through his virtual firewall. There should have been no way he could take control of the Felon! Therefore, he was certain that Black Star must have used some kind of ability that he did not understand, which was even more unbelievable to him. This was the first time he had used the Felons in front of Black Star, so why did he have such a specific method to deal with them?

This time, Han Xiao patted his chest as if patting away non-existent dust. He then said calmly, "In your own words, Im going to show you the true power of a Virtual Mechanic!"

This was the first time he had used (Virtual Purification-Restore) in actual combat. This ability he had obtained from the Intelligent Plague mission was basically the nemesis of the Mechanic Emperor.

Based on the usual steps of Virtual Intrusion, if he wanted to rewrite the Felons logic, he would have to break through Manisons virtual firewalls one after another and have a tough fight with old Manison in the Virtual world.

The amazing thing about (Virtual Purification

Restore] was that it completely ignored any virtual firewalls. There was no need for any hacking at all. This ability could not freely rewrite the targets logic. Its effect was only to help the artificial intelligence recover its fundamental logic. For example, it would have no effect on Apostle Weapons. However, on targets whose consciousness had been modified by virtual technology such as the Felons or the Mechanic Empire, it had an astonishing effect and instantly removed the Mechanic Emperors control over them! Earlier, when he fought with the Felon, he had already gotten its combat information and seen that the Felon had kept more than half of its original abilities and talents. This was what was incredible about the Felon technology.

These abilities came from the memories of the Felons, and they would only know how to use them if their memories were intact. If their memories were completely wiped away, so would their combat experience, meaning most of their abilities and talents would disappear too. The Felon would most likely become a white board with only raw strength, and without the essence of what made them strong, they would become tremendously weaker.

This was also the reason (Virtual Purification, Restore] could work.

Han Xiao turned to look at the enormous half-beast Mechanical Deity, which had already recovered its self-consciousness but still looked lost.

His combat memories are basically the only memories he has left, so he most likely doesnt remember who he is. But looking at his actions from earlier, hes probably hostile toward the Mechanic Emperor. Han Xiaos eyes flickered as he thought.

The Felons were all once the Mechanic Emperors enemies. Even without most of their memories, some things were buried in the bones, such as feeling furious when they saw the Mechanic Emperor.

Without the disruptions, Han Xiaos body quickly assembled into an enormous Mechanical Deity.

He did not say much to the Mechanic Emperor. He just swung his blade, aimed at the other two Felons and the tons of Indestructible Mechanic Empire troops, and used (Virtual Purification-Restore).

The next moment, the Pugilist Felon and the Esper Felon suddenly stood still and looked lost.

This was not the case for the Indestructible Mechanic Empire. They were artificial intelligence lives to begin with; only their logic was rewritten like they were trapped and could not control their own bodies. Now that they had regained consciousness, they were only stunned for an instant before immediately turning around and firing at Manisons mechanical army with incomparable rage.

Manisons mechanical army was in chaos!

Han Xiao did not forget about the virtual aspect of the battle. Ever since the start of the battle, the two of them had been continuously trying to snatch control from one another on the virtual network. Manison had also dispatched a group of artificial intelligences from his artificial intelligence civilization to attack Han Xiaos territory.

As the dim light of (Virtual Purification, Restore] swept by, these artificial intelligence lives instantly recovered and immediately led Han Xiaos data stream to snatch control of Manisons mechanical army!

"This is"

Manison opened his eyes wide with extreme shock. He was completely stunned.

What the hell kind of ability is this?

The Felons and the Indestructible Mechanic Empire were two of his extremely important trump cards. However, in front of Black Star, not only were they broken down in seconds, but they even got taken over by him!

Black Star definitely did not have this ability the last time they fought!

Without hesitation, he wanted to use virtual technology to rewrite the logic of the Felons and the Indestructible Mechanic Empire on the spot. However, Han Xiao was not going to let him. Also using virtual technology, Han Xiao once again started the tug of war with Manison to prevent him from regaining control of his troops.

At the same time, Han Xiao ordered his mechanical troops to continue attacking while taking in the Indestructible Mechanic Empire troops and leaving the battlefield.


Manison realized what Han Xiao was planning to do. He wanted to snatch away his ace troops!

In such a dire situation, even Manison felt lost for an instant.

Seeing the situation on the battlefield, he knew that there was no room for any hesitation. He instantly cut off his Mechanical Force link with the Felons and the Indestructible Mechanic Empire.

Now that these troops had turned on him, there was no way he was going to continue providing them with bonuses and waste his own energy. At the same time, he ordered the remainders of his mechanical army to recapture these troops that had become traitors.


Without an energy supply, the half-beast Mechanical Deity could not maintain its body and instantly fell apart, turning into tons of mechanical troops that were about to take the Mechanic Felon away.

Of course, Han Xiao was not going to watch this happen. He extended his gigantic mechanical arm, tore through the defenses of the mechanical army, and grabbed the Mechanic Felon who was still dazing off. Then, nanoparticles flowed in his palm, and he directly absorbed this Felon into the Mechanical Deity.

He tried to give the Felon energy, but the interface showed that he did not meet the requirements. He had to master the Felon technology and be above level 340. Only then could he use the special prosthetic of the Felons to convert his Mechanical Force into their energy. This requirement was similar to the Felon blueprint he had obtained before.

Han Xiao did not mind it. As long as he could take a sample back with him, he could go home and study it slowly to derive the blueprint.

"You motherfu"

Seeing this, even with Manisons class, he was still filled with a burning rage and wanted to cuss.

Every Felon was a unique product that he had built through blood and sweat, and watching one of them getting stolen right before him by Han Xiao made his heart bleed.

"Come on, dont get so angry. Dont you still have two more? Whats the big deal in giving me one?" Han Xiao said with a mocking tone.

Hearing this, Manisons lungs almost burst from rage. You piece of sh*t!

If I dont crush you today, I wont call myself Palpatine!

Without another word, Manison attacked with his trident like a thunderstorm, almost not putting any focus on defense at all. He was clearly enraged.

"Haha, this is how Mechanics should fight. Come!"

Han Xiao laughed.

I just love exchanging wounds! He activated (Polar Channel Flow Blood Rage). Burning blood gushed out from his heart and shot out from his pores, turning into a thick and dense blood energy. As his health plummeted, his attributes continued to increase.

Explosive power filled his entire body. The blue-gold Mechanical Force received a tint of red too. His Mechanical Deity looked vicious.

At this moment, just with his own abilities, he was already stronger than before when he activated the double Mechanical Senses and The Ancient One Character Cards!

The effect of The Ancient One was an additional twenty Intellect, and extra Perfect Mechanical Sense multiplied his Machinery Affinity by 1.4 and increased the levels of all Mechanic abilities by four. [Billion Mechanic Empire-Manison) on its own increased his Intellect by fifteen percent, his Machinery Affinity by 1.2 times, and his Mechanic abilities by two levels. At the same time, it also gave him six additional levels on a ton of core Mechanic abilities, as well as an extra bonus when fighting any machinery of ten percent to all attributes and damage dealt, a fifteen percent reduction to damage taken, and a twenty-five percent reduction to energy and stamina consumption!

Just (Billion Mechanic EmpireManison) alone almost gave him as many bonuses as one more Perfect Mechanical Sense and The Ancient One!

Plus, he now also had four more Universal Treasures and was four stages higher on Gods Trait Transformation Machinery

"Im going to crush you today!"

Han Xiao took no step back and let the trident penetrate his chest as he cut off Manisons right shoulder. The two of them fought viciously like two gigantic beasts tearing each other apart.

Ames and Hila had just arrived at the edge of the battlefield. They both stopped when they saw this.

The two of them were originally worried about Han Xiao getting outnumbered, but now it seemed like there was no need to worry.

"He doesnt seem to need our help."

"Then lets go back and continue searching."

While the two of them were about to turn around, Han Xiaos voice suddenly sounded in the communication channel.

"Hila, keep searching. Ames, stay."

Hearing this, Ames was slightly stunned.

"For what?"

"See those two Beyond Grade A prosthetic bodies that are surrounded by the mechanical army? Grab them with your ability." "Didnt you just say Im a burden and wouldnt let me help?" Ames raised her brows.

"It was to trick the enemy." Han Xiao was not ashamed at all.

"Humph, I knew you need me."

Ames smiled and was in a much better mood. She joined the battle immediately. She grabbed the two Felons with her force field and started dragging them away.

Under Han Xiaos influence, she did not mind joining a duel at all.

Originally, Manison made the mechanical army surround the two Felons with everything they had, stopping Han Xiaos troops and trying to recapture the Felons to take them back to the secondary dimensional army box once again. The two Felons did not have full memories, but they still had their combat experience. Noticing that the Mechanic Emperor wanted to capture them again, they naturally resisted. However, without a source of energy, they became much weaker and got overwhelmed by Manisons Apostle Weapons. If this had carried on, they would have been captured.

However, as Ames joined in, the situation changed. Her force field Esper Ability was incredible at crowd controlling. It instantly tore the defenses of Manisons troops open and allowed Han Xiaos mechanical army to charge in and help the Felons.

Seeing this, the expression of Manison, who was fighting with Han Xiao, instantly changed.

You piece of sh*t, what happened to one on one?

Thousands of curses rushed to the tip of his tongue. In the end, they all combined into one sincere, enraged shout.

"Black Star, youre shameless!"

"Were in the middle of a fight. Dont flatter me."

Han Xiao was not affected at all, even being in the mood to make a joke. He had already reached the highest duration for the challenge mission of Manison. The mission was shown as completed now, so there was no need to continue taking a private class from old Manison.

Furthermore, now that Manisons Felons and Indestructible Mechanic Empire had gone out of control, they were basically a huge piece of cake placed right in front of him

Of course Im going to ask for my friend to help. Why would I still fight you alone? Did you really think Im such a battle maniac?

You are now basically a box of treasure!


The blade slashed onto the pole of the trident, emitting a ring of shockwave. Han Xiao raised his brows and mocked, "Yo, werent you going to fight me head-on till the end? Why have you started guarding?"

Manison remained silent and changed his combat style entirely the next second. He moved from one extreme to another and went completely defensive, clearly wanting to stall for time.

At the same time, his mechanical army gave up on fighting back and focused on retrieving the Indestructible Mechanic Empire troops and the Felons.

It was clear that Manison no longer wanted to decide a winner between him and Han Xiao. All he wanted was to reduce his losses as much as possible. "Now you want to retreat? Its too late!" Han Xiao sent multiple Getta Hadoken messages over privately and started his all-out attack on the elderly. After just a while, Manison was showing signs of defeat all over as he had to minimize the losses of his troops. Swoosh!

A wa

The blade spun and picked Manisons Lords Avatar out from inside the Mechanical Deity.

Han Xiao instantly used a powerful restraining beam and pulled Manisons Lords Avatar toward him. He then punched forward with his enormous metal fist. Due to the tremendous difference in size, not only did the Lords Avatar not fly out, but it got stuck on the fist.


Ames understood instantly. She controlled her force field and created an enormous force field barrier in front of the Mechanical Deity like a green wall. They clearly had very high synergy.

Han Xiaos fist slammed right onto the barrier with Manisons Lords Avatar on it.


Enormous, visible spider-web cracks instantly erupted on the force field barrier!

Manison was in the middle of it. The Lords Avatar was almost flattened.

Still, he did not fight back and was focusing on controlling his mechanical army to throw his Universal Treasures back into the secondary dimensional army box and reduce losses.

The next moment, the Celestial Punishment Edge was raised. A bright dark blue light appeared on its blade as it slashed right down accurately onto Manisons Lords Avatar.


The force field barrier shattered into countless light-green fragments and disappeared.

Given the Celestial Punishment Edges size, this could not really be called a slash. It was more like throwing a mountain onto an ant!

Han Xiao looked up and saw that Manisons Lords Avatar had already turned into a pile of floating waste. On the half of its metal head, the electronic eye flickered a few times before completely dimming. The Mechanical Force on it also slowly dissipated. (Lords Descent) was deactivated.

Without Manisons Mechanical Force, the secondary dimensional army box instantly shrunk and disappeared.

The troops that had yet to escape all remained there. The golden electronic light on them disappeared as they lost all Mechanical Force bonuses and got surrounded instantly.

"Humph, told you I was going to crush you today!"

Han Xiao felt exhilarated.

Throughout his life, he had experienced losses against the Mechanic Emperor way too many times.

Even though he was the final winner of the Intelligent Plague incident, without those dozen Mechanics who came to stop the battle, he probably would have lost against the Mechanic Emperor back then too.

This time, however, he had finally triumphed completely!

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