Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177 Infiltration

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Chapter 1177 Infiltration

Han Xiao felt the mechanical suit shake. When it opened again, he had already returned to the Black Star Army fleet that was attacking the Modo expeditionary armys exterior line of defense, appearing inside the command room of the flagship. Hearing the sounds, the many officers who were originally staring at the battlefield all turned around. First, they looked at Han Xiaos face. They then uncontrollably moved down to his hand that was wrapped around Ames waist and Ames calm expression. The room suddenly became silent.

"What you looking at? Never seen this before?" Han Xiao glared at everyone and moved his hand away.

Herlous coughed and said, "Boss, is the goal complete?"

"The Modo Civilization didnt even send any Beyond Grade As, how could I not succeed?"

Herlous was about to ask why it took so long, but when he saw Ames refreshed and energetic appearance, he hesitated for a second and smartly did not ask.

Han Xiao looked up at the battlefield outside the porthole. The battle was at its most bloody stage. The fleets of the two sides were fighting fiercely. The army had already broken through the exterior protective shield of two planets and deployed tons of army players who were fighting the players of the guild alliance. There were no signs of losing on either side in their battle.

Ames turned around, patted Han Xiaos chest, and said, "Alright, the roots been eliminated. Ill be going back to the Shattered Star Ring."

"Hmm? Youre leaving so soon?" Han Xiao was surprised. "Didnt you say you wanted to fight the masterminds together?"

He thought that Ames wanted to stay and participate in the coming battles against Modo to vent her anger. He did not expect her to leave now.

"My anger is already vented by killing the initiators of the plan. Plus, you being here is enough." Ames smiled. She was in a very good mood.

Her original plan was to help Han Xiao while taking revenge, which she had already done to a very large extent. Without her, Manison would have lost one less Felon. Han Xiao had convinced her during this time, so Ames decided to listen to Han Xiaos suggestion and return to Floating Dragon.


The moment she said that, Han Xiaos interface responded. The (Ames Rage] mission became completed.

Thats it? Luckily, it didnt require me to turn over the entire Modo Civilization. Her anger has probably already passed, which is why she gave up such an excessive thought. Looks like my convincing has been quite effective, Han Xiao thought. "Ill be taking Aesop back and strengthening the monitoring. Ill never let him escape so easily again." Ames brushed her hair behind her ear.

Han Xiao mourned for Aesop for a third of a second before nodding.

"Do whatever you want with him. You dont have to give me face."

Ames extended her long and white fingers, poked Han Xiaos chest with a smile, and said, "Ill go back now then. Come find me when you have the time. Anyway, I wont say thanks again. Theres no need for us to be formal, and you dont like to hear it"

"Alright, alright, quickly go then." Han Xiao waved carelessly.

"By the way, before I leave, I have a gift for you." Ames seemed to have suddenly recalled something. The runes on the back of her hand flickered, and a book appeared in her hands.

"Whats this? Han Xiao looked at it curiously.

"I concluded my energy training experience some time ago and created a new energy training technique. It should be inclusive for all. You should be able to use it too," Ames said with a smile.

Han Xiao accepted the book and read through it. It was surprisingly handwritten. The content was an energy training technique called Dragon Emperor Star Energy Extraction Technique. The details were unknown, but it looked quite advanced, not inferior compared to Heber Stellar Furnace Cultivation from way back.

"Why did you write it by hand? Isnt it more convenient to write an electrical copy and send it to me?"

"It helps you to train patience." Ames was still smiling

Her thoughts were simple. It could only be a gift given by hand if it was hand-written. It could also be something that would remind Black Star of her.

Of course, Han Xiao was not going to reject this surprise. He nodded and said, "Okay, Ill use it when I have the time."

"Ill be going then."

Ames smiled and told Han Xiao to send her back in another King suit.

After she disappeared, Han Xiao opened the interface and looked at his rewards.

The Mission Rating was Excellent. The 250 million base EXP reward increased to one billion; the Contribution Points of the Floating Dragon faction increased by a few dozen thousand; Ames Favorability was at maximum to begin with, so it did not increase, but Aesops Favorability increased by quite a bit. The Random Reward doubled from two to four, as did the Character Summon Card reward; he got two of them instead of one, both from Ames.

The first Character Summon Cards ability was called Force Field-Star Grab, which used the force field Esper Ability to grab the target. It was a decent controlling ability. The other Character Summon Cards ability was War Whip-Dragon Arc, also a force field ability. It had both AOE damage and controlling functions. It was quite a good ability too. Both had five uses.

To Han Xiao, this common mission was a cherry on top to begin with, so he did not have too high hopes for it. Nonetheless, these rewards were not bad. His focus had always been the Kunde Races mission.

He opened (Kunde Race Leaders Last Wish) in the mission list and looked at it. The first requirement was still the same, as was the second mission requirement. As this was a Grade S mission, there was no progress bar. However, his intuition told him that this successful attack meant huge progress in this mission.

After doing some thinking, Han Xiao thought to himself, Judging from the current situation, the day when the Modo Civilization gives up competing in the Flickering World because of my torture should probably be the day the second requirement of this mission is fulfilled.

He had always wanted to obtain the three rewards for the second requirement. They were [The Enemy], [Proof of Leadership), and [Kunde Rage), all outstanding abilities, especially the semi-Molding Talent (Proof of Leadership) that had growth potential.

Thinking of this, Han Xiao summoned Phillip in the quantum network and said, "Send the recording of me using the Spacetime Splicing Technology to defeat the Modo expeditionary army to the garrison of the Kunde Race. Tell them to repeat it in all their residential areas, making sure every prawn ahem, everyone in the Kunde Race sees."

"Roger, hum!"

Han Xiaos battle against the Modo expeditionary army was very short. Phillip recorded everything. He was never one to quietly finish what he had to do. Since he had helped Kunde get their revenge, he was certainly going to make use of the recording to enhance his reputation in the Kunde Race. He had to make sure their entire race knew about what he had done for them. This would help with the progress of the mission too. After dealing with this, Han Xiao summoned Feidin, pulled him aside away from everyone else, and whispered, "Have you done what I asked you to do?"

Feidin nodded. "In the past one and a half months, Ive already swapped the souls of fifteen thousand Modo soldiers and middle-level officers. They will be our spies in the Modo expeditionary army."

He received a secret order from Han Xiao. When the Black Star Army fleet was attacking Modos line of defense, he had been using the Soul Swapper to swap some of the enemy soldiers, infiltrating the Modo expeditionary army and planting spies. The Modo Civilization had once used the Soul Swapper against the army, so Han Xiao had Feidin give them a taste of their own medicine. Given how special the Soul Swapper was, even if Modo prepared for it, they could not avoid it.

"Well done." Han Xiao nodded with satisfaction. He had already planted multiple chess pieces in the Modo expeditionary armys territory. This way, he would have more sources of their internal intelligence. Not only would he be able to control the whereabouts of the Modo Civilizations army, but he could also try to find the location of the secret transport route. He could take his time torturing them.

"Give my order. Retreat temporarily. Lets go back to the base and rest for some time," Han Xiao said loudly. The officers present were all surprised.

We have the upper hand now. Why are we retreating all of a sudden? Even if were not going to enter their line of defense, we should at least finish this battle.

What they did not know was that Han Xiao was not doing this to give the Black Star Army time to rest but instead give the enemy time to rest. He had just killed the commanders of the Modo expeditionary army. He knew that they now had no leaders and would definitely be disorganized.

He wanted to give Modo a little bit of hope so that he could crush that hope time after time in the future. This way, making Modo give up due to despair would be easier.

Though confused, none of the officers would question the army commanders order.

Very soon, the majority of the armys forces backed away out of the bloody battlefield and then retreated systematically.

Seeing this, the Modo garrison of this line of defense were all confused.

Arent we getting beaten up? Why did they suddenly stop half-way?

"Weird. We have to report this to the command center immediately." The fleet commander of this line of defense hastily went to report to the upper echelons.

However, what he got was a long silence-no one picked up.

After quite some time, he finally received the nightmarish news published on the internal network. Only then was he appalled to find out what had happenedthe entire command center had been annihilated by Black Star!

After adapting and modifying for about two decades, the new generations of the Kunde Race gradually got used to being in captivity, accepting the culture injected by the Crimson Dynasty and the Black Star Army. As the older prawns passed away naturally, the effects of the cultural modification operation on the entire race started to show. All the residential planets were singled out and could not contact the other planets. They had regained basic productivity, the streets were crowded, and the heavy and depressing atmosphere had become much better. The young generation had given the Kunde Race the vitality it needed.

On this day, a huge event happened on this residential planet. Every screen on the planet was playing a video. The content of it was the recording of Han Xiao destroying the command center of the Modo expeditionary army. Phillip even kindly added some narration to explain what happened to help the Kunde Race understand what Han Xiao had done for them.

Every member of the Kunde Race who saw the recording realized that Black Star was still living up to his promise, continuously avenging their race. Furthermore, Black Star even used their technology.

Seeing the moment when the mechanical soldiers used the Spacetime Splicing Technology to destroy the command center, every member of the Kunde Races face lit up with excitement. They were filled with pride.

Look, those who used us are no match for our strongest technology!

This made them feel that they were not just watching Black Star avenge them but were actually helping.

Along with pride was a strong sense of appreciation for Black Star.

Throughout the years, not only did he protect them, but he never forgot his promise to them and brought them the justice they deserved This incredible and kind man was their one and only god of protection. They felt blessed amid all the unfortunate things they had experienced

The same thing was happening on every planet of the Kunde Race. Countless members of the Kunde Race gained more and more admiration for Black Star.

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