Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Three Shots

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Two hours earlier

“I finally succeeded!”

An excited cheer could be heard from Han Xiao on the Farian transport plane.

A brand-new sniper rifle was lying on the bench, and it looked very different from a gunpowder rifle. Its entire body was dark green. The gun was very thick while its front end was narrow. It also had sharp edges, just like a triangle.

The entire barrel was embedded in the gun body, and the exposed part of the coil was tightly wrapped up.

The gun was 0.87 meters long, and it was equipped with a multi-fold aiming rule sight. It also had an electromagnetic scanning function, so both sides could be used.


You discovered [Ghost Sniper (Incomplete)]!


Ghost Sniper (Incomplete)

Type: Electromagnetic Sniper Rifle

Grade: White

Damage: 183-246

Fire Rate: 2/second

Magazine Capacity: 16

Range: 1.1km

Power Output: 144

Usage Requirement: 45 DEX, Lv.6 Sniper

Ammunition Type: Electromagnetic Ammunition

Length: 0.87m

Weight: 6kg

Additional Features: Recoil is low, increasing firing accuracy.

Incomplete Limit 1: Power, fire rate, and range are limited.

Incomplete Limit 2: As the technology is not complete, the weapon’s energy consumption is high. Each shot will consume 10 ouna (Battery holds 180 ouna).

Incomplete Limit 3: As the technology is not complete, some components will need to be replaced after 20 to 30 shots.

Full version requirements: Lv.1 [Advanced Electromagnetism Theory] (lack), Lv.5 [Basic Energy Theory], Lv.5 [Basic Weapon Theory], Lv.1 [Basic Energy Conversion Theory] (lack)


What a surprise!Han Xiao was exhilarated as he did not expect to get an incomplete version of the drawing, which also meant that as long as he had the knowledge, he could directly obtain the full drawing.

The ghost sniper rifle was a stable electromagnetic weapon, but Han Xiao still lacked two important pieces of information at the moment. It was very hard to obtain the advanced information; thus, he was very satisfied with obtaining the incomplete version.

Even if the ghost sniper rifle was an incomplete edition, it was two or three times more efficient. Electromagnetic weapons usually had a shooting range of ‘over the horizon’, so the defects were not obvious yet.

As for the limitations, Han Xiao had thought of a temporary solution, which was to have more spare batteries. This way, he would not have to worry about the high energy consumption. The only problem was that it was very costly. But for Han Xiao, money was not an issue. It was the same method for the other rifles, and the replacement parts were already in place.

Electromagnetic weapons were different from gunpowder ones as they required electrical conductors, and this was quite a huge problem. However, given some time, he would be able to utilize the principle of special ammunition. In the short term, however, he could only use special ammunitions for his gunpowder weapons, so he would not be throwing away his Red-Falcon sniper.

Han Xiao then built two magazines with magnetic clips.

All of a sudden, his eyelids started to feel heavy, and a wave of fatigue gushed over him. He held the side of the table for support and took a deep breath.

He did not sleep a wink last night. He had first completed [Return the Antiques], and subsequently, he had battled against the Invisible Demon. He had only briefly taken care of his wounds. Then, without a break, he had begun to develop new guns late into the night. His body was able to withstand the exhaustion, but his mental fatigue had been accumulating.

That is all for today.

Han Xiao rubbed his eyes and switched off his equipment.

The surroundings quieted down.

The people on the airplane were all resting. Han Xiao did not want to stay any longer, so he took his equipment and drove back to the manor. He needed to get back quickly so that he did not miss anything while he was not at the manor.

With Han Xiao’s alertness, he had smelt something fishy from Wang Yuan’s instructions to return to the manor the next morning. He had a hunch that if he really went back the next morning, he might miss out on an opportunity. Therefore, Han Xiao decided to be more cautious.

After a long journey, he finally arrived at the manor.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning hit his windscreen, and Han Xiao rammed the breaks forcefully.

There are enemies attacking the manor? Shit, this really is a flag!

After putting out the fire, he quietly sneaked onto the tree with his equipment. He then took out a telescope to check out the battle outside the manor and was shocked by what he saw.

“Provided it’s not a character I do not know, Planet Aquamarine only has four characters who possess this level of ability. They are Duss Thunder, Electric Eye, Raging Bolt, and an Germinal executive. This person’s lightning abilities are so powerful, and they can release an EMP externally. This is likely Raging Bolt!”

Another famous figure from Aquamarine!

After observing for a while, Bennett finally walked out of the manor. Han Xiao’s eyes flashed. He had thought that he would have to settle the problem himself.

As he thought that, Han Xiao suddenly deduced the hidden requirement for the Fifth Round. Most likely, the upper limit of the special reward300,000 EXPwas for ensuring that Bennett did not need to get involved.

With this in mind, Han Xiao immediately picked up the rife and aimed at Raging Bolt.

“Flaming Will!” Han Xiao shouted.

Shouting was not required, but he felt that it would give him a higher chance of getting what he wanted.


You activated [Flaming Will]!

Your next attack will cause 180% base damage.


Han Xiao then pulled the trigger, and the exposed part of the gun glowed bright blue. The bullet flew out at such a high speed that the enemy could not react.

The recoil was minimal, and it had little effect on accuracy.

The blue light penetrated the body of the Raging Bolt, not allowing him to escape in time.

It hit the heart, which exploded into a bloody fog.

The interface flashed with the results of his move.


You have caused 200% stealth damage to Raging Bolt.

You have caused 200% critical damage to Raging Bolt.

[Flaming Will]’s bonus caused the attack to be multiplied to 342!

Critical Strike! Damage multiplied by 4!

1,368 damage!

You have caused 1,175 damage to Raging Bolt after resistance reductions!

You have damaged the heart of Raging Bolt.

The damage has taken one third of his life.

Raging Bolt has fallen into a state of severe bleeding, losing 2% life per second for 10 seconds.

Raging Bolt is paralyzed. His defense is reduced by 30% for 3 seconds.

Raging Bolt is in a weakened state. All his attributes have decreased by 50% for 30 seconds.


Raging Bolt spat out blood as he fell to the ground. His heart had been pierced, and his entire body was devoid of energy. He gazed in the direction that the bullet had come from, his eyes filled with pain and agony.

Bennett was shocked as Raging Bolt was a powerful character, yet he was no match for the sniper rifle? The power of the gun had indeed exceeded his imagination.

“I cannot die here!” Raging Bolt bit his teeth, holding back the pain as he was about to escape.

Han Xiao, who was hiding a distance away, shot Raging Bolt a second time, sending a bullet through his brain.

The third shot then followed, shooting the left eye, causing red and white fluids to spill to the ground.

“Fatal attack!”

Raging Bolt fell to the ground, his remaining eye full of despair.

Everyone was stunned.

Those three shots were like the god of death wielding a knife, taking away his life. The air of death had silenced the entire audience.

Bennett heaved a sigh of relief.

Three shots!

It had only taken three shots!

A criminal who had taken the lives of many could actually be killed in seconds!

The mercenaries around were shocked; the turn of the situation had exceeded their imagination.

That thunder-like enemy had been defeated in just three shots?


In the distance, even Di Su Su’s tone trembled as she yelled, “Who shot that”

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